TOP 100 Dunks | 2019-20 NBA Season

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10 days ago

Ahead of the NBA Restart beginning July 30th, relive the TOP 100 dunks from the 2019-20 NBA season so far! Drop which dunk was your favorite in the comments!
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wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 hours ago
11:42, i had no idea larry david started commentating.
thefleuri07 thefleuri07
thefleuri07 thefleuri07 7 hours ago
0:51 if trae kept running he could’ve blocked him
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 hours ago
Nos 68 and 18 on this list are underrated.
Al Hoops
Al Hoops 10 hours ago
Sad to see that not a single dunk of blake griffin was here, his career was ruined by injuries man...
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips 15 hours ago
Imagine Shaq still in the nba 🤣🤣
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi 15 hours ago
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juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
juwita Sujatmiko Afandi 15 hours ago
MICHAEL JORDAN TOP 100 JORDAN DUNK | 2019 - 20 NBA Season For News , stories ,highlihts and more
Al Torregosa
Al Torregosa 16 hours ago
Ja morant should be the number 1
KLWeezy1 16 hours ago
I know his dunk was low, but Lonnie Walker IV had some evil intentions on his dunk at 94.
Mel Oms
Mel Oms Day ago
Should name that video "Travel highlight from 19-20 season" XD
Batara Batara
Batara Batara Day ago
How can you forget that ja and jaren's dunk
raschid lander golimlim
raschid lander golimlim Day ago
Where's AG's dunk over Javale's push off tho
Amber Li
Amber Li Day ago
Jeff Fleuridor
Jeff Fleuridor Day ago
jayson duldulao
jayson duldulao Day ago
Look out L!B!J!
Zhilang Huang
Zhilang Huang Day ago
AG looks like Zack Lavine 0:55
Devon Giroux
Devon Giroux Day ago
No ben simmons on markkanen?
ViniXO Day ago
As always the nba sucks Lebron's d**k
King Eric
King Eric Day ago
Sorry, but if your hand doesn’t contact the rim, it’s not a dunk. That means some of these don’t count. A lot of what Griffin was doing a few years back was just hard layups.
Kali Day ago
Nos 68 and 18 on this list are underrated.
Its Zoni
Its Zoni Day ago
Why is that Mitchell dunk at 95......
Smokey Bacon Man
Smokey Bacon Man Day ago
WNBA: ‘top 7 dunks of all time (that’s all we got)’
Greek Freak
Greek Freak Day ago
7:08 well its a freethrow xD
alida flus
alida flus Day ago
You know that it’s gonna be a top 100 dunks when Ginnis and LeBron are in the first 10
123香港人排華 Day ago
i'm come fome hong kong , i love nba so much !
Zenia Combey
Zenia Combey Day ago
I'm these shots it you thought to the opponent
An Tro
An Tro Day ago
alida flus
alida flus Day ago
52 shoulda been 1
Rts 2 days ago
“Man who are these players those players were signed that morning 🐬🐬🐬🐬aaahaaahaah 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏”
Jaden Hare
Jaden Hare 2 days ago
the way the raptors commentator speaks tho: tHis yoUng mans goT UUUPS
Kendel Noctor
Kendel Noctor 2 days ago
It’s not over
Kenjerro Miller
Kenjerro Miller 2 days ago
Watch all this just to see number 1 what should of been 10
TrukenX 2 days ago
Wait how is the video MONITIZED again? This was the greatest show of Physical and Mental Assault I've seen in a while and USshow put ADs on it?
Jonny pipes the young god
Jonny pipes the young god 2 days ago
8/10 needs more Caruso
KobiElilov 2 days ago
Wooow crazy dunks 😀😀
Sean Hardman
Sean Hardman 2 days ago
8:15 so perfect
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx 2 days ago
BOUCHER Over Kennard ANNNNND Giannis should of been top 30 wtfff whoever makes these videos is spun
GOKU 2 days ago
I already new what #1 would be lol
Camille LAMBERTI 2 days ago
The Jam of Lillard against Denver ! ❤️🔥
Down with the O Team
Down with the O Team 2 days ago
I love when Ja flies in for the alleyoop
Bless Mclean
Bless Mclean 2 days ago
Meet me at the rim and don’t be late 😹
aola wili
aola wili 2 days ago
D lo's face when Lonzo throws the full court lob: RIICKEEEEYYYYYY!
YaboiShaun 2 days ago
52 shoulda been 1
YaboiShaun 2 days ago
Aaron Gordon is the type of guy to do a 360 dunk because the defense gives him nothing else
aola wili
aola wili 2 days ago
I like norvelle pell you see him get postered alot bjt he is the only one jumping to block it havent even seen embiid to that yet
Jacob 2 days ago
Where tf is Kelly Oubre ??????
Headrush450 2 days ago
Russell westbrook travels with 3 or 4 steps
Ricci Rivero
Ricci Rivero 2 days ago
DeRozan deserves 1 DeRozan Defrozan
RK面具 2 days ago
What the fuck LBJ is the top 1 dunk. I think JA Morant that one is more better. Fuck u LEBORN JAMES
Harold Tabarno
Harold Tabarno 2 days ago
Where is the Zions dunk from Holiday when the ball bounces first in the backboard?
Natali S
Natali S 2 days ago
9:40 the way James making sure Russ wasn't gonna fall 🥺
chwis 3 days ago
If y’all miss the old 2000s R&B songs like I do, check out this song:
M 3 days ago
Derrick Jones JR.. master of the super layup
owen barnes
owen barnes 3 days ago
Ja’s missed dunk over love was better than all of these
owen barnes
owen barnes Day ago
It’s the most popular missed dunk ever so it’s gotta mean something
Wil Day ago
Doesn't mean anything without the finish.
jbites 3 days ago
kawhis dunks suck
Rishab Gusain
Rishab Gusain 3 days ago
Lebron James No.1 Babyyyyyyyy
Anna Maria
Anna Maria 3 days ago
Marquiss Chriss hetting dunk on almost everytime🤣
Camilo Cardenas
Camilo Cardenas 3 days ago
The things
Elhadii Sml
Elhadii Sml 3 days ago
Lebrons dunk should be number 20 or something, seriously. A lakers fan
Randall Burkhart
Randall Burkhart 3 days ago
Pretty good dunks in the WNBA
Wkell 27
Wkell 27 3 days ago
I like norvelle pell you see him get postered alot bjt he is the only one jumping to block it havent even seen embiid to that yet
Kali Day ago
He needs to improve his positioning. He keeps getting caught under the rim where he's already at a disadvantage defensively.
dutt reacts
dutt reacts 3 days ago
They only showed akumpo and zeon
Mellon axe Mellow
Mellon axe Mellow 3 days ago
1)42 2)54 3)94
Hilario Household
Hilario Household 3 days ago
“If you don’t like that, you don’t like NBA basketball, Oh BOY”
Xaosis 3 days ago
No jarret culver???!
Toast 3 days ago
Number 1 was weak, it should've been derozan or ja
Trahern Lafavor
Trahern Lafavor 3 days ago
Zion and lonzo
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 3 days ago
Bro Lebron dickride is real
Jack Mccormick
Jack Mccormick 3 days ago
Jojo with a nasty slam
ParkinGlass 3 days ago
#21 was cut short yall know what happened next.. Favourite was #57... JJ Riddick face 😂
Bino CBR
Bino CBR 3 days ago
O Vpf
Basquet en Sintonía
Basquet en Sintonía 3 days ago
Partidos de la selección argentina por acá
Manosp16 3 days ago
Porzingis on Drummond????????????????????
Kelvin Nana
Kelvin Nana 3 days ago
3:55 should be number 1
Luke O.
Luke O. 3 days ago
Number 1 and 2 were just a poor choice
Roland Dantec
Roland Dantec 3 days ago
He's 35 years fucking old...simply goat....
CB 2 Smoove
CB 2 Smoove 3 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Russell Westbrook is the best Point guard in the NBA.
Ados Korkados
Ados Korkados 3 days ago
Giannis with the Jumpman dunk.
Ibraaheem Laceman
Ibraaheem Laceman 3 days ago
I stg every dunk from Zion's career is in this list
thebigson 4 days ago
Lebron be fillin up those shorts highkey👀👀👀
Tygger 2k6
Tygger 2k6 4 days ago
I dont get #1. There are about 20 dunks better
Alexis Loisel
Alexis Loisel 4 days ago
Lebron: 360 between the legs over Tacko Flight: Look at Curry man.
YuinBoys58 Vlog's
YuinBoys58 Vlog's 4 days ago
Nu.2 wasn’t even a dunk
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