NoCap - IN 4 [Official Music Video]

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10 months ago

NoCap - IN 4
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Yolanda Bonner
Yolanda Bonner Day ago
Deon Gladden
Deon Gladden 8 days ago
this song just fuking lyrical
money machine
money machine 8 days ago
" Slim left That's why I tote my gun on my right hip " took me till 2020 to catch that
Andrew Verdugo
Andrew Verdugo 9 days ago
“I need yall to stop comparing me your favorite rapper flow for me these rappers not approaching me but i heard its smoke with me” is that a lil baby diss?
Jon Tate
Jon Tate 14 days ago
Big Dog
Big Dog 14 days ago
Mr. Draco
Mr. Draco 26 days ago
*might have some babies in yo crib cause we gon come inside* while typing this i heard 10. More bars I wanted to type but too much heat
20enty3 28 days ago
Cap can sing fr 🔥
Jared Sour
Jared Sour 28 days ago
Everything aint good I wanna see better things 💯
PUSH Studios Akron
PUSH Studios Akron 29 days ago
Man that “Overtime” at the end 😳🤯. I’m funkin wit u Cap 💯. All I been rocking ‼️
Jamal Lawrence
Jamal Lawrence 29 days ago
No cap this is really my fav artist
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore Month ago
street code police patrolling, called , obvious stalking gets reported understand...Depopulate
Zackk Hicks
Zackk Hicks Month ago
“you gon have to fake your death 💀 im telling u 4 real it’s gon get that real🗣💯”
Kendall Carter
Kendall Carter Month ago
Fucc bars ... Kobe the barcode
King Tae
King Tae Month ago
Banger 🔥🔥🔥
Dennis Month ago
CHELSEA S Month ago
He Too RAW !
Fav song oat
India Byrd
India Byrd Month ago
Will never stop hyping my boy 😍🔥🦅
lillock16 Month ago
No cap top 5 n Alabama 🚫🧢
J-Xtreme Beats
J-Xtreme Beats Month ago
2:55 Overtime Out Now🐐
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Month ago
I get jail vibes from this song
Bkig A
Bkig A Month ago
I listen to NoCap so much I’m starting to miss Duke, Slim and Fred my damn self 🥴
Official Ten9Trell
Official Ten9Trell Month ago
One of the realist in the game ni🗣️💯
Goofy B
Goofy B Month ago
Looks like the beach on Galveston Texas 💯💯
Shaady Month ago
“ we want yo casket closed cause all we know is open fire “
Devin Hoe
Devin Hoe Month ago
“MustDie like a armpit”😭😭yoooo
FloridaBoiiKennyy Month ago
Im In 2 Though I Give You Some Of This In4 (Info) 😂😂🔥
Percy Moton
Percy Moton Month ago
I shine with no problem that's why they really hate me
Percy Moton
Percy Moton Month ago
This is a verse out the Bible the whole song capxouds
Nayvadius Wilburn
Nayvadius Wilburn Month ago
LMAOOOO so rly nobody gonna talk about video?
MoonlightSherbert 2 months ago
Did he drop that song at the end yet?
Rodriquez Rose
Rodriquez Rose 2 months ago
Young Cutta
Young Cutta 2 months ago
Dominic Joseph
Dominic Joseph 2 months ago
With this stick boxem right in the corner boy keep talking dat shit
2kdread Head
2kdread Head 2 months ago
Peopel do listen to cap or rylo cause they aint able to catch the punchlines so they just be sittin dere like 😐
Ro Br
Ro Br Month ago
Devonte Williams
Devonte Williams 2 months ago
I kno dat shit by heart
Yvonne Brown
Yvonne Brown 2 months ago
Latrell Lowe
Latrell Lowe 2 months ago
Ok... So, Tobias Harris & Roddy rich
JAYD BANDS 2 months ago
Hi oaHannah’s End S Smskens W A A A Smms
Jamie Stumkat
Jamie Stumkat 3 months ago
promised neverland op
TM Fendii
TM Fendii 3 months ago
only real fans know overtime is in the end
Aqrmoney 3 months ago
7 month I’ve waited for the song at the end to drop 🗣🗣🗣🗣
AtlHoncho 3 months ago
Young Pooh3
Young Pooh3 3 months ago
Follow me on instagram @youngpooh_3 mixtape coming soon
Prince Johnson
Prince Johnson 3 months ago
Who is back here because he dropped the song at the end??? It’s called Overtime on his new tape called STEEL HUMAN.
MQ the Goat “HoodRoxkStar”
MQ the Goat “HoodRoxkStar” 15 days ago
@UnosBento good looking out 💯💯😈✊🏾
Ray Okay
Ray Okay 15 days ago
Bro thank you 🙏🏾 😂
UnosBento 27 days ago
MQtheGoat hell yea peeping ur latest upload it’s fire keep grinding g
MQ the Goat “HoodRoxkStar”
MQ the Goat “HoodRoxkStar” 27 days ago
@UnosBento yeah I about to rap off that beat
UnosBento 27 days ago
MQtheGoat oh fr? That songs a banger one of my favorites fs
Dan 3 months ago
no cap got the best punch lines in da game
Nicholas Witt
Nicholas Witt 3 months ago
Cap otw 🚫🧢
Mulli sway S
Mulli sway S 3 months ago
Af3ka On top
Af3ka On top 3 months ago
What’s the song at the end
Prince Johnson
Prince Johnson 3 months ago
Af3ka Unit3 thank god it just dropped last night. It’s called Overtime on Steel Human 💯
PRJ 3 months ago
“Ya dead homie sumthin i don’t kno about, but if his killer go to jail ima try n bail him out” 😭😭
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 3 months ago
No cap got the wave n so underrated need more music too flood em wit. 💯
Kalan Burden
Kalan Burden 3 months ago
what’s the snippet at the end called ?? somebody holla at me if you know it 💪🏾
Lucio Perez
Lucio Perez 3 months ago
TDarius Taylor
TDarius Taylor 3 months ago
Check out my No Cap Type Beat. I promise you won't be disappointed🎶🔥❗
Supreme 1k
Supreme 1k 3 months ago
“Might have some baby’s in your crib cause we gone cum inside” 🤦🏾‍♂️
Keandra Grant
Keandra Grant 3 months ago
spader2x 3 months ago
What’s the song at the end ?
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 3 months ago
No Cap 🤲🐐
Benjamin Fleming
Benjamin Fleming 3 months ago
Idgaf who says what about cap that niggga forever the goat watch his come up never gonna stop his verses be over all these niggas heads
C. Burch
C. Burch 3 months ago
before i go broke like joc
Backennds Burner
Backennds Burner 4 months ago
So many punchlines in this song
Smith Longtime
Smith Longtime 4 months ago
Richard Helton
Richard Helton 4 months ago
What’s the song at the end ⁉️⁉️⁉️
Mally Bandz
Mally Bandz 4 months ago
This shit too hardd🔥🔥
Cooleycool Yvngking
Cooleycool Yvngking 4 months ago
1 of my favorite songs CAP🔥🔥🤘🏾💚
trulyundeniable 4 months ago
REALLY RIDE WITH 9S I wont pred🤯
HotBoi Shmo9XX
HotBoi Shmo9XX 4 months ago
MT LonelyGang
MT LonelyGang 4 months ago
I drop my first video lmk what y’all think
Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen 4 months ago
Omm i grabbed my glocc and shot my momma a text
bam dumbway
bam dumbway 4 months ago
Is the song at the end out?
FineAzz Beeyah
FineAzz Beeyah 4 months ago
Super easy with that outfit on
Jrome H.
Jrome H. 4 months ago
“slim left, that’s why i tote this gin on my right hip” 🤯🤯
Keem Gunna
Keem Gunna 4 months ago
Where is he from?
Green Beam King
Green Beam King 4 months ago
Timothy Demings
Timothy Demings 4 months ago
Tell him if Dey tryna kill me tell em it want be easy
King Block
King Block 4 months ago
Free Nocap 🔥🔥🔥
Tj Johnson
Tj Johnson 4 months ago
anybody know what the song is at the end of the video😭
Sheldon Tizon
Sheldon Tizon 3 months ago
SPIKE EALY 4 months ago
His choice of beats 🔊are classic ... He’s Very underrated... 🔥🎤🔥 ❌🧢
Fbg Thunda
Fbg Thunda 4 months ago
“Yo dead homies something I don’t know about, if yo killa go to jail ima try to bond em out”🔥🔥💣
Clout Drilla
Clout Drilla 4 months ago
whats the song at the end
Yung Swisha
Yung Swisha 4 months ago
Real ones know about them polo T shirts fr 😂💯
Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter 4 months ago
Aye wats dat song called at the end
Alex Rooks
Alex Rooks 3 months ago
PLUGTY 2 3 months ago
Your Mother nigga it’s gone be on steel human
Your Mother
Your Mother 3 months ago
PLUGTY 2 then what’s it called bro bc it’s definitely not in the hood Dictionary
PLUGTY 2 3 months ago
fortuna sandaire its on da album
fortuna sandaire
fortuna sandaire 4 months ago
waiting on him to drop that already he playing
Yasmine Rogers
Yasmine Rogers 4 months ago
Underrated 💯🔥
Day Gunn
Day Gunn 4 months ago
It’s gone get that real....
Jackson Fromm
Jackson Fromm 4 months ago
“This morning I brushed my teeth I grabbed my glock off the hotel stand” “Shot my momma”
Keondrick Solomon
Keondrick Solomon 4 months ago
What’s the name of the snippet at the end?
Tyus Mcafee
Tyus Mcafee 4 months ago
This his hardest song hands down
mason mansito margiela
mason mansito margiela 4 months ago
Every bar in this song is a quote
Glenesha’s Paradise
Glenesha’s Paradise 5 months ago
Hubby bae
xzavier harris
xzavier harris 5 months ago
Song at the end?
Remy Bucs
Remy Bucs 5 months ago
Really ride wit 9’s I don’t pretend (pre-ten) Really ride wit 9’s I don’t pretend (pre-teen) (age). No cap is the Goat 🐐 I know that went over heads..
YatesWildOfficial 3 months ago
Remy Bucs yu wrong he talmbout guns
Charles Knox
Charles Knox 5 months ago
What song was that at the end ? It’s out yet ?
Jefe Dre
Jefe Dre 5 months ago
Goat 🐐
Branden McLean
Branden McLean 5 months ago
I gotta slim bitch but that ain’t my bitch, don’t even know why I mentioned this 😂😂
Samuel Koster
Samuel Koster 5 months ago
free cap, big love bruv.
Y Gee
Y Gee 5 months ago
Inside of me still broke
Troy Layne
Troy Layne 5 months ago
It’s so easy to lose like car keys
Play4Keeps Gaming
Play4Keeps Gaming 5 months ago
What song at the end
Jacob Overhead
Jacob Overhead 5 months ago
Gets better every time... Nocap bless you
Kream Beezy
Kream Beezy 5 months ago
The Video skit at the End Hitt 🔥🔥🔥🤧
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