The best and worst NBA shooters from everywhere on the floor | NBA on ESPN

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4 months ago

Carmelo Anthony may be a bucket on the baseline, but slide him up to the elbow and his percentages plummet. Kirk Goldsberry explains which NBA players were the most and least efficient from each zone on the court in the 2019-20 season, including LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard, Trae Young, Joel Embiid, LaMarcus Aldridge, Khris Middleton, P.J. Tucker, Buddy Hield, Devin Booker and more.
▶️Best & Worst shooters 2000s edition:
▶️Best & Worst shooters 2010s edition:
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ESPN 2 months ago
▶️Best & Worst shooters 2000s edition: ▶️Best & Worst shooters 2010s edition:
Raymond Cao
Raymond Cao 11 hours ago
Chris Nova
Chris Nova Day ago
Not surprised Julius Randle is here
Abdirahim Abdullahi
Abdirahim Abdullahi Day ago
Most accurate does not mean the best! If a person is making 100/155, that person is pretty accurate, but if another guy is making 400/650, there trying way more!
Elijah M
Elijah M 4 days ago
That's a bad shot, man.
Elmo 4 days ago
Let me make a lot of people mad real quick: Steph Currys the goat
A. Menites
A. Menites Day ago
He is the goat
Bestcop31 2
Bestcop31 2 4 days ago
where is curry man :/
Keith Igawa
Keith Igawa 8 days ago
Chris Middleton at said hey Like if u heard that
Restart 9 days ago
Steph Curry is the most dominant shooter in the NBA dummy
Fardeen Razif
Fardeen Razif 9 days ago
If mj played today, he would have been on top in every place on the court
Daryl Lyon
Daryl Lyon 9 days ago
10:41 14.1 percent is less than 1 for 7. If that's what he averages I can't imagine what is a cold shooting night for him
John Solo
John Solo 9 days ago
now I see why Russ and CP3 got traded
Keith Igawa
Keith Igawa 10 days ago
Why can’t he put Ben Simmons in every three pointer
Cían Perdisatt
Cían Perdisatt 6 days ago
You need to have over 200 attempts be able to qualify for a spot
Ashuai啊帅 11 days ago
Bruh where is curry mmh?
Savage Halt
Savage Halt 11 days ago
Ender Slayer
Ender Slayer 12 days ago
Where's curry???
MagKing 15 days ago
1:30 ????? Anybody else see that sus
A Name
A Name 15 days ago
So Ben Simmons is just a ghost?
TwiggyHD 17 days ago
ESPN love harden..
PerplexedMexican 17 days ago
I’m saying it right now Michell Robinson is gonna be one of the best centers in the league one day
Sad Edits
Sad Edits 18 days ago
Dont worry trae young will get there
Epic Legend
Epic Legend 18 days ago
Where tf is curry
Lukas Sundberg
Lukas Sundberg 18 days ago
Harden from 3
Mankitsu Happening
Mankitsu Happening 19 days ago
Its nice to see i.t. still playing well/decent
Parker Bai
Parker Bai 19 days ago
LeBron being the least efficient from the left baseline is wild because I can still remember him dropping a bank shot ftw against the Raps in 2018 from that spot.
Cameron Durham
Cameron Durham 19 days ago
When you got to the 3 point areas I was expecting curry from each spot
The OkieFijiMan
The OkieFijiMan 21 day ago
As an okie I will tell no matter how much talent OKC has it will be wasted :(
PsicoThing 22 days ago
Ok so now I am more convinced of two facts: Damian Lillard is the most underrated player in the nba and Stephen Curry is not the best shooter in the nba history at all. He is not even the best shooter nowadays.
Paohue Vang
Paohue Vang 20 days ago
The reason why Curry isn’t on here is because he missed most of the season with injury so he didn’t fit the criteria smh. And ofc Curry is the best shooter in NBA history. If you saw their other video about the best and worst shooters of the 2010’s, you would have seen that he’s made the most threes and is the most efficient in both of the wings. He’s 3rd in NBA history in career threes despite being only 32. He revolutionized the game and is the main reason why the NBA is so three point heavy as it is today.
Seia Yano
Seia Yano 24 days ago
Where’s curry😤😢
Maxi1000i1 26 days ago
NBA in 60 frames per second is beautiful
IYGD Tmrw 27 days ago
David Karl Cox
David Karl Cox 28 days ago
Why Steph is not here?
Nle Choppa
Nle Choppa 28 days ago
where's curry at the deep three's 🤨🤨🤨
Samsan TheProdigy
Samsan TheProdigy 29 days ago
Dame’s deep three percentage is insane! I wonder how curry would match up if he were healthy now considering how revolutionary he has been with the three ball over the past five years
Amaris Antetokounmpo
Amaris Antetokounmpo 29 days ago
Stephen curry?
Aboudy Hamdan
Aboudy Hamdan Month ago
Flight watching this like where’s curry man
Yousef AlSharif
Yousef AlSharif Month ago
Wow what a nice video thank you
Lil Phineas
Lil Phineas Month ago
James hOrden
Luca Mano
Luca Mano Month ago
9:44 why he didnt go for the mid range i will never know
Sahasra Reddy
Sahasra Reddy Month ago
Injuries ruled out steph or else he would have been every where in the 3point zones and even deep threes.
Enzo Durruty-Borello
Enzo Durruty-Borello Month ago
Make this video over the last 5 years then we are talking
lo. d3ckie
lo. d3ckie Month ago
nobody: flight: WHERE IS CURRY MAN
Call me Tempo
Call me Tempo Month ago
Who else was waiting for Carmelo on the elbow.
0b 0t Faggots
0b 0t Faggots Month ago
I’m surprised curry wasnt here :/
Family Guy rewind
Family Guy rewind Month ago
I didnt see curry
Mytlemorning Mytlemoring
Mytlemorning Mytlemoring Month ago
Where curry man
Pain Month ago
where's stephen curry at?
Freezey Month ago
Rafael Villamor
Rafael Villamor Month ago
I dont like the deep 3 unless its last seconds shot and no options open.
Rafael Villamor
Rafael Villamor Month ago
First of all James Harden is not the most Prolific Scorrer in NBA. Though he is currently the leading NBA Scorrer in past 2yrs but he is not the best quality scorrer. He scores, because he takes alot of shots, he has the most touches, and he just bennefits alot of CONTROVERCIAL BAD CALLS. Look he doesnt even a good post up player, he doesnt have post moves, he is not even a better scorrer than KEVIN DURANT!
Bozzsam Tech
Bozzsam Tech Month ago
Who else was waiting to see steph curry
Hanif Khondker
Hanif Khondker Month ago
Harden or curry who is better?
Jack Logan
Jack Logan Month ago
kobe has it all!!
Tivo Kenevil
Tivo Kenevil Month ago
19% from 3 for Russ ..gawh...
Falcon Month ago
I thought Ben Simmons is the worst threepointer...
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Month ago
You need a certain amount of 3’s taken to qualify.
James Macken
James Macken Month ago
Where's Steph curry
Yetteblock Platforms
Yetteblock Platforms Month ago
How i knew lauri was gon pop up in this
A Month ago
I don't think Harden is the best scorer in the league, I think KD is the best scorer and Harden is in second.
A Month ago
@Diego Velazquez okay? he's still top 5 best scorers of all time it's not like he was drafted this season
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Month ago
Kd is injured
Bro MAN Fishy army
Bro MAN Fishy army Month ago
Where's Stephen curry? Hu.
Santiago Arboleda Vargas
Santiago Arboleda Vargas Month ago
H Month ago
3:10 maaaajor travel. man took inspo from hardens double step back
Kwstas Pap
Kwstas Pap Month ago
Three videos combined and the only center standing out and i mean true center not pf turned center is a guy who is an analyst in the inside the nba. Shaq
Dinnerbone Month ago
Where’s Jr Smith he the best person to put on the bench
Nelson Kuria-Joseph
Nelson Kuria-Joseph Month ago
But trae Young is actually 11/24 from 35ft+ 🤷🏾‍♂️
Carter Jernagin
Carter Jernagin Month ago
Fancy filipino
Fancy filipino 2 months ago
Tom Peachey
Tom Peachey 2 months ago
harden is not a prolific scorer GIANNIS IS
EGA 1022
EGA 1022 2 months ago
The Thunder are really good at the midrange I guess
Brice Fleckenstein
Brice Fleckenstein 2 months ago
0:05 And everyone knows that Hardin gets away with TRAVEL on a lot of his shots, and used to get away with an offensive foul when he used to kick out his leg on a lot of them 'till the NBA finally cracked down on that....
Donny Fowler
Donny Fowler 2 months ago
Dude does know that there are other word to use other than "prolific" right? This whole series thats all I hear.
Yash Balanse
Yash Balanse 2 months ago
Somehow No steph, No KD, no Klay and they are talking about best shooters and scorers
mar mar
mar mar 2 months ago
Eron Sebastian Ermino
Eron Sebastian Ermino 2 months ago
overall LeBron can still shot where ever he is
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Month ago
Lebron has never been a good mid range shooter or free throw shooter
Builder Dog
Builder Dog 2 months ago
curry the best at all shots ever
Majestic_ JJ
Majestic_ JJ 2 months ago
Sooo, were not gonna talk about how kyrie wasn’t in the video
ilCapitano 2 months ago
why the annoying music?!?!
Stephen Quinlog
Stephen Quinlog 2 months ago
Why step didtn go in the mid range because step is more shooter than harden
eusebioarjan king
eusebioarjan king 2 months ago
im sad steph curry should be here if he play this year
Altin Elshani
Altin Elshani 2 months ago
ur on drugs
BloggerMusicMan 2 months ago
This must only be from a list of shooters with a certain number of attempts. I find it hard to believe that Joel Embiid is absolutely THE WORST shooter from that particular two-point range than anyone else in the league. I find the same to be true of a lot of the names in the worst of section.
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Month ago
Yea you need a certain amount of attempts to qualify in a specific area.
Kiroppi 2 months ago
Can you make an all time list now??
Stageology 2 months ago
No steph
Bent Rivera
Bent Rivera 2 months ago
What about Khyrie Irving?
Mr. Stupid
Mr. Stupid 2 months ago
omg espn hired kirk goldsberry i'm about to nut
Frenzy - TLOPO
Frenzy - TLOPO 2 months ago
Lebrons better not win his 5th Giannis better repeat
JaexHoon 2 months ago
Lebron James shoots 32pct outside the paint, it should be a surprise to no one he is on the list somewhere.
Capacity 2 months ago
why isnt steph curry on this list tf
Moultonlava Gaming
Moultonlava Gaming 2 months ago
Lol harden step back 3. More like traveling 3 pointer
Jahmal Wilder
Jahmal Wilder 2 months ago
Banana boat buddy 🙁
TheSuperSqueegy 2 months ago
ESPN on USshow: Carmelo Anthony was the worst scorer on the right elbow with 29.6% FG, but the best on the right mid-range wing with 40 FGM ESPN on TV: Jordan would've scored 70 a game in today's NBA!... ...coming up next, is Dak Prescott trying to undermine the Cowboys with his contract?
Doffy Donquixote
Doffy Donquixote 2 months ago
if steph and klay is on this list where u put them???
gd131 2 months ago
Lebron owns Toronto so much that he hit that buzzer beater on his worst zone.
peppeppuccio 22
peppeppuccio 22 2 months ago
Tom Peachey
Tom Peachey 2 months ago
james isn't the best giannis is
Michael Court
Michael Court 2 months ago
No surprise Westbrick has least efficient 3pt shooting
Felix Gonzales
Felix Gonzales 2 months ago
why isn't curry in here bro!
Zinon 2 months ago
james winning mvp this season.. what a joke
Noah Dimitroff
Noah Dimitroff 2 months ago
Where is Che in this video?
Francisss Castillo
Francisss Castillo 2 months ago
Joel Embiid is so Overrated
rhett chipman
rhett chipman 2 months ago
I expected Steph curry to be on the three point line
Lucas Vieira Galvão
Lucas Vieira Galvão 2 months ago
This video would've been very different if Steph wasn't injured.