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Griffin Johnson

Griffin Johnson

7 days ago

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BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED and We Go Over and Confront Bryce Hall About It, We Go To The Studio to Record a Banger, Then Back To The Sway House Where We Turn The Boy's into Frat Boys! Make Sure To Like and Comment Down Below, Subscribe so we can hit 1 Million Subscribers before August 14th which is Bryce's Birthday, I Also Lost My Allowance from Dixie, being serious though I Love Every Single One!!!
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Denae Lardge
Denae Lardge Hour ago
I never clicked on a video so fast
Jackson Hester
Jackson Hester 2 hours ago
Don’t recommend this shit again youtube
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago
Bryce 2020: “What’s up I’m Brad, short for Braddison” 😂😂
Sara E
Sara E 4 hours ago
Anddd they’ve broken up already
ChêEsy PoTãtO
ChêEsy PoTãtO 10 hours ago
Allegra Meddick
Allegra Meddick 11 hours ago
My b day is august 14 Share it’s with Bryce
Bill Brig
Bill Brig 14 hours ago
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago
Dixie : sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.......... griffin : sOmEtImEs I dOnT wAnNa bE hApPy....
Amy Hogarten
Amy Hogarten 16 hours ago
Who’s on top?
Henny Cowcow
Henny Cowcow 16 hours ago
This is how many brain cells you lost during this video! | V
RTC 1022
RTC 1022 16 hours ago
Keep this trash out of my home page ffs. Never touched a single video and the keep coming up.
Orges Hoti
Orges Hoti 19 hours ago
Who thinks that Nessa needs some help (support) , I mean she literally is depressed
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark 20 hours ago
this aged well
miko foin
miko foin 20 hours ago
Bryce 2020: “What’s up I’m Brad, short for Braddison” 😂😂
Malena 21 hour ago
go throw that back out with some real labor yall ridiculous
emily morales
emily morales 22 hours ago
when do they talk abt braddison.?
Besa Komoni
Besa Komoni 22 hours ago
Whos here when addi and bryce broke up lol
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 23 hours ago
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 20 hours ago
miko foin I would love her to death if I was him 😪
miko foin
miko foin 20 hours ago
imagine cheating on THE dixie
Lore Iel
Lore Iel Day ago
C'est dommage qu'on peut pas acheter leur sweat en Europe !
Kylene Murphy
Kylene Murphy Day ago
After he cheated on Dixie he is not cute for some reason
iiiMøllyiii !
iiiMøllyiii ! Day ago
Dixie paid his stuff so he basically used her I think
iiiMøllyiii !
iiiMøllyiii ! Day ago
Dixie : sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.......... griffin : sOmEtImEs I dOnT wAnNa bE hApPy....
Lucia Nicholes
Lucia Nicholes Day ago
This video is confusing
Faith Stroud
Faith Stroud Day ago
Brad said "I got 0 body's" that was the funniest part because pleaseeeee we know its more around 20-30 he been getting it. Mk 😂😂(all jokes)
Arisha K
Arisha K Day ago
Treat dixie like that We'll treat you by unfollowing ;) thats how it works hurt dixie sticks and dixie you get hurt urself
Beth Garcia
Beth Garcia Day ago
I lowkey don’t get “dixie cut off my allowance” does Dixie give griffin money for dating her..?
LeeKnow Day ago
Aye my guy, I bet your viewers age average 9-13 learn to be educated and express yourself without profanity nimrod
Zarah Tamas
Zarah Tamas Day ago
Can u do a video on your breakup
Chillin Queen
Chillin Queen Day ago
U lost an amazing girl cheater 💔
sary_costa 18
sary_costa 18 Day ago
Charlidameliovideos 1
Charlidameliovideos 1 Day ago
Dude u really lost an amazing girl you LOST her
Tess Tauchert
Tess Tauchert Day ago
imagine cheating on THE dixie
Tess Tauchert
Tess Tauchert Day ago
hey cheater
Shreya Autar
Shreya Autar Day ago
Lol if your here after the broke up 👇👇👇👇👇
Dyllon Coker
Dyllon Coker Day ago
Sway for life
dog bump
dog bump Day ago
sannio komi
sannio komi Day ago
Omgg can he like not act like he DIDN'T JUST CHEAT ON DIXIE?!?!?!
Hana Haradinaj
Hana Haradinaj Day ago
This is Anabeya
This is Anabeya Day ago
Look I don’t support what he might’ve done or whatever but bruh stop spreading hate words hurt , it shouldn’t be any of our business I’m first place
fairysnewaccount adopt me
fairysnewaccount adopt me Day ago
Imaan Sardar
Imaan Sardar Day ago
bryces birthday is literally on pakistan independence day
sannio komi
sannio komi Day ago
WHY IS IT CLICKBAIT!?!?!?!?!?! Not funny :(
Hfjdh Hdhehdh
Hfjdh Hdhehdh Day ago
No one in high school gets a healthy relationship or they do and get lucky people get cheated every day why you Guys so pressed about this one
Addison Potato
Addison Potato Day ago
Reanna Tyska
Reanna Tyska Day ago
1:04i think the think the think not
Kiley Playz games
Kiley Playz games Day ago
You cheated on Dixie she loved you
Jaykim levin
Jaykim levin Day ago
The Only thing i can comment on this channel......... *Fuck* *You*
Nel Day ago
Dianne NDUBUISI-IKE Ugonna
Dianne NDUBUISI-IKE Ugonna 2 days ago
send toes xx
adorxia 2 days ago
They just broke up lo
Madeleine McGinty
Madeleine McGinty 2 days ago
Butthead you cheated on Dixie 🤬
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 2 days ago
who's here after "anna oops" video of exposing griff for cheating on dixie ⬇️
Claire Tufts
Claire Tufts 2 days ago
i hope no one buys griff merch
Laresa Will
Laresa Will 2 days ago
he gave a girl a lap dance at a party in a pandemic ew
Corinne 2 days ago
You really fucked up cheating on dixie. You were my favorite and I would’ve never thought you would do this
Its_ Mae
Its_ Mae 2 days ago
WHY IS IT CLICKBAIT!?!?!?!?!?! Not funny :(
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 2 days ago
ACKNOWLEDGE THE SITUATION AND THEY ALL HANGIN OUT AS FRIENDS griffin: who wants popcorn BOI IF U DONT- 😠😠😠😠 I'm so confused😡😩
3'sMarias Azarcon
3'sMarias Azarcon 2 days ago
Dude tiktok said my glow up is gonna be on august 14
I Exist
I Exist 2 days ago
some little kid who actually believes it. smh
Miss aesthetics
Miss aesthetics 2 days ago
Ur an ugly bum
DIY creations
DIY creations 2 days ago
Send toes
jeslyn ikoli
jeslyn ikoli 2 days ago
LMAO Dixie built your career and you did her like that you tweeted “who wants popcorn” and now your like mental health is serious boi your full of soft cardboard
Erin Webster
Erin Webster 2 days ago
Who sub then unsub
Katimashi 2 days ago
I feel so bad for these kids. You need super flow tampax for these cringe vaginas.