RPG Story: Chadwick Strongpants

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This story is from a game of Mutants and Masterminds, which is another tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but it focuses on making superheroes instead of an adventurer. This story is about my brother and getting him into tabletop RPGs and that one time he couldn't make a superhero in time for the game, but I made one for him instead. Enjoy!
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AWorldOfInkAndPaper Day ago
Just how indifferent he looks sells it to me
Coolio 5 days ago
hey wasn't Michelle the monk in your Malikar campaign
Fyre Wolf
Fyre Wolf 6 days ago
12:27 more like a pebble perfectly round
teo999 10 days ago
Potassium K
Potassium K 11 days ago
Chadwick strong pant’s shirt says scp just something to think about
Evrett Dierking
Evrett Dierking 11 days ago
I know that I would want to play as Chadwick Strongpants
Thijs 13 days ago
If you call something “the darkness” or “the sadness” I think your brother is the loser just saying
LifeyRoi 14 days ago
You should have put all of Chadwick Strongpant's stats into intimidation (Or presence. Idk what the analogous stat is.) That way, he's completely normal in every regard, but because so many legends and myths have spread about him everyone believes that he's a terrifying menace equal to god himself.
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin 15 days ago
Ben... Have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist? The WHOLE point is his right arm is metal. You show just his right arm and nothing else and it's not metal...
Sploderguy35 15 days ago
I kept hearing “Willy Wonka no bee”
who would not want to play as King from one punch man
theiromia 20 days ago
Chadwick is kind of a chad ngl
Jimbo Holo
Jimbo Holo 22 days ago
Willy Wonka Nobi
Alchemystudiosink 22 days ago
Strongpants ruined Black Panther for me.
Akrekz Dragoon
Akrekz Dragoon 22 days ago
Ben's brother confirmed to be graystillplays With lots of sadness
Barnaby Walters
Barnaby Walters 23 days ago
I can’t be the only person here who wants to know more about the invisible frog
Balmung000005 24 days ago
Is anyone going to talk about the slave halfling? Or I guess the player that owns the slave in puffins game? Or that this was a thing in puffins game...
h3llb0rn3 24 days ago
- *Makes his brother play tabletop RPGs three times* - *Gets him into crappy, unfun situations for hours at a time all three times.* - *Seemingly does nothing to rectify it in-game so he can have fun* "What the heck, why doesn't he want to play with me! So uncool! It doesn't make sense!" - *Makes him a shitty, useless, character when he finally agrees to play when he clearly doesn't really even want to* Ben, you're kind of a dick to your brother. No wonder he doesn't want to play with you.
BlueEngland 25 days ago
Wow Chadwick Strongpants is the best hero!
TheAssening 25 days ago
This is not a comment
Soup 27 days ago
I swear, every time I watch this my video freezes right after ben says "And Dexter the serial killer,"
Francisco Alejandro
Francisco Alejandro 28 days ago
Spanish subtitles done for Chadwick Strongpants
ChocolateChipWaffle 28 days ago
So, will is the gnome monk that was in the final fight with asirak? The one that did drugs, held the mourneblade, got lost in one of the many multiverses? PLOT TWIST.
Zink Hero of Youtube
Zink Hero of Youtube 29 days ago
Me and my sisters were playing a game of ICONS My middle sister had a character who was a psychotic hero for hire My youngest sister was also a hero for hire, but she was more of a magic anime girl And I was a scientist named Dr. Jekyll. You can guess what powers I had
Vincenzo Tuttolomondo
Vincenzo Tuttolomondo Month ago
Broke: Secure Contain Protect (SCP) Woke: Chadwick Strong Pants (CSP)
nicktherange Month ago
I was guessing instead of abilities hed spend everything on reputation, if thats even a thing
Naeren Vastir
Naeren Vastir Month ago
chadwick strongpants = King from OPM
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor Month ago
Chadwick sounds like Kuroko
ericb31 Month ago
"i need accuracy?" reminds me of a tip on an old game, Arcanum: "if you learn sword-making skill, make sure you also learn sword-FIGHTING skill. your weapons are useless, otherwise." also "if you learn gun-making skill, make sure you also learn gun-FIGHTING skill. your weapons are useless, otherwise."
ericb31 Month ago
"cut back to him, still floating in space"...reminds me of "skullkickers", where they kept showing one protagonist floating lifeless in the water in the last panel for a dozen pages... EVENTUALLY a demon revives him and he has a strange side adventure.
MorgorDre Month ago
So Abserd, Chadwick and Gary the Intern are in one Group... still 1-3 seats to find
Masked Kara
Masked Kara Month ago
Ben: Makes weird characters for his brother and leaves his character stranded in space several times. Will: Doesn't want to play Ben: *Surprised Pikachu face*
Jameson Jordan
Jameson Jordan Month ago
Why do you say “cool” like cartmen from South Park
techditto Month ago
Wait, the same Michelle who lost the Mornblade?
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
I remember a sniper with the exact opposite problem; everything into Accuracy but he might as well have been shooting BBs. Fortunatly one of our other members was a shapeshifter so when we needed to nail a target, we just...loaded the shapeshifter into the gun, fired HIM at the target, and he exploded out of them Aliens style. Though I will note if someone keeps giving you differential answers about what he wants to play, maybe he doesnt wanna play...
Excaliver 420
Excaliver 420 Month ago
so he is basically king from one punch man
A Chatterjee
A Chatterjee Month ago
I LARP as Chadwick Strongpants every day of my life. :-(
Isaac Month ago
1:05 lol
Saiki Night
Saiki Night Month ago
Joined a game of Mutants and Masterminds, pretty much my first time playing a tabletop rpg. The GM helped me make my charchter but somehow made a broken character. Had immortality, regeneration, and kinetic energy absorption. As a four foot tall girl asked the colossus to punch me so i could remake the hole that had just closed up in the castle...might have completely destroyed the castle in one punch. We were falling for 6 plus hours. Evey-one had a laugh, we changed how my kinetic energy absorption worked and reset the scene. Still managed to make a mess of things by getting the castle drunk.
Jeff Lamberton
Jeff Lamberton Month ago
If Reputation could be a super power, the I would LOVE to play Chadwick Strongpants!
Shadow Knight Productions
Shadow Knight Productions Month ago
so, chadwicks basically king from one punch man
Scott Ott
Scott Ott Month ago
"Willy Wanka nobi" !!! LOL!!!
Las Vegar
Las Vegar Month ago
Willy wonka nobi
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker Month ago
lol, willy wonkanobi
Charge Dolt
Charge Dolt Month ago
He should have had a high ability to bluff and just convince everyone he was OP
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle Month ago
Giving a committed pacifist a powerful weapon is an amazing joke. Bonus points if, later in the campaign, there was a situation where "use the thermal detonator" was clearly the most sensible option... but he can't, because roleplay.
solutionorppt Month ago
There's now going to be a default fallback PC available in my open table when a PC dies... I've already created the first of what I anticipate will be many Chadwick Strongpantses. Halfling (Stout) Barbarian Str 6 Dex 10 Con 17 Int 11 Wis 8 Cha 12 If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough...
The Viper
The Viper Month ago
Most uselees character who sucks at everything. I think you are looking for Abserd.
Tom B
Tom B Month ago
I'd love to hear a one-shot story based on Chadwick Strongpants and Abserd working together.
Wizardxeze Month ago
what is this system, sounds fun :3 I love numbers tho I has Dyslexia. imo Monk in dnd 5e is not most useless clss, that would be Ranger Beast Master Subclass Rules As Intended - anything you want to do can be done better. Like Warlock also gets shitty pets. Anyone can have find familiar. Wizard Necromancer can have something like 10 undead servants (zombies skeletons) under his command by lvl 6 if I counted the numbers right in my head :^) 3 lvl3 spells giving you control of 4 of your undead and rice 2, min max and that is 10 zombies lvl 6 -> that is Bonusactio 10 attacks from range skeletons
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Month ago
And you wonder why he didn't want to play with you.
Matt Tan
Matt Tan Month ago
Sounds very much like King from One punch man XD XD
Daniel Keeton
Daniel Keeton Month ago
Audio Onslaught
Audio Onslaught Month ago
I want to play Star Wars D & D
WrathfulShows Month ago
Ur no nerd
Russell Long
Russell Long Month ago
Reminds me of Vash the Stampede kinda. Except that Vash is this overwhelming god that most people don't believe is capable of anything. Love it!
Foxtrot 4 Real
Foxtrot 4 Real Month ago
No one: Ben: *”WILLY WONKANOBI”*
sugoidane Month ago
So Chadwick Strongpants is basically King from One-Punch Man?
theblacksamruott 2 months ago
dnd but with super heros?! awesome
Manga Valk
Manga Valk 2 months ago
lucy from elfen lied as character, that sounds amazing! :D
King Conker
King Conker 2 months ago
This video inspired me to get m&m for some reason
Ben Dougan
Ben Dougan 2 months ago
1:06 the fact that my name is Benaiah somehow makes this extremely funny to me
Blaze Nelson
Blaze Nelson 2 months ago
I thought he was gonna have SCP powers.
Leonard Winchester
Leonard Winchester 2 months ago
You telling me your brother is King from One Punch Man...?
Rob Eissens
Rob Eissens 2 months ago
Wait.. Willy Wonka-nobi?
James Bliss
James Bliss 2 months ago
I have a friend exactly like that trying to bring people out of their passive shells is an excruciating experience. 😀
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez 2 months ago
Maybe next time, don't force someone to play, if they ABSOLUTELY DON'T WANT TO PLAY? All this did is make him hate Table Top RPG even more. Before he might just dislike it. Now, he probably ABSOLUTELY HATE IT.
Wolfphototech 2 months ago
You are wasting your time trying to drag your brother into it . Just have a ton of fun & rub it in .
Xavier Schechter
Xavier Schechter 2 months ago
Can you make Chadwick strong pants merch
Ekim davis
Ekim davis 2 months ago
If you like super hero adventures you should totally check out City of heroes, homecoming servers.
Micah Douglass
Micah Douglass 2 months ago
Puffin: "He even bought his own airship," Me: I made my airship my headquarters so i got a 2 for 1 IoI!
Matthew Schmidt
Matthew Schmidt 2 months ago
Chadwick Strongpants is my new threat character for everything.
Skaitan 2 months ago
I am pretty sure from your brother's point of view you are actually Abserd. You wonder why he doesn't want to play while being as annoying as possible every time he does play. Sorry, as a older brother I am biased.
Phillip J
Phillip J 2 months ago
So in the style of ultron we need to create a super zombie (kinda like a black court vampire if you ken it). He waxes and wanes megalomaniacly who can create other zombie thralls and whistles and hums the scarecrow's song in the wizard of oz (even though he doesn't have a jawbone anymore). He makes one liners like "if I only had a brain" write before he rips a persons head off. Is there a table top game where victory is based on you and your legions ability to dominate the world. The game of villainy?
Haberja Gaming
Haberja Gaming 2 months ago
I feel like instead of ranks in nullify he should have ranks in some form of intimidation type skill. So he just defeats bad guys by sending them into a blind panic as he appears his legacy being enough to defeat anyone although he has never done anything.
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn 2 months ago
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 2 months ago
I've seen a lot of what I assume are later videos, and I was really surprised Meechelle (I'm aware I probably spelt that wrong) was meant to be useless, and the player didn't originally want to play. Did someone else just pick up the character later?
Grumpy Turtle
Grumpy Turtle 2 months ago
Wow so now I wanna play Kuma
Owen Nathanael
Owen Nathanael 2 months ago
So.... what you're telling me is that Chadwick Strongpants is king from one punch man His suit says SCP, he's anomalous ability is luck
Tyrant-Den 2 months ago
Kind of a jerk move, he did want to make a character in the end.
Tom Swain
Tom Swain 2 months ago
I was scrolling past and saw him *chadwick strongpants*
Quimbly Jones
Quimbly Jones 2 months ago
Everyone in your life sounds really obnoxious.
Just Seff Stuff
Just Seff Stuff 2 months ago
Chadwick Strongpants gives me King vibes Edit: One Punch Man King, just realized there’re a lot of characters named King out there
David Lanier
David Lanier 3 months ago
Awful good is a play on words. Most who play a paladin play a one dimensional my oath is everything and for a DM that is just boring.... You have fun. 5e has too many issues.
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! 3 months ago
if I ever play a superhero game I'm gonna make my character be the hawkeye of the group!
Shy_Falcon 3 months ago
Chadwick longpants is a literal chad
StaryHat 3 months ago
Was the dragon radioactive?
Charlie Valentine
Charlie Valentine 3 months ago
The Prometheus Organisation sounds suspiciously similar to the Pantheon from the Hulk
David Lanier
David Lanier 3 months ago
I have very simple fix for all these issues. All of them. But ... Nobody want's to have an actual discussion concerning the concept of ... Forget it..
Joshua Hooper
Joshua Hooper 3 months ago
Anyone Notice That Chap Works For The SCP Foundation?
John Platypus
John Platypus 3 months ago
I now want to play as Chadwick Strongpants.
Jazz1011 3 months ago
I'm gonna admit I'd gladly take this character into a game and just act like king in one punch man
LordPepper 3 months ago
He wanted a useless chatacter and you gave him a GNOME, MONK, A MONK? WHYYYY, STUNNING STRIKE ALONE GIVES ME AN ANEURISM
AncapFTW 3 months ago
I would max out deception, persuasion, and presence. Maybe give him some hologram generators to fake powers. Make him really good at pretending to have powers and just trick everuone into thinking he's amazing.
Wesley Webb
Wesley Webb 3 months ago
So Chadwick Strongpants is basically King from One Punch Man?
Xander Vampire
Xander Vampire 3 months ago
Rewatching these videos and I realised that Chadwick Strongpants is pretty similar to a character who would later appear in One Punch Man. I'm not gonna say the name because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but if you watch or read OPM, you should know exactly who I'm talking about. The resemblance in the way you described him is uncanny lol.
Captain _dsz
Captain _dsz 3 months ago
11/10 would play chadwick strongpants tho
Casey Sharer
Casey Sharer 3 months ago
Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes all they really need is a good pair of strongpants.
Anthem 3 months ago
Some of the most fun I've had in dnd and other games like it was playing useless characters. It makes you think outside the box when it comes to encounters because of how underpowered you are
JollyFantabulous 3 months ago
2:47 And Masks, that's a good one
Emy Scarlet
Emy Scarlet 3 months ago
Huh, nobody mentioned how similar he is to King from One Punch Man
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