Best 100 Handles & Crossovers | 2019-20 NBA Season

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3 months ago

Check out the BEST 100 handles & crossovers from the 2019-20 season so far! Let us know who had your favorite crossover!
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Domain Music and Gaming
Domain Music and Gaming 23 hours ago
The push off pullback is awesome with refs. You go to the park. People will bitch all day about it! Lol
Will 2 days ago
He made fultz touch the floor😆😆
Will 2 days ago
10:48 wow
Will 2 days ago
4:40 nasty lmao
Jeff Splur
Jeff Splur 2 days ago
Imagine being crossed by jokic 😂😂😂
Trust Pinoy
Trust Pinoy 3 days ago
7:18 that disrespect look!
umaima hasan
umaima hasan 10 days ago
Snowy donkie
Snowy donkie 17 days ago
I love how the people in this the most is trae young, ja morant, kyrie and kemba walker
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence 21 day ago
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla 26 days ago
2:56 What kind of defensive stance is that? 😂
Marcel Paim
Marcel Paim 26 days ago
They should change the crossover name to kyrie Irving
Elune Month ago
These aren’t in order right
Matthew Grace
Matthew Grace Month ago
This is basically the Ja Morant rookie highlight reel
Spook Spacey
Spook Spacey Month ago
The most communist sport in America. Enjoy it while you can season ticket holders are more patriotic than basketball fans.
Danielle Rosario
Danielle Rosario Month ago
Ja morant and Zion Williamson in the NBA now and trae young breaks ankles
Phoenix Argentine
Phoenix Argentine Month ago
Incredible cross from Tatum on Paul George :)
gingerfootman Month ago
21:05 "gotcha buddy"
Ibraheem Bourgeois
Ibraheem Bourgeois Month ago
"too much sauce for anatenakoompo" 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Aide Yalinkaya
Aide Yalinkaya Month ago
En az 10 Milyon Aboneyi hakediyor DİYEN beğensin haha 0:45 bedava Pubg UC almak için bu kodu ➡️PU8GG2020⬅️ Googlela
Thuggin Dee
Thuggin Dee Month ago
I like how niggas try throw 4:50 under the rug Lebron almost died 😂
Jlouis500 Month ago
Kemba Walker has the deadliest Stop & Go
Jason Odyuo
Jason Odyuo Month ago
8:22 dude went on a world tour
Allie Day
Allie Day Month ago
Mudiay bruh, you making everyone look silly, goodness gracious
Halit Aliu
Halit Aliu 2 months ago
Commentators the best for sure 😂😂
Shawn Pereto
Shawn Pereto 2 months ago
fire vid b fire. thanks for bringing us the goods. watching dis and listen to tracks I like. needs to pump for me like some slipknot or delta parole. good vid b
The28Beats 2 months ago
At 2:37 i tought the background was black and White
Joseph Brian Tabulao
Joseph Brian Tabulao 2 months ago
Oh no you didn't Jayson @6:35. Damn! Get up George. Haha!
kalipz sidec
kalipz sidec 2 months ago
Kyrie is the best player of nba the killer crossover
EyeQue 2 months ago
I think Fultz is really talented...but i feel like he's those dogs with the big floppy ears..they just dangle when they run. He reminds me of that.
daniel murray
daniel murray 2 months ago
For a "great defender" Matisse Thybulle" seems to get crossed up a lot
Holiday so smooth bro
Real Truth
Real Truth 2 months ago
I'm just here to witness all the UNCALLED Travels, carrying, pushing off and palming violations that this modern generation thinks is "good ball handling"🤔🤔🤔🤔 It didn't disappoint, the very first clip Kyrie carried the ball on his so called "Hesitation" dribble🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
June Fabores Beats
June Fabores Beats 2 months ago
aint nothing more disrespectful than an ankle breaker followed with a poster.
Filip Kolařík
Filip Kolařík 2 months ago
16:00 Beal forced Leonard to involuntarily dab :D
Jose Alfredo Garrido
Jose Alfredo Garrido 3 months ago
Reacción de demas6basket
Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić 3 months ago
Whos here before 300k views?
Jackson M
Jackson M 3 months ago
8:14 he went flying
Alexander Baron
Alexander Baron 3 months ago
what did markelle do
Hey Ref!
Hey Ref! 3 months ago
Why'd you remove the numbers?
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez 3 months ago
de e
look at curry man, so inspirational
look at curry man, so inspirational 3 months ago
look at the nba man, so inspirational for putting up these vids for us to watch during quarantine
fette sucukwurst
fette sucukwurst Month ago
They do this every year
g_superson1c 3 months ago
if ja can stare someone down after crossing them why can’t people stare after dunking on them
Halluxbadger 5
Halluxbadger 5 3 months ago
Do they not call travelling anymore in the NBA?
soap sin
soap sin 3 months ago
4:56 he gonna get injured with that damn landing. lil bro has to learn how to land...
Jim Playmaker
Jim Playmaker 3 months ago
Very nice video!
SWAT CAMRYN 3 months ago
Look at curry man
Wendell Rossi
Wendell Rossi 3 months ago
i waiting for the 100 longest 3 points
Lit YoungBoi
Lit YoungBoi 3 months ago
PREDATOR GAMING 3 months ago
くーりっしゅ 3 months ago
nice play
Brandon The Gamer
Brandon The Gamer 3 months ago
that trae young move tho was fireee
Logan Chupp
Logan Chupp 3 months ago
I know it's just a part of the game but I think it really takes away from a step back when players push off so hard
israel gutgold
israel gutgold 3 months ago
I forgot that Shaq actually had some agility back in his Magic days.
israel gutgold
israel gutgold 3 months ago
Josh Anyanwutaku
Josh Anyanwutaku 3 months ago
8:18 chacha real smooth
Ch4n G4ming
Ch4n G4ming 3 months ago
Click and subscribe please guys Help me to 1k subscribe and 4k watch hours
Carter Jondahl
Carter Jondahl 3 months ago
Ja Morant’s behind the back looked like Lebrons
Jon Juko
Jon Juko 3 months ago
The handles in this era are just incredible
Jon Juko
Jon Juko 3 months ago
OLaBoLa the game just evolves! Maybe if they were born now from a talent perspective they could do it but they just weren’t doing this stuff. Modern era is the most skilled the game has ever been
OLaBoLa 3 months ago
So true man! This is way better than Jordan or magic era. Just in case you might want Assist duel - Check it here: Curry vs Rondo -
AsSmallAsAGiant 3 months ago
I guess this is random because the doesnt make sense in order
olaf belitz
olaf belitz 3 months ago
No Defense .
Kaleb McClora
Kaleb McClora 3 months ago
Derrick Rose on the second 👀
CFRUE 3 months ago
"He pulled out the kiwistep" hahah Mean Maori
Rhythm Bhujel
Rhythm Bhujel 3 months ago
Best shooter Curry:👍 Young:💬