Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards

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27 days ago

Join AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she explores the new AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards powered by the RDNA 2 architecture, the most powerful gaming graphics cards ever built by AMD.
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Axl Tunjung
Axl Tunjung 14 minutes ago
AMD RDNA2. RTX Killer. Cheaper and better. No offense.
JKOBOY 19 hours ago
and no stock lmao...
شادي تقني Shadi Tech
شادي تقني Shadi Tech 21 hour ago
It is better if it is available in the market.
cheese Day ago
*RTX 3090 has left the chat*
I will defeat I will help Justin Y
I will defeat I will help Justin Y Day ago
Wow, A graphic card that you cant even buy because scalpers and botters
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky 2 days ago
just 300W ))
Flash777L Official
Flash777L Official 2 days ago
Nvidia : "We are releasing a new GPU" AMD : "Foolishness, Nvidia Foolishness"
Hans Lang
Hans Lang 3 days ago
Stellt Eure Produkte erst vor wenn Sie am Markt verfügbar sind. Das spa4t Euch viele verärgerte Kunden
MR Eretna
MR Eretna 3 days ago
Now, AMD is the best !
HUNN 3 days ago
John Jensen
John Jensen 3 days ago
The huge price scam!
Onkel Jo
Onkel Jo 3 days ago
Was bringt mir das alles??? Ich habe ernsthaft versucht ab 14:30 Uhr eine Karte zu bekommen. 7 Tabs offen gehabt und immer aktualisiert. Nicht eine zum UVP Preis! Das kein Tester so wirklich hatet und die Werbung für AMD boykottiert bleibt mir ein Rätsel. Wer die überteuerten Karten kauft hat ein IQ von 10!!!!
Hagelzuckererbse 4 days ago
Nice launch amd hahaha
dudiczek 4 days ago
hahahh they had chance one in a milion to do better than Nvidia and they still F**** up :)
No Name
No Name 4 days ago
Where's availability? Its out of stock already , we trusted AMD for better availability, but seems its another paper launch after nvidia did. Stop wasting people's time if you don't have any to sell , morons !!
Ben Soullivan
Ben Soullivan 4 days ago
Dear AMD, please make the laptop version of it... Cause I'll buy it 😁
Gabriyel Aleksandr
Gabriyel Aleksandr 4 days ago
Really??? Clearly its a great time to do it? Do what? Watch toobers yap about video cards that are non-existent? I am down voting every video, from every toober that enthuses about graphics cards or cpus until they are available. SHUT UP, quit trying to sell this vaporware, and get bent.
Mak 4 days ago
Ridiculously stupid launch. Shame.
tony chee
tony chee 5 days ago
14:34 Love the shirt and the fact that it didn't say select - start. AMD is definitely going single player this year.
Creative 5 days ago
What other 6000 series are coming out other than 6800, 6800 xt and 6900 xt?
john Alfaro
john Alfaro 5 days ago
It should be named intel gets massacred episode 2
Fiedman34 Creative
Fiedman34 Creative 5 days ago
TSMC telephon rings:" Lisa? Is it you?" "Yes, i need more chips!! Now!!" "Sorry, but you only feed the eBay scalpers!!
Shay Shay
Shay Shay 5 days ago
AMD: We'll have enough stock! Webretailers: Out of stock before launch Ebay: $1500 6800XT Me: Turns of pc and goes to bed to cry
Joep Eijkemans
Joep Eijkemans 5 days ago
Who else back here after not getting a card despite refreshing 8 websites nonstop?
Grerqa Adfafdad
Grerqa Adfafdad 5 days ago
its not a launch its a lotto
Nubsiegaming FrozeNburn03
Nubsiegaming FrozeNburn03 5 days ago
blah blah.. out of stock is real
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 6 days ago
As an Nvidia fanboy I was ready to jump ship until your launch was worse than theirs. Thanks for keeping me loyal to Nvidia.
T. vw
T. vw 6 days ago
Where are the cards then?!
MrMakosi 6 days ago
Congrats on your UK GPU Paper launch! Very successful! 0 cards available, not even listed in the shops you advertise on amd com as "partner shops". Very nice...
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown 6 days ago
AMD beats NVIDIA again KUDOS as the Worst GPU Release of their RX6800 Series of Cards all stolen by the Bots and now will be sold on Ebay for Triple the Price.
Savitha N
Savitha N 6 days ago
Is 6700 available????
Carl Leo
Carl Leo 6 days ago
Marry me AMD
Yahia Elgharini
Yahia Elgharini 6 days ago
Great! Now all they have to do is fix the drivers and everything will be amazing
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 7 days ago
1 more day I'm so excited
Anton Lasnibat
Anton Lasnibat 7 days ago
Best graphique card ever
aimohsin 7 days ago
Asian vs Asian. Ultimate Battle
RazerFire 7 days ago
AMD Gamers: Lets prepare intel and nvidia's funeral
Basidial Dwarf
Basidial Dwarf 7 days ago
Rip next gen scamsoles
Robe Person
Robe Person 7 days ago
I hate red. Ive always been an amd fan, loved when amd was green. The new rdna2 come out with horrid red lines so if i put it in my motherboard the red accents will face my transparent panel. I hate that the box opens saying "welcome to team red" I WAS NEVER ON TEAM RED. TEAM AMD? YES. NOT TEAM RED. Next gpu I buy will be "team green" since you think owning your color will mean anything. Im disappointed in the unboxing of your gpus. I would have been super disappointed if i had bought one.
Dutchgold 75
Dutchgold 75 8 days ago
All amd gpu,s should be sold with waterblocks as standard. There a much smoother gpu but that fan noise makes me switch back to nvidia. vega blowers was not a funny joke to play on customers. in deed all amd cards are noisy.
Adeel Raza
Adeel Raza 8 days ago
RED WAVE Coming bye bye my rtx gpu kudos AMD
Bhanu SWAROOP 8 days ago
She's the best
Goat 8 days ago
6600 xt?
DIO 8 days ago
Yes dad, i need this to hand over my homework
Youtube Kawasaki
Youtube Kawasaki 8 days ago
Who is also waiting for Ryzen 5000 CPU? Its sold out everywhere only some greedy seller offers it overpriced but I will keep strong and wait for AMD next delivery.
Facey Duck
Facey Duck 8 days ago
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT *nice*
陈茗醇 9 days ago
amd yes!
C A 9 days ago
Will this be as good as the Radeon 9800 Pro?
M Smithy
M Smithy 9 days ago
Pro Tip: There won't be any for you. Streamers and Bots will have them in spades but you will wait a minimum 3 months.
At what time will the cards be released?
Supreme Chilzz
Supreme Chilzz 9 days ago
Amd: Straight outta gulag
kiran ranjitkar
kiran ranjitkar 9 days ago
That's Jaw Dropping Price. What will happen to Nvidia ? Show some Care, AMD. Sorry, Just Joking. Looks like AMD will enter smartphone industry within years.
Migen Tele
Migen Tele 9 days ago
lisa ha pisciato in testa alla rivale
Charlie 9 days ago
I've always had AMD cpu's up until I got a 6950x. Pretty sure my next will be AMD.
R R 10 days ago
Thank you nvidia for not provide more of your new gpu
sdf a
sdf a 10 days ago
Lisa Su! Honor guide me
rolls 10 days ago
I am exited for the RX7000 series and rdna 3.
Rekha Longmailai
Rekha Longmailai 11 days ago
East or west amd is the best
RxGtxZen 11 days ago
Why does mrs. Su look like a lenny face?
Spooky Neighbor
Spooky Neighbor 11 days ago
Pls push back release if you feel stock isn’t where you want it and anti scalping precautions aren’t in place.
Avinash Ghosh
Avinash Ghosh 11 days ago
Ryzen really rised
Avinash Ghosh
Avinash Ghosh 10 days ago
@David yes both
David 10 days ago
Ryzen and Radeon
Niklas Steensen
Niklas Steensen 11 days ago
Laura Smith, AMD lore smith
A. Bach
A. Bach 11 days ago
Dr. Su, when will these be available to the GENERAL PUBLIC and not just youtubers doing reviews or bots stealing them from people that want to build with them? What is amd doing to prevent theft by bots and idiots that want to gouge consumers that want to actually buy and use your chips and gpu's? I bet no one from AMD ever answers.
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 11 days ago
I'm really getting one of those cards for 650 dollars . . .
Adhi Suryana
Adhi Suryana 12 days ago
Nvidia: 2xRTX 2080 Reality: 2x in select benchmark, more like 40-60% in most games Ryzen: 19% uplift IPC Reality: 10% in worse, mostly 20-30% even better in productivity Radeon: 2x5700XT Reality: 2x5700XT AMD changes a lot under Lisa Su..
Adhi Suryana
Adhi Suryana 12 days ago
I really like AMD presentation. Short, clear, concise without too many jargon and numbers, and the endnote is presented neatly! Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony they all need to learn from this video! Not too much fancy acting and visuals, just give info that everybody is here for!
Ruddshow Detona
Ruddshow Detona 12 days ago
Amd: I'll kick your ass Intel! Intel: Nooooo! Nvidia: Well, I think I'm safe Amd: Freeze Nvidia, I'll kick your ass too Nvidia: Nooooo!
Trev TchiaHao
Trev TchiaHao 12 days ago
In 15 years of gaming, I always bought Nvidia and Intel because of marketing, people advice etc.. But I'm seriously thinking about switching for a total AMD full set computer
Vishal Devsani
Vishal Devsani 12 days ago
Now nvidia will release super and ti series graphics cards
Wybaziber 12 days ago
Жаль, что на русском нет
Zenathan 12 days ago
NVIDIA : oh no, anyway we gonna make 3090 cheaper
Zenathan 12 days ago
smaller size yet the fastest
HoodieAnimations 12 days ago
They are wearing black after now from coming NVIDIA’s funeral
Saikyk 13 days ago
What’s ur response to reflex low latency mode?
Saikyk 8 days ago
@KTK :O damn bro, I must’ve slipped it cause I got bored or sum.
KTK :O 8 days ago
Did you even watch the video? Smh. Their response is Radeon anti-lag & boost.
Belalai Basah
Belalai Basah 13 days ago
Waiting AMD playing at mobile processor market and beating snapdragon ass.
Exelero 13 days ago
Watching this live was incredible
Geedis 13 days ago
speed up rembrandt. why waste time on old architecture apus? just focus on rembrandt and defeat intel once and for all in all markets.
-_--_-! 13 days ago
Whats that bgm in starting?
Mabro 13 days ago
gg AMD. gg
OhhGarden 13 days ago
Will these be sold online or in retail stores?
ツAhmed 13 days ago
When is AMD going to consider streamers? Without an NVENC-like chip on the RX series card with similar performance, I won't even be considering the AMD cards...
Risalah Qz
Risalah Qz 13 days ago
song in first clip?
Dan T
Dan T 13 days ago
Wait. As long time Nvidia user. And currently using GTX1070. Why would I not buying RTX3070 and buy this instead?
Udula Dissanayake
Udula Dissanayake 13 days ago
Nvidia:Your CARDS' powers are as strong as a mosquitoe's AMD:Omae wa mou shindeiru Nvidia: NANI !!!!
G. G. Anderson
G. G. Anderson 13 days ago
I need a 6700xt
G. G. Anderson
G. G. Anderson 13 days ago
Why is not the name: array technology inc. Stay?
G. G. Anderson
G. G. Anderson 13 days ago
The rx 6900xt is to strong for the panels in the market. Dr. Su please dont kill us
azzam_ 13 days ago
Wait?.. How tf AMD got RTX 3090 for comparing the spec. How did they got one if it out of stock?
Nro TV Mod
Nro TV Mod 13 days ago
if the temperature is as low as nividia. Then I will buy this
P. Integrity - BlackPilled
P. Integrity - BlackPilled 13 days ago
Happy Birthday Lisa, Lisa It's your birthday.
TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా
TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా 13 days ago
sooo you killed Intel, now lets kill nvidia too when youre starting this, ha? Nice one, iam so goddamn happy for you folks at amd
MegaJonathan53 14 days ago
I hope you got good driver team. It doesn't matter if u have bigger guns if you can't use them properly. With that out of the way, I'd love to have another AMD build gaming pc. Can't wait!!
chris gallon
chris gallon 14 days ago
So what will the price be in the UK? How am I supposed to know if I should wait for it or buy something else? 😓
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam 14 days ago
Please launch budget card under 250$
ARTUZZ 14 days ago
another year and they kill nvidia
Aki 14 days ago
wheres my low end doe?
Harris Ashraff
Harris Ashraff 14 days ago
That covers the Gamers and Gaming Enthusiasts pretty good. Will AMD be making Products similar to NVIDIA Jetson & TX Boards and hardware dedicated to ML/AI Engineers & enthusiasts? Doing so will definitely help a lot of startups and enthusiasts.
MARK GIL 14 days ago
your products are no use for us if you can't handle your stocks very well. please provide enough stocks if you are truly passionate on making this for consumers. thanks. AMD for life
niniam nanana
niniam nanana 14 days ago
Yup but im a 2nd GEN type of a guy
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 14 days ago
First she buried intel. Now she is burning nvidia.
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