Nikita and Tony Filmed Themselves Do This...

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Thomas Petrou

3 months ago

Nikita and Tony Filmed Themselves Do This...
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Lilly M.
Lilly M. 12 hours ago
Nut butter lol I love the words
Lucas Ensley
Lucas Ensley 12 hours ago
nut butter
thatgurl. nay2
thatgurl. nay2 2 days ago
Denika Moore
Denika Moore 2 days ago
I have a question for Tony why did you say Bust It Down When Nikita was there do you guys like each other or something she was talking all the way you and your day with your right if you got a girlfriend I mean I'm sorry but Bob and stuff and and I will always love you love you and love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you.
אביה טביב
אביה טביב 2 days ago
Happy birthday
likegeiler edi king
likegeiler edi king 3 days ago
Happy Birthday Mia❤❤❤
Devneel Borbora
Devneel Borbora 5 days ago
This ain't no race, Tony Lopez caught a case
Aria Villalobos
Aria Villalobos 6 days ago
Happy birthday 🎉 Mia I love you so much Mia❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
Ruby Tatnell
Ruby Tatnell 6 days ago
Happy birthday 🥳
Christina's Volg's
Christina's Volg's 7 days ago
Nikkita Nguyen
Nikkita Nguyen 7 days ago
Happy birthday m
Quinton Harris
Quinton Harris 8 days ago
wait its mia birthday on july 30, thats mine lol
Joi Chaney
Joi Chaney 8 days ago
happy birthday girl
Yanderi Monroy
Yanderi Monroy 9 days ago
Happy birthday mia
Alana Useda
Alana Useda 10 days ago
Happy birthday to you Mia
Yathiksha Sewpersad
Yathiksha Sewpersad 10 days ago
Happy B day mia
Baani Dhillon
Baani Dhillon 11 days ago
Happy birthday Mia
Josie Mahoney
Josie Mahoney 11 days ago
happy birthday mia
Alexandra Corrigan
Alexandra Corrigan 11 days ago
Happy birthday 🥳
Lilliana Ketchman
Lilliana Ketchman 11 days ago
Happy Birthday
Adopt me Team
Adopt me Team 11 days ago
But butter
Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez 12 days ago
Happy birthday Mia I’m a huge fan of the hype squadNo worry your house is located I don’t know when this is an act weird and stuff but I’m seven I’m really big fan and I just love you guises videos
Samantha Watters
Samantha Watters 12 days ago
Nikita and tony hahahaha
Michele Andreina
Michele Andreina 13 days ago
Happy birthday Mia!✨🥳(even though I’m lateeeeeeeee)
Anton williams
Anton williams 13 days ago
That means that Tony is gay
Sienna Groom
Sienna Groom 13 days ago
Arcian Retonong
Arcian Retonong 14 days ago
Mia’ go Nikita Go🤣🤣😂
melissa subramanie
melissa subramanie 14 days ago
happy birthday late birthday miya i havent watching your video thomas sorry bro 😢😢😢😢😢
destiny segura
destiny segura 15 days ago
thomas in every thumbnail: 😧
ramona swaney
ramona swaney 15 days ago
nut butter
Desiree Evans
Desiree Evans 15 days ago
Happy b-day Mia love you
jason tucker
jason tucker 16 days ago
Happy Birthday Mia
Angela Mojica
Angela Mojica 17 days ago
Happy birthday
Angela Mojica
Angela Mojica 17 days ago
Angela Mojica
Angela Mojica 17 days ago
Lina Benkirane
Lina Benkirane 19 days ago
happy birthday Mia
M Collier
M Collier 19 days ago
happy Birthday Mia! Love you. Also my name is Mia too!! 🌸💓
Wolf GamerGirl
Wolf GamerGirl 20 days ago
nut butter
Moonlightwolf ._.
Moonlightwolf ._. 20 days ago
Nick and rylands relationship is everything
Kedz Fone-time
Kedz Fone-time 21 day ago
Happy birthday Mia Happy birthday Mia
Samantha Rico
Samantha Rico 22 days ago
bella malfoy
bella malfoy 22 days ago
ik its late but HAPPY BDAY
bella malfoy
bella malfoy 22 days ago
Safa Houli
Safa Houli 22 days ago
Happy birthday
Adiane Flores
Adiane Flores 23 days ago
🥳 happy birthday
Esta Nyabaruta
Esta Nyabaruta 23 days ago
nut butter
Janet Baldwin
Janet Baldwin 23 days ago
Happy birthday Mia
Rachel Hepburn
Rachel Hepburn 24 days ago
i like how the guys are terrified of the girls
Drama Queen
Drama Queen 25 days ago
Is thomas and mia together??
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall 25 days ago
Happy bday mia
Haylei Dail
Haylei Dail 27 days ago
Nobody: Litterally nobody: tony and nikita: practically having 'bleep'
Nikki Wang
Nikki Wang 27 days ago
Me and Mia have the same birthday!!!!
Mary Lynch
Mary Lynch 28 days ago
Happy birthday mea 🎉🎂
Insta Gram
Insta Gram 28 days ago
Happy birthday Mia🍪✨💞💫🙃
Sadie Haumu
Sadie Haumu 28 days ago
Happy birthday Mia
Angels DIY
Angels DIY 29 days ago
Tony’s oh ok was so cute
Helen Hatzipavlis
Helen Hatzipavlis 29 days ago
Nobody: Nick:oww☺️
egy best
egy best Month ago
@charli d'amelio
Austin Gallman
Austin Gallman Month ago
Did any like boy or girl look at the boxing part and was like damn I would probably knock someone out if I was there.
deepthoughts Month ago
Angel Jones
Angel Jones Month ago
Jaliyah Benson
Jaliyah Benson Month ago
shenanda crockett Crockett
shenanda crockett Crockett Month ago
How old is Tony and how old is Nikita😂
Accio._. eilish
Accio._. eilish Month ago
Nikita:*bends down* Tony:........oh,ok!
Nashla Gomez
Nashla Gomez Month ago
Happy birthday Mia I wish you a happy good happy birthday love you girl🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Paula Orriols
Paula Orriols Month ago
Ramleen Kaur
Ramleen Kaur Month ago
Happy birthdays
Ashley Shumba
Ashley Shumba Month ago
And you that friendship tony and nikita ok ok fine
Hessa Salmani
Hessa Salmani Month ago
Happy birthday
AnA Stationery Supplies & More
AnA Stationery Supplies & More Month ago
happy birthday
Romi Wright
Romi Wright Month ago
Peanut butter
L M Month ago
Happy birthday Mia
TomboyWolfy Fire
TomboyWolfy Fire Month ago
Nice dog name nick xD
Darcey Normoyle
Darcey Normoyle Month ago
Happy birthday
Samantha Romero - Benitez
Samantha Romero - Benitez Month ago
Happy birthday
Tommy F. Nielsen
Tommy F. Nielsen Month ago
Heppy botei
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Month ago
Did you saw tony Lopez doing that to Nikita like wtf
Elsie Smith
Elsie Smith Month ago
Happy birthday Mia 🥰
Maky world Lolo
Maky world Lolo Month ago
Happy birthday mia
Lauren Peek
Lauren Peek Month ago
Bro really tony 3:34-3:41
Isabella Reggiardo
Isabella Reggiardo Month ago
ASMR QUEEN Steffany Month ago
Who thinks Mia and Thomas should be Marry and have kids
Laura Sereni
Laura Sereni Month ago
Me but I think they are young and they have a lot of time for this thing
Taimane Mathias-Schwenke
Taimane Mathias-Schwenke Month ago
happy birthday mia
Deboreah Olaoluwa
Deboreah Olaoluwa Month ago
Nut butter
bIg bOy mAtTiA Bruvs
bIg bOy mAtTiA Bruvs Month ago
It’s my birthday roo in July 30
Sherlyn Bonola
Sherlyn Bonola Month ago
Nikita went to far by twerking on tony everywhere😡this is why I don’t stan her
Sherlyn Bonola
Sherlyn Bonola Month ago
Nikita wtfffff
Tammy Franklin
Tammy Franklin Month ago
nut butter!!!!!
Mia Avila
Mia Avila Month ago
HAppy Late B day AND My Name IS MIa toooooooo
Lexi Knisley
Lexi Knisley Month ago
happpppy bday mia
rojgar Doski
rojgar Doski Month ago
Lesha123 Besha
Lesha123 Besha Month ago
Ik I’m 1mth late late but happy bday mia
Mariam Alseid
Mariam Alseid Month ago
my sisters bday is right after your birthday omggggg
Vanessa Whatling
Vanessa Whatling Month ago
Happy Birthday Mia🎉🥳
P3 is the name Name
P3 is the name Name Month ago
Happy birthday
Xxpanda_loverxX Month ago
HaPpY bIrThDaY mIa °~° ¤~¤
Soy Valentina Hurtado
Soy Valentina Hurtado Month ago
I lov
Vib3z Roblox
Vib3z Roblox Month ago
Oh okay 🕺
Amy Young
Amy Young Month ago
Happy birthday
Aurora Harrell
Aurora Harrell Month ago
happy birth day
Zillul Syed
Zillul Syed Month ago
the thing i odnt like is when yall curse