SUGAR | How It's Made

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2 years ago

Ever wondered how sugar is made? Get the full history and 'making of' right here!
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Mitch 5 hours ago
Sugar crystal is analogous to process of orange juice concentrate. Both highly concentrated sugar. They should absolutely call this sugar concentrate!!
Tom Mantle
Tom Mantle 7 hours ago
The real question should be: How did we figure out how to make sugar?
Devyn Glass
Devyn Glass 15 hours ago
So how did people make sugar back in the medieval ages??
Sasi Kalaa CM Chandhra Mouleeswaran
Sasi Kalaa CM Chandhra Mouleeswaran 17 hours ago
The dundiest of all "food processing" is this, to kill and to destroy a natural ingredient called Sugar. The meeky brainless lowly grass called Sugar Cane is all capable of "Creating" Sugar from Soil and Water and Sunlight and Air. On the other hand the Brainfull, superlative Creatures called Humans, being unable even to absorb nutrients from the soil, are calling this filthy filth substance Sugar!! Instead of clowning around with the Sugar Cane in a Sugar Factory, why don't they Create the Sugar itself just like the Sugar Cane? Do you believe the theory, "What Goes In Is What Comes Out" is true after seeing this so called "Sugar Cane Process" that fools everybody so successfully for so long?? This is the meanest of all processes that man has ever devised to fool farming people who produce Sugar Cane, consumers who buy Crystal Sugar, folks who use and eat Crystal Sugar, into believing that what they consume as Sugar is the product of Sugar Cane and Not of the Sugar Factory?? I worked in a medium sized Crystal Factory for so long till I found our that "What Goes In ..... " theory is all wrong as far as Sugar Cane is concerned!! It is true they put harvested Sugar Cane into the first mill to pulverize it into a pulp and crush it to extract Cane Juice. But all other drama that are following this juice extraction job, so called "Sugar Cane Juice Bleaching" with tonnes of a plethora of filthy and artificial chemicals, are to fool us into believing that Crystal Sugar is what comes out of Cane Sugar Juice is purely the "Purest Form of Sugar" Just ask one simple question. Why don't we eat the direct brown sugar, country sugar and jaggery that is simply boiled out of crushed Cane Juice in open trays by local folks without this much torture? No body will answer your question!! Its because if we do so, then the "Benefits of Cane Sugar" will not go to the Sugar Market and Spirit Market Bloaks!! Farmers are paid on the basis of the Sugar Content of their Sugar Cane production. The factories keep the baggies, the molasses, the sludge and other "wastes" that come out of their Cane Sugar!! Baggies go to paper and board production. The molasses goes to Alcohol production, sludge goes to animal feed production and even the washing water goes to industrial use!! And the resultant money from the "Sugar Cane Processing Technology" goes to the Sugar and Spirit Market Bloaks!! After the crushing of the juice, the actual juice is diverted to factories for making Spirit and Alcohol of all sorts from Beer to Whiskey! A line of pure artificial chemical salts come instead into the process of creating "Glittering White Sugar Crystals" It might even be purely Saccharine. You will tremble from the thought that the chemical salts might be the left over salts used for fertilizer processing. (It itself is another gimmick to sell the stockpiles of left over ammunition nitrates and chlorides from World War II, as "Agricultural Fertilizers", to the same farmers as well !! These Illuminati's!!) Please, please folks switch over to the "age old and filthy and un-hygienically made" Brown Sugar or Black Sugar of Country Sugar or Cane Sugar. Sugar that are made very simply by Sugar Cane Farmer themselves, boiling and evaporating Sugar Cane Juice on open fire and trays. Crystal Sugar has no food energy in it. It is a plain Sweetener. It is a Chemical Salt. It is a very tough artificial substance just like Saccharin of Monalin or other Sweeteners on your body excretion system. Particularly your Kidneys and Urinary System. Because that system alone can expel the very heady doses of Sweeteners out of your blood stream. Most Crystal Sugar consumers will experience urinary irritation due to the excessive presence of these chemical in their urine, who drink lesser water. On the other hand, the Country Sugar has many natural ingredients and food energy in the form of all Sugar mono or poly saccharides as Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose. The Sugar Cane packs into its juice many Natural Minerals, Healthy Sugars and Vitamins. Along with energy giving carbohydrates. Let us eat sugar that comes out of Natural Plants. Not sugars that are made in Chemical Plants
GANESH SREEDHAR 20 hours ago
I gave up using sugar 9 months ago....
Sasi Kalaa CM Chandhra Mouleeswaran
Sasi Kalaa CM Chandhra Mouleeswaran 19 hours ago
You mean Crystal Sugar? Then, you are saving your body from getting Sulphytated!! Crystal Sugar is purely Saccharin Crystal. Gimmick product coming out of Sugar Cane Mills!! But never from the Sugar Cane!! Thanks. Switch over to that ages old "filthy, un-hygienically made, process-less Country Sugar!!"
Abdul Wahab Hassan
Abdul Wahab Hassan Day ago
I wonder how adding lime and bleaching the sugar are good for health. Jaggery is by far more natural and has not gone chemical treatments.
Nice Life Travel
Nice Life Travel Day ago
Nice video 👍💐😊 I welcome all to my travel channel 👍😊🌴
niya 00
niya 00 Day ago
Poison.... Hmmm
Denn ly
Denn ly Day ago
Look at the nail of the worker at 4:59
Brittany Shawnae
Brittany Shawnae 2 days ago
I'm just so confuseddd🤯
Dominic Lenguyen
Dominic Lenguyen 2 days ago
COCAINE!!!! Yes cocaine!!!
Kiha Slyr
Kiha Slyr 2 days ago
wallrunners studio
wallrunners studio 3 days ago
Can somebody count how many times he says the word juice?
AB_____HI 4 days ago
3:35 Most satisfying scenes😌
tivi box
tivi box 5 days ago excellent
Moonwalker794 5 days ago
Now I see why white sugar was considered a luxury....thats a lot of work for people before all this industrial equipment
Anne Baskerville
Anne Baskerville 5 days ago
4:30- sucrose crystals suspended in *ALCOHOL!!!* no wonder it’s so addictive
Anne Baskerville
Anne Baskerville 5 days ago
Fun fact: table sugar at a molecular level is one third the size of cocaine.
ami 5 days ago
what’s the point of bleaching the sugar? I’ve never heard anyone complain about the color of food lol
ALC Jake
ALC Jake 5 days ago
Ant paradise
Lea 6 days ago
What a long process....just for some sugar.... 😶
gavesha !
gavesha ! 6 days ago
now that alot...of work ..damn
Justin Bacal
Justin Bacal 6 days ago
Who else is having a how it's made marathon?
gubaguy 7 days ago
My question is how in THE FUCK did we even discover sugar if it has to go through all this to be made? Did someone one day just look at a sugar cane plant and say "i am going to beat that thing into pulp and pour chemicals on it while spinning it REALLY fast, just because"?
Bee Bop
Bee Bop 7 days ago
And from there it goes on to keep the AMA happily treating type 2 diabetes, the ADA happily drilling teeth and the pharmaceuticals pumping out drugs to keep the kiddies from bouncing off the walls and becoming rejects in the classrooms. Weeeeeeeee................
Alok Singh
Alok Singh 7 days ago
Thank you
Kim A
Kim A 8 days ago
I got PTSD from watching this.
scott tibbles
scott tibbles 8 days ago
Nice occupational health and safety for that poor guy adding lime. Get the man a mask!
Donald Trump☑️
Donald Trump☑️ 8 days ago
SUGAR should be illegal, not drugs
Donald Trump☑️
Donald Trump☑️ 5 days ago
Gage Cody No, but people know the dangers. Sugar is made out to be harmless and totally fine. It causes or exacerbates a HUGE number of health issues, it absolutely RUINS teeth, and it’s now in EVERYTHING. When kids think water is disgusting because it’s not full of sugar like soda/juice and animals have healthier teeth than 95% of humans, there a BIG problem. If I can’t make a decision as an adult to eat a naturally growing mushroom or even do heroin for that matter, then companies shouldn’t be allowed to ENCOURAGE kids eat/drink sugar every single meal. You almost never see people in third world countries with rotten teeth, they always have bright white and usually straight teeth, just like animals do, yet in first world countries it’s common place. What’s the one difference that would cause that to be the case? Our diet.
Gage Cody R
Gage Cody R 5 days ago
Ah yes because meth is way healthier than sugar
mreeeeeigf 8 days ago
crystalizing a single solid component out of an entire organism/plant takes a lot of steps, I'm confused as to how many people are surprised or put off by the chemistry/physics behind it.
Arnold Lee
Arnold Lee 5 hours ago
Do you know much about history? I do, I'm surprised you don't. You're dumb
zelen plav
zelen plav 15 hours ago
Cockroaches will not eat our spilled food anymore. They are smarter than we are.
zelen plav
zelen plav 15 hours ago
Better to chew real sugar cane then consume the processed, (devoid of nutrients) product. Diabetes, Cancer anyone?
I.S Technology
I.S Technology 2 days ago
I confused also..
sax chat
sax chat 8 days ago
How do they keep ants away from the factory tho
Hal 9 days ago
Imagine having to clean those machines.
mangojulie123 9 days ago
If you think this looks filthy, wait till you smell these factories! Plus they don't show you the part where the rum is produced.
KURIA NJUGUNA 9 days ago
one of the reasons why i don't take this stuff.
Jaden Kayene Smith
Jaden Kayene Smith 9 days ago
This is pure poop we ingesting. Go back to nature pp, get your vitamins and minerals altogether without all that plastic in the way.
Annie Hyams
Annie Hyams 9 days ago
Thank you so much for the beautiful red heart and the lovely messzgr
Annie Hyams
Annie Hyams 9 days ago
Thank you Free Documentary and You Tube o always wanted to know how brown white and icing sugars are made thank you for a very interesting video
lumer deen
lumer deen 9 days ago
Amazing process
GTMN MT 10 days ago
Sweet taste maker?
Emmanuel eke
Emmanuel eke 10 days ago
Prefer honey instead, it's more natural.
Marjan Noory
Marjan Noory 10 days ago
No more sugar for me , this is poison 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Unhygienic factory
Alyana Bianca Delgado
Alyana Bianca Delgado 10 days ago
You can do a better and cleaner sugar in minecraft. (Even more easier ;-;)
Nisa Rojas
Nisa Rojas 11 days ago
Jeez, I doubt drugs have this long of a process
Vince Black
Vince Black 11 days ago
Lot of work for sugar. And just how does a person figure out all these steps. Way back when
Ed Gladstone
Ed Gladstone 11 days ago
1. The telephone is long distance communication. 2. The telephone was killed because of non-sense irrational talk on the phone. 3. The Telephone has lost value due to web-cam, internet and mails.
avi williams
avi williams 11 days ago
I thought sugar was just here lol
Runelea 11 days ago
Things not mentioned. In Australia rainbow lorikeets often get into the mills at the early stages and eat cane. The measuring of juice for sugar concentration is how pay for the farmer is determined, they track what bins come though and the sample. Depending on what kind of sugar you get determines the level of processing; brown sugar still contains molasses and is sticky, raw sugar has more molasses removed, white is bleached and confectioners/icing sugar are refined from the white offsite.
Attharah Lydia
Attharah Lydia 12 days ago
Could someone tell me what chemical mixing with this that White colour
twistyjeffrey 12 days ago
Making sugar reminds me of making drugs lmao. It looks so similar.
J K 12 days ago
Johny johny yes papa Eating sugar ~ after watching this video No papa😢
Hiro Bautista
Hiro Bautista 13 days ago
It's looks like our street sewer😂😂😂
Kheem Rein Alicia Morales
Kheem Rein Alicia Morales 14 days ago
Excuse me did I just hear BLEACH?!
Shook Ed
Shook Ed 14 days ago
this guys are idiots, just put sugar cane in a crafting table and itll turn into sugar instantly -.-
hello cloud
hello cloud 14 days ago
Mollask is good for making peking duck
hello cloud
hello cloud 14 days ago
I love sugarcane juice!!!
Evander Chan
Evander Chan 15 days ago
Fun fact sugar factory is the most stinky factory for food production it smell can reach over a kilometer.(bad English )
BECKY. LOO 15 days ago
🍯honey honey honey🐝
FAZIM 15 days ago
Ants be like "HOLY SHIT"
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon 16 days ago
Sucrose is a helluva drug.
rogelio p. cansancio jr.
rogelio p. cansancio jr. 16 days ago
here in the philippines .. my house is just near the sugar factory but I have not seen how the process works.