Liverpool v. Leeds United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/12/2020 | NBC Sports

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NBC Sports

7 days ago

Mohamed Salah's hat trick propelled Liverpool past newly promoted Leeds United in a season-opening instant classic at Anfield. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #LeedsUnited
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Liverpool v. Leeds United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/12/2020 | NBC Sports

Ahmed Heensaleey
Ahmed Heensaleey 15 hours ago
Leeds what a very good team
gordon buck
gordon buck 20 hours ago
Cancel subscription
XxNinjaWillxX 22 hours ago
Leeds is back... Never thought it would happen
dossube 23 hours ago
Are y'all enjoying games on Peacock? I don't know, man!
JPonce Vlogs
JPonce Vlogs Day ago
Leads made so many mistakes when defending. Like clearing the ball to the middle so many times that it costed them badly
supafrancis Day ago
PL champs vs Championship winners.. What a great competitive game! Leeds are class and will surprise this season. They fight for the win and have talent. My pick for their breakout player is Jack Harrison and I'd put money on him making a big money move to a top team by next season. FYI, when he played at NYFC with Pirlo, he said that Harrison was the most gifted young player he'd ever seen.. Now THAT is not something you shrug off. Everyone will see what he was talking about this season!
Alejandra Haro
Alejandra Haro Day ago
Leeds cant make those stupid mistakes. They should’ve upset the reds
ITzVex GL Day ago
Fix the Audio Lads !
eddyvideostar Day ago
Kudos to Leeds, who are born again to the best British division. They gave the run-away champions a great run for their money by opening up the orifices of a horrendous Liverpool defense, combined with a mistake by Virgil, making it difficult for him to lead by example! -------------------------- I am surprised, though, with Leeds bump in the road, being ousted early in the EPL cup recently. Welcome to the *new-look* Mo Salah: Well trimmed hair and beard. Great grooming, as he gets in gear, going forth for the new season.
Chris Jara
Chris Jara 2 days ago
Bielsa Magic
YourBoyHector 2 days ago
Bro Gomez is like scared of the ball he’s tall af but he’s small I think he’s gotta buff up a bit
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 2 days ago
7:06 even he couldn’t believe that Bamford scored
Omari Harper
Omari Harper 2 days ago
Liverpool was on the back foot the whole game. Leeds is looking dangerous!
Kason Tavares
Kason Tavares 2 days ago
salahs hair cut tho lol
Y 2 days ago
What an impressive game for Leeds
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 2 days ago
anyone else tired of Arlo White
James Ma
James Ma 3 days ago
Liverpool need to regroup. The champs let Leeds United equalize three times. I doubt they can beat Chelsea if they keep playing this way. (Liverpool is playing against Chelsea for their next game at Premier League)
Choice Meat Randy
Choice Meat Randy 3 days ago
Joe Gomez....homeboy can't defend
Ehzeer co co
Ehzeer co co 3 days ago
Mane is only running 🏃‍♀️ in this game?
Dien Tran
Dien Tran 3 days ago
🖕🖕🖕 Liverpool ....Lee so good 👍👍👍
Ehzeer co co
Ehzeer co co 3 days ago
All L U players are looking good, they looked like movie ⭐️
Mike 3 days ago
Leeds united deserves better.
Max Loewinger
Max Loewinger 3 days ago
Anyone else find the commentary is set like a 1/10th of a second too early in all the PL highlights? Original broadcast?????
NITESHADOWshouske 3 days ago
van dyck is overrated
Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores 3 days ago
Good job Leeds
EBP YT 4 days ago
Not gonna lie Leeds played well in this game, they better keep it up
Ismael Baxcajay-Arvizu
Ismael Baxcajay-Arvizu 4 days ago
First sheffield fighting for a spot in the champions and even tho leeds lost they have potential
adam santini
adam santini 4 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that the commentary is like sped up to be above what happens. I hear the commentator describe the events like a Half a second before it even happens
SpaceWalker 13
SpaceWalker 13 4 days ago
I'm not an EPL fan so I always support the underdog teams and leeds are gonna be my favorite team this season!
Alex Olvera
Alex Olvera 4 days ago
Liverpool knows how to play the Refs and VAR Leeds do not. It will take sometime before they get used to it.
Chris Jin
Chris Jin 4 days ago
Welcome back Leeds
Add me On psn
Add me On psn 4 days ago
Glad Liverpool is being exposed, they're overrated 😎
XxMrFrozenxX 4 days ago
Can we get a count of how many times salah was breathing in and out during the penalty.👇
Sevenfiveeight Investment
Sevenfiveeight Investment 4 days ago
Teams2watch:1.leeds .2 Wolves1
Mihai Munteanu
Mihai Munteanu 4 days ago
Why are they kneeling?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😡🤣🤣🤣
Demetri Parker
Demetri Parker 4 days ago
Leeds is the best. Leeds is a true winner
Itz.Rafael 4 days ago
Wow Leed looked great
Oscar 3
Oscar 3 4 days ago
What a wake up call for Liverpool, Leeds did a good job but giving goals by penalties, rubbish.
Cultaholics 4 days ago
Jack Harrison's goal was incredible, I'm tempted to recall him as a City supporter
Abe Diaz
Abe Diaz 4 days ago
Yo Leeds looked great man. Hope they keep it up