Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)

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10 days ago

"Gang Unit (Remix)" available at:
DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira
PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando
LINE PRODUCER: Jiorgi Miller
DP: Mike Koziel
1st AC: Sam Robinson
2nd AC: Drew Percival
GAFFER: Dimitri Christoforidis
KEY GRIP: Taylor Reick
PA: Davon King
EDITOR: Chaz Smedley & JMP
VFX Glassface
CAR: Felix Autobody
GEAR: Birns & Sawyer
A JMP Visuals Production
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(Lil' bitch)
Nigga, what?
Lil Loaded done did it again (Lil Loaded done did it again)
(Where the members at?
Goddamn, fuck them pussy ass niggas
Where the members at?
Pussy ass niggas)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
I'm Lil Loaded, so these niggas know I'm crippin'
I got some partners bloods, so I know them niggas drippin'
But we are still the same, we got Glocks with extensions
I might got a semi and it hold 'bout fifty
I could bring 'em on the drill and I know they down to ride
If I call my crip niggas, then I know they down to slide
.223', FN's, pull up with that five
I'm a real ass shooter, nigga, I don't wanna drive
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Aye aye niggas know what hannin
On bloods we get active get it brackin
The glock on me and im 2 steppin
The cops on me they know what im reppin
Aye imgangland for life i can't opt out
When the goonies pop out they gon take some opps out
Yeah wet your block up bring the mop out
Aye talk brazy get your teeth knocked out
Niggas know im trippin
Grew up with you now you opp now i treat you different
Piru nigga keep it wes like my smith’n
He was faded off the lean we caught him slippin
I gotta face all of my opps, don't wanna die
These niggas berry, berry sweet just like some pie
Ayy, I put that ball on your eye just like a stye
Ayy, I got a beam on the end you can't hide
Ayy, he ain't a soldier he a hoe up in disguise
I play with' that gang gang and that's your demise
Ayy, execution so your mind just gon' get fried
Ayy, slim bitches here, I don't like 'em wide (Slim bitch)
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang (Crip)
(C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
#LilLoaded #GangUnitRemix #YG

joshua plays
joshua plays 3 minutes ago
Loaded is still underrated his song needs more clout
Ligasss Avondale
Ligasss Avondale 47 minutes ago
1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣🅱️IG 4️⃣ fukkin wit YG part
Deonte Yepes
Deonte Yepes Hour ago
big woo
abass ashiq
abass ashiq Hour ago
Here before a million
Darnan 618
Darnan 618 Hour ago
Just here for YG, homie be getting staunch!. 👌🏾💪🏾
joe hester
joe hester Hour ago
I GanG BanG on Gd☆
Gen Frost567
Gen Frost567 Hour ago
I swear that DC young fly
Young. Boss
Young. Boss Hour ago
yoooo this one is Crazyyyy
Juss Dero
Juss Dero 2 hours ago
Came from tommycraze check!
Kill Gio
Kill Gio 2 hours ago
literally buggin out rn bra
siah_1 2 hours ago
where my slimes and grapes at??
FloppersSF 2 hours ago
who knew quarantine got so boring that lil loaded collabes with a blood?
Black lives Matter
Black lives Matter 2 hours ago
This song makes me black
Realist rap Ns
Realist rap Ns 3 hours ago
Remix sounds better than the original
CASHTANO 777 3 hours ago
this joint make me wanna play pokemon and not catch em all
Blocko Savvo
Blocko Savvo 4 hours ago
Maybe lil loaded berry berry sweet
Blocko Savvo
Blocko Savvo 4 hours ago
Kenneth Mims
Kenneth Mims 4 hours ago
kingbeast 9y
kingbeast 9y 4 hours ago
This song makes me want to pour the milk before the cereal
Mr Lol 123
Mr Lol 123 4 hours ago
1:01 says in his head shut the fuck up nigga
DIFDAN 5 hours ago
Prod. KeyHii
Prod. KeyHii 5 hours ago
slapn 🔥🔥🔥🔥
its your boy GG ghaith
its your boy GG ghaith 5 hours ago
Wow are blood and he is crip and u and him friend I like that keep that same angry🔥
moodyang 5 hours ago
Grave lourd
Truly Yvng
Truly Yvng 5 hours ago
lil loaded got shot pray for my mans
TBG lee
TBG lee 5 hours ago
Bloods and crips should have a rap battle
itsonlyAli 5 hours ago
whoever shot lil loaded is a bi*ch
Kate Blamburcosky
Kate Blamburcosky 6 hours ago
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 6 hours ago
Blood for me like your music lil loaded
Mesho_x 6 hours ago
Claim your here “before 3 mill views” card
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 6 hours ago
ScruzzBro ツ
ScruzzBro ツ 6 hours ago
ya boy got shot 2020-07-01, crip he made it out alive! :))
tone 7 hours ago
Fake something else
Fake something else 7 hours ago
If lil tecca was gang related
Jay Bandz
Jay Bandz 7 hours ago
Who else likes 2013 YG style better
Malik GoldNine
Malik GoldNine 7 hours ago
Dis shit hard🔥🔥💥 No Cap
Not Nation
Not Nation 7 hours ago
I'm just wondering how everyone gets 2 - 4k likes by dumb comment.
overflex 7 hours ago
Who here after loaded got shot
toco taylor
toco taylor 7 hours ago
Moises Capalot
Moises Capalot 8 hours ago
Anyone herre after loaded got shot??
Vortex_Sh4dow 8 hours ago
SoberKingJr 8 hours ago
Blue berry and Strawberry pop tarts make a song
CRIPled SkeeT
CRIPled SkeeT 8 hours ago
Here since Tommy craze
CagedPhoenixThe1st 8 hours ago
I feel like he should have said, Idgaf if we don't "claim" the same thing.
Vik Gee
Vik Gee 9 hours ago
Only people who came from Tik Tok can like this
m i s k e c
m i s k e c 9 hours ago
Who's Here After He Got Shot ?
Gaming Reapers
Gaming Reapers 9 hours ago
This song wanna make me give my barber a haircut
Раван Асланов
Раван Асланов 9 hours ago
Thaaaat a fuuuck is this? Bloods & crips???????????
** 1:51
Alessandro Zambolin
Alessandro Zambolin 9 hours ago
Nigga got jumped
Greg Short
Greg Short 9 hours ago
What happened to real music with musicians who have talent???
Ιωάννης Αθανασίου
Ιωάννης Αθανασίου 9 hours ago
this song is 2 good,people have to stop sleeping on lil loeaded
smokxrr 10 hours ago
what is that white thing on YG shoulder lmao
Jumpman360 K
Jumpman360 K 10 hours ago
The next snoop dogg
Plasma 10 hours ago
0% Guns 5%cars 95%Gangs And Bandanas
Adalida Gordon
Adalida Gordon 11 hours ago
Yg 4hunnid 💯🎶
Doge 59
Doge 59 11 hours ago
Claim your before tommy craze card
Kaleb Russell
Kaleb Russell 11 hours ago
Gd for life
Cam Wilson
Cam Wilson 11 hours ago
I was here 2 hours it came out :)
Aziz I
Aziz I 11 hours ago
Crip+blood= purple=ballas🙃
Big Red1
Big Red1 11 hours ago
Rona made this cuh rns 2020🔥🔥
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio 11 hours ago
Wish all these idiots would take each other out for good
Yung Fabio
Yung Fabio 11 hours ago
lets just remind that impala from My Nigga 6 years ago
Khaliif Cade
Khaliif Cade 11 hours ago
No 1 gangster rapper in the world YG do you agree with me
JACOB CONTRERAS 11 hours ago
Do 1 with 6ix9ine
Quanie Cash
Quanie Cash 11 hours ago
Mannie B, Another hot Tennessee Artist
Jack Sargeant
Jack Sargeant 11 hours ago
This is honestly one of the only songs I liked as soon as I heard it
RPG 12 hours ago
Go listen to my new song “what it is”by Rpg on spotify
Cap It Off music
Cap It Off music 12 hours ago
Fucc with Cap 🐕
M1KED1D 12 hours ago
I like the part after YG’s part
Carlos Jackson
Carlos Jackson 12 hours ago
how’s this work a crap and blood?
Ali-A Jk
Ali-A Jk 13 hours ago
This song make my deff brother look gangster
AceBurrito14 13 hours ago
From tommy craze on the second view to a song with YG
icewollo come
icewollo come 13 hours ago
Lol lil loaded being bloods for a day
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 13 hours ago
Slap certified slap certified slap certified
Parody WRLD
Parody WRLD 14 hours ago
Holy shit already 2mil
happyhotcheetos 14 hours ago
-crip walks to song-
ZEROTWO 16 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥the music video is so dope
Christian King
Christian King 16 hours ago
🅱️ X ♿️
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 14 hours ago
Somebody said 1 of yg niggas popped dis nigga
jungle 17 hours ago
Gang bang
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 14 hours ago
How was YG ok with this🤔🤔
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