If The Internet Was an Anime

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Month ago

Even if you were to defeat this guy, he'd only get replaced with someone slightly stronger next season....
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CircleToonsHD Month ago
First?! Wait... oh god like 100 people beat me okay okay think uhhh uhhhh
HenryTDM18 2 days ago
Ender 01o
Ender 01o 3 days ago
@soldiermaanSZN :D thx
Ender 01o
Ender 01o 3 days ago
@Olivia Grace that didn't age well :>
Chrome Music Man
Chrome Music Man 10 days ago
most liked "first" comment ever made
Drag the Sleepy
Drag the Sleepy 13 days ago
ItzJustThisBubble 21 minute ago
So anyways i started blasting
d e d e d a n k
d e d e d a n k 4 hours ago
A Wild Withered Freddy
A Wild Withered Freddy 15 hours ago
welp now there is gonna be some circletoons porn since you TRIED TO MAKE ANIME
yox YT
yox YT Day ago
The people who disliked is that orange hair dude
scuffed Jack
scuffed Jack Day ago
Dylan 2018
Dylan 2018 2 days ago
Do you actually hate nuggets?
Evan Lambert
Evan Lambert 3 days ago
His forbidden technique was so powerful it destroyed my internet connection
Ethan Hanson
Ethan Hanson 3 days ago
2020 is the year of instant outrage
Ethan Hanson
Ethan Hanson 3 days ago
Adrian Pulta
Adrian Pulta 3 days ago
I just realized...... I don't like chicken nuggets. :| *Top ten anime plot twist*
charles black
charles black 4 days ago
This reason heat is why I don’t have any social media
L.A aNima
L.A aNima 5 days ago
The Power Of Screenshot
Bobs your Uncle
Bobs your Uncle 5 days ago
2919th yes!
YinAnimations 6 days ago
I’m gonna ace attorney Him, If it IS a chicken nugget, then.., HOW DOES HE KNOW IT’S A CHICKEN NUGGETS?! Where did he get the Picture?! What if It’s a dying ball? And also one more thing, WHERE DID HE GET THE RECEIPT?! What if he has done Was: Stealing, Fake pictures, and HE DOSEN’T EVEN KNEW IT WAS 10 YEARS AGO!
Taco Hell
Taco Hell 7 days ago
need more shrek
Shadow 7 days ago
Isnt that real life?
Zoe Desvl
Zoe Desvl 7 days ago
cancel(r) culture in a nutshell
I’m a loser
I’m a loser 7 days ago
Anime internet Me: yo y’all want hentai pictures
masonpim 2
masonpim 2 7 days ago
What does a villain look like 11037 from Danganronpa
spidertyler 2005
spidertyler 2005 8 days ago
Ok now we have evidence orange hair guy doesn't like chicken nuggets, all we have to do now is cancel him.
Loptakio 8 days ago
Loptakio is my Favourite anime
TreeStick Boi
TreeStick Boi 8 days ago
*slowly loads shotgun* So you don't like chicken nuggies eh?
mew kitsune
mew kitsune 8 days ago
People with zero online precence and introvert are untouchable
ThePacific 8 days ago
I feel like this is kind of connected with MrBeast and Attack Helicopters...
Shaheed Beymuhammed
Shaheed Beymuhammed 8 days ago
Why this so accurate?!😂😂😂
JNPollard 8 days ago
If the internet was an anime everyone would be killing each other.
Adrian Pulta
Adrian Pulta 5 days ago
And the murder weapons are words we type.
Gabe Zimmer
Gabe Zimmer 9 days ago
In the eyes of the internet, the redemption arcs are never believable.
AnimeKnight99 9 days ago
Good video 😆
asbjørn boie
asbjørn boie 9 days ago
No this is if every argument what’s like a anime
Da gamer
Da gamer 9 days ago
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 10 days ago
*Circletoons has been removed for the Internet for hating chicken nuggets*
H A A 10 days ago
dumb chanel 109
dumb chanel 109 10 days ago
Media: oh wow a person who is becoming famous.... gotta ruin Thier Carrier for clicks, oh and what do we have here he said a slightly racist joke 20000838098 years ago. Every one with more than 25 brain cells:but that was a long time ago he/she has changed Media: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that
MarshmalloGalaxy 11 days ago
What did u use to make these?
Brosalike 11 days ago
Bruh who would've imagined an old video woulda done the same thing to Mr Beast
Sackboy is Here
Sackboy is Here 12 days ago
Cancel culture is terrible
a bad opinion
a bad opinion 13 days ago
Hey they guy who cancelled mr. Krabs masterbates on his dead wife lets cancel him
Normal Zodiac
Normal Zodiac 13 days ago
Normal Zodiac
Normal Zodiac 13 days ago
Yays_ALT1 Games
Yays_ALT1 Games 14 days ago
I won't use it if it was anime and I would make an anime free internet
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