D&D Story: Terror Of The Deep! (module SPOILERS!)

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This animated Dungeons and Dragons Story comes from a funny Tomb of Annihilation game in which the players investigated an ancient evil in an underground lake and the encounter something down there they weren't quite expecting. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Music Credits:
"Gaia in the Fog" and "Suzuki's Theme" from the Creator Library

Chad Nationalism
Chad Nationalism 3 days ago
I just finished tomb of annhilation and never encountered an aboleth. Level 5 was the end of the dungeon
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees 18 days ago
Wait was this the same party that fought that nalphishneigh in the obelisk, or am I just stupid?
Clay Mation
Clay Mation 21 day ago
When you said that they were going to hate this, I was honestly expecting an instant TPK, not that...
kyle hood
kyle hood 25 days ago
Man i miss DnD so much. :((( Got no one to play with anymore. Love the vids rewatch them often. But they make me long so bad for some gaming.
Wierd people Other dude
Wierd people Other dude 29 days ago
My god lurker of the deep unofficial material would be amazing in the game
The Necromaniac and Nerdologist
The Necromaniac and Nerdologist Month ago
i feel like ben would've really enjoyed it if the opposite happened... i mean, we all know just how much he likes betrayals...
UNDDninja Month ago
not gonna lie i would actually like to play DND with you at some point.
Dendé Hehr
Dendé Hehr Month ago
And no one tried detect good or evil, identify, or any of the sort
Dracorexion Ouranos
Dracorexion Ouranos Month ago
Imagine if they found a way to take Whimsey with them on their adventures, and the friendly side was so strong that even the other half of his personality wouldn't kill them, just everything around them.
Micah Wars
Micah Wars Month ago
Doppio and Diavolo
TaylorZink27 Month ago
This is why I hate youtube: "Inside of his head, he heard a voice say- "LETS PLAY RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS"
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges Month ago
Only way to destroy a abileth is the mourn blade
gameboykidgaming 2 months ago
I’m gonna use whimsy as a abolife that in my friends characters sword by its only the nice personality
Joe S
Joe S 2 months ago
So an Abolyth is basically Wiggly from Black Friday?
DreadPirateMick 2 months ago
I loved this puzzle, but dang was it a lot of work.
M Ramirez
M Ramirez 3 months ago
How can he hear rumors if he is all alone?
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 3 months ago
But what happened when the had to travel back up to the surface? Did they get whimsy or murder aboleth?
social3ngin33rin 3 months ago
mircoles 3 months ago
Dats messed up.
music station
music station 3 months ago
The voice sound like a plug doctor
gameboykidgaming 3 months ago
Awwww how cute I want wimsey
splash toons
splash toons 4 months ago
Abolth:eats my memories Abolth:my eyes someone pls burn my eyes
Runia game dev
Runia game dev 4 months ago
Mascot mascot mascot mascot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean Davis
Jean Davis 4 months ago
i think the reverse of what they got for the abeleth encounters would be rlly funny from a dm pov but *TERROR* from a player pov and just... you are gonna hate me from the dm pov
Felix Jasper
Felix Jasper 4 months ago
It is a mind flare
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 5 months ago
Stealing these tropes
TheMalevolentSpoon 5 months ago
Clearly the whole point of this encounter is for the various players to have the two splits talking to them randomly, the two drastic sides of the same coin, to confuse them and put them on edge. While they may know what they're dealing with, its erratic behavior will make it seem drastically more terrifying. But the Dice Gods™ can be so hilarious and fickle sometimes.
Jean Davis
Jean Davis 5 months ago
precios boi has shawp teef and can mwerder
SlyFlySpyGuy 5 months ago
I would like to attack the wall, and attempt to go around the puzzle. Please allow me a strength check.
The Batch
The Batch 5 months ago
This is one of my favorite videos.
Mad max Slayer56
Mad max Slayer56 6 months ago
CN you please do more videos on this module I have a dnd group where we have been wandering around the jungles forever trying to find the tomb and we just made it to omu and hints or tips. ?we are a group of 5 level 11 character
Logan V
Logan V 6 months ago
The bad guy kinda sounds like ulises from fallout new Vegas
Ekim davis
Ekim davis 6 months ago
Do you think a end game fully leveled monk could kill a Abeloth? Or even in a team contribute good DPS ?
Teo Olson
Teo Olson 6 months ago
Puffin no offense man but you are a dick when you are dming lol, great storytelling tho
Double Oof
Double Oof 6 months ago
Diavolo and Doppio in a nutshell:
Some Random Animator
Some Random Animator 6 months ago
Reverse discussion happens and murder aboleth happens: Muffled voice: I WARNED YOUUUUUUU!
Christopher Gillette
Christopher Gillette 7 months ago
This is still one of my favorites
Ian Schrom
Ian Schrom 7 months ago
This is probably my favorite of your videos
THE Darklor9
THE Darklor9 7 months ago
Doppio and diavolo be like
WitherLord888 7 months ago
Is he also the aboleth that is inside the Stone Of Golor?
Dr. Dunce
Dr. Dunce 7 months ago
Am I the only one who got the Hobbit reference when he said “he’s so precious” in an underground lake.
Aeroldoth3 Month ago
Not a hobbit reference. "He's so precious" is something you say to a cute animal, pet or child. Any creature that's especially cute or adorable.
STM 7 months ago
They're not personalities, both of them are people, they just happen to share a body, and 1 of them shouldn't be allowed to front.
Dan 7 months ago
Me and my party of 6 killed an aboleth in 3 rounds at 5th level although 2 of the players didnt do anything in the fight
Maddie Boulis
Maddie Boulis 7 months ago
I like aboleth doppio
bluedeathva 7 months ago
This is a literal murder hobo campaign lololol so bad lol
Go_Rilla26 7 months ago
Spish spish spoosh spoosh
Nathan Raimi
Nathan Raimi 7 months ago
Pro power move to befriend and employ an aboleth as a servent. Well done Acererak.
bogdan damaschin
bogdan damaschin 8 months ago
If they just encountered nice abaleth all the way and never heard of evil Abaleth...
FreezerPopGames 07
FreezerPopGames 07 8 months ago
"Eventually the players started to gain a mental connection to the creature" Me: I want to tame it. DM: What? No, you cant do that. Its like really smart Me: I. Want. To. Tame. It. DM: Okay, but you'd need do roll really high, and have high charis- Me: Nat 20 + *Sum good charisma* DM: **Sighs** While the other players grow disdain for the entity, wanting it dead, you feel drawn to it. You start talking to the creature in secret and form a bond with it. So strong that the creature is hesitant to possess you or whatever. Me: Woo! new pet! DM: It is *not* a pet! Me: NEW. PET! DM: Uuugghhh
Unknown name
Unknown name 3 months ago
If I was that DM, I would just not allow you to even try. You can't tame something that's MORE INTELLIGENT THAN YOU.
Warlord Vir
Warlord Vir 8 months ago
Why do I think puffin love Star-gate SG-1 after he said he love aboleths?
Derpy the Daedra
Derpy the Daedra 8 months ago
Whimsy occasionally hallucinates and confuses random objects as telephones
Bas Howells
Bas Howells 8 months ago
Is anyone else reminded of Onionsan?
HacaPotato 8 months ago
Should have given them the XP. You are a bad GM
Jay Marti
Jay Marti 8 months ago
Whismy= Doppio Murder aboleth= Diavolo
AJ Payan
AJ Payan 8 months ago
Shouldn't an insight check just have told them that nice aboleth was genuinely being nice?
the tech man
the tech man 8 months ago
I am a DM with the book so I think I'm good
Corrie Productions
Corrie Productions 9 months ago
If my DM did that I would burn my character sheet
Pan Stacker
Pan Stacker 9 months ago
I remember playing this
PhillyTheKid 9 months ago
Truman Widing's Main Account
Truman Widing's Main Account 9 months ago
once, i had a player decide to go into an over-leveled lake, and the same thing happened when i was going to fight an aboleth.
Core Brute
Core Brute 9 months ago
Wait Aboleths get the memory of the people they eat. And it sounds like Abserd...oh no Abserd!
Zain 9 months ago
This is just cute.... Hahaha
GamerKat'71 9 months ago
I wonder if puffin forest will ever realize that you can change what the book says. Nothing says the Aboleth had to have such a dopey personality.
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 10 months ago
as a DM it is allowed to fudge rolls.
JuryDutySummons 10 months ago
Oh man, that had me in tears.
kiddwizard 10 months ago
Is that an undertale reference
The Eaglesperch
The Eaglesperch 10 months ago
Isn't this the Mad Mage campaign? I remember on LV 5 of mad mage being an Abolith Anyone want to correct me? I only own mad mage atm and not tomb of annihilation
Zennec Fox
Zennec Fox 10 months ago
every time i think of aboleths, i think of this video.
Dr. Potato
Dr. Potato 10 months ago
Aboleth : hi guys, how’s your day Players: INSIGHT CHECK!
Cosmorror 10 months ago
The aboleths are near enough something straight out of a H. P. Lovecraft novel xD
Kingmaddox25 10 months ago
Who else is watching in 2020
James Marshall
James Marshall 10 months ago
Not you.
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez 10 months ago
awww, the personality duality is so cook but also deadly... :(
christopher wilk
christopher wilk 10 months ago
Love this story
Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed 10 months ago
New questline to erase whimseys evil personality to make a good aboleth
Michael Sanft
Michael Sanft 10 months ago
PhazonOmega 10 months ago
What happens if this crazy aboleth passes on his memories to the next generation? Will they realize what happened, and how this aboleth has a dual personality? Will they acquire the dual personality itself?
kynandesouza 11 months ago
this was fucking hilarious
DudeWatches 11 months ago
l m f a o
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 11 months ago
I could have probably solved the puzzle! I love those kind of parts in campaigns! 😁.
Richard Head
Richard Head 11 months ago
You are fricken hi... Larry... Isss.... 🤪
Goonisnotcool37 37
Goonisnotcool37 37 11 months ago
Charmed, then they become cave fish by eating it and spend there lives under water
Kevin Krueger
Kevin Krueger 11 months ago
After all these years I can't stop listening to Abserd. I literally HATE Abserd, and yet, I must listen; like with my ears which is what I'm doing now.
FireDr1 Games
FireDr1 Games 11 months ago
5:09 killed me XD
Mauren 11 months ago
It looks cute with his animation, but if you know what an aboleth actually looks like it’s kinda creepy and strange to think about. (Also I would like to petition a Official DnD campaign written with all of Puffin’s characters and his drawing style)
Frank the Tank
Frank the Tank 11 months ago
I think the Aboleth would be a lot better with 4 telepathic encounters, where they go evil/friendly/e/f, or vice versa. Someone would roll to see which personality came up first, and then which one they'd see at the encounter.
Annie Lapointe
Annie Lapointe 11 months ago
I’ve only known whimsy for 5 minutes but if anything happens to him I will kill everyone in the room and then myself
The Guy
The Guy 11 months ago
Aboleth = Doppio and Diavolo
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 11 months ago
My Bard would have tried to recruit him for the party.
TheOver Seer
TheOver Seer 11 months ago
Wow he leveled up! That’s nice! Me 😤😤
Smalls S
Smalls S 11 months ago
Poor Wimsey
2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3
2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3 11 months ago
I have an idea: 1. Gain the ability to travel to this Fiction. 2. Learn magic stuff enough to be able to split a single entity into two. 3. Find the Aboleth. *This* Aboleth. 4. Do the magicy thing. 5. Befriend BOTH Aboleths and make them my pawns for my great scheme of controlling the Multiverses and just having as much fun as possible. 6. Also do some time shenanigans and make Abserd all the classes AND make him legit OP. Also make him a part of my Elite Guard. 7. Blame it all on Gregory. 8. Live forever while doing this across as many Fictions and as many Multiverses as possible.
4_mana Year ago
Whimsy is a wholesome boi
Sae What Productions
Sae What Productions Year ago
Well you can always come back to him in other campaigns! They will think "my precious" then the thing turns all buck evil on thier asses! I'm an evil dm to my friends muahhana
John Smith
John Smith Year ago
I frickin hated whimsy. My paladin wanted to save whimsy from sage. We finally killed whimsy, reincarnated him as a gnome cleric. And then, we finally killed sage, murder aboleth. At the end, it was actually a really happy experience. Whimsy now works for us in our adventurers guild as a healer. YAY!
DarkHerculesKabuterimon Year ago
one dusty boi
one dusty boi Year ago
OwO I am an abowitwt
Carla H
Carla H Year ago
Mytru Mara
Mytru Mara Year ago
Now imagine playing through the original Tomb of Horrors? There are not one, not two, but three false endings to the module before you get to Accerak (who's one of the most weirdly utilized characters in D&D, I mean, a binder can make a pact with him in 3.5).
Marzipan Cross
Marzipan Cross Year ago
He should get the exp. Oh WOW, he levelled up! I’m dead.
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