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Swift quis

6 days ago

Swift quis
Swift quis 5 days ago
GO TELL Prettyboyfredo ON HIS instagram TO LET ME BACK IN 😔💔
jemzone 4 days ago
We got i
Breeze Bunny
Breeze Bunny 5 days ago
We got chu bro🤧🦋
Lakeith Wilkerson
Lakeith Wilkerson 5 days ago
I’ll try my best brother🖤
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts 5 days ago
Bro u lost and got kicked that was da deal
Armarion king Brown
Armarion king Brown 5 days ago
Crazy fredo a ham
Trouble 35 seconds ago
lmao where’s the tears at?
Annie Marie Milford
Annie Marie Milford 47 minutes ago
Where the tears at bro
IAM James
IAM James Hour ago
Are u the one who stole the money
Ahmed Abdulahi
Ahmed Abdulahi Hour ago
all love all love
KR iTzzKam
KR iTzzKam Hour ago
All staged fake content wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wet_ Fishy
Wet_ Fishy Hour ago
Dis not fair
Wet_ Fishy
Wet_ Fishy Hour ago
My mans didn’t deserve this bro🤬😡
koley Hour ago
lmao delete this
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Hour ago
how can they do that to you you are like a brother to them to SSH
crippled Hour ago
Keep your head up💪
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Hour ago
never leave your brother behind
Devinhisbag Hour ago
King keep yo head up we got u
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Hour ago
put him back on SSH
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Hour ago
wtf that not fair
EtheGamer28 Sat
EtheGamer28 Sat 2 hours ago
we got you
ChrisBucks 2 hours ago
Sakchaser Jefe
Sakchaser Jefe 3 hours ago
If you don’t kno what dick riding is , this is it at its finest , what man cries about being kicked out a group 🤦🏿‍♂️ . Brain washed at its finest
Details 3 hours ago
Bruh you lost man stop crying you know What Fredo said If you lose you get kick out of ssh
ChuySoChewy 3 hours ago
Stop the cap
Corbin Rexroth
Corbin Rexroth 3 hours ago
Bro no your just bad you lost so bad so sad
T-Bxndz 3 hours ago
If u deadass crying cus u got kicked out of a group u not doin it right smh u needa stop beggin like a little kid nd just start making ya own bread, you already funny asl just do something else.
T Y T Y 4 hours ago
just keep moving forward it’s gonna get better
S.J 2k21
S.J 2k21 4 hours ago
it is so staged. This just for more views. I thought prettyboyfredo was over with fake stuff but he doing more. Great job
Raysportz 5 hours ago
SupremeNinjaYT 5 hours ago
CobyyTheEntertainer 5 hours ago
This shi so fake 🤣🤣
Jace Reyes
Jace Reyes 6 hours ago
Please make a video some day talk with Malik you don’t have to do it please your probably still sad but I feel you
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 7 hours ago
Man I hate CEO mikey
niko 7 hours ago
this seems fake af and why tf you mad bout social media/youtube shit anyway lmao
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 8 hours ago
Don’t worry bro we’ll go to his Instagram
Jay 100k
Jay 100k 8 hours ago
Lmfao mans really fumbled the bag💀
Kira 9 hours ago
Bruh all that crying and I ain’t see one tear smh 😢😂
duee3x 9 hours ago
yall in his comments bashin him cause he cryin? he lost a big impact on his life , he’s gotten attached to them , basically his second family
Romany Fagan
Romany Fagan 10 hours ago
Bro...... this shit is staged. Give them a month and then shit will be back at it.
Isaak Macias
Isaak Macias 10 hours ago
Can’t wait until they just buy him back into ssh
Physical Jay
Physical Jay 10 hours ago
Am I the only one who know this shit fake asf🧐❓
BooGieMan 10 hours ago
2:26 only Quis yo🤣🤣
DEVSMODE 10 hours ago
He just wanna make a “ letting quis bak in prank”
Zay Ivy
Zay Ivy 11 hours ago
Pretty boyfreydo was wrong for that