Steelers vs. Giants Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

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5 days ago

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New York Giants during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.
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Shots Drippin
Shots Drippin Hour ago
Tj watt was offsides so many times but no calls
Ethan Hurt
Ethan Hurt 4 hours ago
And they went to new York and shut the Giants down
M 7 hours ago
Darius Slayton is my fav Giant to watch rn
M JAB 12 hours ago
The commentator is trash
Christian Allen
Christian Allen 14 hours ago
Nahhhh Tikis right, Saquon literally didn’t even try to block when he was called to. He left his QB out there high and dry you can’t do that
Marcelo Soprano
Marcelo Soprano 17 hours ago
Giants trade Saquon and a draft pick for Clemson’s Quarter Back: Trevor Lawrence.
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones 18 hours ago
No one lives in New York anymore. Thats why the stadium is empty.
Juice730 ****
Juice730 **** 18 hours ago
Claypool is going to be Hines Ward 2.0 son... wait till Ben gets this offense rolling, with that defense, sheesh....scary
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 12 hours ago
It was a good game pit to sb
Kangol Sublife
Kangol Sublife 22 hours ago
I really wish Claypool would have scored one of those toouchdowns. Him Johnson or Ebron,its good to ses JuJu and Washigton score but I wanna see the new guys do well. Tbis coukd be the best WR Corp in the NFL
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 12 hours ago
Daniel Jones very underrated
Armando M
Armando M 22 hours ago
The o line in the giants look terrible
Paired 22 hours ago
Daniel Jones is Eli Manning but better in a way. I wonder how he'll progress through the year.
adam bjarnason
adam bjarnason 22 hours ago
11:44 nice
Steven Suslik
Steven Suslik Day ago
No one cares, no one watched.
Booty Eater
Booty Eater Day ago
Bro Barkley ain’t even a bad running back giants making him look bad
Nelly Nel
Nelly Nel Day ago
Fine granted the steelers are known for their stella defense but the giants offensive lineman looked lethargic.
DeadAnimalEater 1234
DeadAnimalEater 1234 Day ago
Im feeling some depression about the 20-21 NFL SEASON. COLLEGE FOOTBALL as well. Still going to the game.
Jeremy Hawk
Jeremy Hawk Day ago
Keep Snell as the starter for the broncos game
brandyn pykare
brandyn pykare Day ago
I hope we get rid of conner. Worse hb I've ever watched play. A waste of money and roster spot. Cut him and get an actual asset for ben
The Resources
The Resources Day ago
New Jersey Giants, Buffalo Bills End Of Story
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Day ago
5:58 so we’re not gonna bring up “Schuster-Smith”
benito345678 Day ago
11:07 doesn't block, eh?
benito345678 Day ago
tj watt, then next play bud dupree
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Day ago
Daniel Jones very underrated
Preston Tellini
Preston Tellini Day ago
It was a good game pit to sb
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Day ago
Now that I'm really thinking about the fans being there. They probably can focus more
Deacon Mack
Deacon Mack Day ago
I agree with Reggie Bush, that Saquan Barkley is not being used properly.
Ya boi Poopy face
Ya boi Poopy face Day ago
Hey Daniel Jones ain’t that bad bro
Joe Hooper
Joe Hooper Day ago
Kudos to Maurice Pouncy for taking a stand. He demanded Antwon name off his helmet. After he found out the real story.
EdmacZ 9 hours ago
The real story and ugly truth is coming out on BLM in general.
James Hilins
James Hilins Day ago
I wish the NFL would open on line streaming for free.. I cant get the games on local TV, cant go to the local pub to watch, this years football season is off to a bad start. Sucks to be a fan, guess 2020 season is a bust.. why not just cancel it and replace it with a computer simulaton..b
ZKVGameplay Day ago
Stars American Football and Subway Surfers
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson Day ago
As a navy vet and a white American I support the players bringing notice to social justice issues
KoolAnimations Day ago
Steelers made 2 teams happy Of course the Steelers ANNNND..... The Washington Football Team
Mr. R33PZ
Mr. R33PZ Day ago
Steelers went ham!!! Snell is gonna help us along with JuJu and Ben....btw sorry Giant fans about ur RB and QB
Cam M
Cam M Day ago
The biggest question is, is Ben still attacking women in the restrooms ???
MaestroKong Day ago
I have the world's fastest 30 yard dash. I don't have the world's fastest 40 because my ability to decelerate and change directions prevent me from accelerating any further. I would like to contact someone in the NFL for a tryout. I can cover ten yards in 2 and a half steps. That means two sprinting steps and a slide to acquire a first down compared to the fastest NFL players needing to take six steps to cross 10 yards. I belong in the NFL.
Jose Velazquez
Jose Velazquez Day ago
Saquon needs to leave the giants don't be another Barry
HBK 2 days ago
You got Barkley in the red zone and don't use him 💀bro trade that man smh
tyvek05 2 days ago
Eli Manning not looking so bad anymore is he???? lol. this "Jones" guy just sucks. not sure how he got the job, but he needs to go back to the practice squad and learn how to be a QB.......
Elijah Cannizzaro
Elijah Cannizzaro 2 days ago
not bad stelers but git ready for the denver to git you in the bad soun
thug holiday
thug holiday 2 days ago
Now that I'm really thinking about the fans being there. They probably can focus more
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox 2 days ago
Put minkah on the punt return and kick return for da one time...
Charlie Pitt
Charlie Pitt 2 days ago Incredible