I Made a $50,000 Player Building Competition!

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12 days ago

Thank you to America’s Dairy Farmers for sponsoring this video! We hosted a 100-player building challenge for $50,000. Who’s gonna have the best farm?!
Check them out! bit.ly/MRBEAST_DMI
This giveaway is not sponsored or administered by DMI. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the giveaway will be directed to MrBeast and not to America’s Dairy Farmers/DMI.
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FingerMyBum 20 minutes ago
Im pretty sure that the duster was his dads idea thats why he got so happy
Aven Playze
Aven Playze Hour ago
Bruh!! Duh
Jenny and Bubby Char
Jenny and Bubby Char Hour ago
Please do the most best among us map gets 60000 dollars
Mr Rosales
Mr Rosales 2 hours ago
2:38 you can see mr beast talking while some dude is making the mcdonalds logo in the backround
XxCloudySkiesxX- AniGrey
XxCloudySkiesxX- AniGrey 2 hours ago
I need to tell my dad, I need to tell my dad, DADDD!!
Oscar Villarreal
Oscar Villarreal 2 hours ago
I hate people than complain how they choose because is his money and he decided who give his MONEY
Max van Alphen
Max van Alphen 2 hours ago
Hee Falley
Hee Falley 3 hours ago
Glad that kid got his collage paid,he got justice after so long time
Selena Cox
Selena Cox 3 hours ago
That guy at the end was like "SEE DAD? PLAYING MINECRAFT DOES PAY OFF!"
Squirrel Life
Squirrel Life 3 hours ago
I’m lactose intolerant
PoopyButtCheek82 4 hours ago
4:08 I think that is the plot for the guy that was stuck on the top with all the glass but Chris killed him
Rich & Emily Hill
Rich & Emily Hill 4 hours ago
zz xx
zz xx 4 hours ago
Random ytubers: squarespace pewdiepie: gfuel mr beast: MILK!
Mark Bulotano
Mark Bulotano 5 hours ago
How do you go to that?
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer 5 hours ago
MrBeast: Build the best farm. Me: **Builds the most efficient automated farm you can**
roblox is love roblox is life
roblox is love roblox is life 5 hours ago
how are these cows dropping coco beans!? is that doo doo? - chandler 2020
Itsrevenge 227
Itsrevenge 227 6 hours ago
I wonder how many people are using USshow to build really winning builds
Jacqueline Hughes
Jacqueline Hughes 6 hours ago
No one: Not A soul: Chris: MILK
DelNacho 7 hours ago
Delina war hier2020.Wen du das liest lerne für die Mathe/Englisch Arbeit :) 2022 und viel Spaß in Ikea Praktikum(oder höffner hoffentlich moin moin hahahahahah)
DelNacho 7 hours ago
Höffner höffner nicht hoffentlich *
DelNacho 7 hours ago
Gavin Hamel
Gavin Hamel 8 hours ago
They need some milk🍼🍼
Fonzl Cicu
Fonzl Cicu 8 hours ago
thanks for doing the thinks u do u change peoples lives every day
Silverio Bogarin
Silverio Bogarin 10 hours ago
Next video who ever make a bra meme display wins $10k
Mal xak
Mal xak 12 hours ago
i love how i never see a girl winner :)
thebabyduck 13 hours ago
I wish that all dairy farmers were that nice to their cows but that isn't the truth for mainstream dairy companies
asmr meì meì
asmr meì meì 13 hours ago
Pls can you gys play among us in real life! PLS if you want to mr beast play it in real life like this comment now!!
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny 13 hours ago
omg I loved when the kid said "omg I need to tell my dad, DAD" you guys are so kind and sweet and make everyones day better
Darnell James Godinez
Darnell James Godinez 14 hours ago
every player participating:i gotta make it look good for my favorite youtuber Jimmy:sad because he didnt see a bruh meme*
Alvie Louise Loyola
Alvie Louise Loyola 16 hours ago
mrbeast i realy like milk i always drink it
Brandon Rangel
Brandon Rangel 16 hours ago
Big cow
Ahsan Ullah
Ahsan Ullah 16 hours ago
Is the best volume is Bob
Zaboor Sabir
Zaboor Sabir 16 hours ago
look at 3:11 there is a breme farm at top right
Sir Buljo
Sir Buljo 17 hours ago
That kid made his dad proud with his farming knowledge.
Oscar Williams
Oscar Williams 17 hours ago
When dani hears about the sponsor......
Gaming With SG
Gaming With SG 17 hours ago
Chandler and Karl once again not winning even after doing a nice job No one liked that (at least i think so)
Gaming With SG
Gaming With SG 17 hours ago
I really think Chandler and Karl did a very good job. Jimmy and Chris just gave them a low rating for content and comedy
damnh dan
damnh dan 17 hours ago
someone is wearing dream skin right in front of you 0:00
Walker'S YT
Walker'S YT 18 hours ago
it’s should be prize pool. so more ppl can get money and more ppl become happy
Cherng Yan Lee
Cherng Yan Lee 19 hours ago
Breme farm :)
lee_frank13 20 hours ago
DAD- drink milk
Kim Jennifer
Kim Jennifer 20 hours ago
The dude who got tooth surgery. Mr beast “that sounds expensive here’s $10,000” British dude with free medical health due to the NHS. “Omg really?!” 😭
Andrea Grace Chu
Andrea Grace Chu 20 hours ago
3:55 LMFAO-
Brad B
Brad B 20 hours ago
We as humans are not supposed to consume milk after a certain age, which is why ppl become lactose intolerant, and especially milk from another animal
Iyyan Ahmet
Iyyan Ahmet 21 hour ago
If I were in that Challenge I would be like Me: Dose anyone know how to at least make a farm with some hay? ;-; Mr Beast: *Ban* this girl really needs to go on google right now😂
Andrew Tath
Andrew Tath 22 hours ago
Hey man, just a useless comment, keep scrolling, cause there are more valuable comments here. If you actually pressed the *More* button, search up JIM ROHN SELF DICIPLINE Then tell me in the comments if this video has good information
Ennard 23 hours ago
All I want for Christmas is 0:15
Wang Cher Foong
Wang Cher Foong 23 hours ago
If i won.. and i am literally nine it willbe history
Wang Cher Foong
Wang Cher Foong 23 hours ago
This is my dads acc
It’z dragon plays
It’z dragon plays 23 hours ago
Kid: OMG I won *tells dad* Dad: so when do I get my money
Kk_hihisandYT Day ago
Mr.beast is milk gang
Jasmine Alber
Jasmine Alber Day ago
Chris: someone has actually created a farm!!! Me: isn’t that what everyone’s doing?
Dan Simens
Dan Simens Day ago
I am a Dairy Farmer. 😂 lol
Lil Peeto
Lil Peeto Day ago
dairy is gang
Saucy Cactus
Saucy Cactus Day ago
Poop pots
Gloria Lee
Gloria Lee Day ago
What is Jimmy’s Discord?
Heather Green
Heather Green Day ago
Jimmy: The sponsor of this video is dairy Chris:MILK! Me: wtf-
seminolefan291 Day ago
TylerGaming806 Day ago
2:43 yay i live there
Matt's great outdoors
Matt's great outdoors Day ago
Jimmy I drank 2 cups of milk
Ben Chris
Ben Chris Day ago
I didn't agree with the winner at all lol, but good video. A crop duster isn't even a farm. The other guy should have win
Anthony Sprague
Anthony Sprague Day ago
Rebekah Pattison
Rebekah Pattison Day ago
Who knows maybe you will be lactose intolerant, so when they are talking about dairy you think to yourself if only.
Kade Cool
Kade Cool Day ago
Ct that’s cool
?? Day ago
Please don't listen to the information about dairy farming in this sponsored video. Don't want to sound like a Karen but milk isn't an essential food, and most dairy farms are inhumane. Misinformation is commonly spread by companies that wish to cover this stuff up. I like my man Mr.Beast but he's starting to take some pretty dirty money...
Vertex Day ago
Mr beast talking about farming and dairy products that are healthy. the kid building The McDonalds in the background: 😎😎😎
Joyce Lin
Joyce Lin Day ago
how do you enter these competitions
micheal herman
micheal herman Day ago
Nobody: Chris: "This is really creative i like it i'll give it a 6"
Galaxy Demon563
Galaxy Demon563 Day ago
Make a 50,000 dollar Minecraft hide n seek challenge
Janita Sommers
Janita Sommers Day ago
everyone after playing minecraft for 10 years: my time has come
heba zahra
heba zahra Day ago
When Jimmy said drink milkI was actually drinking milk
A Coffin
A Coffin Day ago
Veganism. G o n e
Aislyn does Everything
Aislyn does Everything Day ago
Hi Jimmy just want to let you know that you have hair behind your head hope you read this because you need this information.:)
Cam Play
Cam Play Day ago
When mr beast saying the sponser that guy in the back making mc donalds XD
Bekah Currier
Bekah Currier Day ago
Did I see a McDonald's
Gymnastics Fun
Gymnastics Fun Day ago
Ha I love your vids and don’t harm the cows 😂
Sapphira Abd Hamid
Sapphira Abd Hamid Day ago
I’m a lactose intolerant. Yes thank you Mr beast
Katsou TV
Katsou TV Day ago
Go0devening Mr beast 7:40 pm here in the philippines. Im your new subscriber i watch lots of your videos and i saw how you give happiness to others dont care how match you spent to others. Seriously now i hope im the lucky who you pick or have a chance and im hoping you'll notice me. Im here not for my self but for my family my mother u dont have any money right now ive just have 20 dollars equivalent in ph peso is 1000. You know SIr. MR. BEAST. I want to surprice my mother in Christmas with. Something that she never forget for her whole life. She worked almost 30yrs. As a housewife. Until now we graduated and i graduated last 2019 as a BSHRM. But because of covid19 i dont have any work. I wanted to surprice my mother this christmas and makes her happy. She is 60 yr old now. Im jusy hoping you'll notice my comment SIR MR BEAST. Thank you for inspiring others keep it up SIR MR. BEAST. GODBLESS ALL OF YOU❤💓
Extreme Productions
Extreme Productions Day ago
Me literally drinking milk 🥛 with cookies 🍪 while mr beast explains to drink milk 🥛
lov3 Cường Hiên
lov3 Cường Hiên Day ago
Nader Elgendy
Nader Elgendy Day ago
unge: milch ist gift
EGYT :REBIRTH: :0 Day ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Mr.beast money Dhar mans actors: louis Vuitton bags
Gxcha Moonia
Gxcha Moonia Day ago
Can I have a spot in the next round?
ForeverLethal Day ago
The cool kid: says something funny The kid who wants to be there friend 4:07 (Keep clicking it)
kawaii waifu
kawaii waifu Day ago
I really wanna do this if I can my gamer tag in minecraft is: mal1aah also...my discord is : “kawaii waifu 💕”
Soggy Bread
Soggy Bread 2 days ago
illusion 2 days ago
All these people on the video are very good at building!
Spaghetti Spider
Spaghetti Spider 2 days ago
aMonG uS
Zak Attack World
Zak Attack World 2 days ago
Jeep for life
Wayne Astro ROMERO
Wayne Astro ROMERO 2 days ago
jimmy : am sad because nobody made "bruh meme" Chris : how about now? me : i dont have minecraft. so i cant join DARN IT
Darkvoid gaming
Darkvoid gaming 2 days ago
Mr Beast: Look at this empty plot, guess he didn’t want 50 grand. Me: “Flashbacks to Chris”
whyareyoulookingatmyusername areyougunnatellme
whyareyoulookingatmyusername areyougunnatellme 2 days ago
when the lactos kid unsubsribed
RYLE DOMINGO 2 days ago
mrbeast, you should do a video that you and the boys have to defeat the ender dragon while 50 fans try to stop you. the 4 person who kills one of you get 7,500 dollars. basically like if someone kills chris, that player gets 7,500 and if you and the boys win, the boys get 7,500 each
Bella Hyatt
Bella Hyatt 2 days ago
I love how he yelled for his dad
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez 2 days ago
"DAD!" dad goes in '' are ya winning son" "oh sh**t u actually won"
Life with Alyssa
Life with Alyssa 2 days ago
Incentafan gave me so many real followersbut I want to have more because they have a limit of 15000 max.
Wyatt Griffiths
Wyatt Griffiths 2 days ago
i am a farmer
Perk Mouse
Perk Mouse 2 days ago
ill buy a the car off of you for 69$ and 420 cents
Adan Nunez
Adan Nunez 2 days ago
Mr beast: talking about sponsors Dude in the back: HahHahah Mcdonoldss
Bethany Ince
Bethany Ince 2 days ago
*cries in lactose intalerant*
Xbox Lover
Xbox Lover 2 days ago
Xbox Lover
Xbox Lover 2 days ago
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