NF - When I Grow Up

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Year ago

Official music video for “When I Grow Up” by NF.
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Music video by NF performing When I Grow Up. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

BlaclubMusicGroup 4 minutes ago
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BlueBeam Kennel
BlueBeam Kennel 39 minutes ago
Lemon LOL
Lemon LOL 47 minutes ago
I listen to this everyday day 6 times a day. Plz tell me I’m not crazy
Ethan Dunlap
Ethan Dunlap Hour ago
sounds like no auto tune so banger
FaZe franklinxog
FaZe franklinxog 2 hours ago
When I grow I will be a pilot and destroy india
Lamar 1111
Lamar 1111 2 hours ago
2020still a life 👇🖐️
Ali Manan
Ali Manan 2 hours ago
that transition was smooth asf at 2:55
Brady Mitchell
Brady Mitchell 2 hours ago
white hopsin
Bugy boy
Bugy boy 3 hours ago
I can say it word for word
Bugy boy
Bugy boy 3 hours ago
My favorite song is this right here
Aw Gaming
Aw Gaming 7 hours ago
Epic mannnnn
Aw Gaming
Aw Gaming 7 hours ago
So gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddd
даффи :3
даффи :3 8 hours ago
Girls 0% money 0% cars 0% talent 100%
Anthony Webster
Anthony Webster 10 hours ago
Shut best line is I’m not the only one that feels alone!!!
Barry Allen BG
Barry Allen BG 11 hours ago
who is here after RAW
Amirah B Star Girl
Amirah B Star Girl 11 hours ago
I hope he took a shower bc he was in dat trash
Cool guy
Cool guy 11 hours ago
this dude got inspired by Eminem
Burnt Bacon
Burnt Bacon 11 hours ago
Hollagrl0999 11 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together......
Hamza zp
Hamza zp 12 hours ago
No cusses, no random thots stripping. Only straight up facts. I'm in love with this track ♥️
WittyWise 12 hours ago
At 3:12 the camera should of started to turn around NF while he is standing in awe at the realization that he has reached his dream. While the camera is going around it turns to when he was a kid standing on his bed fantasizing about performing in front of a sold out show.
it's Fábio
it's Fábio 13 hours ago
at the beginning when everyone says I want to be, NF says I'm going to be a rapper
Dalton Murphy
Dalton Murphy 14 hours ago
I feel like he's suisudal amd he's going to end his life when he feels like he's out out enough music
White Hole
White Hole 14 hours ago
The first rapper that dosent cuss
jimmy Low 301
jimmy Low 301 15 hours ago
This right here.....this spoke to my soul Bro💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
William Johns
William Johns 15 hours ago
He doesn’t ever cuss
UnCharted Inc. - Survival Training & Gear
UnCharted Inc. - Survival Training & Gear 16 hours ago
Holy hell.... how do I not know who this guy is?? love this song!
Anderson Gonzalez
Anderson Gonzalez 14 hours ago
NF is starting to grow his songs are really good and connect to most of us been a fan of him for years underrated I’m glad to see he’s gaining attraction
Stray 16 hours ago
133 million views wow'
NoahQ 16 hours ago
He went hard without the need to swear! Thats a real accomplishment.
Raffy Rodriguez
Raffy Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Superb!!! (I wonder how long it actually took him to write this song?!!!) either way so on point!
Rachida Kechroud
Rachida Kechroud 17 hours ago
I love it
Ⱥɾէ 18 hours ago
"ill be good eventually" that hit home
DARKAQUA 1108 18 hours ago
This shits fire 🔥
Monju 808
Monju 808 19 hours ago
Background sound more like ultra instinct them sound haa?
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 19 hours ago
Mahim 16
Mahim 16 19 hours ago
y`ɴ 20 hours ago
arab fan.
Laphoba 20 hours ago
Learn how to mop
No Ordinary Creator
No Ordinary Creator 21 hour ago
POV: Nate is your drive-thu cashier
noli furstenwerth
noli furstenwerth 13 hours ago
nate do be my drive the person thou
ur mum
ur mum 21 hour ago
NF: the quiet kid. Logic: the smart kid. Joyner Lucas: the big bully Eminem: the big brother NBA youngboy: The disabled kid J cole: The funny/stoner kid Lil dicky: The jokester
MALEK001 001
MALEK001 001 17 hours ago
nathaniel3534 21 hour ago
Me when I work at mc Donald's when I grow up
Rush_B 22 hours ago
when i grow up i want to remember NF 🙌
George Hamilton
George Hamilton 23 hours ago
My favourite scene 2:37
dogeperson e
dogeperson e 23 hours ago
the first person to watch this must feel like a boss
Andrian Cudlea
Andrian Cudlea Day ago
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ@
A Yeti Who Likes Internet
A Yeti Who Likes Internet 23 hours ago
Amen but what does that have 2 do with this
MyTom Day ago
So dope bro 🔥🔥🔥
Dmoneyissavage Day ago
A friend recommended this and I fell in love with This yeah
キリトア Kiritour
キリトア Kiritour Day ago
one thing i Love about NF's music videos is that they aren't super bright and colourful and they have a really natural colour scheme, cos the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows in everyone's eyes. For some people like myself they world may seem grey or just darker than how other music artists present it
Debra Perkins
Debra Perkins Day ago
سفن اب بليمون
سفن اب بليمون Day ago
da best
brylan elliott
brylan elliott Day ago
when i grow up i wanna be a rapper to
Iprofessional Day ago
ksi and nf should collab like if u agree
Burnt Bacon
Burnt Bacon 11 hours ago
Hell naw
A Yeti Who Likes Internet
A Yeti Who Likes Internet 23 hours ago
Hell no
Thisath DE SILVA
Thisath DE SILVA Day ago
My parents say raping is useless but this is realistic and has thought me a lesson
Milan Sedlák
Milan Sedlák Day ago
Marcus: Mom, I have a role in a music video! Marsus' role: 0:06
Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell Day ago
This song goes insanely hard and I’m here for it
ツP0k3Y Day ago
i got chills while listening to this
Sam Bieju
Sam Bieju Day ago
2:52 That transition is smooth AF! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams Day ago
Other rappers:sit on gold and produce trash. Nf: sit on trash and produce gold. Truth.
Tatti song
darth jader
darth jader Day ago
this is where i got my attitude from him and eminem
Jose Gerardo Peña Ríos
Jose Gerardo Peña Ríos Day ago
Estilo eminem, me encanta....
Sunxflower Day ago
XlatiMinera Day ago
Wow grape🍇 Hope u get the joke
XlatiMinera Day ago
When I'll grow up I'll be a army and save Pakistan and destroy India
Bryan4000 Day ago
anyone know what car is used in this music vid?
Suzie Franson
Suzie Franson Day ago
This song is so good! The music video mad me cry, especially at the end.
josé Ridenour
josé Ridenour Day ago
tontenic way
tontenic way Day ago
When I grow up I’m gonna be a rapper
Feelings Circle
Feelings Circle Day ago
"When I grwo up I gonna be a wapper! **proceeds to have the cutest laugh**"
Bob Thebuilder69
Bob Thebuilder69 Day ago
Man was living my dream tbh- I wanted to be a garbage truck man when I was young 💀
John Peter
John Peter Day ago
compra uma casa pra mim
Zak Schuster
Zak Schuster Day ago
notice how all the kids say "i wanna be" but nf says "im GONNA be"
Kayden Motley
Kayden Motley Day ago
Alex_Rodriguez2006 06
Alex_Rodriguez2006 06 Day ago
the thing is that he's not telling the truth but he is the truth and the haters can go to the grave yard for I will be waiting for them
Mess Day ago
If you got this rap in your recommendations you literally have a good taste.
Alex Sanz
Alex Sanz Day ago
the kid say BlackBear?
[BLANK] Day ago
When I grow up I wanna be mentally stable
crying always at 3am
crying always at 3am Day ago
Your music keeps me alive
AlDoodles Day ago
yo can we just appreciate the cinematography of this music video?!?!
Lelecorn Squad
Lelecorn Squad Day ago
Yeaaaahhhh I love that tho
Fxrever Day ago
please tell me I'm not the only one who listened to this more then 5 times in a row.
sumanth achar
sumanth achar Day ago
I saw this month's ago n couldn't remember the name. Now it's 1:30 in the morning n found this
Samual Abdulluah
Samual Abdulluah Day ago
I was watching this song before it even hit a million views and now. I’m happy
Jesse Derrington
Jesse Derrington Day ago
My skin white but my soul made with Mexican Gold xxx
Shawn Bliss
Shawn Bliss Day ago
The song Real Slim Shady is coming true there's way more white rappers now
whois_emi Day ago
manz singing in front of 2 people then out of no where singing in front of thousands of people.. so inspiring
Ultimate Rise
Ultimate Rise Day ago
people who dislike, why dislike when you can leave ;)
Marcix Day ago
wHeN i GrOw uP i WiLL bE aRmY SoLdiEr 🇵🇰🇵🇰
I AM Day ago
NF featuring Hopsin please
Jorge antonio Aburto palestino
Jorge antonio Aburto palestino Day ago
i like nf
Some Thiccc Skeleton
Some Thiccc Skeleton Day ago
This dude is the realest been listening for 1 year now 🥺
Natural Fingerboards
Natural Fingerboards Day ago
1:17 the trash bag falling out of the truck
Ky18 Day ago
People are disliking this video- But don't worry, its just the people tryna like the video while hanging upside down a garbage truck just like NF They've probably just got confused
Keely Johnson
Keely Johnson 2 days ago
I love this so much! Thank you guys for sharing your artistic fortitude!
Sparsh Awasthi
Sparsh Awasthi 2 days ago
1:49 Time release date. Damn
스파게티맛치킨 2 days ago
Sorry kids for making the world hard kids...
Alador Getachew
Alador Getachew 2 days ago
When I grow up in wanna be 'NOBODY ' :)
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 days ago
He’s a Christian rapper
احمد المحمد
احمد المحمد 2 days ago
Bernadette Foster
Bernadette Foster 2 days ago
You did it Bro!💣💥 Kids don't let no one trash your dreams. NF is too freaking awesome for this cruel world.🖤
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 2 days ago
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