Elon Musk: How I Became The Real 'Iron Man'

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Bloomberg QuickTake

6 years ago

"Bloomberg Risk Takers" profiles Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who helped create PayPal, built America's first viable fully electric car company, started the nation's biggest solar energy supplier, and may make commercial space travel a reality in our lifetime.
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Barbara670ow Ramsey14mr
Barbara670ow Ramsey14mr 3 hours ago
“I’m available 24/7 to solve issues. Call me at 3am on a Saturday morning and I’m there.” THIS is a CEO
Criss Sontay
Criss Sontay 7 hours ago
Elon is the only teacher I would pay attention to and enjoy it
Al Wal
Al Wal 10 hours ago
David Leung
David Leung 12 hours ago
One of the few billionaires that deserve every single penny
Andie Sierra
Andie Sierra 16 hours ago
Elon is the only teacher I would pay attention to and enjoy it
PandaTitties Day ago
2:38 *For a second I thought he said...* “Then I was afraid of dark people, after that” *Somethin’s wrong with me...*
Comprehension Password
Comprehension Password Day ago
O5fa absent
walt cuthbert
walt cuthbert 3 days ago
You tube
XNFECT 4 days ago
What if Elon Musk is from Mars in the future, and he really just wants to see how it looked before it became a civilization?!
James Benjamin Oppenheim
James Benjamin Oppenheim 4 days ago
I honestly don't care what other people are saying, Mr. Elon Musk is an inspiration to us all, we should not be afraid to take a leap because everything is a gamble, here is to Mr. Musk, cheers.
Asmau Umar
Asmau Umar 5 days ago
ฉันมีความสุขมากที่ได้มีอิสรภาพทางการเงินในที่สุด และมีเพียงเดนนิสเท่านั้นที่ทำได้ฉันได้รับเงินเดือนภายในสองสามวัน ฉันไม่เคยเชื่อเลยว่าฉันจะได้รับ Binary Options มากมายขนาดนี้ Mr @ Dennis__forex09 ที่อินสตาแกรม💓เป็นสิ่งที่เหมาะสมที่จะช่วยให้คุณมีอิสรภาพทางการเงินไปที่เขา🌻
romain duquesne
romain duquesne 5 days ago
I love elon's Mum
S1il3nce 6 days ago
He's trying to stop the world polluting :)
FLoat Sam
FLoat Sam 7 days ago
yea sure elons mom... 'internet world never know if ya make a million or die tomorrow' wtf world is that? probably apartheid compuserv world or something
Stanz 7 days ago
Your Tesla in china is poorly built
Velimir Stanimirovic
Velimir Stanimirovic 8 days ago
Pal, do you have a wife or a girlfriend? Who's kids mother? Why is she absent from videos?
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix 8 days ago
I'm coming from 6 years in the future Tesla is actually fairly successful
Sevelen 4 days ago
"fairly" Mans the 3rd richest in the world atm And growing faster than amazon
nidal ahmad
nidal ahmad 8 days ago
Elon Musk is The Human Moster. He Wants to control the Moves, Thoughts and even the dreams of Mankind with his invention of the Human Chip stick it in someone's head and with a remote direct it where to go and what to do. if he succeeds, humans will work around the clock in their jobs, even all the simplest things granted by nature to mankind is taken away from them. STOP him dead in his Trax. He is a monster. don't let him fool you all for some fantasy inventions and inhabit MARS proposals to mask his evil inventions. when you interfere with human wellbeing and structure, you're challenging a creator who also prescribed death and destruction upon you. when someone dies that is not just the end of them, that is also their destruction. if you think you can challenge the creator then wake up the dead first and start with your own consciousness.
UK Trails Trekker
UK Trails Trekker 9 days ago
Kumar Kumar
Kumar Kumar 9 days ago
I see 2 facts Fact-1 elon musk wants people welfare. Fact-2 people don't deserve elon musk.
Krish Umang Patel
Krish Umang Patel 9 days ago
so humble.................
stijnvdv2 9 days ago
It's funny that people see Elon Musk as a hero, while his company only runs on subsidies and Al Gore's scaremongering.
gg12345ification 9 days ago
Crazy to think that in 500 years our children will probably read about elon musk in the school books, just as we read about eistein and nikola tesla. About how he changed to the world and took humanity to space where we now live who knows. Im just happy i get to live in the same lifetime as him to see what more he can do
Plo8monster 9 days ago
This is straight-up great journalism here. Very impressive job. Elon is amazing and this portrayal is very accurate. Nicely done.
Sagar Thapa
Sagar Thapa 9 days ago
Who is this guy? He and his friends just like to talk gibberish...
cryptoK mining
cryptoK mining 10 days ago
and the tunnel boring tunnel
cryptoK mining
cryptoK mining 10 days ago
have a wake n bake n maybe try that hover jet thing,
Roy Tambunan
Roy Tambunan 10 days ago
Proud mom there.
Ethan Ott
Ethan Ott 10 days ago
Great video! but all the monetization seems out of hand
The Enlighten Entrepreneur
The Enlighten Entrepreneur 10 days ago
I really enjoyed this documentary please continue your awesome job...👍
Jennifer Marcelino
Jennifer Marcelino 10 days ago
People say working hard won't make you rich but its the working hard on the right things that will.
Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker 11 days ago
If you are seeing this story and understand Elon Musk has inner Faith, Spirit and confidence. Business know how, inspiration to and from others. Life giving. Enterprise, intellect and understands the mind, vision and results creative and Science reasoning, education part of physics of life, shapes, future he rides up out of darkness to a place mankind can grow. The people around him excited and bold and strong. Competition out there it may even be in the path of yesterday, today or tomorrow. But rise up and open the more than tech but creation and science together. Language of light night and day. To see this please get your eyes tested, live a fuller life for tomorrow today. While Stanford one entity among others, their eye institute has Opthomologists and other with those that speak many different languages. Stanford more African American, Latino and get rid of bias. Teach the Surgery Appointment and Greeting staff and support staff to be helpful. Automate and simplify the entire experience. Public Surgeries and a Dr that can speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese , Russia, Hindu. But English deed to be respected more. A day and age and era these can be the down fall of the best. Elon Musk. Connect tech in the car in and from the USA that can speak, sing, warn and more many languages. Can the blind drive or get a driver that can speak their language? How about the traveler passenger, dead sign language. You can if you want. Opportunity. Sales and or handbook or personal audio hand book. Wow the consumer it is fun. When talking about vision Dr, Colleges, Insurance listen, educate, respect and they want to be the best they can be. This Country is Great again. We want to have our dollars be able to see the best there is. All the way through time, distance and the Universe. Visions, dreams let them be made possible and reach for them my son and daughter. I love you both!
Ann Baines
Ann Baines 12 days ago
Queen's University is in Kingston, Ontario not Toronto!
Mike 13 days ago
Just watching how awkward Elon looked when his wife start talking about him sitting in the corner of a bar all sad reminds me of how I used to be when my mum talked about me in a conversation.
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 13 days ago
He is the Antichrist foretold you are being predisposed to trust and look up too. He has made himself a staple and an icon to the 01000101 01001110 01000100 00100000 latest generations and such is this predicament that will be humanities undoing after WW3. Those who looked up to him will 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 01110011 drown in his wake of a collapsed mind and suffer for it. Almost all with brains that function at a capacity such as his, before long 01001001 01101110 00100000 01110110 01101001 01100101 01110111 succumb to the surges of information and soon will allow safe passage for the devil himself.
Nicolas Meyer
Nicolas Meyer 14 days ago
He is living my dream
Cheryl Harewood
Cheryl Harewood 14 days ago
Very inspiring 👏
WarSmith 15 days ago
Me: Omg! I hope I do well on the SAT! Elon: Omg! I hope I make at least 2 innovative companies!
Pat D
Pat D 16 days ago
he approaches things differently. thats what we need.
m. moves
m. moves 16 days ago
He sent a car into space.... that was a huge waste of resources and money in a world that has starving children! He is just an over inflated ego with a gambling problem that has payed off until now but eventually the risks will consume him
Problem Lösen
Problem Lösen 16 days ago
I'm soo envious of his talent :)
Pinky Boy
Pinky Boy 17 days ago
Well he has assets and ass-et
Sadie Keener
Sadie Keener 18 days ago
He worked for everything
Brendan King
Brendan King 18 days ago
Enjoyable, motivating and moving. I'd like to see a 2020 version update on this.
jimmy hamilton
jimmy hamilton 19 days ago
create a solar pennel driven car that use the sunlight and solar batteries im jimmy Hamilton
Niranjan Shetty
Niranjan Shetty 20 days ago
"this is my rocket".. different results when I did that on the first date.. but okay.. Musk is Musk!
Niranjan Shetty
Niranjan Shetty 20 days ago
must be a very small rocket!
u know guy
u know guy 21 day ago
He is not real tony stark, tony stark is him.
Danny Brewerton
Danny Brewerton 22 days ago
We already lived on Mars long time ago we created ai which nuked it ended it now its happening again
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 23 days ago
It's going to be worthtrillions minions I mean you can't eat speak of the money that this man can make if you just support him more something I feel it's brewing but a new design or taking a different approach so don't kill Eli musk out it's going to be epic
M'agape Farms Homestead
M'agape Farms Homestead 24 days ago
As bad as the grid is maybe he should get into electricity distribution
Sushant Ghimire
Sushant Ghimire 24 days ago
I believe that if it was all about money for this guy, he would have be trillionior by now.
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez 25 days ago
Hearsay with Edison. Believe anything . Disappointed in this video. Need to do more research . Judging a man from those time to the present is unreasonable and moronic. Horrible way to live. Our grand sons will call us savages if its by the same standards.
Darban 25 days ago
Ahmad Rafiee Ishak
Ahmad Rafiee Ishak 25 days ago
2008 ...great depression 2020 pandemic depression
True Hope
True Hope 26 days ago
How do we get his brilliant mind to be that passionate about stopping human trafficking?
vINDIGOWARRIORv 26 days ago
I wish there were more thumbs up like 5 thumbs out of five 👍👍 👍 👍 👍
Dionysus 26 days ago
NAH the hacksmith is the real iron man
G-Ramon Arellano
G-Ramon Arellano 27 days ago
You're not iron man if you remain in china at the cost of American jobs.
Fredrick M
Fredrick M 28 days ago
a great man.
yondaime hokage
yondaime hokage 28 days ago
He's worth 98 billion now
5K Subscribers Without Any Video
5K Subscribers Without Any Video 28 days ago
*Man smoked one joint and got high for life*
Guy Dawson
Guy Dawson 29 days ago
great video! come check out our interviews we will appreciate it.
Doeun Lee
Doeun Lee 29 days ago
Elon says stuff Me: In English please
Cyka_Delik 29 days ago
Is anyone else like, “Fuck the battery cars! Tell me about Mars!”
Parth Patil
Parth Patil 29 days ago
So 45 mins video is basically a Quick take???
francis WARLORD
francis WARLORD Month ago
bloomberg mediea lol you people are all fucking sheep.
Travis Loso
Travis Loso Month ago
Elon is a fucking DUDE!
Arlindo Almeida
Arlindo Almeida Month ago
A real breakthroughs person !
JustFun Month ago
Imagine if it was Trump time, there was no loan and no Tesla.
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy Month ago
I worked for Elon, he told me all about his home world, and how model S was short for Saturn
james allan
james allan Month ago
Have no problem about musk spending his on money chasing his dream of going to mars but please can we have decent cameras on board filming from take off to landing please looking back and forward would be nice surely we have the technology now if we can go we can film it for us all to see in real time that would be something to behold hope I live long enough to see it why not do the moon first and put one of his cars on it think of the sales that would generate he would well sorted and remembered for all eternity wow
Antony M Jardine
Antony M Jardine Month ago
Mr.Musk, are you afraid of Mr.SEARLS ? Would you take him under your wing ? Before.
Wendy Wendy
Wendy Wendy Month ago
Make his mom proud of him
Mr Tea
Mr Tea Month ago
How the hell could you fit 7 passengers in the model S?
stringsnare Month ago
his mother is extremely wise. helicopter parents take note!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michael williams
michael williams Month ago
Tesla one of the very few companies to payback loans to us government in their entire history 😂😂 hater gna hate
Tijana Misic
Tijana Misic Month ago
2:15 Try to explain this to some random kid that is afraid of the dark.
CoolDave88 Month ago
문은숙 Month ago
문은숙 Month ago
Bravo for Tesla's Sundance
문은숙 Month ago
한길만 걷는오빠가 멋있다.그놈 참 멋있네
문은숙 Month ago
예쁘다.한길만 걷는 네가.
문은숙 Month ago
That is right headquarters
문은숙 Month ago
Struck back
문은숙 Month ago
Just like mirroring 'a friend
Joel Chitunda
Joel Chitunda Month ago
Max Chafkin doesn't look as aged at all
May I Ask A Question
May I Ask A Question Month ago
I want to go to Mars too Elon but I think we should worry about starving children and human illness first lol
[] Month ago
“I just noticed that darkness is only a absence of light and there is no reason to be scared of it” And this is why this man is literal Iron Man... Elon is the type of guy that you tell them “maybe xyz might be fun, but it won’t work financially” as like a lunch time small talk and then you meet him 5 yrs later with a empire behind him
Garth Ras
Garth Ras Month ago
this is the mentality that will never stop, cares about putting his name in history rather than family value. most white people nature are like this less family time and more about getting money that they will dead left billions in banks, little time enjoying nature and more time creating things that destroy nature.....these technocrats knows no limits...smh
Youn6J Month ago
Elon is one of the great minds in history. This is why he doesn’t bother in politics because he knows that’s not where change happens. The people have the power for change. Everyone single one of you reading this comment has the responsibility to implement change with the gifts you have
Jose Month ago
Legend has it Chuck Norris bows to Elon Musk.
Tyson Month ago
I can’t believe how this world is and how much we don’t want people to succeed! We shouldn’t separate us we should support one another!
Michael Wiley
Michael Wiley Month ago
Man with off world vision!!!!
Stella Leone
Stella Leone Month ago
Mr. Month ago
i love this man smart
Loki Mama
Loki Mama Month ago
I hope the entities make all his pleas reality 😎
Tahnie G
Tahnie G Month ago
The 'dark' just means an absence of photons - yep - every kid thinks like this to stop the fear of it. 🙃
Edixa SanchezPacheco
Edixa SanchezPacheco Month ago
The engineers behind Elon are as important as himself
Kق Kغtowa
Kق Kغtowa Month ago
The secret here is what he did In private. He read a lot of books and stayed out of peoples way.
Za Z
Za Z Month ago
Repaid the taxpayer loan early with interest? All other companies would have lobbied to get their loan cancelled! The other auto companies for decades has taken funding to advance electric cars and gone nowhere with it. Every few years getting their program cancelled. Hope any battery holy grail technology lands in Tesla production facilities first!