Ashen Winds: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

12 days ago

Ashen Winds blaze through the Sea of Thieves! Flameheart's long-serving general have started to re-appear through the seas, are you brave enough to tackle the Ashen Lords? Take down these fiery foes and you'll be able to get your hook on the new Ashen Winds Skull for some personal pyrotechnics! Or you could just throw in that quest for booty and just curl up with an Ashen Curse pet, up to you.
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toastbaum 2 hours ago
Laughs in Creator Crew
Kirstie Bird
Kirstie Bird 9 hours ago
waiit i just thought of a thing private arena. cmon rare.
Sam Wood
Sam Wood 14 hours ago
in the next update can you make the devil's roar a new spawn location?
Josef K
Josef K 16 hours ago
Give pets a happiness meter or something so their reactions change the more bad or good things you do to them. Idk kind of like training your pet. Either that or pet commands to annoy other players or take small loot. Maybe that's a bit too much but still would be cool.
gameplays yoav
gameplays yoav 18 hours ago
your'e Game suck sea of thieves!
Gabby Musallet
Gabby Musallet Day ago
I would play this game again if I didn’t get chased by some idiots for an hour everytime I get on😐
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
Dixy normas booii
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
It had a stiffy
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
That volcano had an ejaculation
David Jimenez Garcia
David Jimenez Garcia Day ago
Voy a dejar de jugar, esta lleno de tramposos con vida infinita y autoapuntado, comunidad de pc cheaters
Warmindking 2 days ago
*Looking for some new crews to play with! My old one got busy and can’t play anymore. Xbox, drop your GT and I’ll play with you!*
MiniPuff-Gaming 2 days ago
When the fire nation attacks
Jonah T
Jonah T 2 days ago
Add a Whip as a weapon that can be used as a grappling hook and can bring Skeletons and players closer to you and that does 15% Damage
Jonah T
Jonah T 2 days ago
I mean by grappling hook as it can hook on to masts and you can swing from them
Rinostrike 2 days ago
Please add new sea monsters we all want it or new ships please the kraken and meg and sharks are real cool but we want like giant killing whales or levithian
Shlan Games
Shlan Games 2 days ago
Me on an island: Why do I hear boss music? The Island: **HAHA FIRE TORNADO GO BURRRR**
NO no oyun
NO no oyun 2 days ago
ill bet those ashen shits will be more powerful than flameheart
the Super S.N.
the Super S.N. 2 days ago
AE Pulsar
AE Pulsar 3 days ago
Still waiting for PVE servers. More player options is always the best options a dev can make. Let me play PVE when in a solo lobby when my friends arnt on, then go to pvp when my friends are on. Give me the option!
Mike Animates stick figures
Mike Animates stick figures 3 days ago
I love all of this but are there going to to whirlpools I wanna reenact the battle from pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end
Xeltr 3 days ago
I wish I had sea of thieves
EPICTURTLLE 3 days ago
Any1 else take forever to kill these guys?
Stream Fandom
Stream Fandom 3 days ago
“Content” update
Mike G
Mike G 3 days ago
outfits for your freaking cat... lmao and I thought this game jumped the shark a year ago.
Shaun Belcher
Shaun Belcher 3 days ago
If evil merfolk get added, I have an idea for a new loot item: The Tsunami Skull. It’s essentially just a sea-themed counterpart to the ashen winds skull, firing a high-pressure jet of water, dealing a bit of damage and insane knockback. Most importantly, it can be used to fill a ship with water, just as quickly as a chest of sorrow.
Greyson Hamill
Greyson Hamill 3 days ago
You need to add a very rare sea monster, like Cthulhu
Austin yoakum
Austin yoakum 3 days ago
chief keef
Havexx 3 days ago
They gotta add bounties. The higher the level the higher the bounty.
Spud nic
Spud nic 3 days ago
Looks good! Still waiting for an update that isnt a kill collect copy paste.
mugoftoothpaste 3 days ago
I really want those sails but I'm sick of getting betrayed by alliances
Graviton 3 days ago
1:07 who's idea was it to add in alduin
TheWarriorPizza !
TheWarriorPizza ! 4 days ago
Why the Skeleton fetish Rare ? Only skeletons, on skeletons on skeletons
shakeem bracey
shakeem bracey 4 days ago
When is it going to be come third person
jayblondi 4 days ago
What about fort of the dammed
PAID WINNER 4 days ago
Hitter no even fixed
luis enrique Dias
luis enrique Dias 4 days ago
when the hitreg update tho?
Joey Reid
Joey Reid 4 days ago
Upvote if they should add a huge crocodile that can be found in a new swamp islands
Chris Powell
Chris Powell 5 days ago
Content update : fire
Hammy Jordan
Hammy Jordan 5 days ago
Bring sea of thieves to ps4 and ps5
Lucca Barbosa
Lucca Barbosa 5 days ago
Your game is a joke! 2 years and you guys still focus on COSMETICS???!!!! pvp is BROKEN! What in the hell is this forever black loading screen? Hitreg is THE WORST! Boarding other ships should be at least difficult but now the pvp resumes in boarding.
spruce badger
spruce badger 5 days ago
1:33 Pyro mains be like
Love's Fire
Love's Fire 5 days ago
Bb Hh
Bb Hh 5 days ago
Thing with rid game is that the community is toxic
GT Jah
GT Jah 5 days ago
You should bring some type of base building like 1 island per player and you could raid them for they loot then this game will be one of the best games ever
Suc a Dick Mr
Suc a Dick Mr 5 days ago
Would be dope with an Asian style update with Samurai Swords, Chinese/Japanese Pirate Ships which where floating castles and some Asian sea legends as mobs :D
Yeetan Gunter sphek
Yeetan Gunter sphek 5 days ago
This game needs new weapons ship upgrades or maybe like some type of business not more boring cosmetics
Pedro Wit Dat Draco
Pedro Wit Dat Draco 5 days ago
I wish waves have a possibility to sink your ship like it can roll over and sink
SomixBlue 5 days ago
Poz svima koji su sa Balkana ko me treba aktivan diskord sa Balkanskim piratima. LINK je kod mene na video na ovom kanalu hvala i posetite nas
SomixBlue 5 days ago
U need sold 25 skull and ten u need buy sails
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 days ago
So I sold the skull and never got the sails is this a bug or am I doing something wrong
Crazy Cookie
Crazy Cookie 5 days ago
Once the next monthly update comes out can you still play this one
Katus Game
Katus Game 5 days ago
Plz ps4
Lene Smed
Lene Smed 5 days ago
ther is a bok that makes my schip spin around, when I finishes a quest or just random.
Murfter 7
Murfter 7 5 days ago
this is an awesome update, but what about things like scrubbing decks and death penalty? A good thing for death penalty is this: 1st sink: ship swaps close to death spot on an island, perfectly fine 2nd sink: ship spawn far away from death spot on an island and has less resources 3rd sink: ship spawn very far away on an island and is damaged and has less resources 4th sink: ship spawn very far away on an island and is very badly damaged with very little resources 5th sink: the crew spawn on an far away island with a new type of map showing which outpost their ship is on and which direction it is in and a rowboat that they must take to that outpost to find their badly damaged and has little resources once the ship is reached, the process repeats I think the death penalty would be better to not be a death penalty but more a ship penalty But this is a bit harsh so it would be better if you only go down a level if your ship is sunk by a player but if something like a Skelton or ghost ship sinks you: your ship spawn on whatever level your on (If it reset every time you got sunk by ai, it could be abused)
Aruna de Groot
Aruna de Groot 5 days ago
Still there is nothing to actually spend the money on.. I can't be the only one who thinks this? This game is completely centered around money, making money, stealing money, yet besides a new look for my cannons there is really nothing to spend it on. Honestly, that is the only reason I don't play this anymore, there is no reason to do anything, because there is no goal to work towards. And telling me to 'make my own fun' is just a shitty excuse for the fact that this game is empty. Honestly, If they were to add ANYTHING to spend money on besides a new colour for my sails then you'd attract alot more players. Even if they would add new ships that you'd need to buy. Different cultural designs for the existing ships, that would already be something i'd grind for, and then play.
Jip Hoeijmans
Jip Hoeijmans 5 days ago
Hey sea of Thieves i had aan idea mayby you van by the ship custumize give Your ship a name
Late Pekkis
Late Pekkis 5 days ago
That is an amazing update. Can there are title, when you get all commendations, you complete it.
anthony rodriguez
anthony rodriguez 6 days ago
I'm so glad I stopped playing this game like I use to. I only play for about 2 hours and just hope I can get a skull. So far only 1 skull and there is 18 more days to go. Thanks for nothing again!
Kalil Trepagnier
Kalil Trepagnier 6 days ago
If you ever do a halo colab again you should add a covenant ship style and arbiter and spartan armor, weapon and instrument skins.
Nick Wizz
Nick Wizz 6 days ago
looks sick
F por andretroll4 YT
F por andretroll4 YT 6 days ago
take it out for ps4 please
Tyler Warren
Tyler Warren 6 days ago
I would like it but you can't even do it without getting killed by other players what's the point?
mixio hili
mixio hili 6 days ago
I need friends 😔
Agusto_Abel 6 days ago
Please add more npcs, thr islands are desolated 😂, buen trabajo rare, me encanta este juego!!! 😍
Rev Lite
Rev Lite 6 days ago
i may have to purchase this game soon, its starting to look good
Rev Lite
Rev Lite 6 days ago
@mixio hili I like the first person only, full immersion for me
mixio hili
mixio hili 6 days ago
Still wish there was 3rd person
Bossassassin 806
Bossassassin 806 6 days ago
So I sold the skull and never got the sails is this a bug or am I doing something wrong
Reveion 6 days ago
You guys should also add in more to the sea like whales, dolphins, crabs really anything to make the game feel more alive
Nemanja Brankovic
Nemanja Brankovic 6 days ago
Sony 4
Reveion 6 days ago
Why don’t you add in a new enemy type other then skeletons and like new world bosses like the kraken and megalodon
Алеся Ивлева
Алеся Ивлева 6 days ago
Rare, please, if you hear me, tell me... When we will receive skeleton cosmetics and outfits. I think it would be much better than tattoos that we have now. Imagine how cool would be wearing outfit ot the boss you have killed! Or maybe you can create something like skeleton suit or curse that can make you look like a skeleton !
TobiasAmu 6 days ago
i love you, and i love this game
BigEthanGaming 6 days ago
No playing with fire skeletons
TheCheesnadian 6 days ago
An update I’d love to see is one where you somehow incorporate keys into the game. Maybe a bunch of copies are discovered to exist. Or maybe they are stolen. You could add an extra part of a mission where you could go find the key and get more gold, but face a difficult challenge.
Darius Silaghi
Darius Silaghi 6 days ago
I'm so glad to see these updates! But what do you think about my update idea? I would a new company, some kind of police thingy: If you sink another ship, which is as as big as you or smaller, a police brigantine could spawn near you, which would of course attack you. If you sink the police ship, you get it's decent loot. If you fight with this ship too much, (something like 8 minutes) it will call help: 2 police sloops and a police galleon. In a hard fight, you defeat them, you get tons and tons of loot, and if you were lucky enough and you first sunk a player ship with good loot, plus the first police brig, plus the 3 helper ships, you can get like 70-80k... Also, you get some reaper reputation if you sink a lot of police boats. But! If you can't sink the 3 helper ships in 15 minutes or maybe 20-25, I don't know, your reputation will go down at 3 random trading companies, depending on how much have you been over the 15-20-25 (idontknow) minute mark. If you sink during the battle, nothing happens. IMO the best spawn rates of the first police brigantine: As a reaper's bones emissary, the help of the brigantine will come earlier If you're not a reaper's bones emissary: Shores of plenty 20% The ancient isles 15% The wilds 10% Near the Reaper's hideout and in the Devil's roar: 0% Also If you ring the bell (this would give some use for it) you call the police. If you manage to keep the ship who attacked you in a close proximity, the police will attack them, if they sink, you get their loot + some police reputation, But if it's a false alarm or they manage to flee away then you get attacked by the police brigantine and it goes from the beginning. You can become a police emissary, this way you hear and see other's alarms with the bell on the map, and if you help them, you get reputation, And you have to sink reaper's bones ships. But if you go near the reaper's hideout, reaper's ships (with bots, not players, something like skelly ships but more black) will attack you Also these black ships will circle around the hideout, making it harder for non reaper emissaries to reach the hideout. And a small thing: you could add ropes, this way you can cut the bells of other ships, and you can repair harpoons and bells woth ropes. What do you think?
Allen Savoie
Allen Savoie 6 days ago
Fix your game hit reg sucks they say there going to make it better but they really don't care.if they did it would not take all my ammo to kill a guy with no sucks.every update they say say there going to make it better but don't.there banning system friend got banned because someone was on a alt account using hacks and they replaced the i with a 1 and my friend got permanently banned plz fix your game one of the worst to exist there is to much wrong with it.i'll get back into the game when they fix it
Jacob Bender
Jacob Bender 6 days ago
Rare, Let. Us. Name. Our. Boats.
Milo DaSandwich
Milo DaSandwich 6 days ago
Please British armada :)
Jakub Mamiak
Jakub Mamiak 6 days ago
bigbazza overwatch
bigbazza overwatch 6 days ago
Ye iknow
Alastor 6 days ago
Can’t wait to sink somebody’s ship and steal their booty
Matt Damon
Matt Damon 7 days ago
Still wish there was 3rd person
Hypo 7 days ago
Me : Oh cool a new update.... Also me : Huh.. fire again.. ice will be great sometimes.
Ash3 7 days ago
why did I click on this... I don’t even have this game
Ash3 6 days ago
Cool. I have a pc but I don’t think I’m gonna buy this
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 6 days ago
I don’t have sea of thieves or the ability to play it but I still watch these videos I’m trying to save up for a pc to join the fight
Blitz Channel
Blitz Channel 7 days ago
Вместо расширения карты и геймплейных возможностей игры, они выпускают очередной данж с кастомизацией, СБАСИБО RARE ЗА ТО ЧТО НЕ ДЕЛАЕТЕ НИЧЕГО...
daCFniel 7 days ago
1:01 Pit Lord from Heroes V :D
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah 7 days ago
What happened to skull forts?
Depraved Raphi
Depraved Raphi 7 days ago
Yea Yea... More Skullies more useless quests and money taking Animal Customs... What about a new Tall Tale?? 5 Months without new Content.
Nizzle Prizzle
Nizzle Prizzle 7 days ago
This is honestly one of the most disappointing updates I’ve ever played. Every time I get on the event isn’t spawned and doesn’t spawn the entire time I’m playing. No fun.
Golden Magikarp
Golden Magikarp 6 days ago
There can only be 1 event up at a time. Try clearing the one up or serverhop. It doesnt take long to find one.
Levon McClam
Levon McClam 7 days ago
I have a question if somebody can answer it I noticed there's been several occasions whenever I see loot in the water like barrels floating and some occasions I ran over them or ran through them and it's like there's this explosion it just blows holes all of my boat I don't know if I'm running over the gunpowder Barrel or just Barrels in general can somebody tell me whether it's either gunpowder barrels that I'm running over thats causing explosions or just regular barrels thanks
A English mail BOX
A English mail BOX 4 days ago
Gunpowder barrels
Levon McClam
Levon McClam 7 days ago
There seems to be a lot of occasions where there's people that likes to park at the Reapers Ridge where you get the reaper chest and take it to sell it,people like to park there boats around that area to steal the Reapers chest from others as they come up it makes it almost not worth going after the Reapers chest and ive talk to a lot of people about that and that's why there's not as many people going out to the Reapers chest
Golden Magikarp
Golden Magikarp 6 days ago
It rarely happens to me and whole point of the chest is that its risky to pick up and sell.
FaUsToS IsHere
FaUsToS IsHere 7 days ago
I personally have fear of the Waters and sharks/krakens but i dont think that staying at the surface will help. If you swim to an enemy ship in the surface, you are dead. Plus you will miss good loot from underwater ships, the best thing you can do is face it.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 7 days ago
It’s about time flameheart stopped relying on his weak spooky ships that just sail around while he’s up in the sky watching like he’s playing the sims
burgergames 007
burgergames 007 7 days ago
We need it for the ps4 ps5
Atticus X
Atticus X 7 days ago
man this game was a disappointment. I wanted so much to love it but it let me down
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 7 days ago
encounter, I slowly pulled my ship around the corner of the island and caught them by surprise, opening fire with an anchorball and then cannonballs, they tried to board and
TeleTorben 7 days ago
Хорошо ))
Roman Linke
Roman Linke 7 days ago
Sea of thieves sucks ass. I would love to refund this junk and spend the money on shoes that dont fit.
Joker on Weed
Joker on Weed 7 days ago
Finaly more enemy types
Tadomeki RR
Tadomeki RR 7 days ago
Reminds me of SIVA
Kpowgaming 7 days ago
I don’t have sea of thieves or the ability to play it but I still watch these videos I’m trying to save up for a pc to join the fight
Moonlight Reaper
Moonlight Reaper 7 days ago
Wish this would come to ps4!
zane 7 days ago
me and my friends cashed in an ashen winds skull but haven't unlocked the ashen wind sails as it says in this video at 2:06. anybody got a clue why?
A English mail BOX
A English mail BOX 4 days ago
I think you have to do it 25 times
Shrek Fiona
Shrek Fiona 8 days ago
They should add a dunkelosteus
MonteX 8 days ago
Finally some new bosses
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