The Matrix Reloaded, Explained - What Would Neo Do?

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The Take

7 months ago

What happened at the end of The Matrix Reloaded? The Wachowskis made a conscious decision to subvert the message of The Matrix -- but what does it mean, and how does it explain the movie's frenzied conclusion? If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:
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The Take
The Take 7 months ago
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Yossman 5 days ago
Hi, thanks for another great analysis. Will there be a 3rd part about Revolutions? I need to know how to get out of my existentialist dilemma.
DJ Adityo
DJ Adityo 2 months ago
The Divine Matrixx next.... so not done yet...
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Average individual with a Smart Phone 4 months ago
Why was Tank only paid $28k to do this movie as never received royalties on his action figure?
I'm black So I'm slow
I'm black So I'm slow 7 months ago
What was really real in the matrix movie??? lol
I'm black So I'm slow
I'm black So I'm slow 7 months ago
Room lol
Te Yo
Te Yo 11 hours ago
I really admire the Wachowskis for being true to their art. They probably knew Reloaded & Revolution were going to disappoint many fans because of its plot complexity. There’s two types of Matrix fans: Casual fans and true Matrix fans. The latter truly understands the deeper meaning of the Matrix. They’re the ones who seen the Trilogy many times and pays attention to every single detail.
Nadine Whalen
Nadine Whalen Day ago
i was chipped at birth i am a product of ai i am literally a human robot no wonder my mind can move at the speed of life
Nadine Whalen
Nadine Whalen Day ago
i take monumental chances i got this far i am not going to stop now eventually everything will work out
Nadine Whalen
Nadine Whalen Day ago
i got a promising destiny to strengthen the economy innovate stop the disharmony be an inspiration not a distraction give people a feeling of satisfaction
Nadine Whalen
Nadine Whalen Day ago
i am young driven and savy i debate presidents slay musical legends and speak with giants i am a force but a positive one someone has to get the job done
Spare Kingdom
Spare Kingdom 9 days ago
glorious. 1 minor correction. recognizing a choice outside of destiny is a good start. recognizing that we each have within us the ability to choose freely a path that is not pre-defined by anyone or anything else is important but what is necessary? What is necessary next in step 2 is to learn how to separate the valuable from the valuless. so given a choice how to choose? you said we choose to do what we want instead right? Well we want value. And so step 3 is key because from 3 will come all the rest. Recognizing value is pretty, family, friends. ironically it's not money!! haha! anyway, Neo accurately recognized that the value of Trinity's sacrifices for him outweighed even the promise of saving all of humanity. The binary, pre-defined choice of saving humanity (appearing more valuable by mass of illusion) was worthless to him without recognizing the value of Trinity and just plain showing up for her like she did for him. it's simple. and humans are simpel, thank god. option c is the true power of the One. If you are reading this, you are the one. you are alive. you have a choice to make. Recognize that. Recognize that you are not alone. others have crossed this bridge beore you and others will cross it after you. Grab hold of your birth right of a singular will. And take another glance at what is really valuable in your life. is it the stuff you bought? or is it that 1 time someone showed up for you when it mattered most? If no one's ever shown up for you, i'm sorry. I know how you feel. but don't be afraid. just know that when you finally decide to start showing up, you will start to see clearly what is valuable and what is not. so finally then remember that some people are showing up for you in ways that you are missing. pray to see clearly the love and support in your life. not so you can be grateful. so you can turn around and get busy showing up for them cuz they need you. we need you. stronger together, human.
Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams 16 days ago
Sophie Stewart is the real creator of the Matrix ...Fun Fact
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 17 days ago
2 out of 3 models
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 17 days ago
We’ve had an
Takunda M
Takunda M 17 days ago
Subscribed. I honestly gained a new appreciation/perspective for movies I already love after watching your videos. Cant wait for you to cover Revolutions. Also, The Animatrix please and thank you.
Ed 20 days ago
Fan disappointment was part of the project since the beginning...yeah right...more like holy shit we were not expecting a sequel to be green lit.
Invented_Magic_Studios_USA 22 days ago
These chicks need a man, they've been in studio wayyyy too long ... maybe take a walk, like, you know ... a long hike and what not ... and get some sun. just another advert to get your money. thumbs down. whoops sorry thought it was a 0:42 advert i was replying to at one point, got up for breakfast and saw a goofy commercial, mybad... got confused, cabin fever from the lockdown, this was good. thumbs up. uh, no the architect didn't build the matrix, remember morpheus said true humans scorched the sky, built the matrix (architect to run it) and then plugged everyone one in ? There was an intelligence behind the Architect, the architect can only run a program and is therefore a liar (if the architect wants the system to continue, why would he help neo unless helping neo saved the program ? a form of deceit nonetheless). This is bad luciferian symbolism same a blood machines and that type of goofyness. they throw out too much info and they confuse the meanings with alternate definitions. Matrix bites me now, but i like these chicks. Didn't know they were in the first critique, only remember the voices. Good writers. too. Looking forward to the third critique. thank you END Zardoz ! whachoski witches compied ZARDOZ ! i.e. creating a hero to turn off a computer .. .what a jip ! just got it.
Dwight Huth
Dwight Huth 22 days ago
Is the Covid-19 pandemic that is being ignored by the Republicans, a system wide virus released by the Source to create a reason for cleaning out humans and their dreams to install new upgrades to the Matrix? Upgrades the Republicans are helping by trying to create an illusion around the pandemic, a pandemic that will not only kill Republicans but others who oppose Republicans and their total control over all thought? What anomaly has infiltrated the Source itself to cause the machine world to try and drain all of the fields where humans are grown? Has Smith's virus effected the Source so much that the Source itself would rather end all its machine servants in order to kill all of the humans that would keep Smith from taking over complete control. Why are so many Republicans calling the Covid-19 pandemic a hoax and won't help Americans unless they bow to the Republicans? Is the old program of the Matrix finally losing its own source code as a result of using the same script over and over again? Why won't the Republicans sign on to help Americans and would rather them die? After all money can be replaced, it must that the Republicans also think that humans can simply be replaced with clones that able to be controlled to ensure the Source Code is never breached again. When the Covid virus if finally defeated, will the Republican Source Code continue as nothing more than a re-run of the Republicans code or will the new code be written over with something new just to make the machines believe that they are something new and relevant?
rob montgomery
rob montgomery 24 days ago
your videos are seriously helping me understand the Matrix movies.ive seen others and they were NOT helpful but yours are opening my mind! thank you so much! sending love from Florida!
Ian Haddow
Ian Haddow Month ago
How boring
Kris Tigger
Kris Tigger Month ago
All of their accomplishments have been negated by a deviation in orientation.
CowyGriffon Month ago
Som peopøle gεt veяy upsêt, ænd dhey/re lajke, “Stαp attackiŋg mi!!” yn dhe sejme waj dhat peopøle gεt upsêt widh dekonstruktionist filosofy∴ Aj mēān, Deяrida, Foukault, dhese peopøle upsêt ʌs∴
rob hemp
rob hemp Month ago
10:47 Zion is under control of the system. It allows the re-development of the human enemy. Note it's the 6th time, meaning the dawn of man to become controller. Also not the possibility of polygamy.
Huma Onyango
Huma Onyango Month ago
Neo wasn't The One. Even the Oracle said as much. Everyone thinks he is. But in truth, Smith is The One. Neo's presidessors were just powerful anomalies who served a purpose in their versions of The Matrix (The Architect said so). The singular variable that forced a change was Agent Smith.
Jason Stone
Jason Stone 5 days ago
Great point! But Smith is also a part of Neo or the other side of him in a sense. Him and Neo represent a duality of man and machine, matter and spirit, intuition and reason, light and dark. I'm in the middle of a re-watch and can't to watch the third again to dissect how the duality plays out.
Body by V
Body by V Month ago
This channel is brilliant. Thank you!
Zion Broadcast
Zion Broadcast Month ago
Some stories are best left unheard, but what follows must be told, for it could free your mind, from the prison you were born in. My only hope is that one day mankind will have the world I see in my dream, a world without borders or boundaries without rules and controls, a world that is free. I was a man just like you, except for a few differences, like the fact that I lived alone, I guess on account of the fact, that that in the most part is how a computer hacker lives. For those of you who don’t truly understand what a computer hacker is, it will do you well to run a search for Eric Raymond. In the year of 1999, I was conducting a search of my own, trying hard, by searching the net, wide and deep, for a Black hat Hacker called Morpheus, who I believed held the key to my dream. At the time I was renting a room in a house, belonging to some old English women. My land lady and I never spoke much, only exchanging the odd pleasantry’s, when I paid my rent, or helped her carry out her garbage. Image On the door to my room, I had fitted the numbers one zero one, just a small reflection of me, a binary for the number 5, five being the one dot in four dots, which was a feeling I felt, like a prisoner in the world. Also five being the number of dots, in the glider a hacker emblem. And 101 being the room you had your mind cleared in the famous George Orwell 1984 book, which coincidentally he had written in 1948.
Maria Van Der Plaats
Maria Van Der Plaats Month ago
the rabbit whole does GO DEEP........
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta Month ago
nzriot Month ago
Choice is the problem? I guess you failed to conclude with that, so I'll do it for you... Our choices are always driven by things, sometimes blind belief (faith) sometimes love, sometimes desire to just get out of harm's way. I guess it's why people were disappointed with the Matrix sequels... Neo despite his powers got shown to be very limited and human. I'm sure Trinity didn't mind... but the more humanity they showed of Neo, the more weakness... the more we felt like switching off, compared to the first movie when he had mostly normal human capabilities. It really started to feel like he isn't 'the one' after all.
OurMarshmello 17
OurMarshmello 17 2 months ago
Omygosh where is your third vid for this!!!! Lol Make it pls.
BOSTON STEVE 2 months ago
0:40 ok who else had no idea the wachowski brothers are now the wachowski sisters? LMAO i thought this video was wrong but after 40 seconds i don't even care about the matrix reloaded anymore and now im googling this shit
CK Gaming Channel
CK Gaming Channel 2 months ago
The next iteration will be the SEVENTH iteration.
Tim Endrizzi
Tim Endrizzi 2 months ago
I like this better than the jeesus BS story.
Damián N R
Damián N R 2 months ago
Where is The Take’s video on Revolutions? Please
Meta Man
Meta Man 2 months ago
The matrix Sophia Stewart.
Nicholas Siple
Nicholas Siple 2 months ago
The biggest challenge was making a sequel after The Matrix was clearly written as a one film story that ends tying up all loose ends and is such a great movie. While I didnt love Matrix Reloaded when seeing it in the theatre in 2003 but have learned to appreciate it over the years.
Bren L33c3
Bren L33c3 2 months ago
I hoped the Oracle would say "I can trust myself" that would have been enough.
Judy D.
Judy D. 2 months ago
When are we getting the video for movie three? I just got fed the first few by USshow and can't find the last one! FEED ME MOAR!
DJ Adityo
DJ Adityo 2 months ago
i cannot find the number 3 explained
Babyface Nelson
Babyface Nelson 2 months ago
Never did enjoy the 3rd one as much as the first 2., Guess i never recovered from the ending of 2. It was still okay but not at the level as previous 2. Love the fight scene on the freeway without neo.
Ippokun 2 months ago
You can really tell the Take loved both sequels. I always thought they were years ahead of their time.
Rex Harrison
Rex Harrison 2 months ago
I am really impressed with your analysis of the first two. Do you know whom or what some of the characters represent in our world, so to speak? For instance, do you know whom the Marovingian represents? They actually give a lot of clues on this one. That being said, I'd really like to hear your take on Revolutions! I'm actually quite surprised you haven't made that video yet. Is there a reason? I really hope you read this comment and make one for the third movie. Thanks!
randmnumber 2 months ago
I still don't get it. Why does the matrix need to reboot? If Neo is an anomaly then why is his "function" to return to the source and reinsert the prime program? Why would an anomaly have any function at all??
Helixium08 3 months ago
Yeah sure, if you put it thaat way... this trilogy is great. Can't believe I said that, but you did it.
Jeff Peate
Jeff Peate 3 months ago
True Reality is in Love.
CONSTANCE kavanagh
CONSTANCE kavanagh 3 months ago
He believes manifest the force inside ALL 🇮🇪🔥🙌🙏👊🌬💚
Michał Poręba
Michał Poręba 3 months ago
I love these takes on matrix so much! Can’t wait to watch the take on last part.
edgar villarreal
edgar villarreal 3 months ago
Arch Bly
Arch Bly 3 months ago
I am the fifth versiion of the One. There are many ones and too many zeros. I died and was reborn 5 times. The answer stem from a white fountain overflowing with Love & Truth. That is where we must begin. Keanu is the 6th. We are the indomitable and fierce protectors of the 7th One. Beware 7/5 /20 @ 12:44 AM; look up at the Strawberry Moon. I am now Ubersane, an Ubermensch. Answers are coming after the Blood Moon. Protect yourself and yours. Incidentally, I am in Love with many Ones. A New World, if we can take it. All I am offering is the Truth, and All the Love in the world. Please refer to Year 0. Don`t make me do it. I decide now. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated. C U Soonest. Whooo am I? Have Faith. Our Destiny, each of Us, is to become All OF God in a holographic universe. Did not He, the Son, say `Did I not tell you? Ye are Gods?` The Father created us as creators within his creation. The flip side is any creator can also be a Great Destroyer. BET. Year 0 begins soon. Until then, survivalism. Some things are fated, immutable; thats what Deja Vu is, a remembering of preplanning. Conduit Closing.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 3 months ago
I don't agree that he choose that door because of trinity. I don't remember the video but someone made a video about how saving trinity was the right choice because of, I believe, kantian ethics.
Thembani the One
Thembani the One 3 months ago
S/o Morpheus
Thembani the One
Thembani the One 3 months ago
Beware the Ides of March.
Thembani the One
Thembani the One 3 months ago
Aggressively sideline... yes, that's exactly what you do. It's very Stalin-esque
surber17 4 months ago
Still having trouble getting it
libni otalora
libni otalora 4 months ago
I want the next video for this series please!
Drew Bruce
Drew Bruce 4 months ago
Okay I’m ready for Matrix revolutions now. The last two was great.
Tom Yuz
Tom Yuz 4 months ago
When will the final Matrix video come out? Can't wait!
richard rodriguez
richard rodriguez 4 months ago
If u truly understand this from a spiritual perspective.. you are dangerous to the matrix we live in.. use ur power wisely
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez 4 months ago
I think nihilism gets thrown around all willyneely
UJJWAL BHARDWAJ 4 months ago
Thankyou for this video ❤️
Alison Tunny
Alison Tunny 4 months ago
It seems apt for the moment in regard to events occurring in America.
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Average individual with a Smart Phone 4 months ago
Why was Tank only paid $28k to do this movie as never received royalties on his action figure?
cybersquire 4 months ago
i'm of two minds about it: Like most I love the First movie. The second movie deepened to lore, with a killer cliffhanger. The third, however was an absolute mess. It's like the Wachowskis couldn't decide what to do so they tried to do everything, inserted into a 2 hour video gome.
JAUST Y 5 months ago
One(neo) plus 3rinity=4 Matrix 4
My T. Nguyen
My T. Nguyen 5 months ago
I wonder what will happen if Neo refuses to choose and then destroys the God-figure Architect :))
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson 5 months ago
I love the scene with the architect its such a great twist that makes perfect sense and truly tests Neo and the audience. I think has time has gone people realize more and more what this film was trying to say
Bartosz Barejko
Bartosz Barejko 5 months ago
I Love your job and Learn English with you..
Robert Ornelas
Robert Ornelas 5 months ago
i thought all the movies were great. Just the average view's IQ does not give enough to understand it. Matrix will go down as a true masterpiece, just like Star Wars. I am worried about the sequel .. and the fact that they are bringing neo and Trinity back with the original actors.. Neo and trinity died. I hate when they bring back dead people just to make more content. Pick new actors and start a new.
Enemybird 5 months ago
Did you say wachoski SISTERS?
Gary Youree
Gary Youree 5 months ago
The scientific reality that past, present, and future, co-exist; simultaneously functioning within an infinite instant, begs a probable fact the most evolved potential of sentient life in our universe has/will/is in existence at the same moment of this universe's creation - this provokes a likelihood our universe could not exist or come into being without life-consciousness. Within this infinite instant is our construct of time; relative long drawn out moments of a microscopic life view wherein free will exists and the inevitable battle consciousness brings to this stage of life - evil vs good, parasite vs host, inhuman psychopathy vs humanity, and immediate selfish survival of the fittest for a few vs egalitarian cooperative survival with quantity for all. Only one can successfully win this battle; the parasite cannot survive without the host - yet the host can thrive without the parasite. Capitalist psychopathy, with its destructive advantages; lacks the evolved inherent human attributes of empathy, selflessness, self-sacrifice, and conscience; currently dominates a corruptible humanity - the singular survival nature of capitalist corporate psychopathy ignores the history of the past and dumps the net expense of immediate profits into the future. This gives humanity, whose original nature is extended survival by voluntary individual cooperation, globally, can offer little defense without a complete and totally successful revolution against the psychopathy driving us towards premature extinction of the species whole. Capitalist psychopathy is the matrix; its code inherent in the inhuman branch of Homo sapiens; an evolutionary throwback to all life prior to, and outside of, consciousness and the unique survival nature of social mammals, primarily Homo sapiens - the cold psychopathy of the matrix could not survive with the total oppression of inherent human attributes just as the evolution of life, in order to continue, moved beyond survival of the fittest individual organisms towards the cooperation of organisms within a species. This momentum, if not stalled by the overwhelming psychopathic odds, will move to the global cooperation of all life. Survival, it should be noted, is the truth all truths are built on including the paths connected to survival; consciousness forces the survival of all life to become our responsibility, our choice - as with Neo’s personal revolution. I would like to continue (I may return to edit and add) but I got cinnamon rolls to get out of the oven. BTW; the symbolic story told in the youtube clips is correct and evidently in tune with the authors - I just find in all substantial art dealing with humanity’s struggle my observed reality fits the metaphor
Ryan frisella
Ryan frisella 5 months ago
I thought the wachowski's were brothers not sisters?
Amber 4 months ago
they have both came out as trans woman now, so they're referred to as the wachowski sisters now not wachowski brothers - i've seen wachowski siblings used too
Tom DelaCruz
Tom DelaCruz 5 months ago
how did the wachowski brothers become sisters? that is a rabbit hole in itself
Shruti Wayne
Shruti Wayne 5 months ago
Bartosz Barejko
Bartosz Barejko 5 months ago
I'm learning English exponentially fast with your movies /.................../// with comprehensive translate.
Minghags 5 months ago
The Wachowski brothers are the ones who made the matrix trilogy they may be Women today however when the trilogy was made they were men meaning the Wachowski brothers made the matrix trilogy and there’s nothing unpolitically correct about saying that...if they were to make another matrix movie you could say the Wachowski sisters made it but actually it’s just Lana that’s going to be involved anyways I’m just saying they were brothers when They made it. not sisters!
Punkweb 3 months ago
Still not women today 🤷‍♂️
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda 5 months ago
1 M subs ? Wooow !!!
Virgel Benn
Virgel Benn 5 months ago
The architect looks like a representation of Colonel Sanders.
D VDV 5 months ago
We need the 3rd movie NOWWWWWW!!! :-D THANK YOU FOR YOUR POV!
Smmmile:) 6 months ago
Why do people say Neo choose the left door because of his love for Trinity. If he loves Trinity So much that he's willing to let his own species Die out then surely he could have just gone through the Right Door and Selected Trinity as one of the 6 Females that would be used to restart the Matrix.
Dwoopie 6 months ago
wel spoken supernoone89 .The first is the path, the second is the destruction of the path, the third is a reconstruction of a new path. you can see it like this... i am neo...waiting for the monkeyminded people to destroy themself so we can INTERgratewith nature not destroy it. how would live look like if we intergrated with nature from the beginning. we would have respected nature and life probably a whole lot more. and with appreciation for live and nature would have destroyed our inhuman mindset. look at the movie avatar...where humans want to destroy a perfect integrated with nature species for there own greed... we should have the the avatar species not the destructive retarded human species avatar was a message from god you almost can see to waken people up but... people prefer to have there head up there ass and be blind to the world and live in ingorance. then the only thing left would be to maintain population and not be like the corona ever multiplying with no regards of life .
Smmmile:) 6 months ago
If there have been 5 previous Neo's and the last one free'd Morpheus, why doesn't he just say I know Neo is the one, because I met the last one and the dude is Identical!
Lars Svenson
Lars Svenson 6 months ago
They only made him seem weak in the movie so that he could be more relatable and dramatic effect. Otherwise he wouldve been a mary seu He spent 13 hours learning martial arts in the loading of his training. Like tank said hes a machine. So really the true neo wouldn't have lost to the 50 Smiths.
Mu'min InshaAllah
Mu'min InshaAllah 6 months ago
traditional Christian idea of God*
Kevin Rawlins
Kevin Rawlins 6 months ago
I hate people that state their opinion or understanding as fact. 💯✌️🙏
rofj09 6 months ago
The wachowski bros. I mean sisters still made a great trilogy even if it didn’t live up to expectations
James Fraley
James Fraley 6 months ago
One issue I have with Reloaded, besides it being very slow with too much world building exposition, is how the population of Zion did not adapt to living in a cave for more than a century - wouldn't they be altered in some way? Wouldn't they adapt to the darkness? I mean, the ones born there should be very pale, and the ones freed from the Matrix should also be blind and completely pigment free - they were born as batteries and never saw the sun - right? Just a thought to ponder...
Steven Stiefel
Steven Stiefel 6 months ago
That was excellent. Thank you.
Debra Boaze
Debra Boaze 6 months ago
M Dav
M Dav 6 months ago
Thinking out loud. I believe the choice put in front of Neo with the architect isn't so much about free will because the reinsertion of the code still happens in revolutions. So the choice to save humanity was a false choice. He does it anyway. I'm spit-balling here, but I think the choice was to choose power or love (which is vulnerability - the opposite of power). Neo chooses Trinity and love which is a restoration of humanity and halts the progression of malware of human destruction. Based on Neo's choice, a different option was triggered (branch taken) by the conditional statement finally becoming true, unlike the previous 5 times, with both conditions (True / False) still resulting in the reinsertion of the code. But this time, the reinsertion of the code doesn't lead to the rebooting of the Matrix, because it isn't necessary - the destructive infection that brought down the previous matrices was removed (Smith).
Joey Ichigo
Joey Ichigo 6 months ago
Ladies please dont let Matrix Revolution take 7 months after Matrix reloaded, we here for it. Lets finish it 👌👌👌
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 6 months ago
Without trying to spark some kind of huge debate I want everyone to realize that you were born who you were for a reason. I don't care if you believe in God or if you're an atheist or a nihilist. You are not a special snowflake. You are not a king. You are not a baller. You're just some person that works a job and in a few years you'll die and you'll be judged for your sins if you believe in God. If you don't then you either believe in nothing and you cease to exist or you will end up in hell like the Wachowski cousins or sisters or brothers or whatever they are. But regardless of what you believe in either God or nature created you the Way You Are. Even if you have the technology to change that you are still who you were born as. And in this case it was too very mediocre directors. Somehow they stumbled on to a couple good ideas but if you need any proof of how bad these two are at directing I would like to point you in the direction of the movie called Jupiter Ascending. I rest my case and I literally challenge anyone to try to prove to me that Jupiter ascending or any other movie besides the Matrix not even the Matrix equals the second and third movie where complete garbage but the first one was pretty good. But even a broken clock is absolutely accurate perfectly twice a day. So for you slower people who are not very intelligent that basically means that you can be a complete moron and occasionally stumble across a good idea.
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 6 months ago
Wachowski sisters? So we get to make up our own titles now? Okay I'm King of England then!!
Branislav Konjević
Branislav Konjević 6 months ago
How many thumbs up is enough for you? I haven't raised mine, not because of the video is terrible - but because at the same time you stated that we have become the prisoners of the other peoples' likes, follow, and giving us thumbs up - while you ask us to subscribe. Isn't this hypocrisy?
Don Watson
Don Watson 6 months ago
Upside down L
Thinking Of Things
Thinking Of Things 6 months ago
I can't get over the way Neo's choice towards the end completely lacks imagination. I disagree that his choice is an example of radical freedom. If he was radically free he would have dismissed the premise of the two choices set up by the Matrix and found another way out of that situation. By presenting him with two choices the matrix is asserting its power by presenting an illusion of freedom. If this movie was to set up a real revolution in the third instalment Neo should have done the subversive, creative and imaginative and done something else, maybe take over the mainframe or take over the God figure as he did Smith in the first movie. The only reason there is a change in the status quo in the last movie is the fluke virus which is agent Smith which Neo created by accident. They could also have explored how layers of Matrices would make the whole construct more unstable and help Neo find discarded programs as allies in the revolution, instead of instigators of treasure hunts.
Edcel Mariae Carbellido
Edcel Mariae Carbellido 6 months ago
I need a follow up of the next video for this. You guys just changed my life, lol.
Jes smith732
Jes smith732 6 months ago
I thought the Architect reminded me of Col. Sanders lol
Milly 6 months ago
When will the next come?
i am TV
i am TV 6 months ago
Red pill
mrbobcr 6 months ago
You make the best and deepest analysis of this trilogy. Can't wait your Take on Revolutions!
Zaakiya C
Zaakiya C 6 months ago
Neo is my spirit animal.
PAIR of Sneakerheads
PAIR of Sneakerheads 6 months ago
Who knows what youtube video about the matrix theorises about the color of the shirts they wear in zion? I saw it a while ago, can't find it anymore. The reviewer said if i remember correctly that the blue shirts (trinity, neo and so on) are programs and red shirts (morpheus, niobe and mifune) are humans. It was linked to the blue and red pill, like color coding. Someone please help me.
PAIR of Sneakerheads
PAIR of Sneakerheads 6 months ago
The matrix is control by technology, zion is control by religion both are not real. The problem is choice. It is an illusion. Beyond those 2 is where reality lies.
Mozadek Yasher
Mozadek Yasher 6 months ago
Wow!!? at 0:39 really,??? it's sisters now?? This is how a society implode...
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