Apple MagSafe Charger - Unboxing and Everything You Wanted to Know

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MagSafe from Apple is back for iPhone12, iPhone 12 Pro, and all the wireless charging iPhones of the past. In this video I unbox the new iPhone 12 MagSafe adapter, show what it works with and show how the MagSafe charger works with iPhone 11 Pro max, AirPods and more. #iPhone12 #iPhone #apple #magsafe
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:08 - Price
00:22 - Unboxing
01:45 - Magnets
02:27 - Compatibility
03:08 - Charging
04:11 - MagSafe Charging AirPods
05:43 - Will it work with Apple Watch?
06:24 - AC Adapters
06:48 - Conclusion
07:07 - Outro
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rock robot 850
rock robot 850 12 hours ago
C. R.
C. R. 2 days ago
I don´t understand this thing. You could plug in your cable to your iPhone and thats the same thing! Who is so silly and buys this crap wireless charger for 40$ when my cable costs 5$??
Heidi S
Heidi S 3 days ago
Dude you need the mag safe case to stick. It’s not rocket science
zollotech 3 days ago
no you dont
Blake Kwamin
Blake Kwamin 5 days ago
Can you switch the cord
Yazan El Chab
Yazan El Chab 8 days ago
Can I use my macbook pro adapter for the magsafe since I don’t have any other type C adapter (knowing that the Mac adapter is 61 W)
Perplexer1 9 days ago
What about iPhone SE 2020 ? Will it wireless charge at 15W ?
avery plavin
avery plavin 10 days ago
Like all iphones, can you charge you phone while the magsafe is charging as well?
Torrent Alex
Torrent Alex 11 days ago
Which adapter is better for iphone xr ? Does magsafe with 20w adapter is safe to charge my iPhone xr?
Luca Hermann
Luca Hermann 11 days ago
Is the Magsafe charger able to transfer data from/to the iPhone when plugged into another device (just like a usual cable), or is it just for charging?
Techno Universal
Techno Universal 12 days ago
It’s also likely that this charging pad could be the only wired way to connect your IPhone to ITunes or the Finder in MAC-OS once Apple remove the lightning port from their future IPhones! It’s pretty much a function that would be needed for if you wanted to backup your device to your PC/MAC or needed to install a beta version of IOS that can only be installed through ITunes or the Finder in MAC-OS!
Helmi Halim
Helmi Halim 12 days ago
Can i use 30W power brick instead of 20W power brick?
Monkey Guy80
Monkey Guy80 12 days ago
I've already spent $85 on Apple MagSafe accessories! 2x 20w USB-C Power Adapters and 1x MagSafe Charger! 🤨😂
mushahid hassan
mushahid hassan 14 days ago
Don’t buy MagSafe , very slow , waste of money , more then 3 hours to full your 12 battery .Totally wasted.
Marchell Llehcram
Marchell Llehcram 15 days ago
I just realized something, if apple or any third party acc maker makes a case for any iphone that has wireless charging capability other than iphone 12, the magsafe will work as well to those iphones right?
Simon Barnes
Simon Barnes 16 days ago
I regret buying mine. The convenience of wireless charging is being able to place and pick up my phone from the charger without fiddling around - now I have to prise off the magnet so it’s almost as fiddly as wired charging
mopar Mayhem
mopar Mayhem 16 days ago
Will the MagSafe work with the apple usb -c 29 watt chargers or do I have to buy the 20 watt charger
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 17 days ago
How strong is the magnet? Can I fix the Mag-Safe to a vertical surface with double-sided tape, and then place a 12 Pro Max against it? Will it hang on?
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 15 days ago
@zollotech Thanks!
zollotech 15 days ago
Yes it would hold
Muhd.Roszaiman Rossli
Muhd.Roszaiman Rossli 18 days ago
Look cheap even for Iphone 😂
ThinStick34 Gaming
ThinStick34 Gaming 20 days ago
Those some thicc air pods
Alfredo Marin
Alfredo Marin 23 days ago
iPhone 12 will work with an old Qi charger ? Or it will charge wireless only the mega safe charger ?
bewhee 23 days ago
Does this work with the older 5W wall adapter?
bewhee 23 days ago
Does this work with the older 5W wall adapter?
Sandeep Jaswal
Sandeep Jaswal 23 days ago
Apple website says that it’s compatible with 11P
716282 A.B
716282 A.B 24 days ago
Guys is this worth buying is it gonna help me in any way?
Eli Baltazar
Eli Baltazar 24 days ago
WIll MagSafe be safe from dust and sand?
Raccoon Life
Raccoon Life 25 days ago
Call me crazy but what’s the difference between this and a normal charger? You still need to plug that into a font of energy
SG4 - Berlanne Repoyo
SG4 - Berlanne Repoyo 26 days ago
Basically simulates a traditional wired charging cable but just added the ineffiency of wireless charging. Good job apple.
shubham bhardwaj
shubham bhardwaj 26 days ago
Hi Aaron, this is completely off topic but i have been looking for answer for this at so many place and nothing you can answer this.. Does fast charging affect fingerprint sensor, i have been recently using apple 18w charger and cable and while my iPhone is charging the fingerprint sensor gives trouble (delay in response or sometimes doesn’t even respond). Is this something normal while fast charging iPhone 8. Thanks!!
zollotech 26 days ago
No, it does not affect it in any way.
Umashankar Pandre
Umashankar Pandre 27 days ago
Xolo mobile
Oren Argot
Oren Argot 27 days ago
Will it work if you have a case on?
Drew 27 days ago
wait, can i remove that cord from the circular base unit? and use my own braided cable? cuz Im seeing that youre basically stuck with a really short cord until you buy a new one
RewindFPS 27 days ago
Still trying to find out if the case i bought on Amazon from a third party will still work with MagSafe
Matthew Bromwell
Matthew Bromwell 27 days ago
Charges so very very slowly.
D K 28 days ago
Cable too short 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
M M 28 days ago
So..basically.. I still need a adapter to power my magsafe..+ a case..
Radek Kočí
Radek Kočí 28 days ago
What about Airpods Pro? It’s gonna be 15W or 7,5W?
micheal oconnor
micheal oconnor 28 days ago
What’s the real release date for iPhone 12 pro max ?
rotimi kayode
rotimi kayode 28 days ago
Update the MagSafe can only use the 20w to Get 15w charge not the 18w test it out and see
7enty7en 29 days ago
Hey, does it work with the ipad 5th gen?
7enty7en 28 days ago
@zollotech oh thx
zollotech 28 days ago
No, MagSafe does not work with any iPad as iPad does not support wireless charging
Yxcked. 29 days ago
Can I buy this
Seanpiterpater 29 days ago
Wish I could use this and work with CarPlay
Siddharth Chatterjee
Siddharth Chatterjee 29 days ago
If I am using a case to protect my phone how effectively will it work and is it advisable to charge using the case on.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 29 days ago
Magsafe doesn't work with iPhone 11, only 12
Alan Echeverria
Alan Echeverria Month ago
What? Yall really can't put your phone on a wireless charger that you need to have magnets to help? Smh my head 🙄 In reality though, knowing how people who like apple will purchase this and claim it to be innovated. If apple really want to be environmentally friendly they would switch to USB-Type C, not again with their Lighting connector
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 29 days ago
It charges 11 at 3watts only
Mikk Lüftumie
Mikk Lüftumie Month ago
MagSafe bangs of new gimmick desperation. Terrible
Stelios Papas
Stelios Papas Month ago
Bro you are freky fake I read that magsafe is not be able to charge others devices accept iphone 12
zollotech 28 days ago
It charges any wireless device that supports the Qi standard. It’s simply just a Qi charger. Whoever wrote that was incorrect
Jay D
Jay D Month ago
So thats the charger on top of the plug... Apple tax is very smart.
Adly Mz
Adly Mz Month ago
not impressive at all
83neelesh Month ago
Wireless charger ? What a joke .
B Marko
B Marko Month ago
I just purchased the MagSafe charger and i was very unhappy with the length of the cord. If you want to put it on your desk and plug it-into the wall, you will never be able to talk while charging. I don’t think it was well thought out at all. 😢
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Month ago
“So you can probably use your phone while charging, so that’s an advantage” Me sitting here with iPhone 6 connected to powerbank... is this “advantage” worth paying an extra $xxxx for?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Month ago
Can ip 7 use it?
TH3mrBROWN Month ago
Something you didn't mention, I'm pretty sure the material on the cable is different to what Apple typically uses. Hopefully it'll last longer.
zollotech 28 days ago
That’s not true in my test. It charges around 5w. I’ll show that in a video soon
zollotech 28 days ago
The cable is no different than what you have another iPhone cables that come in the box.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Month ago
Buyer beware: the charger won't output more than 3 Watts for older iPhones like the 11 Pro. DO NOT BUY! The iPhone 3G power brick is literally faster!
Gavriel Casas
Gavriel Casas Month ago
Can you charge AirPod pros on them? On an ordinary wireless charger I can but I would like to make sure before I buy ?
Shurpo Month ago
So I have a mous case and it has magnets in it and it interferes with the compass, why won’t apples MagSafe cases do the same? Apple warns about magnetic accessories on their website so why are they ok all of the sudden?
Can I charge iphone 11 with the magsafe wireless charger
Rod Chomper Inc.
Rod Chomper Inc. Month ago
Will Apple CarPlay work with this?
Chathura Jayasekara
Chathura Jayasekara Month ago
Hi could you please tell me which charger is fast charging Magsafe or usb C adapter?
zollotech 28 days ago
USB-c is faster
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Month ago
Obviously the Iphone is Apple's number one product but I wonder how much they make from accessories.
robnexus7 Month ago
It charges 11 at 3watts only
robnexus7 Month ago
Magsafe doesn't work with iPhone 11, only 12
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Month ago
I prefer USB so you can reach your phone across your bed I know it’s annoying but I prefer USB.
samun haque
samun haque Month ago
Apple just forget about the brick now you get an iphone and get a magsafe charger still need to buy a brick,how stupid can we be
Flawless Fatality
Flawless Fatality Month ago
This "feature" makes no sense
llJohnnyboy13ll Month ago
Will it work on an armored case from spigen?
Hugo Vigil
Hugo Vigil Month ago
Lmao. There are dozens of other products that have been doing the same thing for years.
Rares Oprea
Rares Oprea Month ago
Is it working if i have the original apple 11 pro silicon case?
Chad Fraser
Chad Fraser Month ago
Buyer beware: the charger won't output more than 3 Watts for older iPhones like the 11 Pro. DO NOT BUY! The iPhone 3G power brick is literally faster!
amir majdi
amir majdi Month ago
Can ip 7 use it?
Maikel Sauceda
Maikel Sauceda Month ago
Just imagine if Steve Jobs was still alive. Apple would be pushing barriers even further now that they have much more money, this won’t only improve the iPhones itself but also the whole competitors. Our market would be like 10 - 15 ahead of our current devices. It would be amazing, instead now we’re getting just one Apple sticker lol
Matiel Wang
Matiel Wang Month ago
Y’all really gonna pay 1000 plus dollars for an iPhone 11 with a magnet and no charger or earbuds?????
Zane Eckols
Zane Eckols Month ago
I’m still waiting to get one because I’m not sure how well it actually charges your phone or how quick it’ll be compared to other wireless chargers
ondabeach Month ago
Why didn't you test how fast it charges with whatever phone you have??
William Sue
William Sue Month ago
Should be available in 2m cord length. 1m doesn't work for a lot of people.
7 ITESE Month ago
I like how you titled "You Wanted to Know", sounds less compulsive
Shanklevision Month ago
This video should be 2 minutes, MAX
Reece Harding
Reece Harding Month ago
I prefer USB so you can reach your phone across your bed I know it’s annoying but I prefer USB.
MaDAdiii Month ago
Will using the mag safe charger with a 61 watt macbook pro adapter harm the battery of the phone being charged?
Nick Woodworth
Nick Woodworth Month ago
This dude has no idea what he’s doing. Lol Great job anyways. 😂
Elijah Melville
Elijah Melville Month ago
Does it work for the air pod case?
Jaivek kanabar
Jaivek kanabar Month ago
How you got old Instagram logo on iPhone 11pro max
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Month ago
The design is pretty sleek!
John Wick
John Wick Month ago
It suck
SANTANDER Denmark Month ago
Men, Can I name you as human iPhone dictionary?.
Antonio Pacheco
Antonio Pacheco Month ago
How about iPhone with cases like otter box etc
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Month ago
I can see this charger make Apple millions and millions with their weak cables😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Month ago
Hi Aaron , i'm a big french fan of yours, love each video you are making, but i have a question you didn't answer... i'm about to pre order the 12 pro max and i can and should
M*****w T****s
M*****w T****s Month ago
Does this also fast charge the PIXEL 5?
Angelica Loya
Angelica Loya Month ago
Aint no body watch this!
Rayan. Month ago
The important Question is : Is it safe to use magsafe while you use your phone ? Is the electricity on Magsafe affect on the people ?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Month ago
Does it charge iPhone 11 Pro Max? Like it charges with the fast charger ?
Nothaut Month ago
Are there gonna be juicy lawsuits for the magnet part breaking other Qi-compatible phones?
Karthik Chinnaraj
Karthik Chinnaraj Month ago
MagSafe will it charge I pad pro?
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc Month ago
Just as easy to go strait into your phone with lightning cord waste of money not giving nothing I don’t have to to Apple since they are taking things out of box them I’m not buying nothing I don’t need such as this 40 dollar rip off
lincoln truong
lincoln truong Month ago
In conclusion, Apple wants you to spend more money for the magsafe charger
Alan Castillo
Alan Castillo Month ago
Can i use it with the AirPods Pro ?
eastern2western Month ago
Every wireless charger is a magnetic charger. Giving it another name is pure redundancy.
luis t
luis t Month ago
How long will it take the iphone to charge with the magsafe?
Emer Mc Laughlin
Emer Mc Laughlin Month ago
Is this worth it??
Zainah Almulla
Zainah Almulla Month ago
U live in clover?
Homid T.
Homid T. Month ago
What is the charging speed on the iPhone 8, I wonder?
Roxel Barroso Ramos
Roxel Barroso Ramos Month ago
A charger that actually doesn’t includes the real charger.
Ange Alexiel
Ange Alexiel Month ago
Hi Aaron , i'm a big french fan of yours, love each video you are making, but i have a question you didn't answer... i'm about to pre order the 12 pro max and i can and should already buy the magsafe charger, but on my desk because the wire of the magsafe is short, the best solution would be to plug it to my Imac 5K who have 2 USB C ports. so you can guess my question , will an imac or macbook pro with. USB C ports recharge the iphone at 15 watts and not 7,5 watts ?? thanks a lot and keep doing a good job.
Seyi Daramola
Seyi Daramola Month ago
Anything under 15w on the brick MagSafe won’t work
Scar A
Scar A Month ago
Ordered mine with a 20W USB-C charging adapter thanks to this video. Thanks again Aaron!.
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