10 MOST LIVED-IN Open World Games

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3 months ago

We wanted to acknowledge some open world games with truly convincing looks and atmosphere - the places where it feels like people really inhabit.
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Trey Cole
Trey Cole 2 hours ago
Man where the fuck is watch dogs 2
Erick Medina
Erick Medina 3 hours ago
So glad you put RDR 2 on #1
Cory Prior
Cory Prior 4 hours ago
"each town has it's own unique personality and flavor....if that makes sense" no....that doesn't make sense - what is a personality or flavor.....what is that, I don't know what that is
BARKSEY 6 hours ago
what about the wasteland in fallout 4
Screen Share
Screen Share 7 hours ago
Downloading Assassin's Creed :)
Bryce Mullins
Bryce Mullins 14 hours ago
Popular Games: The List
Kristopher 15 hours ago
you should wait november to put cyberpunk in number one ;] right?
A Z 16 hours ago
Syndicate being the worst assassin's creed you can play ...
Boss Alvin Pineda
Boss Alvin Pineda 20 hours ago
Sir Ghost Of Tsushima
Riz lu-ang
Riz lu-ang 23 hours ago
dame daneeee
Ry Man
Ry Man Day ago
I always felt that the first 2 infamous games did a good job with the locations
cheap monks
cheap monks Day ago
Old games that were played until now like GTAV at 7 and Skyrim at 10 makes me wonder for the top 3..
Mc wagon
Mc wagon Day ago
1:01 song ???
greenman360 Day ago
This made me want to go play AC: Syndicate. Like a lot of games, I own it but have literally never played it. If you game on PC, you know this phenomenon well. Be it Steam sales, free games, etc... it happens. But your overview of it makes it seem amazing.
RedFoo fan
RedFoo fan Day ago
Watch Dogs games should have been included on this list for sure
Vic_Tradez Day ago
Came here to see Kingdom Come: Deliverance, disappointed. Came to the comments to give it a shout and see that people already felt the same way so I'm happy again and thankful I wasn't the only one that felt this way.
Kieran Fitzgerald
Kieran Fitzgerald Day ago
You must be stupid asf bro. Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Origins have better more realistic "lived-in" open worlds. Phucken DISHONOURED, SKYRIM and almost everything else mentioned are nowhere near realistic. You had to be on drugs when you made this list XD
Mrstilian1 Day ago
World of Warcraft
Im Thomaz
Im Thomaz 2 days ago
Bruh why isnt infamous on this list
Slash 2 days ago
Where Dark Souls 3 at? It's such a lived in game full of characters
IAm_ Cak3y
IAm_ Cak3y 3 days ago
All Watch dogs games evry npc has a story
Francisco Butte
Francisco Butte 3 days ago
Ghost of Tsushima nails it.
Geeknoid 3 days ago
I think Mafia 3 seemed pretty lived in?
Alexandre Maranhao
Alexandre Maranhao 3 days ago
Really World of Warcraft is out of the list ?
DMX 10033
DMX 10033 3 days ago
Mafia is my favorite -
EX7R3M3 3 days ago
saints row 3????anybody?????? Just Cause 2???
StarekS 3 days ago
Zelda Breath of Wind ? I think it's most playable world ever, you can go ANYWHERE.
71 Gaming
71 Gaming 3 days ago
Loved the video! I'm really a fan of this kind of open world games.
Tate Ekblad
Tate Ekblad 3 days ago
Skyrim is the best game ever
Jiraiya Senpai
Jiraiya Senpai 3 days ago
dishonor on 2nd .. it looked shitty compared to the Witcher 3 .. you won yourself a dislike .. 😁
Be Good
Be Good 4 days ago
Love the Dishonored shoutout - truly a great yet underrated series
omer rozencwieg
omer rozencwieg 4 days ago
I would trade the Witcher 3 world to Kingdom come deliverance. In kcd the NPC are actually doing things, and not just pantomime and it shows.
Noah Hunt
Noah Hunt 4 days ago
also watch dogs 2 , that feels really lived in
Kane's Cauldron
Kane's Cauldron 4 days ago
Unpopular opinion but, RDR2's world makes TW3 look like a toy village.
matt4546 4 days ago
Squidgy pea
Amit Bisht
Amit Bisht 4 days ago
Assassin's creed Black flag deserves in top 5 tbh
Aron Pereyra
Aron Pereyra 5 days ago
Horizon Zero Dawn should be on this list
Kyle Mckay
Kyle Mckay 5 days ago
The fact that shenmue isnt in here is criminal. It feels lived in Especially because people actually have schedules. I dunno feel that deserves it as well
Praos Crihdoe
Praos Crihdoe Day ago
id love to see a new Shenmue or remaster the old ones would be amazing!
Shikhir a
Shikhir a 5 days ago
Where is the Assassin creed odyssey 🙄
jerome dome
jerome dome 5 days ago
Gab Ugarte
Gab Ugarte 5 days ago
I feel that GTA San Andreas has a much cooler e deeper map then the modern GTA V!
Selim Veli
Selim Veli 5 days ago
Wide streets in London? 😂😂😂😂
Sebastián 5 days ago
6:49 "a whole continent".This guy has the culture of an npc
Chairman Wow
Chairman Wow 2 days ago
@Raizo Most English speaking countries teach the 7 continent model. It's not necessarily wrong. Just one of a few interpretations of the continental models.
Raizo 4 days ago
This is actually highly debated. When I was a kid I was taught that North America and South America were different continents.
_ ZonE _
_ ZonE _ 5 days ago
Best assassin's creed of all time: Assassin's creed revelations.
_ ZonE _
_ ZonE _ 4 days ago
@Bruno Locatelli you must have never played it
Bruno Locatelli
Bruno Locatelli 4 days ago
Sumish Maharjan
Sumish Maharjan 6 days ago
where is far cry
Leo_Shazzael 6 days ago
Syndicate is so underrated
Blu3 Dreams
Blu3 Dreams 6 days ago
Open worlds are my favorite games
kevin patterson
kevin patterson 6 days ago
Where is true crime streets of la
kevin patterson
kevin patterson 6 days ago
Where is Scarface
kevin patterson
kevin patterson 6 days ago
Where is The Godfather
JoeHunterExtreme 6 days ago
I loved to play fable 3 as a kid
Psychonaut 6 days ago
Far Cry 5.
Jim Hibbits
Jim Hibbits 6 days ago
My Cities: Skylines game currently has 560,000 residents!
Soarzzz on 12 FPS
Soarzzz on 12 FPS 4 hours ago
Amazing Cool raise the tax and fund some things less
Amazing Cool
Amazing Cool 5 hours ago
I can’t even get 2000 citizens without getting in debt
Soarzzz on 12 FPS
Soarzzz on 12 FPS 2 days ago
I know that traffic is a nightmare
deon91 6 days ago
if anything I think fable should have been below skyrim and AC
NagsterTheGangster 6 days ago
1:40 it took a lot of lessons from the tech and systems built for Assassins Creed Unity. Literally 8 seconds later... 1:48 sequence that shows AI no-clipping through other AI. lmfaoo
Dylan Duncan
Dylan Duncan 6 days ago
Days gone
Nieczerwony 6 days ago
Far Cry Primal?😉
Oliver *
Oliver * 6 days ago
al-bee-un not al-bee-on
Ucchia Itachi
Ucchia Itachi 6 days ago
Sleeping dogs the best game
gamer zone
gamer zone 6 days ago
Kigdom Come Deliverance sure didnt have too many NPCs, but it sure felt lived-in. The feeling of 'lived-in' didnt have to come up with number of npcs walking or working alone, strolling around the woods in KCD while all those sounds of birds chirping was more lived-in.