James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965)

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7 years ago

Historic debate between James Baldwin v. William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University on the question: "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?"

Reina Rivera
Reina Rivera 4 years ago
Thanks for posting! What do you think was going through James Baldwin's mind from 45:55 - 46:05?
Willy Whitten
Willy Whitten 4 years ago
Buckley, true to form comes off as an obnoxious insincere rhetorician. Even his voice, his posture and modulation is that of a snake. Just his introductory remarks made me ill and anxious for sanity.
NumChuck Lee
NumChuck Lee 4 years ago
cannot listen to buckley
NumChuck Lee
NumChuck Lee 4 years ago
Buckley was a pompous poo poo - that argument about black energy was not enough was disproven easily and anyone that uses it is using at an excuse.
NumChuck Lee
NumChuck Lee 4 years ago
wow, this Baldwins analysis still mostly applies today - 50 years after this debate...
dcbandnerd 4 years ago
The depth of Baldwin's humanity, eloquence, and empathy is astounding.
botr run
botr run 4 years ago
Preach, somethings are timeless.
daveflick12 4 years ago
very interesting
sha money
sha money 4 years ago
James baldwin wow
the deeliciousplum
the deeliciousplum 4 years ago
I really think that there is a need for such igniting, challenging, and enlightening debates. Yes and presently, there are scores of debates on an equally as numerous topics. Within my little thoughts, few debaters are as rich in experience and few are hosts to such well formed arguments as these two gentlemen. Thanks for sharing this.
not really divided
not really divided 4 years ago
Buckley was an idiot.
graniteminerman 7 years ago
true, buckley didn't really address the contention that the "American dream" is at the expense of blacks. this would be too dangerous an indictment of so called "capitalism". He mostly just chided them for not being the same as other oppressed groups who were not slaves, and said there are rising social conditions in the US, so take advantage of that. conveniently he did not mention that it was also an argument for retaining slavery that living standards for slaves were rising.
graniteminerman 7 years ago
44:15 Is Buckley comparing college to slavery?
b7k1l8yn 7 years ago
Mr Baldwin was Outstanding.
jerome taylor
jerome taylor 7 years ago
Did you notice when James Baldwin finished speaking the entire audience stood and applauded, mind you there was a FULL house! When Mr. Buckley finished with his speech, during the applause, the cameras panned the room and I noticed a good portion of the audience had left!
islezeus 7 years ago
Buckley did not really address the theme of the debate...
sultanavasilisa 7 years ago
buckley- oh yes brother for you- the fire next time.
sultanavasilisa 7 years ago
“True art awakens the Extraordinary Ovation” Hafiz, The Gift .... Baldwin then and now
1awareness 7 years ago
Does anyone know more about the background of this debate? Could anyone suggest a book to read about this debate?
uknowwho97 7 years ago
Thank you so much for putting this up, it's helped me make sense of a nonsensical justice that fails to value the life of an African - American child over the past few days.
A Grant-Blackwell Muze
A Grant-Blackwell Muze 7 years ago
I was born the year of this debate, but seeing it for the first time today! I am wowed! Thank you for sharing it. Had people listened to us then, we wouldn't have this decimated middle class problem now.
EscherSketcher 7 years ago
After listening to Baldwin's amazing debate, the standing ovation at the end gave me chills!
jsingh106 7 years ago
Thank you for uploading this film. In my opinion it is a truly important recording of the evolution of our thinking in our country. It's a shame it is not a part of our required knowledge.
drewm4355 7 years ago
A simply elegant and insightful speech by Baldwin. It is not just pure math and economics. It is deeply personal and human. Wish free market delusionist understood this.
Chief M'Baku
Chief M'Baku 7 years ago
Baldwin was a Brilliant man. Cambridge Union has my respect for allowing this sort of debate in that era.
DenEColt 7 years ago
Buckley observes that Jewish and Italian communities were more energetic in getting ahead than were Black Americans, but he doesn't acknowledge the obvious difference: despite severe discrimination, Jews and Italians were never slaves or grew up with that knowledge and experience hanging over them for generations or had to contend with their former and bitter owners and those owners' descendants living side by side with them and who acted to deliberately deny black participation in the system.
Noah Leavy
Noah Leavy 7 years ago
it was in Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. it says so in the description and the beginning of the video. hope that's helpful.
DrJayWestern 7 years ago
buckley is a cartoon villain
Ken Schaefer
Ken Schaefer 7 years ago
Was this held in the UK becasue there is no way in 1965 America could this be held? Just asking.
ladonnaal 7 years ago
TheSanityInspector 7 years ago
Thanks for uploading this in one piece!