Bankrol Hayden - Whatchu On Today (feat. Polo G) [Official Music Video]

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Bankrol Hayden

Month ago

Bankrol Hayden - Whatchu On Today (feat. Polo G) [Official Music Video]
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Bankrol Hayden
Bankrol Hayden Month ago
Lijah T
Lijah T 2 days ago
My cousin know bam
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz 5 days ago
Chronic Waves
Chronic Waves 13 days ago
You should make a song with ionn dior
Alfredo Jarvio
Alfredo Jarvio 15 days ago
“Play ya cards right ‘fore them killers come and deal wit ya”
Alfredo Jarvio
Alfredo Jarvio 15 days ago
“Play yo card right before them killers come and deal wit ya”
I’m a Sweatybot
I’m a Sweatybot Day ago
Yo this🔥🔥🔥🔥🍑
Tee rari
Tee rari Day ago
Hard 🥶
Ibrahim Akman
Ibrahim Akman 2 days ago
Polo is the Real goat
okabz 2 days ago
this is lit
Wayne Ryan
Wayne Ryan 2 days ago
big fan
Monty Logan
Monty Logan 3 days ago
Monty Logan
Monty Logan 3 days ago
Yesssssssssssssss. Pls. Ok
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 3 days ago
Before he blow up off polo g tik tok getting banned tf you mean
forever Mayy
forever Mayy 4 days ago
Do y’all know this my men so don’t Steal him from me
_Monty97 4 days ago
You can tell the difference in friend groups by lookin at them lol
Zhaoxx 4 days ago
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz 5 days ago
Mad Fire
Adrian Lombert
Adrian Lombert 5 days ago
Jarvis trying to aimbot in real life now lol
Ic0n1c R2G
Ic0n1c R2G 5 days ago
Nick Cucinotta
Nick Cucinotta 5 days ago
Minecraft Steve go hard
E Steezo
E Steezo 5 days ago
If Bankrol Hayden only sung the hook and had polo g rap both verses than i would have liked the song
Nixilis 6 days ago
Song was too short
Crxcked WNL
Crxcked WNL 7 days ago I’m underated I promise 😘
Jay Huss
Jay Huss 7 days ago
Put it on Apple musics already
Edwin Kingston
Edwin Kingston 7 days ago
One phone call and they on the way
oshn_frost 7 days ago
Polo g should make a group with hayden and lil tjay
MAPZ 7 days ago
Fucking best combo ever
Tryzzi4md 8 days ago
🥵🥶🥶🥶😈 🔥
Ynl Ynl
Ynl Ynl 9 days ago
Does bankrol likes being called jarvis 🤔 does he know jarvis 🤔 does jarvis know him and 🤔🤯🤯🤯
sp0_ok 9 days ago
He does look alot like Jarvis
Ek9_Jamesy 9 days ago
Bankrol Hayden from MODESTO
Jackson J
Jackson J 10 days ago
Come on bankrol BANGER ❄️❄️❄️🥶🥶
Mari and Ryan
Mari and Ryan 11 days ago
Fire 🔥
Auxra 11 days ago
Best duo ever
Corteh 11 days ago
GOAT bank ur a legend g thanks god there is someone I can listen to something with a big smile on my face!
CHOP-Z 12 days ago
Why Hayden sound like he got a snotty nose 24/7 😭
Top 10 Cacoon
Top 10 Cacoon 12 days ago
Polo g killed this
LOSVI LJ 12 days ago
Tenes mucho talento
Orgitzofficial 12 days ago
Came for polo and still only came for polo lol
zay zay
zay zay 13 days ago
Hayden nice wit it 🔥🔥
Parker 13 days ago
Mans said these --> 📦
Jovan SS
Jovan SS 13 days ago
White Boy Rick's flow is 🔥🔥
abs 13 days ago
qqvev 13 days ago
Only the OG's remember the canned food donation/meetup at Macy's in Modesto.
Ghiro 14 days ago
Song of the summer
Taliban Trell
Taliban Trell 14 days ago
Let me put y’all on 🔥🔥
Mr. HellNaw
Mr. HellNaw 14 days ago
Bro got a minecraft head but the music still good tho
Assumption2k 14 days ago
Only degree they know is first and second that shut hard asf
Thunder Browns
Thunder Browns 14 days ago
faze jarvis twin?
Snows 14 days ago
This got a j.i vibe to it
Ryan Ogilvie
Ryan Ogilvie 14 days ago
Someone tell where i can get polos hoodie its super 🔥🔥
GLO Cliipz
GLO Cliipz 15 days ago
HypeSquaD 15 days ago
T34L Frost
T34L Frost 15 days ago
Jarvis ur insane
Theron Gibson
Theron Gibson 15 days ago
People really underestimate Hayden but they both make a good duo💪🏿😁🔥🤘🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Normie 15 days ago
Polo g is always good 👍
Swayyツ 15 days ago
This is 🔥 like every song from polo g and hayden
HaHa Jc
HaHa Jc 16 days ago
Brady Bro
Brady Bro 16 days ago
This i s fiiirrrrreeee
Supaflyy Owen
Supaflyy Owen 17 days ago
Bankrol Hayden and J.I. Needa collab ASAP
ana aon
ana aon 17 days ago
I'm Mexican, but I love this song ♡
Lost WRLD 17 days ago
XXL freshman 2020 My list: Kid Laroi Bankrol hayden Lil tecca Lil tjay Polo g Doja cat Ynw melly Ynw bslime
Lost WRLD 13 days ago
@wholelottaLova ok
wholelottaLova 13 days ago
Lil Tjay and Polo still havent been on xxl
Caleb Rowley
Caleb Rowley 17 days ago
Tell me why this was the hardest ft polo has ever done
tc wj
tc wj 17 days ago
Ayy mann ion rlly fw bh like tha buh this song harddd
MarioKiler510 Ruiz
MarioKiler510 Ruiz 18 days ago