Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

9 days ago

Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 days ago
grab a snack and enjoy
MrMcYeet 8 hours ago
just wait untill atlas comes out
Youssef Ben
Youssef Ben 10 hours ago
You mean a treat 😂
Aiman Hafis
Aiman Hafis 11 hours ago
Can you inboxed the realme c11
Beastboy XYZA
Beastboy XYZA 17 hours ago
Sir can u please donate any one of your ipad or PC to me because i really it for my online classes and i am an 8th grade student so studies play important role at this stage in my life. i would really appreciate it . reply to me if you will
kings revenge
kings revenge 21 hour ago
had a great video feel totally into it, then the dogs started barking and messed up the flow of it.
DeltaXY 5 hours ago
WADU HEK 5 hours ago
Why this is the most horrifying video out there ? 😱
BASE 5 hours ago
No doubt it’s amazing tech & the start of huge things but for $75k, what are you actually supposed to do with it?
Isaiah Allen
Isaiah Allen 6 hours ago
The controller looks like a Nintendo switch
lemon pie
lemon pie 6 hours ago
The controller kinda looks like a Nintendo switch
Isaiah Allen
Isaiah Allen 6 hours ago
Bro we said the same thing I didn’t even see your comment before I wrote mine
mostafa 2
mostafa 2 6 hours ago
Spot is just a computer with a weird case
Snowy Sheild
Snowy Sheild 6 hours ago
Xbox 360
PaPaPut1n 6 hours ago
Brick nermon
Saint Michael
Saint Michael 7 hours ago
Looks like a cgi from afar , because it is too good
PressSTART 7 hours ago
Or like any other fucking animal. It's just some heavy programmed AI, the robot doesn't learn by himself. It has nothing to do with man kind
Ñ Ø P Ê!
Ñ Ø P Ê! 7 hours ago
I’m just wondering why there was sad music through most of the video
Will Reineke
Will Reineke 7 hours ago
coolest thing ive seen in a while.
Zyro HD
Zyro HD 7 hours ago
why so dramatic?
Darin Cates
Darin Cates 7 hours ago
FAKE DOG BARKING and overly dramatic face shots are so lame dude. WHY do you feel your douchy face is so important? And, are pushing the idea you BOUGHT it and own it? LOL FAIL
Wendall Arrow
Wendall Arrow 7 hours ago
14:11 Spot was like, " ah shit it's touching my toes ! It's touching my toes!"
Riley McCormick Mead
Riley McCormick Mead 7 hours ago
I wanna see Adam Sandler run it over with his car.
Riley McCormick Mead
Riley McCormick Mead 7 hours ago
Damn, this thing is worth more than my car!
Riley McCormick Mead
Riley McCormick Mead 7 hours ago
But can it bark in 6 different languages?
Ayanda Dube
Ayanda Dube 7 hours ago
The theme music at the beginning isn't encouraging me for the future 😂
HiBoi ChipsAhoi
HiBoi ChipsAhoi 7 hours ago
16:39 can sm pls do a gta death meme with that sequence 😂
B-NITE 7 hours ago
Give it to brick
Emmo Proton GTS
Emmo Proton GTS 7 hours ago
Watch Adam Savages video of SPOT pulling him around in a single person Rickshaw maybe somethin you want to try
Paco Paco
Paco Paco 7 hours ago
Give it to brick
The Lettuce
The Lettuce 7 hours ago
Please buy one for Michael Reeves
Magnis 988
Magnis 988 7 hours ago
I just noticed that this video is the type of video that is shown at the beginning of a robot war movie thingy lmao.
Dynoooo 7 hours ago
sawsaw16 7 hours ago
could you maybe have shot the video without the annoying dogs barking...??
Aloi's channel
Aloi's channel 7 hours ago
Spot became self aware and butchered a family...
Cammy Dough
Cammy Dough 8 hours ago
This is one of a very few USshow videos that actually gave me the chills, when it walked up and down the stairs was just terrifying
エドゥアルド 8 hours ago
I think we lost Lou
Austin Hrynuik
Austin Hrynuik 8 hours ago
I got called a nigger
Sean Scott
Sean Scott 8 hours ago
Aust Gutea
Aust Gutea 8 hours ago
This guy went too dorky in this vid
Muhammed Suliman
Muhammed Suliman 8 hours ago
I think the dog spoke for everyone, even the tech community.
Dog Grinding a Sausage
Dog Grinding a Sausage 8 hours ago
Who would win? One borky boi Or One Robotic banana boi
FKD 8 hours ago
The dogs feel threatened by it
the tuber man
the tuber man 8 hours ago
Solo cute
Cerisette Kotomi
Cerisette Kotomi 8 hours ago
How I can turn this into a weapon ? Hahahaha
Thomas 8 hours ago
That Boston dynamics clip at the start is not the real company it's corridor Digital
MICHAL_C900 8 hours ago
Nice toy now what ?
vkmicro 9 hours ago
Smart home? How about a smart home with smart robot dog... where the home can deal with like opening door for you and security too and dog is your assistant / body guard. This is really cool
arju khan
arju khan 9 hours ago
Where is your new video
Alexander Padilla
Alexander Padilla 9 hours ago
5:30 - the moment Lew realized he doomed us all
jokamutta 9 hours ago
Imagine when that thing can walk on its own :o
F500 9 hours ago
This is the most pretentious video ever.
Azam Khan
Azam Khan 9 hours ago
7:37 it saw jack. And we saw it too.
андрей савельев
андрей савельев 10 hours ago
Вспомнилось как собаки реагировали на "Терминатор" в фильме )
Sean Huber
Sean Huber 10 hours ago
Dead Smoking
Dead Smoking 10 hours ago
10 years from now someone will be selling one on Ebay unopened in original box.
Vukosi AMG
Vukosi AMG 10 hours ago
This Robot is bad news. It will be used to spy and harm people by the state.
Youssef Ben
Youssef Ben 10 hours ago
Unbox therapy: spot got scratched up haha. Me:100$ monkas
Johnny Space
Johnny Space 10 hours ago
Adding things u've said about its future, I hope its not Made in 🇨🇳, 'cuz thatll be the moment i have to panic.
bibhav gewali
bibhav gewali 10 hours ago
I need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle
PurpleGuyCraft 10 hours ago
Willy's Dog: who's that dude? The Therapist: your roommate
Yerlan Abdulla
Yerlan Abdulla 10 hours ago
I afraid when the boy said what if they make unfriendly robots. Even kids know that tech companies will make soldier robots. And they will start to use them as a weapon
Steven B
Steven B 11 hours ago
So creepy bro OMG it's unreal
Varun Pany
Varun Pany 11 hours ago
2:00 - For the actual unboxing
Regigigity 11 hours ago
Seems like it would be difficult for the thing to determine topography through overgrowth or other soft ground cover.
T J 11 hours ago
Box the dogs
Off heap
Off heap 11 hours ago
did you buy it or hire it?
Dylan M
Dylan M 11 hours ago
Horizon Zero Dawn in the making
Nirun Pro
Nirun Pro 11 hours ago
Please do a shoutout
Nirun Pro
Nirun Pro 11 hours ago
Please do a shoutout
Nirun Pro
Nirun Pro 11 hours ago
Please do a shoutout
Nirun Pro
Nirun Pro 11 hours ago
Please do a shoutout
Anthony G
Anthony G 11 hours ago
the Sling shot channel should get this robot, put the legolas bow on it, and put his voice in it, and have it guard the house.
Ikan berapi
Ikan berapi 11 hours ago
I would buy a robot horse than this small robot dog
jeremy chak
jeremy chak 11 hours ago
North Korea has no chance now, one robot dog take over a nation
crazy Robot 32
crazy Robot 32 11 hours ago
Please unbox the new jbl boombox 2
Incog Spectator
Incog Spectator 11 hours ago
4:56 Robot dog: *Stands up* Actual dog: AAAAAH HELL NAAHH!! TF IS THIS!!? 🤣🤣😭
colby Lambe
colby Lambe 11 hours ago
bricknermon is supposed to do this
Greene Machine
Greene Machine 11 hours ago
Donate it to brick Norman on tiktok
Diablo 11 hours ago
Its watching you at night :DDD
KT Gamer_Nub
KT Gamer_Nub 11 hours ago
Its funny how your suprised or scared over a robot its just a robot like it has guns
Fantastic Memes
Fantastic Memes 11 hours ago
LOOKS like the reaper skin in CALL of Duty Mobile
Running Lion
Running Lion 12 hours ago
Reminds me Horizon Zero dawn
mukti2020 12 hours ago
richmen: ihave expensive dog with certificate Unbox teraphy: ihave robot dog
NoCopyrightSound Nightcore
NoCopyrightSound Nightcore 12 hours ago
Adeel Qureshi
Adeel Qureshi 12 hours ago
What are the benefits ? Or is it just a toy
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