Letterkenny - Season 9 Trailer

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5 days ago

It’s pertnear the most wondrous time of the year and you don’t mess with tradition.
A new season of Letterkenny premieres Christmas Day, only on Crave.
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Rush x1
Rush x1 42 minutes ago
Really? Using a song from a known and admitted pedophile?
Daegyn Ross
Daegyn Ross 2 hours ago
What song is this?
coffee fan
coffee fan Hour ago
Bruce Whitaker
Bruce Whitaker 5 hours ago
Dear Hulu: Please do not ruin this show. The end.
PoeticBurrito 5 hours ago
Bonnie Murphy 🤤
Connor McMahon
Connor McMahon 7 hours ago
doliio volay
doliio volay 8 hours ago
Happy Rosie is back. Loved her character. Also, Katy, Bonnie and Rosie walking in like gangsters is something I 100% need in my life.
Chewbaccacabra 10 hours ago
Bonnie McMurray...
MagicMan CM
MagicMan CM 10 hours ago
Boomer85 !
Boomer85 ! 12 hours ago
Best opening scene would be Wayne in court and knows the judge and it’s a “Howr ya now your honor”
Boomer85 !
Boomer85 ! 2 hours ago
@doliio volay end of the lane way good buddy
doliio volay
doliio volay 8 hours ago
i suggest you let that one marinate
Golf Nut
Golf Nut 13 hours ago
Bonnie McMurray..............
N8 14 hours ago
Darion Yuen-Monson
Darion Yuen-Monson 14 hours ago
Yes Christmas day! Only bad thing is that imma binge watch it then im SOL
Randy McDonald
Randy McDonald 15 hours ago
Brandon Maverick
Brandon Maverick 15 hours ago
Kurijomo Zul'Jin
Kurijomo Zul'Jin 18 hours ago
they couldn't have chosen a more annoying song to play over it all though.
Larry McCandless
Larry McCandless 18 hours ago
Bonnie McMurry.... *sigh*
Eric Pederson
Eric Pederson 19 hours ago
Probably the best present I'll get this year and I am very grateful for it.
Fievel Mousekewitz
Fievel Mousekewitz 19 hours ago
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 19 hours ago
will be refreshing my Hulu app at Midnight on the 25th.
Phil_Beavers 20 hours ago
I just wish it said: "NOW" a Crave Series...cuz` them hoes didn't originalizeate shit!!
SeeK 20 hours ago
I’m fucking AAAAAAMPED
Pug Noises
Pug Noises 20 hours ago
Ahhh yesss my fav show is coming back ❤️
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 19 hours ago
Uhhhh... same day Hulu? Same. Day. HULU?!! Americans need to know! EDIT: I hear a rumor of next day Hulu. More than fair.
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 21 hour ago
YES!!! Wonder Woman and letterkenny!! Merry Christmas to me. Colored giddy
Christopher Morrissey
Christopher Morrissey 23 hours ago
i suggest you let that one marinate
Jacob F. Keller
Jacob F. Keller 23 hours ago
You know what, I'm really happy for Wayne. Good for you, buddy.
Alex Cordisco
Alex Cordisco Day ago
open.spotify.com/track/4ZR5Tm2px0euuzBURqtdQ0?si=mtEIE-d0RmSjfnVlXvQdlg This is the song if anyone was curious! #BANGER
James Stephenson
James Stephenson Day ago
Gonna be a super soft Christmas this year, boys.
klompsauce Day ago
Miscegenation is wrong, wonder how many Jews are on the production team for the show
Alec Mcgarry
Alec Mcgarry Day ago
To Bonnie McMurray: Marry me.
Stroud Rollyat
Stroud Rollyat Day ago
Holy fuck boys, the 25th day... better stay hydrated, keep some trailmix close
Jeremy Kimble
Jeremy Kimble Day ago
How’s everyone’s super soft quarantine?
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Day ago
Kris de Valle
Kris de Valle Day ago
oh shit
Gary Beard
Gary Beard Day ago
Johnny Hammersticks
Johnny Hammersticks Day ago
Man, the letterkenny girls are smoke shows. I wouldn't kick any of the out of bed. Except Gail.....she is hilarious but frightening. One of her best lines to the McMurrays was "my safe word is *wheeze*" 😄🤣
Johnny Hammersticks
Johnny Hammersticks Day ago
Already there and new season around Christmas I think.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Day ago
When does it go on Hulu
manny t
manny t Day ago
Best Christmas EVER BOYS !!
Kris Day ago
Uhhhh... same day Hulu? Same. Day. HULU?!! Americans need to know! EDIT: I hear a rumor of next day Hulu. More than fair.
Roger Rainville
Roger Rainville Day ago
Wayne knows about that black girl magic...
Melodie Ladner
Melodie Ladner Day ago
Fucking YES. AND Mrs. MacMurray's back!
JessePoops 2Much
JessePoops 2Much Day ago
Looks like we've got another 12 scenes of katy walking in slow motion while music plays loud enough to wake my roommate...
Josh Howden
Josh Howden Day ago
Happiness just went up
Max McKinley
Max McKinley Day ago
Merry fuckin' Christmas, eh?
Tyler Tipke
Tyler Tipke Day ago
Wtf is crave?!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Day ago
will be refreshing my Hulu app at Midnight on the 25th.
Patrick Dunn
Patrick Dunn Day ago
LetterKenny > the office
randall77 Day ago
This is going to be the softest birthday party that Jesus has ever had.
gonetoedge s
gonetoedge s Day ago
To be fairrrrrrrrrr
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Day ago
IvanTheTerrible Day ago
Holy cow i have been waiting for this moment for like since season 8
gravysamich 10 hours ago
it has taken so long. i mean come on, it's already 2018!
K W Day ago
Ahhhh Bonnie McMurray
Mark Lattomus
Mark Lattomus Day ago
When does it go on Hulu
Vittorio Dominguez
Vittorio Dominguez Day ago
Peter Crow
Peter Crow Day ago
No Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne...Crave likes to compete under a handicap.
The Original Chefboyoboy
The Original Chefboyoboy Day ago
it's tradition...
Helen Tretyakova
Helen Tretyakova Day ago
I reallys appreciates this news of a news seasons! Best show ever!!!
coogs Day ago
stand_alone_complex Day ago
jennti Day ago
I, to the fuckin’.... Love Christmas!!
TheMastergoober Day ago
Anyone else notice Anik there towards the end? 🤔
Benjamin Gierisch
Benjamin Gierisch Day ago
Oh my goodness BONNIE MCMURRAY
no thanks
no thanks Day ago
Ya wanna know what!? Kind of surprised we’re not watching season nine right now.. (queue theme song) 🎶
TripAClaymore Day ago
Bonnie McMurray
Fedor Armijo
Fedor Armijo Day ago
Jacob Carson
Jacob Carson Day ago
Bonnie mcmurray
Vernon Wainohu
Vernon Wainohu Day ago
And people say Santa isn’t real!
EatNunBrains Day ago
I need the song name
Justin PG
Justin PG Day ago
Yes sir!
Chronicdiscord de Lazy
Chronicdiscord de Lazy Day ago
Letterkenny needs not but two things to be a next level show, first, actual music, and second, more episodes a season.
C Lo
C Lo Day ago
Said no-one ever.
Jordan Soto
Jordan Soto 2 days ago
Nikos O'Kimosh
Nikos O'Kimosh 2 days ago
In concerned by the lack of Tanis!
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano 2 days ago
So did they or did they not murder that guy?
Blarg Blarg
Blarg Blarg 2 days ago
I didn’t see tanis once.
Bo Bauer
Bo Bauer 2 days ago
Oh thank god!
misolou fout
misolou fout 2 days ago
Happy Rosie is back. Loved her character. Also, Katy, Bonnie and Rosie walking in like gangsters is something I 100% need in my life.
Mickey Knox
Mickey Knox 2 days ago
The show is leftist tripe and not funny.🤷🏻‍♂️
Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast
Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast 2 days ago
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor 2 days ago
misolou fout
misolou fout 2 days ago
Bonnie McMurray
0:24 bonnie mcmurray!!!
Adam Collins
Adam Collins 2 days ago
MrGuitarguy16 2 days ago
I hope Letterkenny remains a Covid-free series/world
gravysamich 10 hours ago
i wouldn't mind a one off bit where wayne lays into some idiot for wearing a mask over his chin. doesn't really need to be in the series proper, but it would make a good video for their youtube channel.
Alex Nettrouer
Alex Nettrouer 2 days ago
So wait...no Hulu??
Robin Motteler
Robin Motteler 2 days ago
Their hockey team is the No Regretzkys?
Austin R
Austin R 2 days ago
Nick 2 days ago
Somewhat unrelated : what's the song? It's awesome!
EarlThePottedTreePlant 2 days ago
Bohdi Heron
Bohdi Heron 2 days ago
That’s a weird looking prison
Justin C
Justin C 2 days ago
Rosie is so god damn bad.. like literally one of the most beautiful women on the planet
Chris Ohlsen
Chris Ohlsen 2 days ago
You were making a list and checking it twice with your pals the other dayyyyyyy.......
relatedreality 2 days ago
Let’s gooooooo
Jon J
Jon J 2 days ago
When is Wayne going to date Bonnie McMurray??
Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner 2 days ago
more donnybrooks on the way for xmas.. Since I haven't been able to bounce for 8 months, I'm looking forward this
wsieber89 2 days ago
Bonnie McMurray
Sadman Pranto
Sadman Pranto 2 days ago
I liked her hair before... looked good with her face. Can't wait for S9
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 2 days ago
some degens, boys! Ferda - Dec. 26th!
Mark M
Mark M 2 days ago
Never realized how much I missed Wayne’s awful, fake punching. All is right with the world again.
Harvey Manfrenchensen
Harvey Manfrenchensen 2 days ago
Oh hell yes
Manuel Menacho
Manuel Menacho 2 days ago
Whomever does the music for the show needs to be paid more
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 2 days ago
To be fair....
big brain Isaiah06
big brain Isaiah06 2 days ago
When will it be on hulu
Pales Taamu
Pales Taamu 2 days ago
Missed an opportunity to show Glen after Gale and Bonnie, would have been hilarious
Clark Ellis
Clark Ellis 2 days ago
Bonnie McMurrayyyyyy
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 2 days ago
Can’t. Freaking. Wait!!!
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