We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #84

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Month ago

barry the goat sanders lugggggss his monster peen onto the field to embarrass this man.. is that enough to secure the bag tho? find out today babbyyyy
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Chris Machado
Chris Machado 3 days ago
Pylon hit didn’t count
Cooke Wollan
Cooke Wollan 14 days ago
Why does the text sound go off
Nick 29 days ago
It sucks that Matt is so unfunny now
Michele Nelson
Michele Nelson 29 days ago
Can you do a Jonathan Taylor vid pls
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Month ago
The pylon push should count
Lunar Ch1ll
Lunar Ch1ll Month ago
The pylon didn’t actually fall, it just slid so technically you didn’t complete the challenge 😂
GBPacker 101
GBPacker 101 Month ago
I created my own Wheel Of Mut but because I play offline i did Wheel Of Franchise. It’s such a great idea. I created legends like Barry, bo, pat willis and i do the same thing but in franchise
GBPacker 101
GBPacker 101 Month ago
Plus i have watched every single wheel of mut
Trying to hit 1,000 subs without any videos
Trying to hit 1,000 subs without any videos Month ago
Ew u put back berry I like him it’s just that everybody uses him and gets boring personal y I like power backs
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis Month ago
MMG wants to be a virgin for his hole life I guess
Dieter vonHarten
Dieter vonHarten Month ago
I count the pylon
Dilluminati Month ago
5:37 knocked over a pylon as ur talking about it you pleb schleb noob wiener fart wiener
Aiden Rund
Aiden Rund Month ago
5:36 the pylon got knocked over
J.P. Wamble
J.P. Wamble Month ago
Bro you can literally call Wheel of 2k "Wheel of NUT" because it's "NBA Ultimate Team"🤧
Cameron Mayea
Cameron Mayea Month ago
I’d definitely count that challenge
Creed Dobbs
Creed Dobbs Month ago
A was so open on his first 4th and 10
Xiro Is Broken
Xiro Is Broken Month ago
People that say the pylon counts because they didn't watch the whole vid🤣😂
Marco Cerise
Marco Cerise Month ago
The pylon fell over at 5:40
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Month ago
Will Bennet
Will Bennet Month ago
5:39 pylon falls
Jerry Pratts Jr
Jerry Pratts Jr Month ago
What happened to him and Kaylee?
Michael Giuliano
Michael Giuliano Month ago
They broke up
Pierce Hayes
Pierce Hayes Month ago
Imagine spamming hb stretch every play????? Papa u r bum
Degosaures Month ago
Count the pylon
XxMW3 PRO187xx boss
XxMW3 PRO187xx boss Month ago
July 10th juice WRLD
Frederick Kravitz
Frederick Kravitz Month ago
He disrespects all giants fans
Olympia Winslow
Olympia Winslow Month ago
Dalvin Cook wants more playing time apparently with 2 rushes 4 yards
Dragon Shifter199
Dragon Shifter199 Month ago
Man who’s the chaotic fan putting the music in?
Joshua_Acevedo Month ago
When I saw Patrick Willis I knew the joke was coming 😂
Biqxr _
Biqxr _ Month ago
It counts
Vicious Child Abuser
Vicious Child Abuser Month ago
Is papa on steroids 😳
Jack Quinn
Jack Quinn Month ago
I didn’t know MMG69 is 28
kyle weston
kyle weston Month ago
Matt looks like he’s from jersey
Harvard Month ago
antisocialclub WH
antisocialclub WH Month ago
As a long time 49ers fan I support you using Willis
Erik Barbacci
Erik Barbacci Month ago
He should've replaced barry, trey edmunds plays way better than barry
Daniel Imas
Daniel Imas Month ago
ofc that counts
Joshua McLean Jr.
Joshua McLean Jr. Month ago
Who else thinks that mmg should do another TikTok video
Joshua McLean Jr.
Joshua McLean Jr. Month ago
Yo mmg I added you on TikTok add me back cause I got a TikTok that you should make a video about
Yung Prod
Yung Prod Month ago
I have a challenge it’s called the Seahawks challenge if u get inside the 10 yard line u can’t run u only have to pass also u can’t run with the qb
Sry4Nothingg GA
Sry4Nothingg GA Month ago
Does anybody know what the song at 0:36 is called?
Kwan Stewart
Kwan Stewart Month ago
Get back on 2k
Hugeniajafan69 Hugeniajafan69
Hugeniajafan69 Hugeniajafan69 Month ago
I used to watch your videos and eat tocos
Tyler Sherva
Tyler Sherva Month ago
I’m too high for the beginning🤣
Sebastian Rojas
Sebastian Rojas Month ago
Did he split with his gf
Evin Schultz
Evin Schultz Month ago
Never been this late on an MMG vid...sorry papa😢
Siege.Roosevelt Month ago
challenge wheel: put all your defensive x-factors on d-linemen
Noah Fritz
Noah Fritz Month ago
How much you weigh because you do be looking big papa
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper Month ago
Anybody know the playbooks mmg uses?
paint drinker
paint drinker Month ago
5:34 a pylon got knocked over
Grayson XL
Grayson XL Month ago
Please I’m so sick of barry and Lamar do not prestige them like if you agree
Payton Jameson
Payton Jameson Month ago
Challenge: complete a pitch
Xx ST0RMLEADER xX Month ago
Is it just me or did he only do one wheel spin then the challenge wheel
Vxnom Month ago
Did you and kaylee break up ?
David Beltran
David Beltran Month ago
XxstreetkidoxX 25
XxstreetkidoxX 25 Month ago
when are you gonna restock on merch I need a say no to premarital sex hoodie
Jaxson Todd
Jaxson Todd Month ago
You been liftin mmg?
Eli Hall-King
Eli Hall-King Month ago
U act like it’s hard to knock over the pylon
Chochi-Bo-Jangles Month ago
You should do a Wheel team of The tallest player at ever position. LIKE IF YOU AGREE, so he can see this!
Eli Alexander
Eli Alexander Month ago
why is there always a text noise in these...is he just trolling or what?
Jayden Rush
Jayden Rush Month ago
Upgrade dj.moore
Aaron Alvarez
Aaron Alvarez Month ago
Mmg has been shadow banned so hard Ea won’t let him knock over a pylon lmao 😂😭
Austin Justice
Austin Justice Month ago
pls use a different qb