The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!

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11 days ago

It's that time again! Time to take a deep dive into the mundane to see what we can learn. Join me as we look at this sprinkler!
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chris andrus
chris andrus 8 minutes ago
"Angle of sprinklage"🤣
Jiří Vestfy
Jiří Vestfy 7 hours ago
Will you make video about teletext?
ThomasKrueger 7 hours ago
the spring is out of the picture 😂😂
Maximilian Montserrat
Maximilian Montserrat 11 hours ago
Since you like technology involving water, a video covering ram pumps and boost converters would be a nice two for one since their operating principles can be analogized.
Erik Rimes
Erik Rimes 11 hours ago
Why are you showing the water tower in Berrien Springs at the begining of the video?
MarshMilo100 12 hours ago
This has been driving me nuts, what is the music that you play for the credits/at the end of the video? I have tried to Shazam it, but it doesn't pickup the correct song. I love the song and I want to listen to it more.
Ebon Hawk
Ebon Hawk 15 hours ago
Why is your shirt pixelated? something wrong with the camera?
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 17 hours ago
Anybody has a count of how many times armature was used incorrectly in the video or rather how many times armature was mentioned in the video, cause they were all incorrect
George 22 hours ago
I was really hoping to hear and see the sprinkler in action
Timur Tripp
Timur Tripp 22 hours ago
This takes me back to my childhood. The way these things worked always fascinated me.
Peter Peter
Peter Peter Day ago
As a kid I saw one of these sprinklers albeit a much larger version spraying a farmer's field. I went over to it to look at it and the "armature" or whatever swung back after it reached a particular degree of turn and smacked me in the head hard. I never went near one since.
Rydal S
Rydal S Day ago
I miss engineer guy
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor Day ago
"...slaps the stream of water like a curious raccoon!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL Oh my God I was laughing so hard, you got me!
Fredrick Isaac
Fredrick Isaac Day ago
These hose are for everybody...
Baschz Leeft
Baschz Leeft Day ago
Thanks, I was wondering about those for a long time.
Simon Ashtear
Simon Ashtear Day ago
You said the energy was 'dampened' twice and went right on by without a joke. I'm disappointed.
Dillion W
Dillion W Day ago
How about a video about waterbeds? Everybody’s aunt had one and now, no one does.
matt marshment
matt marshment Day ago
You need to read audiobooks professionally. I would (and kinda feel like I have) listen to you read terms of service agreements or instruction manuals
Cameron Stanford
Cameron Stanford Day ago
Cakes are round. And rectangular.
Cameron Stanford
Cameron Stanford Day ago
Was the Berrien Springs water tower just a coincidence?
startiger2 Day ago
Great video, but you missed one last feature. Those wire clips on the bottom serve a useful function. You can rotate them on the main shaft and change how much the sprinkler is allowed to rotate. By moving thing around the shaft with the control switch down, you can change the angle of rotational travel from just a few degrees to almost a full circle. You can also change what direction it is spraying in that way as well. This allows for more control of what you want to water.
cameron20020 2 days ago
"angle of sprinklidge"
R Vize
R Vize 2 days ago
The weird distortion could maybe be shake reduction left on while shooting from a tripod?
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 2 days ago
"You can make them go in circles like most online arguments" I watch you for your clever jokes, the learning useless stuff is just a bonus.
TheCreepler 2 days ago
so one weird thing i noticed is that with the CC on the video at the part where it shows the text about the word armature being used improperly that the CC shows up "can you believe i didn't put a ton of Jokes in this Bit?" but you never said that, do you type in the CC manually just wondering because i thought it was generated?
Jessica Litwin
Jessica Litwin 2 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to caption your videos for those of us with hearing issues, it makes the content way more accessible. With youtube's removal of community captioning, without creators like you who take the time to do this, the autogenerated captions we're left with are generally... well, not good.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 2 days ago
What's the music playing at the end there?
MAGIC CLAW! 2 days ago
They can also be set to rotate 360* in either direction. Very versatile.
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 2 days ago
J Anything
J Anything 2 days ago
Seems way over engineered.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 2 days ago
Me: i should really fix my sleep schedule the last time i saw the sun was when i was still in school Also me at 4am: why do sprinkl go b t t t t
leojavi Day ago
You... you just copied and pasted this comment from user zer0 skill 👎
Furry_DeLorean 3 days ago
Gaaah, nature!
analogdigitalstereomono 3 days ago
Next you should do CCD vs CMOS image sensors!
Carson Wells
Carson Wells 3 days ago
Investigate the other kind of sprinklers, a hoop that holds a spindle with a curved deflector that is inline with a hole in the hose adapter. It will spray a circle, up the water pressure and it will mist saturate a very wide area.
Carson Wells
Carson Wells Day ago
@xoobo vola So many everyday objects we all overlook are fascinating when explored, The evolution of needs, design and materials to create or improve a product.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 2 days ago
I was totally fascinated with the impact sprinkler when I was a kid. I ended up playing around with my parents' one and trying to figure it how it did what it did.
You should make a video on those old mechanical calculators!
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 3 days ago
You should do a whole video on impact drivers too.
Tejvir Panesar
Tejvir Panesar 3 days ago
Captain dissolution is that you
Matthew Fry
Matthew Fry 3 days ago
But what word is the correct word? WHAT WORD?!?!
thom1218 3 days ago
As a small child I was fascinated by these; I prefer their technical name: the "nif-nif".
Víctor Hugo Espinosa
Víctor Hugo Espinosa 3 days ago
Wow! I had not thought of it, but these sprinklers are really interesting. Nice vid.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 3 days ago
i like ur vids!
David Daniel Wouters
David Daniel Wouters 3 days ago
Now make a video with the sprinkler sound going on for 10 hours🤣 Update: whoops! Someone beat you to it:
Remi Rms
Remi Rms 3 days ago
What's the music playing at the end there?
Remi Rms
Remi Rms 3 days ago
Found it: Floaters - Jimmy Fontanez
Daniel Cayea
Daniel Cayea 3 days ago
I bet you could make some kind of hydro generator out of it.
The LWQ 3 days ago
Video suggestion - a teletex service! 🖖
Ryan McArthur
Ryan McArthur 3 days ago
Thanks for the reminder that "technology" does not only mean "fancy modern electronics" or "computers." I hear it used to mean that way too much.
Moonic Productions
Moonic Productions 3 days ago
Hey! I love your videos and I was wondering since I'm from the world of composing and mixing, would you be in need of a custom jingle for your content?
vicc Hc
vicc Hc 3 days ago
Watching this high is just... too much
rougenaxela 3 days ago
I was totally fascinated with the impact sprinkler when I was a kid. I ended up playing around with my parents' one and trying to figure it how it did what it did.
Simon Gie
Simon Gie 3 days ago
Eloquently put, sir. Great vid :)
Magnus Arendt
Magnus Arendt 4 days ago
hahahaha, "just ask your Anti-Clockwise"
Canilash 4 days ago
I rather like the irrigating sound of these sprinklers.
Chris Buckler
Chris Buckler 4 days ago
Would you consider doing a video on portable electric coolers - like the Coleman kind you plug into a cigarette lighter?
Tom Keehn
Tom Keehn 4 days ago
Fun fact, on irrigation sprinklers there's a second little hole on the backside to help with watering stuff close to the sprinkler.
monika laosi
monika laosi 3 days ago
thank you for taking a look at these, ive always wondered how they moved around, and why the slamming arm was on them, wonderful video!
Axer 4 days ago
Those videos just butter my muffin
Rd 4 days ago
I want animations!!!
Thomas Smartt
Thomas Smartt 4 days ago
Dude 0:44 made my day 😂
Bela Skoflek
Bela Skoflek 4 days ago
BRO! Take a look at the auto shut off feature in gasoline nozzles
Vladimir Djordjevic
Vladimir Djordjevic 4 days ago
Ah yes I always know that type of sprinkler was so inventive and finally a shed of light went on it.
F ZERO 4 days ago
0:01 soo... uh... are you into watersports?
BusinessVulture 4 days ago
I've grown a sort of love hate relationship with this channel. On one have I love it cause who doesn't like learning how everyday things work, but on the other hand too many... "undesirable" things have been pointed out. Like incandescent stop lights, or non amber turn signals... Or even toasters that don't automatically pop at the correct temperature.
BrightBlueJim 2 days ago
I've always hated red turn signals.
NonTwinBrothers 4 days ago
These videos are making less and less sense
Dário Mendes
Dário Mendes 4 days ago
I was asking myself how did this work some years ago, but never tried to find an answer... thnk you!
iamalongusername 4 days ago
Dear Mr Technology Connections guy, I'd love you to explain how pumps and compressors work in a future video
okow tina
okow tina 4 days ago
I used to collect sprinklers as a kid and I called them "Choo Choo" sprinklers
Jayce Kastner
Jayce Kastner 4 days ago
Why was this on recommended?
Keith Irwin
Keith Irwin 4 days ago
I think modern engineering could learn a lot from old mechanical gadgets. It's too easy to rely on electronics today, which sometimes fail. These sprinklers never fail. Gas station nozzles are another great example.
Sz. 4 days ago
OMG, so nice and brilliant at 0:55! :) Had to stop to show it to evey tech-inclined friends of mine. (And to write this comment. And just to give some proper time to smiling about that witty little gag.)
Sz. 4 days ago
@okow tina Hey, BTW, how does an empty (fake?) profile like yours have 340 subscribers? :)
Sz. 4 days ago
@okow tina Yeah, I spotted that one, and smiled a little there, too. :)
okow tina
okow tina 4 days ago
8:35 more simpler
John O
John O 4 days ago
These sprinklers have an amazing secondary effect. If you place one in a third grade classroom and turn it on, it will cause you to be whacked with a bamboo cane by the my friend discovered. 😀
DrizzlingRose 4 days ago
thank you for taking a look at these, ive always wondered how they moved around, and why the slamming arm was on them, wonderful video!
Donelle G
Donelle G 4 days ago
My wife linked one of your videos to me for a particular joke, but your humor made me subscribe and I have loved every video since. I adore the deadpan delivery of your jokes, but I also learn things! The first one I watched was about the US electricity system, and even though some of that went over my head, I never felt lost or stupid. Thank you for making your entertaining and informative videos. I appreciate you.
Bryan M
Bryan M 5 days ago
How about those old car radios that had a programmable push button that moved a needle?? How's that work?????
brad s
brad s 5 days ago
that is a lot more simpler
Dirkmez 5 days ago
Ok this is weird, I bought one of these today, but about 7 hrs before this video ended up in my recommend list. I didn't even google sprinklers before buying one either WTF google?
Allen Knutson
Allen Knutson 5 days ago
The relevant equation isn't so much F = ma as momentum = force * time. The impact occurs in very little time, hence large force.
Shamino0 5 days ago
Awesome! I always wondered how these work. And now I know.
Breno 5 days ago
0:54 aaah... you had me at the onomatopoeia
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 days ago
I used to collect sprinklers as a kid and I called them "Choo Choo" sprinklers
p07gbar 5 days ago
I wonder if the lifting cone seal in the bottom bit balances the friction needed to turn with the impacts generated by the arm at all over a variety of water pressures? I.e. lower water pressure means lower force in the seal means lower friction and lower pressure means smaller arm impacts. Probably doesn't cancel out mathematically but at least the effects are in the right directions!
Mr Wrestles
Mr Wrestles 5 days ago
Question: how wet did you get filming this?
nicklogan2 5 days ago
The "weridness" at 6:45 is possibly the lens breathing, this can happen when the focus is moving ever so slightly. it does seem to be amplified at footage slowed down.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 days ago
and dolby havent been cracked for years.
Michael Fairchild
Michael Fairchild 5 days ago
Simplicity at its finest.
Krzysztof Szularz
Krzysztof Szularz 5 days ago
The cake is a lie.
jakeinator21 5 days ago
8:35 more simpler
Jake Dee
Jake Dee 5 days ago
"adjustable beyond their angle of sprinklage" "the irrigating sound" Superb use of language Sir !
Guillermo Leon Betancourt
Guillermo Leon Betancourt 5 days ago
I've always wondered how these worked!!! Thank you!!!
Jacob Patrick
Jacob Patrick 5 days ago
Tobi Berlin
Tobi Berlin 5 days ago
finally this riddle got explained :D
spectral.readings 5 days ago
let's redefine armature right here right now
Алексей Завражный
Алексей Завражный 5 days ago
Man, I'm from Ukraine and I'm watching all your videos! You're just incredible! Your manner of talking about things is awesome!
remi twardowski
remi twardowski 5 days ago
The aqueduc you show @0:13 is in my city. Montpellier, South of France
The Deadpool Who Chuckles.
The Deadpool Who Chuckles. 5 days ago
Thanks Cake Boss! I didn't know you had other videos besides making cakes
Joseph Calandria
Joseph Calandria 5 days ago
1:54 did he just spray himself in the face with that sprinkler??
Dan 5 days ago
The "What's this weirdness?" at roughly 6:44 would be in-camera compression doing its work to save space, but causing a visual artifact because of the moving green spoon :p
BillShmithback 5 days ago
The weirdness at 6:45 can have something to do with camera or video editing compression. When nothing changes between two frames in a video the compression is saving space by not remembering those two frames as individuals. This although happens when just parts of the frame changes. In your example the background is not really changing, it only gets interrupted by the swinging arm. This “confuses” the compression and is leading to this artefacts. Try and check out your raw files. Should not happen there.
Andreas 5 days ago
would love to see a video on drm copy protection of software via usb/serial dongles and how they work and why the modern ones are so secure. the current master suites of dts and dolby havent been cracked for years.
times up
times up 5 days ago
Please cover ion air filters. My thera pure fascinates me. Uv and hepa are fairly obvious but uv seems to be relegated to mostly gimmicky marketing campaigns without good technical info.
Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg 5 days ago
0 percent of the millennials would be able to invent this.
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 5 days ago
over engineered with lot of loss of water to service the concept.
iamalongusername 6 days ago
Does anyone else read text as fast as you possibly can to make sure you read it all before it disappears, then just sit there staring at it for the next 10 seconds, because you had plenty of time?
Simcow Games
Simcow Games 6 days ago
8:34 more simpler ;)
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