The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

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After Skool

7 months ago

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The earth has gone through countless changes in its history. Antarctica at one time was not covered with ice, and could have been home to ancient humans. As we develop new methods for uncovering the ice, we are beginning to see the possibilities that lay below. Mainstream ideology puts forward the "Out of Africa" theory, which tracks humans originating in Africa and spreading out by land across the world. However, genetic research is finding evidence that makes our story far more complex. One of these findings is the discovery of the Denisovan people of Siberia, which reveals an entirely new, intelligent human subspecies (first discovered in 2008). It is findings like this, that cause us to have to rewrite human history.
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After Skool
After Skool 7 months ago
Some people will dismiss this and call it pseudoscience or a conspiracy theory. Others might believe everything blindly. The idea of this video, and most of the videos on After Skool, is to get you to question things. Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it". Believing everything in this video is just as silly as dismissing everything in this video. Both are lazy styles of thinking. Each question you have is like a rabbit hole that leads to new understanding and perspectives. Education does not stop when school gets fact, it just begins! So stay curious and NEVER stop questioning things.
Anonymity 8 hours ago
Charles Ott we know what the core is made of because it produces our magnetic field
Charles Ott
Charles Ott 8 hours ago
Any bright person would !! What we are taught as history is nothing but a lie. Here is coolest sample !! 4 over a hundred years they've told us in our schools that the Earth has a molted lava spinning core. Some disagree about the makeup of the core but it's relatively the same. What technology did they have then and now to prove the Earth has a molten core ????? They don't and we can't. Food for thought. Lol. We believe anything we are told to believe !! And there's no such thing as aliens but the Nephilim is truth. People will fall for the great deception that is yet to come !!
Anthony Williamson
Anthony Williamson Day ago
It's only pseudoscience if Grgam Hancock is saying it..
Anonymity Day ago
If you’re making extremely unconventional claims you shouldn’t wear a fedora
Ilene Book
Ilene Book 3 days ago
I miss
Michael Salonja
Michael Salonja Hour ago
Mainstream scientists work for the government so of course they lie
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker 2 hours ago
It did not answer any questions but asked us questions, this is not science this is entertainment.
Mark Twain
Mark Twain 5 hours ago
Brian Foerster is a genuine scientist and archaeologist. He really wants answers, and we should support people like him who help advance humanity beyond Hollywood and TikTok
John Barber
John Barber 6 hours ago
It were them nazi bigfoots what done it. And dey was black.
Gavan Bowyer
Gavan Bowyer 6 hours ago
that would leave a mark. a layer we can see but don't yet understand the significance of.
Marco Castiglia
Marco Castiglia 7 hours ago
NGOLA MOTEP 7 hours ago
Jeremy Kelly
Jeremy Kelly 9 hours ago
So red hair means they had light skin I call bull... Brown people have red hair and blues eyes and green eyes
God of the Eternal light.
God of the Eternal light. 10 hours ago
138 volcanoes have been discovered in Antarctica and water warmed by the volcanoes.
God of the Eternal light.
God of the Eternal light. 10 hours ago
Humans are weak and pathetic and unworthy to even wash my feet.
sakor88 10 hours ago
And tomorrow we will learn how aliens built the pyramids! Right? EDIT: I watched little bit further... wow... what a load of bullshit.
bibek tamang
bibek tamang 11 hours ago
I respect the vast research of them but they showed the picture of Mount Everest and called it Tibet.
Ben van eeden
Ben van eeden 12 hours ago
Evolution pollution wadda wadda ....ok now you so called scientists are starting to iritate me with this evolution bulshit brainwashing which has been proven wrong over and over but yet you all still carry on flogging that dead donkey honestly when you start mentioning this evolution lie then i put your show off honestly. If you cant even get the basics right how on earth are you going to decipher the more difficult problems?????
Santanu Kumar Acharya
Santanu Kumar Acharya 14 hours ago
Fourth Castillo
Fourth Castillo 19 hours ago
why am I in the weird part of youtube again? finished the whole vid
CAT TY 20 hours ago
TIME has to be taken out of the equation. Linear perspective will not solve the mystery of our origin.. just saying...
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis 21 hour ago
I like this map layout
Hannah Birdsong
Hannah Birdsong 21 hour ago
They talk about these elongated skulls like they discovered something new... it’s been known that some cultures “stretch” babies heads by binding them with tight fabric while the skull is still forming and is still malleable so that the adults will have the elongated skulls.
defuse56 23 hours ago
Somehow I think there may be some cultural pushback on the multi-layering of the out of Africa theory. Identity politics. I hope I'm wrong.
observer7418 Day ago
Feel Free to copy and paste this Q comes from a Russian troll farm Not like you Trump has history with Russian Oligarcs 1/3 2/3 3/3 Here's an interesting one you should share with all your Christian friends and their facebook pages. What the Bible says the antichrist will be like.
Ben Amos
Ben Amos Day ago
So advanced that they lived in caves and went extinct. Just like us. Primates.
rory heffernan
rory heffernan Day ago
Time to nuke antarctica ❤
Kris Aaron
Kris Aaron Day ago
Three minutes into the vid, he's talking about ancient civilizations beneath the Antarctic ice sheets, and I'm wondering wouldn't the weight of the ice crush anything artificially built into dust and gravel? How can any shapes survive under a mile of ice? Half a mile, even?? The weight of the ice sheets in North America deformed the shape of the earth! No building could survive that. Just, no.
Anthony Williamson
Anthony Williamson Day ago
I'll bet someone somewhere out there paid millions to get dna from these skulls to grow a super human baby.. Starting a new, old super race of humans
Koko Jojo
Koko Jojo Day ago
Am i the only one who sees the neanderthals and denisovans as gog and magog. Since they were they also mentioned as humanoids and two different tribes
Rich Buckley
Rich Buckley Day ago
FORECAST: (1) Regression hypnosis will provide human origin stories that will eventually parallel archeological evidence with high correlation. (2) Humanity will experience a significant spiritual change when soul-journey and DNA-journey are eventually realized to be in partnership, driven by the former. (3) Awakening is the visitation of spirit upon the soul’s journey, that shifts outcome as a result of forgiveness to enable love.
Antonio462 Day ago
decondition yourself from the lie of history
Antonio462 Day ago
I wouldn't be surprised
RustyNuts 2 days ago
It seems like we have been 'dumbed' down. Like we used to have far greater knoledge and technology but it's been taken away from us by the hiding of our history. Think about it, if we didn't teach our children how to read, write, mathematics, science ect then within a few generations, knoledge would be lost
Sam 2 days ago
They rather believe that a damn Marshan built the pyramids than the original people, black people lol. I wouldn’t believe nothing white people say
Mary H
Mary H 2 days ago
Wasn't Atlantis located where Antarctica now is before it moved north into the Atlantic due to global warming?
chinmay c
chinmay c 2 days ago
Pseudo archeology
Jos Goossens
Jos Goossens 2 days ago
Nope, Aliens didn't have Sex with Apes... But Fallen Angels did have Sex with Human Women! And the Nephilim Giant Hybrids were the result. See Genesis Chapter 6 of the Bible, and the Deadsea Scrolls. Zecharia Sitchin, Erik von Daniken and UFOlogists call the Fallen Angels or the Nephilim the Anunnaki. Chief Jospeh Riverwind confirms this. The Nephilim Hybrids who died in the Flood are now Demons. Demonic Spirits on the earth. They and the Fallen Angels Pretend to be Aliens, UFO''s, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Ascended Masters etc. Don't be Fooled. Research. You will find the truth. Earth is only 6000 years young. Earth is Flat with a Dome or Firmament. Space does NOT exist as we have been told. Stars are NOT Suns and Planets, but just Lights in the Dome, and very close, like 100 Kilometers up. Above the Dome there is Water. Above the Water is God's Throne Other Heavenly Realms Possibly. There is NO Universe as you see on Discovery Channel and National Geograpic and like NASA tells us! We have been watching Computer Generated Fantasy Purple Nebulas of a Fake Spiral Galxy all our lives. All Space Agencies in the World KNOW this! The Vatican KNOW this Fact! The United NAtions KNOW this! The Illuminati and Satanists KNOw this! High Level Freemasons KNOW this. All these people LAUGH at Evolutionists and Atheists. They KNOW there is a Intelligent Designer.. It is the God of the Bible. Not most Organised Religion.
Konrad Comrade
Konrad Comrade 2 days ago
are these ancient giant Siberians related to those, whom the Bible refers to as the Nephilim Giants, who put on pleasable clothes and then interbred with smaller human women until finally, food got in shortage? The megalith-structures may have been built to protect settlements from dangerous ice-age animals. The Peruvian tribe, with the huge, elongated brain-skulls had relatively tiny dentures. That implies, that they depended on high calories, high-quality food; plenty of fish or whales maybe. Probably they were dependant on lower class people supporting them? I suppose they had quite good naval and fishing skills.
Chris Heckert
Chris Heckert 2 days ago
Actually the middle East theory is something that I use all the time because Woden or Odin has the exact same DNA haplotypes as Vikings. And if you take that DNA haplotype and extrapolate it to American Indians then you would find that the Vikings and American Indians would be related from the same common ancestor. Also if you take their origin stories and religions then you would find out that they are very similar because they worship the moon and wolves among other things. I also do not think it is a coincidence that they tend to use the same types of materials like axes and bows and their face paintings are the same. You also find that they revere birds in similar ways. In short the Vikings and native Americans will one day be found to be the same. It was about 2 years ago that I made this statement that people crossed the Bering strait much sooner than they're being a land bridge because it's common sense that before there was a land bridge that would have been a very shallow river or body of water flowing through there and they would have taken a boat across it while they could still see the other side. A few months after I had said that there was an article that said they found boats up there that have been sailed down rivers. That proved my theory correct. Basically if you retract from the glacial maximum throughout the younger dryas you will find that There should be boats anywhere that they could see land or used to know that there was land. That would mean there were secondary and tertiary migrations all throughout those areas. It would not be crazy to think that someone from Doggerland survived And could have taken a boat along the glacial shore all the way across to America.
Lion Nile
Lion Nile 2 days ago
Adam was the first man on earth not like an apes or others different living things the scientific evidence that Eva is first women and mother of all human.stop lie
belwbarr 2 days ago
Talk about freeing Julian Assange
Tim M
Tim M 2 days ago
"Pole Shift". It's happening again now in our Time. Wait long enough and you'll be able to Explore Antarctica at The Equator once again.
RHYTHVIC 21 hour ago
Thats not the pole shift. The poles are not literally switching places, the magnetic poles are moving so nothing on the surface will change.
Elizabeth Douglas
Elizabeth Douglas 2 days ago
We all came from dust and life was breathed into all of us according to the BIBLE. FACTS
Chris Heckert
Chris Heckert 2 days ago