What's In My Bag

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Kylie Jenner

Month ago

It’s been almost two years since I did my last “What’s In My Bag” video and I’ve seen you guys requesting this video for a while, so I wanted to take you guys inside my closet to show you the must haves I take everywhere with me!

Aibel Tuastomban
Aibel Tuastomban 4 minutes ago
Who is she????
raquel galvan
raquel galvan 19 minutes ago
Kylie: *shows off expensive purse collection in background* Me: *looks at my loungefly collection* Lol
سعید‌عبداللهی عبداللهی
سعید‌عبداللهی عبداللهی 40 minutes ago
Tarra 2 hours ago
This aint s*** but a line promotion smh
Moon Light
Moon Light 3 hours ago
Kylie's basically looking at herself in the bag :')
April 4 hours ago
Fed up of seeing these dolly hips already
Sien Cee
Sien Cee 5 hours ago
She is a whole MOOD
Addilyn Achtor
Addilyn Achtor 5 hours ago
She is like Marry poppins pulling a crap ton of things out 🤦🏼‍♀️
Owynn Thibodeau
Owynn Thibodeau 5 hours ago
"You know, just normal gum things" x3
VibinqRuth 5 hours ago
Pin this if you love stormi! (You don’t have to💕❤️
Nupur Mogha
Nupur Mogha 5 hours ago
So desperate to sell her products.... She sold her company already.... Maybe new boss is not so nice to kylie
Maggie Zhao
Maggie Zhao 6 hours ago
Does anyone know the brand of her sunglasses on the video?? Omg I love it!!! Plz tell me if u know!!!
파싸이 6 hours ago
Oh~ my God~
tasawar shafique
tasawar shafique 7 hours ago
Put James on ur or list bad bitch aka the baddest 😈
Lala Tomaz
Lala Tomaz 8 hours ago
Algum Brasileiro?
Sara Maria
Sara Maria 8 hours ago
Anyone else think that the pea plushie should be called «peabuddy»😂
Kelly 'Kelsfitx' Louise
Kelly 'Kelsfitx' Louise 9 hours ago
if people wouldn't mind checking out my new youtube page it would mean the world!! 💗💗
Sosoh Reinaldo
Sosoh Reinaldo 9 hours ago
I am shocked by the amount of clothes, bags and shoes she has everything is so ..... beautiful to be envious more people I sell it shows what is in her bag and I don't even have a purse to start with but she has my beloved father I want I'M FROM BRAZIL KISSES
Ibadat Kaur
Ibadat Kaur 9 hours ago
Must see usshow.info/watch/t8KHQ2HkiNk/video.html
Shahad 11 hours ago
God I’m so poor
Kimmy D
Kimmy D 11 hours ago
Why does everything sound like it ends with a ?
Immanuella Regina Nwanedo
Immanuella Regina Nwanedo 11 hours ago
Is anyone else reading a deeper meaning into the green toy that she brought out and put back in then brought back out later in the video. I love to see Kylie happy ❤️ I hope she’s not lonely despite being surrounded by so many people and I’m happy that she said it makes her happy even though she doesn’t know why
Adelyn Tran
Adelyn Tran 12 hours ago
What’s In my BAGSSSS
Viplove Thakur
Viplove Thakur 12 hours ago
She is the marketing genius
Sako 12 hours ago
When I saw the Kylie Uno I fell off the chair. :D
Sampath kumar
Sampath kumar 13 hours ago
Everyone: watching Kylie Me watching: her background shoes and purses having individual lights!
Tiana Pinches
Tiana Pinches 16 hours ago
Love you so much and you butIfully babby I'm 9
Anna Fresa
Anna Fresa 17 hours ago
Just saw the parody and thought it was exaggerated but damn it was accurate af 🤣
monika johnson
monika johnson 18 hours ago
Y’all here’s a parody of Kylie what’s in my bag. Super funny. usshow.info/watch/J29E9gBpkzc/video.html
Si’yaaa K
Si’yaaa K 19 hours ago
Hi guys pls subscribe to my channel ❤️💎 God bless you who did❤️😪💎
Avni Verma
Avni Verma 20 hours ago
reading comments and realizing there are a lot of people who think like me . #relatablecomments
Bb Lai
Bb Lai 22 hours ago
''We are adults and we do adult things.. -OOh I hAVE MY LIL SCRUNCHIES"
Army Blink Love
Army Blink Love Day ago
Kylie is really pretty espesially with her outfit she looks like a secret detective
Melissa Aguirre
Melissa Aguirre Day ago
Damn everything she pulled out was literally KYLIE this KYLIE that 😂 carries her whole damn store in there. Boring , I was not shocked at all.
KATOM Akutsuki
KATOM Akutsuki Day ago
Ok I honestly don't see a problem with her she seems pretty nice people just hating cuz they jealous
Julia Caldera
Julia Caldera Day ago
Sunglasses collection!
Johncie Clark
Johncie Clark Day ago
Love her so much 💗💗💗
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Day ago
Éxtasis and mariguana is on the other bag?
James Skarda
James Skarda Day ago
When she says at my other house, 🤨 my other house hummmmmm ya it’s it’s it’s taking a visit to NOT REAL town she so rich😔😂
Lizzy Wills
Lizzy Wills Day ago
Omg they’re making face masks now 😂
Mz Seasonz
Mz Seasonz Day ago
If she really has to promote her line like that. Means she ain't selling like hot cakes like they say..lol Rianna make-up sells good and she never promotes like this..lol
Ms. Philodendron
Ms. Philodendron Day ago
Watch this and then watch Michael and Anthony's parody because it is Hilarious!!! It's the only reason I'm even watching this. Lol
Ashley Prenza
Ashley Prenza Day ago
only here because of michael and anthony... theirs is better 😂
sparkle gazer
sparkle gazer Day ago
The background doesn't look real
Raghad Dd
Raghad Dd Day ago
Is it a bag or kylie store like wtf
Alex 357
Alex 357 Day ago
I like that we get to see her life and that she actually has a personality and is more thank just kuwtk it’s like a more real laid back version of her
Mb Day ago
Why would she make hand sanitisers after quarantine😂😂
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Day ago
I would like to see a morning routine or a night routine with Stormi #cutestbabyalldaway
gualu Desaida
gualu Desaida Day ago
Hola Kylie 😍🥰😍
Rmrz 7760
Rmrz 7760 Day ago
Bruh this is just a promotion for their products😂
Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise Day ago
Kylie: showing all her lip products Me: wow that’s a lot 😳
Rinesa Krasniqi
Rinesa Krasniqi Day ago
I Bet her collection etc bags or somethin that's bigger than my room-
Ilaria Moscagiuri
Ilaria Moscagiuri Day ago
I love you kylie
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Day ago
Why don't the Kardashians--Jenners call Kris Jenner their mom
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Day ago
She is 24 and almost a billionaire
Seher Ak
Seher Ak Day ago
Türkiye den selamlar 🤗
Beautiful FetchingRose
Beautiful FetchingRose Day ago
i like the background sounds i might sneak in it great Kylie girl
Matina Filaj
Matina Filaj Day ago
House tour
____마리아 Day ago
"My Kylie skin..." Stay safe everyone... GOD Bless We all💗🕊🙏☁
Naysha Khurana
Naysha Khurana Day ago
Why is this Kylie cosmetics ad on youtube and why is this ad so long?
aishwarya pamulapati
aishwarya pamulapati Day ago
Kylie; I had them make me my own little stash Me thinking; maybe like 20 Kylie; now I have a million of them me; sure, I was about to say 20 million
All Things Tierra - ASMR
All Things Tierra - ASMR Day ago
All Things Tierra - ASMR, subscribe?
that one gurl
that one gurl Day ago
So vogue didn't offer her to do what's in my bag? So she did herself.... 😶
Morgan Prada
Morgan Prada Day ago
Cute !
Alveena Babar
Alveena Babar Day ago
Who calls their mother by their name? Completely uncultured and trashy people these Kardashians. She too is a mother of a 2 year old daughter and she would not like it if her daughter grew up and starts calling her by her name.
Racs Jimenez
Racs Jimenez 2 days ago
When she said im gonna show you Me:how brave i im
April Winter
April Winter 2 days ago
The only way to receive true happiness is to be born again. Jesus loves you and is coming back to earth soon. This year is giving signs of end times. You need to repent. Please believe and spread the word to your friends, family etc so they can be saved. I'm doing this because I care about where your gonna end up on judgement day Jesus loves you
xtasy rox8797
xtasy rox8797 2 days ago
She forgot to pull out her lip injection syringe
viktoria winfield
viktoria winfield 2 days ago
What’s the camera she had
Alba H. Quiroz
Alba H. Quiroz 2 days ago
Please subtitulos
nancysaldana13 2 days ago
I refuse to believe that she only uses products of her brand hahah
need another purse closettt!!!
Finja Schieferdecker
Finja Schieferdecker 2 days ago
Wow you are soo beautiful 😍
Haneen Duais
Haneen Duais 2 days ago
it should have been called promoting me and my sisters stuff
zainab naqvi
zainab naqvi 2 days ago
shes so calm and i feel like its thats very nice to be around people like her when something serious is going on, or if stormi is being cranky.
Mz.NoneYa Buzinezz
Mz.NoneYa Buzinezz 2 days ago
If my son ever called me by my 1st name I'd get that a$$. Momma dont play that. Why is everything kylie this isnt WHATS IN MY BAG THIS IS HEY CHECK OUT AND BUY WHATS IN MY BAG LOL
Gabriella Hernandez
Gabriella Hernandez 2 days ago
The background looks like a green screen...lol
Fabiha Memon
Fabiha Memon 2 days ago
More like promoting my products for 8 minutes straight
Himanshi Diwan
Himanshi Diwan 2 days ago
Don't you get bored naming oeverythimg Kylie 😂
N N 2 days ago
Ugly looking 👍
Ana Luiza Ramos
Ana Luiza Ramos 2 days ago
Não to entendendo nada kkk - algum brasileiro 🤔
Bronze Butterfly
Bronze Butterfly 2 days ago
Name him bean
Reyyan 2 days ago
Kylie : *wears a mask with KYLIE on it* Also kylie : YoU wOuLd NeVeR kNoW iTs mE
Gabbie Bekele
Gabbie Bekele 2 days ago
" we are adults and we do adult things " - kylie jenner 2020
B Y123
B Y123 2 days ago
adult things🥶
Brace Michell
Brace Michell 2 days ago
Did you leave any perfume in the bottle😄
Sizwe Mhlongo
Sizwe Mhlongo 2 days ago
Kylie looks rich af
The pooh gang
The pooh gang 2 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼Love kylie watch my channel her all new unseen videos 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼🌼
Ânnyka Barbosa
Ânnyka Barbosa 2 days ago
Só eu q assisto sem entender nada🤦‍♀️
Nameless 2 days ago
I rather see u share what u have in your soul and heart.. your bags of dreams for your family and the world beyond the pursuit of materials attachments to the world🐚🙌🏽☀️😘🕊💕
Sen Bolo
Sen Bolo 2 days ago
Sprays 80 times then says 1234
ania999 ladyhawk
ania999 ladyhawk 2 days ago
The whole video is about selling and selling, funny that the whole product looks like new ... Pls
퍼니영틴 3 days ago
She is so gorgeous
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 3 days ago
I love Uno too! Girl great closet btw
genesis Cisneros
genesis Cisneros 3 days ago
This video was like literally just a promotional video ... she literally was advertising 20 things that haven’t came out yet lol😂💀
Xue Yan Xie
Xue Yan Xie 3 days ago
Akasha Andrea's
Akasha Andrea's 3 days ago
Love The Video 🌈🌠 Please Show Some Love To My Channel💛🌻💛🌻🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖🌻🌻💛💛.
swage 2 days ago
how about like um no
que bonitas cuando esta juntas
no name
no name 3 days ago
Her body looks great but her face is ugly
ZION MUSIC 3 days ago
Nadie a la español y inglés
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