I Mixed EVERY Cookie Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY

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Month ago

Tried to be Safiya Nygaard for my Birthday today again by mixing EVERY cookie flavor together into one DISGUSTING yet DELICIOUS Birthday cookie cake for myself! (FYI My Birthday is Tues, July 7th but this is my last upload before my Birthday. But whatever close enough, BIRTHDAY SUPER POWERS BEGIN NOW!)
Last year's I Mixed EVERY Cake Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY: usshow.info/watch/uKoao_EAuB8/video.html
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R. M.
R. M. Hour ago
What you gona do for your next birthday? Get 15 cats? Maybe start knitting?
Alexa theYouTuber
Alexa theYouTuber 3 hours ago
(Christmas day) Lauren: I HAVE BIRTHDAY SURER POWERS!!!!!!!!! Me: its Christmas girl -_- Lauren: oh
Ray Morris
Ray Morris 4 hours ago
You mix with a SPOON and THEN go in with your hands 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cori Morris
Cori Morris 5 hours ago
HELLO YEA YOU PERSON SCROLLING THRU DA COMMENTS I just wanted to say........ HAVE A GLORIOUS DAY/NIGHT Yeah that's right THERE IS NO AFTERNOON MWHAHAHAHAH ( ̄ε(# ̄)Okay I'll stop........ OR WILL I???( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄) Fine GB
this is aliyah_ AMTP
this is aliyah_ AMTP 6 hours ago
Its always your birthday but Happy birthday
DotaCoat123 6 hours ago
happy late birthday!
Lucy Main
Lucy Main 7 hours ago
It was my birthday on the first of July, I’m using my birthday powers, so you need to like this comment🤣
A Cb
A Cb 8 hours ago
What does it taste like?
Michelle Dudley
Michelle Dudley 8 hours ago
Happy birthday?
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 9 hours ago
Now your a... 31 year old lady
Alejandro Melendez
Alejandro Melendez 9 hours ago
Lauren:I'm special
its_ taffy wolfie
its_ taffy wolfie 10 hours ago
That’s my dads bday
Myst3r1a ?
Myst3r1a ? 11 hours ago
My friends and I go shopping Me: imma go to that one aisle we passed My friends: yeah ok 3 minutes later Me: *goes back to where they were* "What where'd they go" Also me: *goes to security guard* "im looking for my friends" Security guard: "Well where'd ya see em last" Me: 6:13 *explaining how I lost them* "Well they were by a couple of guys and I left them there like 3 minutes ago" Also me: *realizing they're single and desperate for boyfriends* Me again: "Oh god" Me and security guard: *walking around to find my friends* Me: "I found them" Me and security guard: *sees my friends trying to kidnap the guys* Security guard: ಠ_ಠ 'wtf' Me: (゜-゜) Me again: 'well whatever' ╮(─▽─)╭ *walks away*
Fredrik Forsberg
Fredrik Forsberg 14 hours ago
Fredrik Forsberg
Fredrik Forsberg 14 hours ago
i liked the vidio :D
John Smith
John Smith 15 hours ago
people new to her channel : Whens her birthday? me: e v e r y D a y : >
Leticia Gutierrez
Leticia Gutierrez 15 hours ago
Happy birthday I guess
Melty Pluto。-᷅_-᷄
Melty Pluto。-᷅_-᷄ 16 hours ago
Jeanie Halim
Jeanie Halim 19 hours ago
Pls sell eat
Diane Marini
Diane Marini 19 hours ago
Happy birthday
sofiaisahaniqa 23 hours ago
And like 👇
sofiaisahaniqa 23 hours ago
Oh! And her nails are super duper beautiful😘😍😊
sofiaisahaniqa 23 hours ago
My favorite cookie is chocolate chip, sugar cookie and double chocolate chunk.And also happy late birthday! 🍪🍫🎂
unspeakable hurricane
unspeakable hurricane 23 hours ago
Happy b day
zodiac_ wolf
zodiac_ wolf Day ago
If your parents ever say "why do you want to be an adult? It sucks" you show them this video
Daphne Gano
Daphne Gano Day ago
Lauren turned into a cookie 🍪
ginger simon
ginger simon Day ago
do u live in a place where people don't use spoons or stuff when they're mixing?
Wolfie :3
Wolfie :3 Day ago
happy birthday, a month late.... but still
Wolfie :3
Wolfie :3 7 hours ago
how come people go gaga over everyone else's comments but ignore mine?
sarah cooper
sarah cooper Day ago
Happy very late b day lol
Harrison Danger
Harrison Danger Day ago
Happy birthday
BeanIsDetermined Day ago
Happy birthday Lauren!!!!!! We love you!!!!!
Michelle Wallace
Michelle Wallace Day ago
happy birthday Lauren
Abigail Smith-Porteous
Abigail Smith-Porteous Day ago
I was waiting for her to say "'HELLO FELLOW BAKERS'"
amanda utrera
amanda utrera Day ago
July baby’s yes 😃
Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson Day ago
Happy birthday 🎂
GachaToon Day ago
“What’s the jiggling thing the birthday girl” yeah right...
Terry Anne Ballinger
Terry Anne Ballinger Day ago
That's good idea
Luna’s Midnight
Luna’s Midnight Day ago
Happy birthday!!! I’m soo late
Isabella Ibarra Nieto
Isabella Ibarra Nieto Day ago
Happy birthday Qween
Charlotte Swank
Charlotte Swank Day ago
I’m a cosmo wolf soooo I’m to strong for your powers
Julius Acosta IV
Julius Acosta IV Day ago
New name diabetes
Unicorn Baby
Unicorn Baby Day ago
happy birthday yes I am just now seeing this
Catherine Scott
Catherine Scott Day ago
Happy birthday LaurenSide
frappuccinocharli demelio
frappuccinocharli demelio Day ago
Happy birthday
•PupPup• Day ago
*you reminded me to remind my mom to make cookies*
Ruru Mangwandi
Ruru Mangwandi Day ago
I'm superrr late but 💜🌌HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN🌌💜 😂
SJadventures Day ago
Happy birthday Lauren
Garcia twins
Garcia twins Day ago
Keira Ward
Keira Ward Day ago
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear deer Queen happy birthday to you
Γεώργιος Γρηγοριάδης
Γεώργιος Γρηγοριάδης Day ago
How old is Lauren?
Piper Turner
Piper Turner Day ago
Happy birthday
#Unicorn Pro
#Unicorn Pro Day ago
Hi! Sorry I'm late but, Happy Birthday Deer Bread queen!
Beckett Hollis And Jasper
Beckett Hollis And Jasper Day ago
Happy birthday😁
Claire Yeet
Claire Yeet Day ago
Happy Birthday Lauren! Sorry im late!
Canon Lindgren
Canon Lindgren Day ago
Any possible improvements you can make to the recipe in the future?
Harshita Jhawar
Harshita Jhawar Day ago
happy birthday special girl with the special day actually billeted happy birthday i am sorry i forgot it i am so sorry birthday girl
Somethin Random
Somethin Random Day ago
She reminds me of Leslie Knope from parks and rec.
Biggest fnaf fan
Biggest fnaf fan Day ago
mmmm i love cookies
Bilal Oliya
Bilal Oliya Day ago
did anyone hear luren say no at the end lol
Bilal Oliya
Bilal Oliya Day ago
u know my sisters birthday is on july 8 soo
Frances Jones
Frances Jones Day ago
Happy birthday Laurenzside