Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief

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16 days ago

Please join me and vote in this year’s election. Visit for more information.
'Commander in Chief’ out now:
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Anna Priscus
Anna Priscus 29 seconds ago
what a powerful message... loving the song for sure!
Brandon Warnock
Brandon Warnock 14 minutes ago
I often wish you were my friend instead of being famous I just often need to talk to you and need your guidance but all I have is footage but thank you for getting me through the hardest times and keeping me fighting and staying strong you are the best role model in life keep going #D7
Ajay singh
Ajay singh 47 minutes ago
Indians are exploited by the corruptionist Indian government too.
Mera Melitante
Mera Melitante Hour ago
Gunsel Shaly
Gunsel Shaly Hour ago
Trump, Bolsonaro, Jong Un, Putin, Johnson, and so many more currupt "leaders"
Bryan Fury
Bryan Fury Hour ago
Biden would probably top your list.
cinty cute
cinty cute 2 hours ago
see alot of people referring this song to Nigeria 🇳🇬 bad government and corruption .. i tell you the truth Nigeria 🇳🇬 and all other countries will laugh out American if joe Biden is elected has the next president of America 🇺🇸 just has Nigeria 🇳🇬 people said former President goodluck Jonathan is not good and fit to rule the nation that he's too weak, he's not agger, he's not a military man, he didn't do anything for his people, he didn't work e.t.c... Just like this he was manipulate out of power for Buhari now Nigeria are suffering and smiling, crying everyday, dying in hunger 😢 so much pain words can't explain. Joe Biden is a lier, he is worst, more evil, deadly and demonic than Nigeria president Buhari .... take it or leave it America 🇺🇸 will suffer more with lot of regret if Joe Biden becomes president. come to think of it what difference did he and his president did in the last 8year ?? trying to come back to complete the evil they didn't finish ... God have mercy on America 🇺🇸
Anyssa Baca
Anyssa Baca 3 hours ago
She has a great voice in general. But it's sad to see (overall), my generation and the one rising behind, is so brainwashed. Obviously this is directed to the USA's current Commander In Chief, Donald J. Trump. When all the animosity is an entanglement of misguided projection of corruption. I pray the young and rising generations somehow have the intuition to shift through the lies easily presented right in front of them. To see that their discontentment is valid, but not grounded in truth. And the ones in positions of power that use and abuse their emotions in order for them to think and act the way that they desire, should be the ones incriminated. Not the ones fighting for the integrity of America, and protecting the liberties that make country free. Be brave, and don't base your opinions/ "facts" off main stream media, and Hollywood. You might become free again as well.
My name has been taken
My name has been taken 3 hours ago
Jessica Furtado
Jessica Furtado 3 hours ago
"We're in a state of crisis people are dying while you line your pockets deep" With WHAT MONEY?! He gave up his government Pension he doesn't get paid to be the president. He's a billionaire he doesn't make money off being president. *FACE PALM*
kween yen
kween yen 3 hours ago
I don't know why but my tears just Cascaded down on my cheeks listening to this song envisioning the corruption, abuse of power, racism, misogynism, and a lot of hate.
kween yen
kween yen 3 hours ago
I don't know why but my tears just Cascaded down on my cheeks listening to this song envisioning the corruption, abuse of power, racism, misogynism, and a lot of hate.
Lena Hinterbrandner
Lena Hinterbrandner 3 hours ago
What a strong message, LOVE IT !
beni One
beni One 3 hours ago
On repeat. From Nairobi Kenya
Lisa Watson
Lisa Watson 4 hours ago
Thank you
Matias Guardia
Matias Guardia 4 hours ago
nortfishlsweetnr 4 hours ago
I hope Demi has the emotional support she needs on November 3rd.
Bryan Fury
Bryan Fury Hour ago
Emotional support LMAO
Florian schürfeld
Florian schürfeld 4 hours ago
Trump 2020
Patty Borntrager
Patty Borntrager 4 hours ago
This song and lyrics is so on fire for anyone that is a compassionate kind human who cares about others . Just heard it today it’s pretty dang on point it’s chilling
Gabriel Locatelli
Gabriel Locatelli 5 hours ago
Jia Berde
Jia Berde 5 hours ago
orange is sus....
Kani Garcia
Kani Garcia 5 hours ago
I love you Demi
Isidro De La Cruz
Isidro De La Cruz 5 hours ago
Biden Harris 2020
nick21501 6 hours ago
Trump 2020!!!!!!
Ireri Moses
Ireri Moses 6 hours ago
In Kenya they stole the funds that were supposed to be used in helping with the covid-19 crisis. And now they are known as the covid millionaires
Coco Rivera
Coco Rivera 6 hours ago
Arthur Vega
Arthur Vega 6 hours ago
❗ This song Makes me mad 😡..... cause it's true, makes me feel duped
Steve Larios
Steve Larios 6 hours ago
“Do you even know the truth”... so out of touch. Get informed Demi.
Ginger627 6 hours ago
“so brave” 🙄
Soy Poder
Soy Poder 7 hours ago
God Bless you Demi. You are amazing and change people's lives with your music. Please never give up.
Jessa Mason
Jessa Mason 7 hours ago
Sorry, Demi.. Trump 2020❤💙🇺🇲
miss kj 777
miss kj 777 8 hours ago
Demonic progressive liberalism is a vile cancer upon our country. This song is disgusting.
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
NiceBoy Commentary
NiceBoy Commentary 8 hours ago
Trump 2020 4 more years and you got fat
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
lolll TRUMP 2020
Gab 8 hours ago
this whit is whack
Music Lover
Music Lover 8 hours ago
Don't you miss a time when singers would just sing, and sports players just played sports? When will y'all learn that the silent majority will win? Lemme know when Demi's ratings fall! MAGA 🇺🇲👌
Alexa Russello
Alexa Russello 8 hours ago
Well our commander and chief has never accepted a check In office, who’s lining their pockets deep?
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Trump 2020 keep spitting facts
考上UNI 8 hours ago
The song should be dedicated to Malaysia's government.
Gianco Serralta
Gianco Serralta 8 hours ago
Lory Michelena
Lory Michelena 9 hours ago
Damn Demi never disappoints😔
Bryan Fury
Bryan Fury Hour ago
@Lory Michelena So those guys that disagreed with ACB weren't "misogynist" right?
Lory Michelena
Lory Michelena 6 hours ago
@Dylan G. Devine she's not smart enough? You're a mysogynist and it shows. She didn't lie. You're just butthurt. So sad.
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 6 hours ago
She is calling out Trump, fool. She needs to stay in her lane because she is not intelligent enough to dabble in politics and it shows.
Lory Michelena
Lory Michelena 7 hours ago
@Dylan G. Devine she's saying the reality of a lot of countries, how is that bs?
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Nah I was disappointed. This song is bs and cringe
Joe Stilez
Joe Stilez 9 hours ago
We know who she's talking about.
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Cynithia George
Cynithia George 9 hours ago
Love it !!!
B R 10 hours ago
Commander in Chief Send more narcan for me
Justin Juss
Justin Juss 10 hours ago
I serious sooo Love the song but i hate the video !! Unpopular opinion 🤷🏾
Serenity Sphere
Serenity Sphere 10 hours ago
What meaningful song
Austin Luepkes
Austin Luepkes 10 hours ago
Trump 2020!!!
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Torva Messor
Torva Messor 10 hours ago
You should be asking these questions to the do nothing democrats not Trump. Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Crazy ass liberals.
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Leonardo Diniz
Leonardo Diniz 10 hours ago
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Trump 2020
Claudia Polverini
Claudia Polverini 12 hours ago
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 12 hours ago
0% talent 0% nudity 30% hatred 70% orange man bad
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Brayan Torres
Brayan Torres 10 hours ago
demi=100% ignorance
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter 12 hours ago
Trump 2020
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
4 more years
Evelyn Palmer
Evelyn Palmer 12 hours ago
This is my new favorite song thank you
Soy imparable
Soy imparable 12 hours ago
like buen video
S0UL & S0UND 12 hours ago
Let me tell you all a fact. a fact of he received good health care even though he was putting a lot of lives in danger by walking around. He didn't have the severe symptoms, yet he got the quickest best health care for it yet those who had more severe symptoms than him didn't get it until they were almost dead, think about that before you decide to vote. So trump how do you breathe, while those that didn't get the health care died, but yet you did at a less severe stage?
KleinerFeigling 12 hours ago
I am from Germany and this song really touches me. We get another lockdown, our economy is decreasing dramatically, many people commit suicide because they cannot pay the bills anymore (My friend also announced it because he has lost his work and does not see any perspective). And the only worries mama Merkel has is the next election. The parliament has no right to vote to the steps anymore, Merkel and her ministers are dictating anything.Our democracy is no democrycy right now any more. I do not even want to think what happens after the election. OUr GDP has decreased by 10% now, but in contrast there will be new taxes for sure. What a mess.
S0UL & S0UND 12 hours ago
The first time I heard this song I listened to the truth behind the lyrics and almost forgot it was a song
Filippo Macchi
Filippo Macchi 13 hours ago
This is going to my cringe playlist of 2020
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Oh same here
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
Me too man
bri 13 hours ago
53 yrs old... loving on u since Barney. I think you're gorgeous. And beyond talented. I should be so lucky. But I'm not and that's ok. I will live vicariously thru Miss Demi.
Dawn M
Dawn M 13 hours ago
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Trump 2020
Jena D.
Jena D. 13 hours ago
This song is made for Haiti🇭🇹 , Nigeria.. and so many other countries✊✊
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
Not really. She was basically just saying “orange man bad”
Kash Money
Kash Money 13 hours ago
Eu pensando "Meu Deus, que música linda!" Sem entender uma única palavra
emily ayala
emily ayala 13 hours ago
I love this song it tells so many truths.two all my brothers and sister's around the world never give up .are voices will change things this ia are song.
Suyen Lacibal
Suyen Lacibal 14 hours ago
Bravo!!! I admire your courage!!! Thank you!
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
wordgrrl71 14 hours ago
Where are people dying, Demi? Where? Oh please. Virtue signal, virtue signal.
wordgrrl71 14 hours ago
This video is a perfect example of tokenism. Dealing in tropes. Poor Demi. She probably thinks she is a public policy expert. Sounds like she wrote it in a day. Meh. Again, Hollywood celebes don't get it: we don't like lectures from the 1 percent.
wordgrrl71 14 hours ago
Oh please. She doesn't even know anybody who isn't rich. I love me some lectures on public policy from actors and singers and athletes. LOL!
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Mareling Rios
Mareling Rios 14 hours ago
Definitely took me back to Pink's "Dear Mr. President."
empyerful 14 hours ago
Trump 2020🔥
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
4 more years
Ragnarok Sora
Ragnarok Sora 15 hours ago
Triggering the conservatives. Biden2020
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
Its gonna b a rough 4 years for u libtard
Brayan Torres
Brayan Torres 10 hours ago
@Priceless Patato dont waste your time, the only thing they keep saying is "orangemanbad bidengood"
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
Everyone is so triggered. She was just plain out wrong in some parts. She literally said that he was bunkering down when he literally hasn’t had one day without a press conference since Christmas. Also he literally has lost money using his own money to fund government projects and donating all of his money that he makes off of the presidency to charity.
Kari Bennett
Kari Bennett 15 hours ago
He doesn’t sleep
luchochang 15 hours ago
Glad that this song resonates with Nigerians and other nationals, but NO, this song is custom made for the one and only sociopath Commander In Chief. A real shame. Vote him out!
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
bradst3r 15 hours ago
would be a good song but she says the same words over and over again that annoys me
G A B I E .A.
G A B I E .A. 16 hours ago
If u dont like what shes saying LEAVE
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
It’s funny to laugh at
Christine Spencer
Christine Spencer 16 hours ago
My favorite October surprise. ❤️
Nia Scott
Nia Scott 16 hours ago
"How does it feel to still be able to breathe" Hit Hard!
Dylan G. Devine
Dylan G. Devine 7 hours ago
It feels good to be able to breathe. Maybe I can breathe because I am not a criminal with drugs in my system. Trump 2020 son
Bergen Leigh
Bergen Leigh 16 hours ago
This isn’t new with politics....
Ada Georgali
Ada Georgali 16 hours ago
I love you so much Demi
Lucía 16 hours ago
I used to be a huge fan since the beginning and now I just feel ashamed of liking you all this time, Demi. This is so disappointing; It breaks my heart, my memories singing your songs, my childhood...
lenovo legion
lenovo legion 16 hours ago
Rose J
Rose J 17 hours ago
Love this!!
Heather Schumacher
Heather Schumacher 17 hours ago
My problem is ask her what he actually done and give proof and she wouldn't be able to tell you a thing and wasn't she getting high for most of his presidency?
Syarria Stafford
Syarria Stafford 17 hours ago
Lining his pockets with what? Last I checked they investigated him and couldn’t find anything now that we want the Dems investigated they no longer like investigations. Joe and his son were the ones lining their pockets with not just American money but also many other countries. Trump has donated his paychecks. This new generation is disgusting and ignorant nobody knows how to do research for themselves. They see a trend and they follow it without educating themselves first. Joe is the last person that should be in office.
Ian McGranaghan
Ian McGranaghan 17 hours ago
🤢🤮 trash
Jad Abo Alshamlat
Jad Abo Alshamlat 17 hours ago
Anyone who scrolled to the comments straight away let me summarize the song in a couple of words: oRaNgE mAn bAd
考上UNI 8 hours ago
tbh no ppl are ranting about corrupted gov around the world not just orange man.
Jenessia Few
Jenessia Few 18 hours ago
Biden is the one "bunkering down" sooo wtf is this garbage. lucky you even live in the US. We got more freedom than many.
Waryearlygabby0422 18 hours ago
Trump 2020
Artilalis Silva
Artilalis Silva 18 hours ago
Perfeita Demi ❣️
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
Artilalis Silva
Artilalis Silva 18 hours ago
Amo de mais ❤️✨
a /
a / 18 hours ago
Such a beautiful song from a beautiful soul.
Toni Long
Toni Long 18 hours ago
No one is going to put out that BLM started under the Obama Administration and all the riots and shootings happen almost exclusively in Liberal cities because the policies then areas into hell holes for the one? Got it. Highest Covid Deaths are in liberal cities, income inequality between races? Like seriously trying to blame trump for all this is so dumb...
EmmaLouise Akinleye
EmmaLouise Akinleye 19 hours ago
This applies to so many countries especially considering what is going on in Nigeria #endSARS
Reide Reed
Reide Reed 19 hours ago
Honestly this song applies to so many countries and so many peoples lives today... this is gold Demi, proud of you for doing a song like this. It hits and impacts many lives.
Zahra Khairyah Ali
Zahra Khairyah Ali 19 hours ago
Demi are always teach me how we can't grow up forward and this song make me feel comfortable. Cause no matter what happen we must be able to breathe every single day
mike ap
mike ap 19 hours ago
this happen everywhere in world , and has being for years since monarchs kings, tribes, colonies, religions, gangs, narcos, politics, plantations, immigrations, every where people suffer even Jesus Repent before he is coming, and suffer will over..........................
k bye for now'
k bye for now' 19 hours ago
The world is supporting u nigerians, god listen us plzzzz, what u want we are in pain.
Kani Garcia
Kani Garcia 19 hours ago
Demi Queen
Amber Grello
Amber Grello 19 hours ago
CocoBravaMag 20 hours ago
Wow this amazing mixed up women -incredible talent could have written something to pull the country together but instead she chose to take advantage of the environment and go after someone. Doing great things for our country -do your research Demi ! #justanotherpuppet
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 20 hours ago
This comment section rlly proves her point...
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 20 hours ago
instead of bashing demi down yall should pay attention to how this song can be applied to the world rn
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
I’m wondering how. Trump has lost money during the presidency, he has just plain out not bunkered down at all. I’ll be damned if you can give me one way that he “shuts down systems for personal gain”. This entire song is just so dumb.
Elias Stadler
Elias Stadler 20 hours ago
Song amazing
Sandy Bravo
Sandy Bravo 20 hours ago
I'm actually crying right now
Sandy Bravo
Sandy Bravo 10 hours ago
@Priceless Patato because it just sounds so beautiful. Her voice. She sings like she's from heaven.
Priceless Patato
Priceless Patato 13 hours ago
Why, this song is just factually incorrect.
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