Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes

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5 days ago

This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: usshow.info/watch/R7klyFU_6xM/video.html
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

CroftersJam 5
CroftersJam 5 2 hours ago
This should be renamed to “4 grown men float in boats for 7 minutes”
Aritra Sardar
Aritra Sardar 2 hours ago
*E P I C*
Andrew K
Andrew K 2 hours ago
Can you do an analysis video too pleaseeeee
Anime Senpai
Anime Senpai 3 hours ago
He didn't mine a single piece of stone
cool164 kookie
cool164 kookie 3 hours ago
Dream a wouid like to see you as a hunter against techno blade
Aj Jones
Aj Jones 3 hours ago
Carefully now
Androgynous Metalhead
Androgynous Metalhead 3 hours ago
I have an idea: royale manhunt: conceptually very similar to manhunt, except dream isn’t trying to beat the game, and the goal is to kill dream before one of the other hunters, so it would be “first person to kill dream wins”
Lucas Loh
Lucas Loh 3 hours ago
the tower looks like a reimagined version of the Dragon's Nest central area in Hypixel Skyblock anyone? anyone?
Irfan Rani
Irfan Rani 3 hours ago
i love this but at the same time i hate it because my heart can’t take the anxiety for 1 hour
Neon Kraken
Neon Kraken 4 hours ago
1:12 Bad:I’m gently floating to the ground 2 seconds later George:Falling to his death
SolarSG 4 hours ago
Bad & Dream: flying with a boat George: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET
Tudorache Andrei
Tudorache Andrei 4 hours ago
dream i have idea you guys, the most important guys should be like: -electors -princes -workers the electors: everyone is an elector. the electors can vote who is gonna be a prince and a worker prince: you get elected by the most people who voted, you can choose wich elector can be a worker, you can swap the workers too worker: the limit is 3 workers, you are always protecting, building , helping , etc. you can be a worker only a week maximum guys please, its a great idea xD
Olymphia Resma
Olymphia Resma 4 hours ago
That’s 20sec so awesome and so cool this is gonna fun you are so so so so so prooooooo!!!! OMG that’s my first time to see that move OMG I wanna be like you!!!!!!
CreYo Zen
CreYo Zen 4 hours ago
Go to 1:16 and pause then look at georgE XDDDDDD.
The Real Kain
The Real Kain 4 hours ago
race to the end, you against a team of three and whoever beats the game first gets a prize
Ice Kun
Ice Kun 5 hours ago
Boat is OP
ITS_YA_BOI_ KADEN 5 hours ago
Hitman is so fun to watch
Earl Caguimbal
Earl Caguimbal 5 hours ago
www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/ www.blockmango.net/#/
Metin Arda Köker
Metin Arda Köker 6 hours ago
Why did you closed video playlists :(
Noose 6 hours ago
Physic Teacher: ok class today we are going to talk about gravity, can someone tell me what gravity is? Dream: My bitch
Cacti Playz
Cacti Playz 6 hours ago
this is my first time commenting
Stiyyx 6 hours ago
Everyone gangsta until dream starts flying on the boat
Jayson Santos
Jayson Santos 6 hours ago
Dream make a cid about the server war thing
Reshy 7 hours ago
I think for the next one you shouldn't do the outline since it is very limiting to Dream's options and it basically removes any gameplay occurring underground. Also think the arena should be 1000x1000 just so that running into the barrier will happen less frequently.
Garry Gaming
Garry Gaming 7 hours ago
The legendary battle tower where we saw one legendary person flying with a boat
uzma khan
uzma khan 7 hours ago
Garry Gaming
Garry Gaming 7 hours ago
This is the tower where you learn to fly with a boat
Baderdine Drioch
Baderdine Drioch 7 hours ago
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 hours ago
Dream should be the only hunter vs 4 runners
minij hooi
minij hooi 8 hours ago
Prediction: He’s gonna fly mlg strider in the nether xD
Jakob Pettai
Jakob Pettai 8 hours ago
Do manhunt but the hunters have keep inventory and respawn near you every time
Sallyan dPeppa
Sallyan dPeppa 8 hours ago
Bad:falls slowly in a boat George:ReeeeEEEeeEeEEeEeeEeEeEEeEE HElp
billhill 1985
billhill 1985 9 hours ago
Bad: trying to do the boat trick George: SAILING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND
minij hooi
minij hooi 8 hours ago
"I saw that one on reddit"
Ghost Players
Ghost Players 10 hours ago
Genuinely thought you were gonna lose half way through. That was amazing XD
Grickin 10 hours ago
If He throw the elder pearl when his up there he could have survive more peacefully
Leilany Mendoza
Leilany Mendoza 10 hours ago
1:14 Dream:bad im so proud : ) Dream on george:well i tried :/
ToxicBlade 10 hours ago
Don't lie, the dirt thing is like Fortnite now
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 10 hours ago
The music made it 10x more intense than it already was.
Godlike PH
Godlike PH 10 hours ago
They really enjoy the boat glitch hahahaha
ZALKO 11 hours ago
Now i know why he blew up
Ender Huang
Ender Huang 11 hours ago
Golldy_ Plays
Golldy_ Plays 11 hours ago
Dream: does boat glitch Gorge:HOW Dream:A wizard has his ways...
Oliver Soonalole Olive
Oliver Soonalole Olive 11 hours ago
You guys should do a minecraft manhunt but in hardcore
SIMON ABAS 11 hours ago
Idea: Minecraft man save If dream dies. His friends lose
Mae Eferhilda
Mae Eferhilda 11 hours ago
Dream is the goat of the boat.
Canal Papaco
Canal Papaco 12 hours ago
I wanna hear Dream talking about his Feather Falling IV boots that he didn't use. I know the boat was cooler but is that why?
Aj Jones
Aj Jones 3 hours ago
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 12 hours ago
Dream you should play Among us its a really cool game trust me
Charles Carlisle
Charles Carlisle 12 hours ago
"I saw that one on reddit"
TheDuck 12 hours ago
why do people write memes in techno's And Dream's comment sections
ChaseDevon Duder
ChaseDevon Duder 12 hours ago
Wtf just happened
Walker #9195
Walker #9195 13 hours ago
Please do more hitmen vids!
Zelon Bacotot
Zelon Bacotot 13 hours ago
That tower is a piece of art
Suulacoo Eagles
Suulacoo Eagles 13 hours ago
hitman but the boarder slowly closes in
TheTurtlez 14 hours ago
Reverse Manhunt. See if you can kill all 3 of them in an hour. You have a compass(of the nearest player) and they still have the outline of you
lizardkingzach 14 hours ago
!00% throwing out the suggestion of having two teams both independently after Dream. First to kill him wins, or if Dream kills the dragon first, he wins.
Logan Westfall
Logan Westfall 14 hours ago
George: "I'm not doing it..." *GeorgeNotFound fell from a high place* XD XD XD XD
Genyvine Meryence
Genyvine Meryence 14 hours ago
George tries to do the trick with Bad but ends up dead ...
ImegaDood 15 hours ago
I was hoping he would use boat floating one day
DCZ TOXIC 15 hours ago
TheMadLad King
TheMadLad King 15 hours ago
Yunjung Lee
Yunjung Lee 15 hours ago
soulless husk
soulless husk 15 hours ago
Imagine a 2v5 that would be insane and chaos
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 14 hours ago
freezes the other.)
Ben Olinger
Ben Olinger 15 hours ago
Do man hunt teams, teams of 3, 2 on each side try to kill the third on the other team before they complete the game.
DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ 15 hours ago
SUCH a good episode!!
_ rubenn
_ rubenn 15 hours ago
what if the roles were switched.... as in dream hunting and killing them in an hour.
CiurkitboyN 15 hours ago
YAS that s amazing
Drav1ty 16 hours ago
WhatChuuKnowBoutMe 16 hours ago
What if it was Dream against George, Sap and Bad like always except Dreams the hunter and they're trying to beat the game. I'm sure you guys have already done this concept somewhere... can't remember it might have been the video with Mr. Beast...
Ben Aguilar
Ben Aguilar 16 hours ago
This was a cool video, but I think that manhunt is better. Simply because Dream has more objectives to complete with manhunt (get iron, enter nether, get blaze, find the end portal, kill dragon), while in this type of challenge Dream really has no objective other than to survive. I think that manhunt requires more creativity because the situations are more varied.
equuleus :P
equuleus :P 16 hours ago
they should break into teams or do 4v1 and race to see who can beat the game first. they can punch and hit each other but they get a penalty if they actually kill someone
equuleus :P
equuleus :P 16 hours ago
bad: 🦋🧚‍♂️ george: 🧍 🕳
Zack Marshall
Zack Marshall 16 hours ago
You should do more dearth swap videos
Samuel Cw4
Samuel Cw4 16 hours ago
i think dream should do like minecraft among us so basicly the rules that im thinking about is this: -there will be 4 people(dream,sapnap,george,bbh) -their goal is to beat the game -one out of the 4 of them is a traitor that tries to slow them down -if the traitor managed to kill 2 people in their team,the traitor wins but if they managed to beat the game/kill the traitor they wins -those who got killed by the traitor are not allowed to tell who's the traitor and will become a spectator the spectator is allowed to help those who havent died to get resources -the traitor is random,and when the traitor kill one of the players,it will not be shown if the player died to another player,but will shown of them just died in the chat
NeonRahkshi 17 hours ago
getting in or out of a boat resets it's velocity to zero it couldn't accelerate, and thus fell a whole lot slower
Javier Romero De la Vega
Javier Romero De la Vega 17 hours ago
They should do: Who speedruns faster? Dream or those 3
Faith Lizjuan
Faith Lizjuan 17 hours ago
Lol no one gonna talk about how George just fell
Axel Aguilera Aguirre
Axel Aguilera Aguirre 17 hours ago
1:15 I just se gorge fall a the corner of my eye
Zapp Utube
Zapp Utube 17 hours ago
rematch Rematch REMATCH
K Fleetwood
K Fleetwood 18 hours ago
This was absolutely amazing. I'd love to see Dream reattempt Minecraft speedrunner vs. assassin. He hasn't won one of those yet, and it would be cool to see how he's improved. Maybe, if he does win against one assassin, they can code it so that there are two, but if you look at one, it freezes both (to stop one from one shoting him while he freezes the other.)
Fueg o
Fueg o 18 hours ago
Ok the way he won was hilarious
Jose Palma
Jose Palma 18 hours ago
You guys should do like a 2v1 race to see who kills the dragon first
Mr_ Łøł
Mr_ Łøł 18 hours ago
Dream do 5v2 u and illumina vs them PLSSS WHEN U HIT 1.5M likes!!!!!
Yairsans X
Yairsans X 18 hours ago
Dream is my inspiration to speedrun Minecraft And I didn't do it What were you expecting
Kyle Dylan Johansson Edge
Kyle Dylan Johansson Edge 18 hours ago
Who needs elytra when you have fly boat
GojiraKiller2020 [LegendaryGodzilla]
GojiraKiller2020 [LegendaryGodzilla] 19 hours ago
1:09 Bad: This is so easy to do George: Wait... i'm not doing this Also George: *YEEET*
Dream Br
Dream Br 19 hours ago
Dream:make a boat Me:what??? He make a mlg boat Dream:fly with boat Me:OMG HE'S A GENIUS
Jericho Does Nothing
Jericho Does Nothing 19 hours ago
I agree that this is just beginning of a man hunt but a hour long
JOVRN3Y :3 19 hours ago
1:14 bad doing it perfectly George Over here like
Jarrett Hayes
Jarrett Hayes 19 hours ago
George not found we are gonna get him Dream I am going to make what some might call a pro gamer move
CANAL PARALELO 19 hours ago
one idea for video would be that everyone has the goal of zeroing minecraft but only whoever kills the dragon wins the game
iblock_64 19 hours ago
Wow I mean in like 10 years dream be chased by 20 hitmen
NOT A COMMUNIST 20 hours ago
Matthew Richmond
Matthew Richmond 20 hours ago
that was better than manhunt.
39% Mithiccalboi
39% Mithiccalboi 20 hours ago
It sucks how a bedrock player can’t do the boat thing
makayla f.
makayla f. 20 hours ago
i think it would be cool to try to do like item challenges. either first to get item X or who ever has the most amount of item X in a certain amount of time
Jenny Komperda
Jenny Komperda 20 hours ago
I love how these videos turn into socratic seminars
TheLightRider 20 hours ago
Do regular Manhunt, but everything's in the Nether like the challenge you did a while back
zmei _
zmei _ 21 hour ago
it was one of the most epic vidoes ever
Jaydon Zornes
Jaydon Zornes 21 hour ago
Just curious have you considered hand selecting seeds for this because I think if you continued doing these you’d need villages and natural generated structures because with like a plains seed I don’t see you winning at all
Star capitol camp
Star capitol camp 21 hour ago
Boats go in water airplane go in skies Dream: NO boats could fly
Latte Legs
Latte Legs 21 hour ago
I liked this more than manhunt
w_ojtek 21 hour ago
Bad, sapnap and George: Let’s get him! Dream: Well I’m gonna turn on the fly hacks now!
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