[BTS Universe Story] Official Trailer

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BTS Universe Story

4 days ago

First reveal for the full official BTS Universe Story trailer!
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kids wcs
kids wcs 8 minutes ago
can someone translate the Korean?
KTH taehyung
KTH taehyung 51 minute ago
Waaw zodbfkoz OMGGG 💜
chaos like pluto
chaos like pluto Hour ago
everyone else in the comments is talking about their looks and acting skills which is entirely true and fair, but all i’m thinking of is “YO WTF” and “can they just make this whole storyline a kdrama?”
Leslie James
Leslie James Hour ago
0:14 - i said, "that's our worldwide handsome" .. anything after.. i'm confused as fuck
AntonellaGp Hour ago
El comentario en español que buscabas Army :3
Avy Syahrin
Avy Syahrin Hour ago
It’s just my opinion but I think BigHit is just like Army, they want Jin to play K-drama. He likes to act since he got his art & acting title too for his education, he took even the Magister. But just like what Jin said (I forgot where) that he just wants to sing & dance, that’s why BigHit always makes him the highlight if it’s about drama because he likes to play drama but just will play it only in BTS content. We should’ve thank BigHit for it.
kent palarca
kent palarca Hour ago
This is straight up movie
Y B Hour ago
Isn't this cat a crat ?? That appear in TXT songs ?????
Yoongichi Hour ago
Is it coming to pc or console
yoongi d2
yoongi d2 2 hours ago
😭I thought it was a movie trailer
Yoongichi Hour ago
😭 remember hyyh Prologue and wings short films
Archana TaeV
Archana TaeV 2 hours ago
This story needs no words no subtitles... Its quite painful to see them apart....The best part of bts to be 7 as 1..the most beautiful world 💜m?my purple world 💜💜💜
OhNoItsNoe 2 hours ago
People said they never really finished the story years sgo
Ysabel Marie Colina
Ysabel Marie Colina 2 hours ago
yo, you can't just hit us with that nostalgia, man.
Enny Martinez
Enny Martinez 2 hours ago
Oigan El libro de las notas no tenía el nombre de Jin Entonces de quién rayos es el libro de notas🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Miru Mikaze Rein
Miru Mikaze Rein 2 hours ago
Just like in the webtoon, SAVE ME the loop is never ending and Jin can't find a process to save them, it only get worse because he can't get out. There are two members who can possibly save him; Taehyung or Jungkook. Taehyung can see some glimpse from many repeated timeline and compensating is its real or not. Jungkook, was visited by the cat who had met Jin (so its possible for him to jump in another timeline, i think).
Jaguar Beast
Jaguar Beast 2 hours ago
Will there be a continuation of their webtoon ???
Hugs_ for_drugs_
Hugs_ for_drugs_ 3 hours ago
4:26 6:01
cristen hilario
cristen hilario 3 hours ago
Fudge I feel heartache coming my way when this finally comes out --- plus I hope my brain can keep up lmao. But soooo excited. I wanna be immersed in BU even though it makes my heart and head hurt --- it's just soooo mind blowing
cristen hilario
cristen hilario 3 hours ago
Subs 😭
Ayesha Siddiqa
Ayesha Siddiqa 3 hours ago
I can read only read in the bottom of the notebook if I'm not wrong it was Kim seok jin...........
ارمي GirL
ارمي GirL 4 hours ago
الاغنيه الجديد🧐🧐
NELSON ANAK IDI Moe 4 hours ago
i think this trailer tell us about their messages in every mv and about time that seokjin will go to military and not along with them.. maybe this trailer tell us to be ready.. but actually im so sad
NELSON ANAK IDI Moe 2 hours ago
Ayesha Siddiqa
Ayesha Siddiqa 4 hours ago
Ya me too think like that
ARMY Kim 4 hours ago
What is this universe story??
haeboss 5 hours ago
musics are perfect omg
Amel Lia
Amel Lia 5 hours ago
The Best Bangt Sumpah Gak Kuat Njir.
Fascienne Skytten
Fascienne Skytten 5 hours ago
Can't wait for genius ARMY to dissect this
blemaia 5 hours ago
Taehyung gets completely immerse in the role whatever the role is, I wish he could get to act again
naubahar ixlasova
naubahar ixlasova 5 hours ago
I'm crying 😢
Danna Melgar Osinaga
Danna Melgar Osinaga 5 hours ago
Me dolió el corazón 💔
Mai Nguyễn
Mai Nguyễn 6 hours ago
i want engsubbbb TwT
•j•e•o•n •t•a•e•h•y•u•n•g•
•j•e•o•n •t•a•e•h•y•u•n•g• 6 hours ago
Why do i always see jin suffering why does he always feel like leaving us already😭😭😭
Jung_Hoseok_Totally_Official 6 hours ago
wait could bts's storyline be related to txt's bcuz of the cat
Nikki Singh
Nikki Singh 6 hours ago
JIN you should come in acting man. You will kill it. You are awesome. Outstanding. Along with BTS, you should think of pursuing acting also. Army will support you always.
army bts
army bts 6 hours ago
Xxbrilliantx Xoxo
Xxbrilliantx Xoxo 6 hours ago
Im not crying, my eyes is just sweating
F Bigwil
F Bigwil 6 hours ago
A deep theory in building up in my mind
Cesar nassi
Cesar nassi 7 hours ago
Soy un auto csh swhvsywcshs
Srishty Kunwar
Srishty Kunwar 7 hours ago
Was I the only one who found this heartbreaking ? 💔
Mahi Pandey
Mahi Pandey 7 hours ago
I am in love with it's music..😭😭 I want to play the game asap...I am soo excited that I can't even tell anyone...😭😭
CO1015 K
CO1015 K 7 hours ago
This app will surely be heavy. Need to delete other apps to accomodate this, lol.