Rod Wave - The Last Sad Song (Official Music Video)

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6 months ago

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Directed By @DrewFilmedIt

coldbestfriend C
coldbestfriend C Day ago
ete sech
Angel Tyb
Angel Tyb Day ago
does anyone know what it says on the picture " dear future owner 0;47seconds in? help please }:
Wiseman Jiyane
Wiseman Jiyane 5 days ago
I'm in South Africa, Durban... like this post and we shall become friends who listen to Rod Wav
BIG3 OSAMA 5 days ago
I wish I got support like ride wave🤦🏾‍♂️😭 but my day coming sooner then I think god bless whoever grinding out here💪🏿
Queen Dysheka
Queen Dysheka 9 days ago
BO RHODUS 9 days ago
i feel you g
Margarita Taylor
Margarita Taylor 10 days ago
I love this song it gets to me
Tye Tolbert
Tye Tolbert 10 days ago
This track is so far my brother God bless keep up the good work
Isaiah Donald
Isaiah Donald 10 days ago
Bruh when hit dat yea yea yea ha dawg dat shit hit idk
Itzyogirlmaddie 08
Itzyogirlmaddie 08 12 days ago
Imma get a tattoo that say heart on ice cuzzz...
john williams
john williams 11 days ago💫🤍
D.MillzOfficial 13 days ago
check out the video for my single Atlanta 🙏🏾🔥
Jeremy Matthew
Jeremy Matthew 14 days ago
you better not stop making sad music its a vibe :{
john williams
john williams 11 days ago💫🤍
Carlos Withers
Carlos Withers 14 days ago
this was not the last sad song
Moise Moses
Moise Moses 15 days ago
My mans in his feelings
john williams
john williams 11 days ago💫🤍
Ta'Nya Maddox
Ta'Nya Maddox 15 days ago
he soooo hard bro
john williams
john williams 11 days ago💫🤍
Love Jones
Love Jones 17 days ago
if rod wave dies from some body I'm gonna tie them to my truck shoot them
DatCub TV
DatCub TV 13 days ago
Love Jones
Love Jones 17 days ago
This lit
Manna Manoah
Manna Manoah 17 days ago
New conscious rap song. Subscribe, hit notification bell, like and share.🙏🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Aggro Sumo
Aggro Sumo 17 days ago
Damn rod wave freestyle to me so it can help my past 😔❤
Nathan John
Nathan John 18 days ago
Shit go hard and everything he talk real shit 💯
Tomiko Harden
Tomiko Harden 18 days ago
I love all your sad song bae keep doing your thing ❤❤💯💯
LifeWithHarmonie TV
LifeWithHarmonie TV 18 days ago
Song hit different boy .😔
Andrew Smart
Andrew Smart 18 days ago
This my daughter favorite song when she sleepy or upset I play this and she goes right to sleep. She be knocked out
Jamacion Bennett
Jamacion Bennett 19 days ago
Can you not tie my mom up
Isaac Ball
Isaac Ball 19 days ago
Whoever disliked the song fuck u and yo moms
Jocelyn Williams
Jocelyn Williams 20 days ago
Rod wave is just different from all the rest
Yung Buda
Yung Buda 20 days ago
Listening to this song coming from the same grimey city as rod wave and hearing it after your gramma died to corona and your grandad died months before makes it hit way different....
Akeelah Thomas
Akeelah Thomas 21 day ago
you made me cry
Victor jarry1
Victor jarry1 22 days ago
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Kamari Fuller
Kamari Fuller 22 days ago
I shoot upon my haters in the spirit..Praise God..They never had that Gods Luxery that God give me
Ladonna Pitts
Ladonna Pitts 24 days ago
Beautiful song so much love for you King 👑💓
Lyfe With Derek
Lyfe With Derek 25 days ago
This man ain't got no trash song. All his songs a vibe
Rest in Peace Kobe
Rest in Peace Kobe 25 days ago
It wasnt the last sad song 🤦🏾‍♂️
THE Brown family
THE Brown family 25 days ago
This song hits different ong
Amari Gordon
Amari Gordon 28 days ago
Jusell Glasgow
Jusell Glasgow 28 days ago
Istg I love him ❤
Steven Cutie
Steven Cutie 29 days ago
Look everybody said this song hits so different when you really listen to it I mean it's emotions that you don't even think you had Rod wave is a kind of rapper that we need right now
MalcolmMakesVids YT
MalcolmMakesVids YT Month ago
Times getting harder There be 2 much on my brain I know daejah (sry if I spelled that wrong) smiling The only 1 that understood my pain Who else felt those lyrics?
XclusiveTy Month ago
Who ever like is rich asl thanks for music rod wave
Young Money Vision
Young Money Vision Month ago
I can hear you... but I think I feel you more..
RaYyDaGoD Month ago
If you dis like 2020🤮🤮so far show me some love💯🙏🏾
RoyalHam Month ago
Keep grindin and R.I.P. to those who lost peeps
Nikia Pina jones
Nikia Pina jones Month ago
Hi omg love ti
Sandra Ellzey
Sandra Ellzey Month ago
Ok rod wave the boy
SnaggyUF Month ago
All youtubers be lik 1:35
SnaggyUF Month ago
All Fortnite youtubers like 1:34
SnaggyUF Month ago
The Life Of Lele & Mula
The Life Of Lele & Mula Month ago
My favorite song hands down 💜
Jared Apple
Jared Apple Month ago
1:41 funny but i be jamming to this song it hits different.
my f raper
you siad my name
Reo Green
Reo Green Month ago
Proud of him like he’s my real brother! 🙏🏽💯
linda ella
linda ella Month ago
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Theresa Lewis
Theresa Lewis Month ago
Muhire jay Jay
Muhire jay Jay Month ago
Kenniah Mathieu
Kenniah Mathieu Month ago
swaggerboy740 Month ago
You know I respect Rod wave and I like his music because unlike all these other rappers Rod wave can actually sing pretty good I’m tired of hearing Lil Durk Lil Tjay Quando Rondo Polo G Lil skies and the list goes on of all these other singing rappers who think they can sing when they clearly cannot like if you agree
Chaka Donald
Chaka Donald Month ago
Ante barbu is my ante
Maricelli Lewis
Maricelli Lewis Month ago
This sound really good
Matthew McCabe
Matthew McCabe Month ago
I ain’t gonna front I was on pandora and Rod wave came through a few times then I heard that rags to riches and started Rod Wave Pandora Chanel at work. Now hooked on big homie music. Shit deep and real. 💯 💪🏽🤙🏽💰🗣🤐
Damian•TM Month ago
"Haven't left the house in two months and I made 2 million".. Big flexxx 😂
Godsfavour Nevoh
Godsfavour Nevoh Month ago
He's songs always heals my soul 😞😟✝️
the one and only
the one and only Month ago
How am I just now finding out bout dude
Miller TV
Miller TV Month ago
Like This If Rod Wave A Goat🐐
3000 subs challenge with content
3000 subs challenge with content Month ago
hml help our channel grow guys come on 2000 subs
Manny Fresh
Manny Fresh Month ago
He inspires me to want to make music like this. I have so many things written down, that I fear no one will ever see. His music has helped me so much during the hard times I'm going through. I hope my writing can do the same for someone else in the future.
david guy
david guy Month ago
Put some headphones on and just close your eyes... So much different!
david guy
david guy Month ago
Who ever likes this will meet someone of their dreams and become rich from hardwork and dedication.
gamerboy_woo is qt
gamerboy_woo is qt Month ago
Who been a fan of rod wave every since he was in high school🤞🏼
Keziyrehun Rivers
Keziyrehun Rivers Month ago
I like how I scroll through and there's no hate comments 😁
jhonny josh
jhonny josh Month ago
look at me
ITrue Official
ITrue Official Month ago
But we all know it won't ever be the last. God I love his music. It just hits me so hard.
Kamariii world
Kamariii world Month ago
Tajon West
Tajon West Month ago can y'all please hit that link for me please if y'all love rod wave hit that link
Veezy Loui
Veezy Loui Month ago
Rod Wave Hits Different When You Hurt!💯💔
MalcolmMakesVids YT
MalcolmMakesVids YT Month ago
Ain't get to talk to grandma, but I know she feeling bad We lost auntie Barbara, right after we lost grandad Times gettin' harder, it be too much on my brain I know Deja's smilin', the only one who understood my pain It's safe to say it's gettin' deeper 'Cause the reaper takin' my people, my dreams are gettin' cheaper But music ain't felt the same since I met Timmy and Quesha I was laying on my bed, finna write me a poem And my phone started ringing, it was homie And he told me, "If it ain't killing you, nigga, it's making you stronger" Stay far away from fuck niggas and the Corona, and I smiled Yeah, I smiled, 'cause I been battlin' these demons since I was a lil' child Time to let 'em go, I just thought I'd let you know that my heart been broke Felt that
Shantrell Edwards
Shantrell Edwards Month ago
My mom was listening to your music and I almost fell down the stairs to listen to it
Tim Mickens
Tim Mickens Month ago
I can’t stop listening the last song 💯 by listening to the song I have figured out a lots of fake people so I moved him out of my life and like rod wave The last sad song
True Heart
True Heart Month ago
This dude right here is what hip hop been missing for a while now.
Sammiera Smith
Sammiera Smith 14 days ago
@Mark Otte of it l hi and doit again but as I 💪🏿💪🏿
Mark Otte
Mark Otte 17 days ago
Itz Kenz Bruh
Itz Kenz Bruh Month ago
One day, we will be crying and wishing we could go back to 2020. Let this year last.
Tamara Curtis
Tamara Curtis Month ago
"If it aint killing you nigga its making you stonger" felt that
Jennifer Knight
Jennifer Knight Month ago
No more sad songs bae IM here boo
Carter Month ago
Rod wave and Kodak would go hard no kap
Foxy Boy EXD
Foxy Boy EXD Month ago
This not sad wbym
Zdog21 Month ago
I don’t under stand how people dislike 🤐
Alma Pac
Alma Pac Month ago
I hope the last pain song ain’t fr !! So many ppl can relate to the hurt !! Keep sangin your heart out !! 💯
Big Taink
Big Taink Month ago
My dude hurt keep ya head 💯 up Broski's
Nikeshia Jackson
Nikeshia Jackson Month ago
The fact I can't go to his show bc im to broke...
Mimi M.
Mimi M. Month ago
Battling these demons since i was a lil child 🗣🗣🤯
Afeni Month ago
The rode that's riding his own wave. Love ya
King Q
King Q Month ago
I know a lot of people promote their music in the comments so I'm not going to speak too much I released an Ep called "1638" if you guys could give it a listen I'd appreciate that so much! Johnson Johnson Month ago
I love this dude his music got me through my pain when I lost my best friend
Charlotte Tanaka
Charlotte Tanaka Month ago
This guy is speekin Straight inspiration.he went through a lot off stuff he speaks for all off us no this comment so the people that are feeling the same Emotions as this guy will feel like there not alone.and if you are like that your not alone you have all of us and we all love you.who knows if you like this comment Maybe you will Prevent a Suicide.I might sound childish but Sadness is the Greatest threat to this world.if You're really that selfish to not like this and be a bystander You do not deserve to be on the face of this earth.and this comment is coming from a 12 year old So it really shows anybody can be in upstander no cap.good night every one.
Trailer Park King Carole Baskin did it
Trailer Park King Carole Baskin did it Month ago
this some real florida shit for sure im from florida 727 aint that far from me whats good rod
Raquel xo
Raquel xo 2 months ago
I miss my friends mom (literally my other mom, my mom passed away) 😭 she was like my mom. R.I.P to both love you Mom and Missy, never forgotten 💜
Prettygirlmiya 2 months ago
The funny thing is that where married he don’t even now💕😂😭
John Paramore8
John Paramore8 2 months ago
You cant go wrong when listening to like this
Brittany Mcreynolds
Brittany Mcreynolds 2 months ago
Fierce cat2162
Fierce cat2162 2 months ago
“If drew didn’t film it then it ain’t filmed right”
Mr_Anthony YT
Mr_Anthony YT 2 months ago
if u love rod wave like this
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