D&D Story: The Legend of the Legendary Aligaros Ashuin!

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This is an animated Dungeons and Dragons story from my first character for 5 edition D&D. I only had a few minutes to make up his backstory, so I just kind of BS'd it and started playing him through. Without a backstory slenderman couldn't torture him, he didn't understand magic items, and he would often use his 'mind axe' to solve problems. Hope you guys enjoy!
End song: "My Train's A Comin'" from the USshow Audio Library.

Fusel 16 hours ago
Seriously, after numerous chars with tragic and complex backstories I like playing my current char. He had a wonderful childhood with his siblings. Everyone is still alive, no one bullied him, no evil overlords.
ak6427 7 days ago
my confused ass when the subtitles defaulted to taiwanese
Meow? Meow.
Meow? Meow. 10 days ago
I'm guilty of not thinking of proper backstories The backstory for my latest character was that he got bored of Lawful Good society, as is the standard for Tritons (at least, in VGM), and just... left. That's basically it. Oh and at some point he discovered fire in an ambiguous backstory moment, which made him really like fire.
thetony458 13 days ago
I caught myself using the term Mind Ax a couple times in regular conversations that don't involve D & D
AkumaTheFerret 16 days ago
0:31 hey its absurds father
Carol 17 days ago
I would like to assume all people that hate fish saw their fathers beaten to death by a salmon
BlueEngland 25 days ago
"You could even call it a-" Do it, say the thing.
Paulthored 27 days ago
Sounds like a Great Backstory to me!
Somebody The Stranger
Somebody The Stranger 29 days ago
“Character began out in the forest, and he was in the forest...doing...the forest-“ Ah so a druid “-things.” Ah nvm.
Iron Man
Iron Man Month ago
Should have just said “I have amnesia” and then come up with a backstory on the fly.
RetroJohnny Month ago
Aligaros sounds like the party's and the DM's worst nightmare.
Khananiel - Joshua Shimunov
Khananiel - Joshua Shimunov Month ago
I'm going to have to make a magic sword that only adds its bonus if you speak the magic words: "vwoooorm!"
Robert Pavlik
Robert Pavlik Month ago
Def with pineapple
Kyle 2 months ago
Your greatest fear is to be left out of this encounter. You are just sitting in a corner bring told I don't manifest your deepest darkest fear.
Crapman 2 months ago
can i axe you a question?
Sheherazahde 3 months ago
So, What was Aligaros's fear?
that one guy
that one guy 3 months ago
You can always just add onto your character’s backstory how do you go
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 3 months ago
My first character was Astellus the druidic/ranger hermit. Her backstory was that she was essentially a dalish from dragon age. Her family was killed by racist humans and she was captured by slavers, but, in the words of the survivors "It was like the forest came to life to protect her. The trees and vines reached for and grabbed us. Then it struck. Like an arrow from the dark. A wolf emerged from the brush and killed all of them. It looked at me as I ran. It could've killed me, but it didn't. As if it wanted me to spread his message." So now she has a few DM granted perks. Whenever an enemy rolls a critical attack against her, there's a 10% her wolf protector Silvo will aid her. It could stun the attacker or if they has 10 or fewer HP it will kill them. I did not ask for this. It was granted. Also her revelation as a hermit was that a child would come to her and that this child would decide the fate of the world. And she found that child in a later campaign. She raised her and eventually the child grew up. She was struck with a fate worse than death and was going to be used as a harbor for a primordial to "restart" the world. A cleansing through flame. So Astellus went to seek the help of the most powerful being she had known. It was an ancient hermit wizard. He taught her how to traverse time. Not forward and backward though, but sideways and horizontally. So she could create alternate realities and timelines, but to keep each timeline open she'd have to leave something behind. So each timeline she created kept a small fragment of her soul, but each new timeline both did and did not have an Astellus already in it, so she was infinite. So the DM (same DM different campaign.) Granted her another DM boon. If she were to die, for every action in a minute (so 10) there was a 5% chance for another Astellus to appear with a paladin who would take away the dead one too save her in another timeline and I'd get to use any of my other premade Astellus from other campaigns. (She was a reoccurring NPC in most of our campaigns. The other members that DM liked her idea. It also gave an excuse to reuse our favorite characters.)
bigbaddawg101 3 months ago
I wasted a level in Bard just so I could use the Vicious Mockery cantrip.
Decimator 3 months ago
my character grew up on a cold desolate mountain called "literally hell" its a COLD mountain. i am truly great at creating backstories. my character you may ask? his name is "literally thanos" first name literally, last name thanos. yes he is an 8 foot 5 inch goliath barbarian and hes so big and heavy that my party memebers have to roll a strength check of at least 10 when they want to pull him aside or move him in any way.
A Dog
A Dog 3 months ago
Mind axe
Aries&Grace 4 months ago
TinyFoxTom 4 months ago
I plan out my characters through to level 20. The idea of level dipping for the sake of a joke is mind-boggling for me. If I'm going to make a joke character, then it's going to be something like a halfling barbarian, or a dwarven sorcerer, or a samsaran necromancer. Ironic, but not broken.
DrPluton 5 months ago
Character concept: village idiot discovers he has magical powers (sorcerer), causes property damage, becomes ex-village idiot, meets adventurers, and becomes party idiot with storm sorcery.
Sojourner&Tenebris Games
Sojourner&Tenebris Games 5 months ago
Me: Alberich set out with the only remaining member of his family, his mother Amber (His brother Adrik was technically still alive, but was outcast from the family after a series of disagreements), to avenge the rest of his family, however, he had a weird personality quirk as a kid, that he was unfazed by others' injuries or struggles. This had somewhat subsided at this point, prompting this mission. This still has an effect today as Alberich's Flaw, "Contempt for Weak". This story brought up no monster. The family died due to battles with other tribal nations or, in the case of Thoradin, by eating poisonous berries.
SlyFlySpyGuy 5 months ago
Wait...wait...wait...I think I just figured a thing out... Is drinking illegal?!
ZeeHero 5 months ago
If you need to stall for backstory, amnesia is convenient, then you have time to think one up as your character rediscovers their history
Rawr The Dinosawr
Rawr The Dinosawr 5 months ago
My character Reana Imi does not like the exoplanet Kepler-22b just because i thought it would be funny
Platypus 6 months ago
I hate flamingos, no backstory required
Fallen Star
Fallen Star 6 months ago
The mind is the sharpest axe
Ezra Choudhury
Ezra Choudhury 6 months ago
I am the complete of Ben I over make my backstory
N cM
N cM 6 months ago
can we just appreciate that he spent 10k xp for a joke?
Greshgore 6 months ago
" what do you keep doing that keeps getting you thrown in prison?" All I could think of in my head was "So many f*^&able turtles" Ahhh Puffin Forest, your adventures have warped me in most unforgettable ways.
Snide Realism
Snide Realism 6 months ago
I am so stealing the mind axe and "not knowing how magic works" for my dumb as a brick barbarian. Thank you for the inspiration. xD
Hawkstar The king
Hawkstar The king 7 months ago
Here's ah backstory idea. Maybe ever since alagaros was a child he was being haunted by a ghost: the ghost I a chaotic neutral being who does whatever he wants and will grant Alagaros psionic powers to help him escape life threatening perils. The reason why Alagaros goes to prison so often is that when he gets drunk the ghost possess him and just goes Buckwild, causing Alagaros to never remember anything from the situation. The ghosts goals are just to mess about while he temporarily has a body.
Vinsanity 7 months ago
Why is Aligaros me in real life xD "Mind axe. MIND. AXE....damnit. I got nothing."
Amir Mohammad Ganji
Amir Mohammad Ganji 7 months ago
We need a mind axe t shirt
Tire Shop
Tire Shop 7 months ago
I want to see the character sheet for this guy. I think it would be cool.
Ocean 7 months ago
My friends character hates poor people and changelings for no reason. He insulted an entire poor town by telling them they're poor and shaming them for it.
OB2Kenobi 7 months ago
5:38 THAT'S NOT HOW REVENANTS WORK! They have come back from the dead to exact their revenge on those who wronged them in life! The only thing that can stop them from killing you is surviving 1 year after they first rise! They're like the Terminator-they cannot be reasoned with, and WILL. NOT. STOP. Until you're DEAD. And they can't mistake someone else for their target because they have a natural radar that shows them exactly where their prey is at all times! Rant over, that's not how revenants work.
Zanthippe Games
Zanthippe Games 7 months ago
That makes no sense shouldn’t he go after the guy that killed his father was the salmon
eric sok
eric sok 7 months ago
Do you have the chart for random night on the town things
terrorcop101 7 months ago
"Anyone would be evil after going through that." What is this, The Killing Joke?
The Gamers Three - The best group of idiots
The Gamers Three - The best group of idiots 7 months ago
1:35 Shikimaru is that you?
Cory Martin
Cory Martin 8 months ago
pıʌ pooɓ 'ʎlsɹs ʇnᙠ (ǝuoʎuɐ oʇ sıɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoƆ) pıʌ poo⅁
John Mcconnell
John Mcconnell 8 months ago
Slowly pulls axe out as people are talking
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 8 months ago
1:32 I get it. Drag. ‘Cause aerodynamics.
StressedByBooks 8 months ago
Aligaros was from a different world he was not accustomed to the many things from magic to ale from this world he was a delinquent in his younger years but he had lost his memories when he crossed worlds he was a wanderer searching for his purpose in this magical world he one day feard if he didn't find his memories he would cease to find what or who brought him here and their purpose was it for good or evil?
Inside_Out 8 months ago
'Mind Axe', thank you!
Nixolas Zinn
Nixolas Zinn 8 months ago
.... I had a closed captions on, and for some reason I have Chinese (Taiwan) on... and there is also Italian.... but only auto generated english.... rip
SixthFonist 9 months ago
For one game I played, while the party was in a goblin warcamp and were supposed to be getting read to launch an attack on a rival camp that night. Most of us where out investigating the group we were supposed to be working with. One guy decided to blow that off and go get drunk. Then, when it came to the fight, the DM declared that since that guy was drunk, he had to make a Con save each turn to see if he could act. It ended up being a tough fight, in large part because he rarely acted. After the fight, the guy playing the Paladin (me) asked two things about the rules and was told that yes, his drunkenness counted as poisoning and yes, Lay On Hands would work with any contact with my had. So I slapped the drunkenness out of him.
darkascold Adele
darkascold Adele 9 months ago
My first d&d character I made recently.... My bond is a cat, who was captured by Men in Black....
Murloc Master
Murloc Master 9 months ago
My character hates anything with more wisdom than him.
Ceece 9 months ago
My monk character as a fear of magic. This came about because every single fight I’ve been in, I’ve been damaged by my OWN party members’ spells. First fight, the mage casts a pit underneath me and the Druid nearly sets me on fire (made the save roll on the 2nd one). 2nd fight, bard summons swarm of bats which attack me and I start bleeding. 3rd fight, cleric casts bone armor on me which causes me to, and I quote, “very painfully grow bone spikes on my hands, shoulders, and feet”. 4th instant (not a fight), the water walking skill vanished and my character is swept 2 miles down river before I can reach the shore. The Monk is terrified of magic and now I am only being brought along with the party more or less against my will. I’m too afraid of magic to try running away and having the mage or hard cast magic on me while I’m running away.
Guy Mystil
Guy Mystil 9 months ago
Takes test *mutters mind axe* add axe comes from nowhere and starts chopping on test and desk
Grounded 9 months ago
The backstory is essential I should up
The Guy
The Guy 9 months ago
Meet "Harry sack" the halfling bard!
Jared Chinchello
Jared Chinchello 9 months ago
My character is just an ordinary guy who dosent believe in magic but he has a spark glove and firecrackers so he can do 'magic' for the snobby nerds. His best friend is also a ghostly shadow creature.
Piper Wurman
Piper Wurman 9 months ago
Aligaros: *pulls out axe* Katya (Katia? idk spelling): No no no, we're using our *mind axes* for this one. This reminds me far too much of a parent trying to talk a child out of doing stupid stuff.
Илиан Алексиев
Илиан Алексиев 9 months ago
Can someone PLEASE tell me what that "slender man" monster is???
Annelise Errico
Annelise Errico 10 months ago
My friend's backstory was "When I was young, I wanted to go to Paladin School. I asked my mom and went to Paladin School." He was a 12 year old half elf.
ZoroastrianMK 10 months ago
Anyone has, or has find a table with random events that could happend to the players when they spend a night at the inn? I seems like a great way to add flavour to the stories! But I can't find anything
Andre Michael Pietroschek
Andre Michael Pietroschek 10 months ago
It is perfect! Only a lunatic-noob would make a half-elf ranger, or Elf Druid, start in a forest, when one can choose it, as backstory for a fighter with zero skills & even less knowledge concerning survival & wilderness. LOL! And a counter: Sorcerers, and Warlocks, can make magic seem cool, due to the high charisma they can muster. Please patch the: Prone to comment outta my backstory now? ;-)
xenu4life 10 months ago
"I got that ability three months ago!" So, last session then?
Spencer miller
Spencer miller 10 months ago
My character despises Birds, Always think they are plotting something evil and everyone was just content to let them. I based it off Shayle from Dragon age origins no other reason.
Fishy-Is-Salty 10 months ago
One of my characters I once had hated stores to the point that I would refuse to go to stores in game, my only reason being my character got duped out of his money just once. I only changed this when the DM introduced a magic item store and it really hindered the gameplay as the DM introduced higher and higher level enemies. It was really stupid.
FREDERICK 10 months ago
a 3 month long rickroll...troll..?
SinnerTheSinful 10 months ago
Chinese and Italian, ok, these subtitles are getting ridiculous
Levi Guiney
Levi Guiney 11 months ago
Use your wizard logic! None? Exactly! LMAO xD I nearly choked on my Klondike bar.
Blake Tyson
Blake Tyson 11 months ago
I am going to make a Star Wars RPG character someday that has obsession with blowing up Toydarian Restaurants. No reason in his backstory other than he is kinda psychotic and I just the idea of a Toydarian Restaurant amusing ever since I first read about them in The New Essential Guide To Droids.
Lee Dassin
Lee Dassin 11 months ago
It’s fun stuff like this that makes the games perfect in my mind
Bryan Jolly
Bryan Jolly 11 months ago
By chance could I get the percentiles for the “night on the town” chart?
DarkHerculesKabuterimon 11 months ago
Funny, most of my characters have unique and interesting backstories that pop out of my mind like PEZ.
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker Year ago
my first character had no backstory...he didnt even have a last name, he was just Krief...the barbarian. and...he was not smart, his solution for everything was "can i hit it with my axe?"
darkninja1012 Year ago
btw im just gonna ask this as a frame of reference what was alagaros int score?
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Year ago
Mind Axe
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Year ago
He’s making lightsaber noises because he thinks that’s how magic works
Thomas Hongshagen
Thomas Hongshagen Year ago
My characters backstory is literally that he was born on a farm outside Phandalin, and worked as a guide after he turned 16, using his downtime to train as a ranger.
Im not giving my name to a machine
Im not giving my name to a machine Year ago
Omg. Here's the backstory for my Tabaxi Druid. One day, he was out in the jungle hunting a rabbit. The rabbit got into his hole and he went after it. This rabbits hole was underneath a statue of a local noble. He knocked the statue over. The noble charged him the task of paying enough gold to rebuild the statue (about 20,000 gold). So he went off, to find the gold he needed, but didn't really care about gold or treasure. He only ever cared about hunting rabbits.
bruh bruh
bruh bruh Year ago
What level and what way do you pick to use a mind axe and which archetype
john hunter
john hunter Year ago
I do the same thing but my character wakes up in a cave with amnesia and someone else stumble upon me and dragged me along.
JRM _0407
JRM _0407 Year ago
Aligaros is just Gimli from lotr
MartianManFromMars Year ago
My paladin is an alcoholic. I don’t know why and I don’t care. She just is.
Kain Littleton
Kain Littleton Year ago
Really? I can come up with a good backstory for a character in about 2 or 3 minutes. My issue is writing it down
Armordillo Year ago
No no Ben! You are immune to the Slender Man's fear! Screw YOU Slender Man!
XenFiles Year ago
I have always wondered for almost a year now... why the hell there is a melon in the image on 3:37 under the bridge. I have only now, re-watching this, noticed it is water. I must of rolled a 1 on my perception to be so dumb.
Jason LIng
Jason LIng Year ago
My character was a dumbass half orc barbarian who was raised by bears and hated doors, so he would always kick them down when he could. Doors were a confusing concept for rekk. Even the word 'door' was too much for his simple mind. He would call them 'sometimes walls'
Korgoth Killings
Korgoth Killings Year ago
44Ryoga44 Year ago
Not to dis the DM of this game or anything, this campaign seems pretty fun for those involved (which is the most important thing in a DND game) but honestly a character with little backstory or amnesia can be really good if you have a player who's willing to roll with it. You obviously should ask the player's permission first, but you can turn discovering their past into a whole character arch. For example if I'd reached the "showing them their deepest fear" part at 1:37 then I'd have gone with something like this: Me: "You see nothing at first, and a confidence rises within as you begin to think you have no fear... But slowly, a figure shrouded in mist begins to walk towards you. You hear the clinking of plate armor and the slow "shiiiiiiiiink" as the figure draws a sword. Suddenly an image flashes through your mind of a young woman, and you hear her voice calling out, "Aligaros!"." Player: "Who is he?" Me: "You can ask him." Player: "Who are you?" Figure: "I am... (Smirks) invincible." And he sees the mist part just enough to see a skeletal knight in dark armor with an aura of dread pouring forth from him. A Death Knight. Then go on to describe how no matter how the Player attacks this figure, the death Knight blocks his every blow before he even begins swinging. I'd drag out the mystery of this death knight, leaving bits of lore surrounding him throughout the game as the lieutenant of the BBEG. Even let the player remember this figure killing people, some he felt he knew. Then the party would fight this Death Knight, who for some reason couldn't seem to land a hit on the player who remembered him, then somehow have this figure goad him into taking his sword. And once he does he'll learn the truth, that being that the Death Knight, was actually the Player all along. That he had once been the BBEG's second in command, how the BBEG gave him a magical sentient sword that could possess others in order to always return to his master, and that the player had used the power being a death knight gave him to kill his family. His wife (the woman who called his name), his 7 year old son, and his daughter who being a cleric of a goddess of Mercy, managed to use divine intervention before she died to destroy the death knight, lock away his memories, and give him a second chance to be a better person. At least, that's what I thought of off the top of my head.
Shane Groves
Shane Groves Year ago
You are a horrible person and I love it!
Stefan M.
Stefan M. Year ago
The obsession with backstories is a little out-of-hand. While they are an integral part of character development and can be nice to know for, say, the Slenderman situation, what shapes your character isn't what they did in the past, it's what they are doing now. You can know a lot about Aligaros just based on his current actions. You don't need to know every in-and-out of a person's past to understand their personality, motivation, or fears. If we did, social interaction would be just about impossible.
Dungeons, Dragons, And Dumb Stupid Idiots
Dungeons, Dragons, And Dumb Stupid Idiots Year ago
My character hates hotdog buns. She only ate hotdogs with no bun. She is the weird one in the group.
Indigo Julze
Indigo Julze Year ago
My character hates doors. First dungeon. "You kick down the door to find an empty room with another door on the other side."
Tommy Host
Tommy Host Year ago
Mind Axe~
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Year ago
Really this video is 'When int is your dump stat'
christopher wilk
christopher wilk Year ago
So got to get into this game
AbyssWatcher Sif
AbyssWatcher Sif Year ago
A player in our table made a character who is afraid of wooden doors. Later it is found out that a wooden door grew arms, legs and a face and killed his parents, looked at him and said "You'll never know whats behind a door. But you'll certainly never know whats a door..." then the door mimic monster proceeds to light itself on fire in the chimbney, while laughing and crying at the same time...
Taylor Spencer
Taylor Spencer Year ago
My 1st 5e character was a golden baby dragonborn taken in by green dragons that left their land cause they believed in Bahamut instead of Tiamat. I grew up on their beliefs and became a paladin.
Azer_Lord-Pyro Year ago
Would you ever make a video explaining the EXP chart? In the campaign my friend is running we use the Mile stone method but I wanna learn to use exp.
ContagiousRepublic Year ago
10'000 XP well spend I say!! (-;
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