IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey - Animated Short Film

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Embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of our modern times, and with courage face the Shadow. Through Shadow into Light.
“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
-C.G. Jung
Written, Directed & Produced by Lubomir Arsov
Original Soundtrack “Age of Wake” by Starward Projections
Composited by Sheldon Lisoy
Additional Compositing by Hiram Gifford
Art Directed & Edited by Lubomir Arsov
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© Lubomir Arsov 2017

Mómôh Mĥ
Mómôh Mĥ 3 hours ago
Masterverse3196 5 hours ago
smad Pistili
smad Pistili 6 hours ago
Great work
sooper geem 15 roo
sooper geem 15 roo 9 hours ago
T D 9 hours ago
Astounding, terrifying, poignant and sublime. Amazingly executed. *A GOLDEN CAGE IS STILL A CAGE* God help us..........
Linda Lila
Linda Lila 10 hours ago
I'm afraide of thé future no future in this erthe.... To be manipulated or...... To be no thing
The Gamesheviks
The Gamesheviks 11 hours ago
Wow is this real??
Andrzej Orzel
Andrzej Orzel 11 hours ago
Wybitne dzieło Mistrzu... Wiele nie zrozumiałem, ale choćby połowa dotarła do mnie to i tak sukces mój. Pozdrawiam.
34gtrskyline1 12 hours ago
Brilliant, just brilliant and sadly so accurate.
truth pigeon
truth pigeon 12 hours ago
What a mess it's become
mysuriamore 13 hours ago
mind blowing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Üpsilon 13 hours ago
This is not helpful.
Spiro Skouras
Spiro Skouras 15 hours ago
this is the most incredible video I have ever seen! You just won the internet!
🌊Waterstyle🌊 15 hours ago
An incredibly accurate depiction of our twisted reality.
Spiro Skouras
Spiro Skouras 15 hours ago
afrce thtwesatdwn
afrce thtwesatdwn 15 hours ago
Bizarre to say the least
[EF]Kaua Brawl
[EF]Kaua Brawl 19 hours ago
I don't understand, nothing in this video makes sense for me, like... Cubic planet?
Ирина Волошина
Ирина Волошина 20 hours ago
Джонни Блэк
Джонни Блэк 23 hours ago
вот зачем мы тут? кто? я хочу выйтиииии
Daisy Sanderson
Daisy Sanderson Day ago
1:11 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeremie Mathon
Jeremie Mathon Day ago
Thank you very much for this masterpiece. My belief in an ideosphere of humanity, a connection between beings, is again confirmed. Indeed, at 40 seconds appears the image of a cube Earth, as it appeared to me when I was writing page 27 of chapter 13. You can discover this one on my website: - PS: almost all my notes are in French, handwritten. jM
Living Like A Human
Living Like A Human Day ago
This reminds me of a Gorillaz music video. It’s great !
vvortex Day ago
просто космос! это нереальный шедевр
Gregory Day ago
Dziękuję, tylko prawda jest ciekawa.
Gaurav Mishra
Gaurav Mishra Day ago
Who is here for music only. 😅😅
MXG_09 Day ago
This is us،this is our world،that who want that video explain to us. We need to talk about that what the lluminati do rhigt now Im 11 years i can't say something i can just say ALLAH AKBAR اشهد ان لا الاه الا الله و اشهد ان محمد رسول الله
Cherubim Church
Cherubim Church Day ago
False Enlightenment of Lucifer.
علم الساعة
علم الساعة Day ago
2022 finished the Israel new world ordera
Jef Costello
Jef Costello Day ago
"Man so in love with greed he had forgotten himself and found only appetite"
Andrez Tomas
Andrez Tomas Day ago
Great movie.
خربــز 2 days ago
Europeans think Muslims are the enemy and this movie told u who is the real enemy!!
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 2 days ago
PERFECT... Sad but true
Gellios 19
Gellios 19 2 days ago
Ana Chavez
Ana Chavez 2 days ago
It's true
Калёный 2 days ago
первый кадр похож на официальное фото черной дыры.
Michael Grey
Michael Grey 2 days ago
2.8k people identified themselves
Oxa Forever
Oxa Forever 2 days ago
Какой талантливый человек создал это произведение. 🙏💖💖💖 Всем любви и света
yomelki parra
yomelki parra 2 days ago
Es to es una realidad que es tamos viviendo en la actualidad
Edna tu vieja
Edna tu vieja 2 days ago
Beautifull :*
chikamaro YT
chikamaro YT 2 days ago
هههههه لمسونية يحلمو يسيطرو على العالم هههههههه ربي معانا
KB 2 days ago
I expect all of you here know all this new shit is some bullshit
Steve Golliot Villers
Steve Golliot Villers 2 days ago
I come back to watch this video every 6 month or so : it is always as good as the first time... just brilliant.
Den N
Den N 2 days ago
Музыка супер такая гипнотизирующая
Ezin Vidoni
Ezin Vidoni 2 days ago
Den N
Den N 2 days ago
Все может быть
DerpyBean 3 days ago
phone bad book good
DerpyBean 3 days ago
@Raygun 30 phone bad book good
Raygun 30
Raygun 30 3 days ago
society bad nature gud :))))) strip naked and go outside cause that's purity and hot ;)
Ali Azari
Ali Azari 3 days ago
Allah muhammad salalah
Daniel Maqueda
Daniel Maqueda 3 days ago
Arhun Beyik
Arhun Beyik 3 days ago
3:14 George Floyd?
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor 14 hours ago
Holy shit!!! Wtf???
Arhun Beyik
Arhun Beyik 15 hours ago
@love cat 😊🙏
love cat
love cat 15 hours ago
Thanks for bringing it to attention.
Arhun Beyik
Arhun Beyik 15 hours ago
@Spiritual9 yeah me too, I watched it before, but noticed it recently. So weird
Spiritual9 16 hours ago
Oh my god I just noticed that
Dublub 07
Dublub 07 3 days ago
يا عرب أين انتم
Dave 3 days ago
This could have been a 2 min video......
nikeairr1 3 days ago
End of deepstate
LooL Hah
LooL Hah 3 days ago
if u didnt understood this, ur brainwashed
Spiritual9 16 hours ago
Ruth Esther
Ruth Esther 2 days ago
Alexandre Lababsa
Alexandre Lababsa 3 days ago
Triste humannité...
Markus Zimmermann
Markus Zimmermann 3 days ago
Raihannah Taylor
Raihannah Taylor 3 days ago
At the end of the video where they showed the closed eyes open and looking inside them you could see the twinkle of the universe, I cried. I cried because I remember seeing that twinkle in myself and others. This system will slowly dwindle and remove that twinkle from you. Your eyes are not only a window into your being but a place of inspiration and creativity. Your face is in place of the second highest chakra with the head being the first highest. Your eyes are powerful, meaningful and give information on every image you look upon influencing the head chakra. The twinkle is what makes you an intelligent being capable of connecting yourself to the universe and obtaining divinity, when that twinkle is gone it's so hard to get it back. Powerful video and I'm glad I watched it, giving me strength to change my life and reject a manipulative system.
Yatsura2 3 days ago
owl master
owl master 3 days ago
Not super hidden sings of today's state of affairs. There is all in this. 1:38 slave at work for 1:42 house you don't need and 1:44 car. 1:47 lost their heads. 1:55 everything is inverted = upside-down. 3:28 so called "stars" are puppets. 3:54 the black guy on the left looks like the guy from the Animatrix (the one on the wheelchair). 4:28 injections from blood of "little bunnies" = children, adrenochrome, transfusion of the blood of the young revitalize the old, they even let you know bout this by telling you they've done experiments on the mice. 4:38 sperm on porn. 5:51 going to a "doctor" for "help" on the sickness the "doctors" made in the first place. 6:23 agents of the state selling the most drugs. 6:42 giving useless fiat papers and stealing your metals with value. 7:16 pushing agenda for "gangsta life" along with drugs and guns. 7:40 left-right paradigm and payed "social warriors" silencing regular people. 7:55 pedophilia, picture on the right "pizza and hot dog" (look it up: pizza + gate). 8:04 again left-right paradigm. 8:10 chemicaltrails. It is all there. Just read what you see. Obvoiusly that is not all, just encouragement to read it all.
ッQwertyKelo. 3 days ago
indeed mate