Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government

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D'Angelo Wallace

6 days ago

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Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government
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D'Angelo Wallace
D'Angelo Wallace 5 days ago
Shout-out to U.S. Politicians for managing to be not-terrible for at least 2 minutes??? I'm in shock. Also shout-out to Vessi for sponsoring this video (couldn't have made the donation at the end without them) ((use code "dangelo" for $25 off while you're there))
Pokemon Maniac Jak
Pokemon Maniac Jak 4 hours ago
Just want to say thank you for sitting down and expressing what I've been trying to explain about this movie for weeks. I'm just going to link this video in future. I was one of the 'Oh I get it the poster was the messed up bit' until I realised that American Netflix was just more truthful about the content. People making this about politics are fucking assholes. Literally have people not reading my arguments because they just think I'm trying to 'own the libs' despite stating that I'm liberal like ten times.
Tuoppi 5 hours ago
Yeah Because their attacks are no way politically motivated! 🙄😂How old are you? Twelve?!
Maria Turov
Maria Turov Day ago
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cxa011500 Day ago
Politicians are still terrible. They react to a movie but do very little for children who are being trafficked, who don't have a safe place to grow up, or who are poor and don't have opportunity to escape their situation. Also, as bad as the dancing is, it's convenient hypocrisy when kids that age are doing the same damn moves in the same type of clothes in cheerleading competitions every year.
Kybro Day ago
I made a video about cuties and this weirdo (if anyone wants to watch it, it's on my channel)
Natalia N. Garcia
Natalia N. Garcia Minute ago
You never seize to amaze me on how informative your videos are. I truly enjoy your content.
WARPAINTandUnicorns 7 minutes ago
It basically Pretty Baby with a minor at 12 year Brooke Shields playing a 12-year-old prostitute in a brothel... this one also didn't need to be made. Never watched it, not going to watch it.
Amanda Allison
Amanda Allison 19 minutes ago
So ahah I asked you once in these comments to do this video but seems like things are getting worse with the recent Facebook tik tok now USshow suicide
Mr. Linguini
Mr. Linguini 24 minutes ago
i watched the movie today and it’s disgusting.. i thought the fbi was bout to jump out of a bush, do rear naked choke on me then carry me to a wood chipper. But i have a question tho THERE’S GHOSTS IN THE FILM and i have no idea what they’re supposed to mean
Scotty Newman
Scotty Newman 31 minute ago
Bro did you use the besaid island music from FFX?
Abdeau Backtayes
Abdeau Backtayes 38 minutes ago
what the fck I thought I subscribed to your main channel. I didn't even know that you had 2 channel .
maudina palmer
maudina palmer 50 minutes ago
I still get mad at the kimmel/fox clip
Robby Clark
Robby Clark 52 minutes ago
The fact that they had to hire a psychologist to help the girls come to terms with what “they” were doing to them?
Kassandra T
Kassandra T 53 minutes ago
Did you just gain 100k subs in 5 days?! I hope so because you are next level
Ayame C.
Ayame C. 54 minutes ago
The fact that Tessa defended it is concerning
shuddup now
shuddup now Hour ago
i remember reading the desc to the movie and thinking "who the hell thought of that-"
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Hour ago
I found myself unable to criticize the movie without watching it. So I watched the movie and then felt the need to bleach my eyes. I needed to know why I agreed with certain parts of the movies but also felt the need to take a shower afterwards. This video really helped me understand that I agreed with the message but thought the visuals were absolutely disgusting.
Wjwjwjnw Wnwnwnwn
Wjwjwjnw Wnwnwnwn Hour ago
Couldnt they have just used adult actors like they usually do like did they just not think of that?
Gaydolf Titler
Gaydolf Titler Hour ago
I like your idea about the book. That's a good happy medium.
Gaydolf Titler
Gaydolf Titler Hour ago
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
Allura Chanel
Allura Chanel Hour ago
i just don’t have anything left in my soul lmaoooo same d’angelo same
Michael Mathews
Michael Mathews Hour ago
Yo.. I stumbled onto some shit on insta the other day. There's whole insta pages dedicated to children pole dancing. Usually run by their mothers or whatever claiming it's a sport/exercise but it's obviously just for pedos. All the comments are old dudes being like "Beautiful 🤤" to kids that are like 9. It's fucked up.
Druu Darko
Druu Darko Hour ago
The fact that this got through French culture without being told what they're doing is fucked up--says a lot about France🤦‍♂️
pashkonator zadornov
pashkonator zadornov Hour ago
Whitte R
Whitte R Hour ago
You can literally look up War Babies on USshow right now, I don’t see you boycotting USshow. 🤷‍♀️ Millions of little girls upload cutesy pictures of themselves dancing and putting on bright red lipstick and other sex simulating things and I don’t see y’all boycotting Tik Tok. 🤷‍♀️ DISNEY YALL. Disney conditions children every day. Don’t see y’all taking them down. Y’all never got bullied and had your pants pulled down when you were a kid? Did everyone just look from your back up? Is it disgusting to watch little girls twerking with their stuff all hanging out? You might want to look inward and see why you’re thinking about what you could do with 12 year olds vaginas.
Genesis Cruz
Genesis Cruz Hour ago
But like hmmmmmm there where documents proving trump literally had sex with 13-14 yr olds its public record you're basically looking at trumps pornstash but i guess.........politics have nothing to do with it but its clearly people in power like him that have the power to do this BS in private this film maker decided to bring it to light in a raw manner and yall cant take the truth. Ok thats cool ya'll can hate the art but not the act itself ?! #dummies
ikram Adrham
ikram Adrham Hour ago
that's why i watch anime😌
Nico Hour ago
this man always showed up on my recommended and this is the first time i watched him. ngl when i always thought he was just a butch lesbian
Ethan Mikels
Ethan Mikels Hour ago
Saying "We needed to objectify children to show that objectifying children is bad." Is as stupid as saying "I needed to kill someone to prove killing people is bad."
tomatoez Hour ago
honestly all those people saying that the left were promoting pedophilia with this movie obviously didn’t watch the movie because it was filmed in *FRANCE*
AR1NUM [αя]
AR1NUM [αя] Hour ago
I like the movie. Maybe if I was an adult I wouldn't. Maybe if I wasn't a girl I would. But it was weird. Really weird and different. But this film is realistic. It can happen.
tomatoez 2 hours ago
as a victim of child molestation, watching this movie made me want to throw up. you can make a movie about child sexualization without sexualizing them. whoever made this movie needs to be arrested and jailed for child pornography.
JJ Creations
JJ Creations 2 hours ago 💞💞😍😍😍😍😍💞💞👌👌🌹🌹
BethBeth Snapshot
BethBeth Snapshot 2 hours ago
Hey D’Angelo, I know you may not talk about this but did you here about the Mulan movie and how the directors promised it would be culturally accurate when in reality it’s not? how can the misrepresentation of a culture can have a detrimental impact on society?
Joy Villa
Joy Villa 2 hours ago
THANK YOU!!! Big truth here. It's disgusting, period.
BlueBlindBird Studios
BlueBlindBird Studios 2 hours ago
that's like making a documentary about a killer and recreating murders by actually murdering people.
chn 2 hours ago
Also, that bit at 5:27, after Megan states something absolutely abhorrent, fucking jimmy kimmel just says essentially "yeah we're all pervs and love a wet 15 year old", it always blows my mind that he said it to her face The society has done Megan Fox dirty.
chn 2 hours ago
You know what's depressing? Pedos already backed up this film for sure. The girls already went through the horrible process of filming it. So even if we take it down, the damage is done.
Ell 2 hours ago
The whole time watching this video I was thinking of ways to counter argue or to play devils advocate but there’s truly no way. The story is not very outstanding, and I honestly believe the director knew her own mediocrity and used children to garner attention. It’s sad how fucked this movie is
IndigoPhoenix21 2 hours ago
Has someone reached out to Shane Dawson for his take lol?
Shadw Scal3
Shadw Scal3 2 hours ago
Just realized all these vids are 10mins 1sec🤯🤯
Bookie Anderson
Bookie Anderson 3 hours ago
All this douche does is talk about trending shit. I hate channels like this, fuckin wannabe leafyishere...
Margot Abihabib
Margot Abihabib 3 hours ago
In general, I love Netflix due to the lack of censorship. Certain shows like Bojack Horseman would be completely different and not as fun with more censorship. However, Cuties pushed the boundaries and the lack of censorship didn't pay off here. I'm just hoping Netflix doesn't get censored after this. I want them to learn from this mistake, not take it this far in the future, but also still have artistic freedom to do most things.
xtra clipz
xtra clipz 3 hours ago
You can add Cuties to the list of worst things that happened in 2020. During the movie the whole time I was like how can I report this, because this is absolute shit. Each scene was just random and all over the place, I don't know what kind of message the director is trying to convey and how the issue of whatever message it is can be dealt with, because the way the movie ended I don't see how any problem was fixed, it ended as if no one was aware or even cared what those children were dancing inappropriately and that one of them even made a picture of their private area went public. Next thing you barely saw any adult intervention as if no one cared to be involved in their child's life like wtf, I know they were just acting but I literally hated the parents in this movie especially Ami mother because the whole time she was just stressing over her husband who's going to marry his second wife and just when Ami made a pic of her private part went public then she wants to discipline her and act like she's a good parent. Just to sum up this movie it didn't show a good back story of any of these kids life to why they have to behave in such manner , nothing about this movie is well thought-out they just wanted to have a camera zoomed on these kids ass, from the start to the end this movie is a fucking zero for me... if it could be thrown away I would personally do it.