7 Games You Need To Play If You're New To PS4

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5 months ago

Recently joined the PS4 family? Maybe you've just bought a shiny new console, or there's been one in your house for ages and you're trying it our for the first time? Well here are 7 games you need to play! Regular viewers please stick your own suggestions in the comments!
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onglogman 6 hours ago
whats the music at 11:27 ??
nav-een alpha
nav-een alpha Day ago
All these games are free in November ps plus. This makes me wonder if he knew this and was paid by sony to increase sales before giving away for free.
QxYchino 2 days ago
people who had a ps4 for years, _>
jekim1990 2 days ago
mo_ Mgr
mo_ Mgr 2 days ago
I will never buy bloodborne
mo_ Mgr
mo_ Mgr 2 days ago
Uncharted 4 and gow 4, are must haves. Anything else meh detroit wss not as good as i hoped horizon is now on pc thanks to sony (so much for exclusivity)
adam hagerty
adam hagerty 2 days ago
Nothing beats bloodborne even after 5 years
Yash Raz
Yash Raz 3 days ago
1:38 idk why was expecting aloy to jump off the cliff and deploy the fortnite glider😂
Gabriel Gala
Gabriel Gala 7 days ago
Detroit Become Human? Witcher 3?Assassin's Creed anyone?.... you let out some huge games in the detriment of Dreams(??!!)
hardy gaurji
hardy gaurji 9 days ago
Tell me that where is all the exclusive of PS4
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 10 days ago
I'm looking for a new game to play. Just recently finished ghost of tsushima and ff7 remake (both amazing). Now I need help deciding between red dead redemption 2 or horizon zero dawn.. which one should I play first before ps5 is released?
samee 7 days ago
That completely depends on what gamer you are
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 10 days ago
God of war..what a game..a masterpiece. God of war > witcher 3
fardeen sunny
fardeen sunny 10 days ago
Then what about red dead redemption 2 bro!!!!
namjeev kirubagaran
namjeev kirubagaran 14 days ago
Where’s rdr2 gone??
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 17 days ago
Where is days Goan?
Dule Pacov
Dule Pacov 24 days ago
No Rdr2??
Koopi Aceh
Koopi Aceh 27 days ago
bloodborne 😂
Julius Xiong
Julius Xiong 27 days ago
Am i the only one who just can't get Horizon?
Shanu Arora
Shanu Arora 27 days ago
Red dead redemption 2 is the best game ever.
Jaap Stam
Jaap Stam 28 days ago
I've never played Bloodborne !!
Brandon P
Brandon P 29 days ago
I’m going to get my first PS4 games when I get a PS5. Going with horizon, red dead 2, uncharted, god of war, bloodborn, god of war, dark souls 3, Jedi Fallen Order, and Ratchet and Clank
Raizen Lim
Raizen Lim Month ago
I love the recommendations.thanks.
Matthew Starfish
Matthew Starfish Month ago
No mention of the amazing Uncharted games, PlayStation is just that good. I wish the opposition were this good, competition is good for everyone.
Zr0 Kuol
Zr0 Kuol Month ago
Its 2020....WHO THE (F) is new to ps4....lamo! Click bait....👎
Hans Martin
Hans Martin Month ago
Nope , the right game list is God of War , Sekiro , Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice , Bloodbourne , Marvels Spider Man , Uncharted 4 , Horizon zero dawn.
Stephen Urso
Stephen Urso Month ago
Blood borne and nioh we're my favorite exclusives until recently now it's ghost of tsushima and nioh2!
Bob Jhon
Bob Jhon Month ago
For anyone looking for more ideas, as of writing this I've "beaten" 2 quantic dreams games, these games are perfect for new players because they are ridiculously easy to play, mostly QuickTime events, but it can help you learn the controls like the face buttons, which until recently i had trouble remembering
Amanda Stauffer
Amanda Stauffer Month ago
God of war destroy ur CPU
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner Month ago
Gta left the group
David Woelke
David Woelke Month ago
I enjoy my Assassins Creed: Odyssey so much
HAMMER Rock GAMING P2 Month ago
Don't care about ps5 ps4 still gonna remain the best console ever
neil lynch
neil lynch Month ago
Wow ricket league, no way out and dreams are you kidding us ? Really no gta or rdr2 or witcher 3 ? But those ? Was this an april fools joke ? Or where you paid ? Just when my opinion of reviewers couldn't get any lower this ? The Stupidest list ever !!!!!!
The Real Beetlejuice
The Real Beetlejuice Month ago
John Kesisiklis
John Kesisiklis Month ago
Guess I'm buying God of War. Thanks!!!! BOOOOOOYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!
Ivory Oxide
Ivory Oxide Month ago
God of war is a masterpiece from the gods
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson Month ago
Only game ive played on this list is Resident Evil 2 remake
sunny days
sunny days Month ago
Red dead redemption 2 and God of war are hands down the best games I have ever played.
shankar iyer
shankar iyer Month ago
Arkham series, amazing spider man
Patrick HD
Patrick HD Month ago
I recommend cuphead to any ps4 beginner! Thank me later
Son Of Paul
Son Of Paul Month ago
Detroit: Become Human is actually a very good game and definitely worth a play through. It’ll only take you about 10-15 hours too
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