D&D Story: The Unsolvable Murder Mystery

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

The video is actually 3 stories, but they won't all fit in the title. The first is from a Dungeons and Dragons game where we couldn't figure out the mystery. The second story is from Call of Cthulhu RPG where the exact opposite happened. The last story is from the board game Scotland Yard
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Stephanie Zao
Stephanie Zao 7 days ago
It's just bad luck to get caught first round of scotland yard
Steel Rarebit
Steel Rarebit 8 days ago
There was this murder mystery I was involved in. 5 dead bodies were found by the police. I almost got away. By the way, what is D&D?
Bra bra
Bra bra 9 days ago
Honestly, it's your fault you got caught in Scotland Yard on your first move. I mean, even if you happened to be two steps away from another player, why did you move next to him on your first move? It might makes sense later in the game when they've all figured out where you are, but on your first move it makes no sense.
Ice Climber
Ice Climber 15 days ago
Did Dick have his apple pie that day?
M DocFry
M DocFry 17 days ago
1:04 DM looks like you'd struck a chord
Bryan Aughal
Bryan Aughal 18 days ago
“Dark and stormy, lightning, haunting atmosphere” could very well be Curse of Strahd. You don’t know! What if you’re secretly in Barovia?? You don’t know if it’s a murder mystery!! Haha! Haaaa!
John Smith
John Smith 20 days ago
Shouldn't have let him make Dick Tracey, worlds greatest detective. That was just bound to happen.
Kyle 23 days ago
I would love to do a reverse murder mystery where the characters have to figure out who they are supposed to kill, and get out. If they kill the wrong person or they don't leave in time, they risk getting caught.
John Maguire
John Maguire 24 days ago
You seem to be a planner and not an improviser. I know this comment is on a three year old video, but watching most of your vids, I think it's very true. If I were running it, I would have had the NPC say he didn't think he was possessed, but that he was in the hospital for being wounded in an attack by Melphat. That said, I'm not a planner, so I wouldn't have a bunch of cool ideas in store for the story haha
pancudowny 25 days ago
In that first story, wasn't one of your group a bird-halfling? Who had to stay outside because he was one? THERE'S your suspect! ;D
Richard Webb
Richard Webb Month ago
beat saber
soap snek
soap snek Month ago
this happened when i played the curse of strahd campaign (spoilers) they mentioned that there was a creepy old lady who had a cart of pastries and i guessed “oh the people going missing are in the pastries. they are selling corpses back in the form of baked goods also i bet they’re cursed because yeah”
Omega0850 Month ago
I get the suspicion that your players just don´t trust any NPC that is too nice, and thats why they didn´t trust Otty Otterton for example.
Rhyzvanic Month ago
The biggest give away of being possessed - he was smiling in a horror story.
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle Month ago
Based on the other videos featuring this DM, I'm just going to assume it was his fault.
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount 2 months ago
The real problem is that competent mystery stories are very difficult things to write correctly, and to work properly in an RPG they *really* need to be done correctly. A ton of failings that can be ignored or glossed over in a novel or television show (which is how 90+ percent of police procedurals are able to succeed despite generally being written by the cheapest writers the producer can pick up off the street) will completely ruin it in an RPG by making the mystery either completely trivial or literally impossible. Most of the mystery stories people are familiar with and probably draw inspiration from when they try to do this kind of thing are either literally unsolveable (sufficient evidence did not exist in the story, and is only revealed at the ending, even if the characters in-universe knew before that point) or trivial for the reader/viewer. Most GMs / Storytellers are not actually remarkably skilled writers. Most are not even moderately competent. They might be good enough to DM somewhat well (though evidently most don't understand basic aspects of narratives, human nature, and the intersection between the two, which results in most of the problems in your stories) but they're nowhere near prepared for this kind of difficulty and usually how difficult it is to do right is not necessarily obvious in advance, or even afterwards to some people. So...it tends to fail spectacularly. This kind of story should probably be saved for specific games that are built around this narrative archetype and thus support it very well (because the less effort was put into supporting a concept by the game designers, the more work is left for the DM, and vice-versa).
Seth 2 months ago
After this now the only thing i assiociate detectives with is metagamers
Kyle 2 months ago
The woman whose son has been kidnapped by a Beholder is the easiest to subvert. In my campaign, the woman's wife was infected by a spore of Zuggtmoy, so when the party finds her they need to figure out how to defeat her without killing her, and then how to cure her. You need to know the tropes to turn them on their head.
Nicholi 2 months ago
I searched this video out. I could not remember what episode that Scotland Yard game was attached to. Achievement Hunter played it and I was like, this is that game Ben lost in the first round. I just started rewatching all of these videos until I came across this.
Ben Pearson
Ben Pearson 2 months ago
I just feel the need to tell this story. During my first campaign, my players skipped the final boss. Basically, he was an evil wizard putting together the Apocalypse Spell, and in the final room of this dungeon was the last piece. Instead of stopping him, my players just ignored him, welded the entrance and exit shut stoll his air ship which had all the other Artifacts on board, and sailed away. Leaving him in a small room at the bottom of a dungeon, under a null-magic field on an island in the middle my world's version of the Bermuda Triangle.
Belgian Football
Belgian Football 2 months ago
You could always be my DM and have us run around with 0 clues for 3 sessions and then reveal the bad guy in the 4th session, which was also the final session cuz the fight was piss easy
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord 2 months ago
There's a fine history of fictions where the heroes know who the bad guy is, and are deathly afraid the bad guy will find out the heroes know, because if he does, he'll stop pretending and just off them. Or of both sides knowing the other side knows, and the bad guy rubbing their faces in it as he turns the fact that nobody will believe the truth against the main characters. Hard to adjust on the fly, I know, but that might be a way to salvage your NPC being discovered too soon.
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
Yet another great episode of "The PCs Ruin Everything"
Marie Williquette
Marie Williquette 3 months ago
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 3 months ago
Once in a game, I was playing like the knife version of a trigger happy assassin, and at one session, our DM told us she had an encounter just called "weasel" that she was excited to use. so the next session we find a baby weasel in the middle of the road and I stab it, and it only had one health so I one shot it. Everyone was so mad at me and hated me for the rest of the day, but then later on a big weasel attacked me in revenge, and the party just left me on my own to fight it. Then later that day we were texting and the DM told us she had actually decided not to use the weasel encounter and I had just stabbed the baby weasel for nothing and everyone hated me even more
Martin Henzl
Martin Henzl 3 months ago
Mysteries aren't for everyone. If you cannot solve one, you won't be probably able to create one. Don't blame it on the players, if you are too transparent to find/create good hints.
some guy
some guy 3 months ago
usshow.info/watch/dQw4w9WgXcQ/video.html Yo guys go to this link
Ethan Brandt
Ethan Brandt 3 months ago
I always thought it would be cool to have a character that you could use meta information with but all the other characters think they're crazy
sataridis 3 months ago
im-pro-vi-se verb . create and perform (music, drama, or verse) spontaneously or without preparation similar: extemporize; ad lib produce or make (something) from whatever is available similar: contrive; devise; concoct; rig
mentra1 3 months ago
To be fair, why would an npc whos injured at the hospital, be smiling?
Gideon Rah
Gideon Rah 3 months ago
The problem with the first mystery is you forgot to summon Sherlock Bones.
CthulhuFhtagn 3 months ago
I occasionally try to run mysteries in TTRPGs. I always fail. The players can never find what they're looking for and get offended that nothing has happened yet. It never works out. Shame.
MrStoukaph 3 months ago
If you're a smart player and figure out the GM's plan too quickly, it's best to keep it to yourself. One for the GM's sake of putting so much effort into the game and plot. Two for letting the other players piece it together on their own or be surprised by the big reveal.
Bandoolero 3 months ago
this dude's comedic sense is over 9000
Atomyk Ebonpyre
Atomyk Ebonpyre 4 months ago
3:29 when you have max INT at level one.
Amanda P
Amanda P 4 months ago
Did the DM ever tell you who did it after the campaign was over?
emdestonado 4 months ago
I mean, I don't know how the detective knew exactly what was possessing the dude, but it was obvious he were. There is no happy people in call of chtulu. A person that is smiling is VERY creepy and suspicious
DJ, The Curator of The Internet
DJ, The Curator of The Internet 4 months ago
Halflings are evil
C Huth
C Huth 4 months ago
1. running investigations is hard 2. but it's often hard b/c GMs make it hard on themselves 3. because they are trying to imitate fictional investigations without knowing how normal ones work
Ben Szyndel
Ben Szyndel 4 months ago
The villain “intake of breath” Dick Tracy: IT WAS YOU AND YOUR BEING POSSESSED
angelic demons
angelic demons 4 months ago
He puffin did the DM ever tell you who the murderer actually was
Ben Szyndel
Ben Szyndel 5 months ago
I got caught in the first move once in Scotland Yard if it makes you feel better
Laffing Gas
Laffing Gas 5 months ago
I had a similar problem one time when an npc that was secretly a lycanthrope was found leaned against a tree covered in blood, and then i accidentally spat out that he had an unusual amount of body hair on him and my players immediately knew what was up. The other thing is that they would have had no idea if i didn't say that and it made role playing him really awkward. Also i ran the same game (with a different party) (this game is pretty much my backup campaign if there arent enough players or something) and i managed to actually get to the final encounter with the werewolf and *i freaking stated during the fight* "okay so phill uh i mean tHe WeReWoLf attacks you" I am best dm
BurntToazter Games
BurntToazter Games 5 months ago
Obviously what they need is DETECTIVE CLANCY
Joseph Courtright
Joseph Courtright 7 months ago
My group encountered a guy they knew was up to no good, but they couldn't proove anything. They broke into his house and found mysterious alchemical recipies. They kept asking everyone about these things. I roll openly on the table for NPC and everytime they rolled really really bad. The guy was a drug dealer. They been carrying around instructions for making fantisy heroin for like 5 sessions and still don't know what it is.
Kingdra King
Kingdra King 7 months ago
Tracy is not the best the best is Detctive clancy
Robert Stull
Robert Stull 7 months ago
This is why I lean in to troupes for things like murder mysteries rather than try to subvert them. It's just more fun that way.
TheOffkilter 7 months ago
Dick Tracy sounds like hed played that module before and didnt tell anyone so he could look like a badass lol
andrew the geek
andrew the geek 8 months ago
I think a doubleganger killed the lord with plans to take his place but when a servent arrived he panicked killed the servent took her place and hid the body
Psychronia 8 months ago
You know, I'm actually seeing a lot of potential here. The culture level of mortals has been advancing for centuries, and supernatural beings are gradually failing to keep up. The demons only know the oldest tricks in the book, and it's actually starting to overwhelm them how ubiquitous their plots are now.
Infantry Films
Infantry Films 8 months ago
3:47 he definitely looked at your notes
Allen Holloway
Allen Holloway 8 months ago
I have had that exact experience in Scotland Yard. The first turn. Literally. Oh, and it was my first game. Ever.
Graphite Smudges
Graphite Smudges 8 months ago
you want a real unsolvable murder mystery? here it is, who killed captain alex?
Sinnohan22 8 months ago
Was this right after the campaign that had too many betrayals? Because that could be the reason why he figured it out.
sirek the lizard
sirek the lizard 8 months ago
I once wanted a murder mystery but it wasnt supposed to happen.. So I KILLED 8 npcs
Isaak Welch
Isaak Welch 8 months ago
This just happened in our parties campaign. One of the PC's died and the plan was to bring him back, having been revived by a litch, with no memories, and join the campaign. Then he's gonna convince the party to free the litch by telling them that they're stopping a great evil. We introduced him to the party to give them the quest and one of the other party members figured it out instantly.
Kingmaddox25 9 months ago
I think Dick Tracy read your notes
Demphure 9 months ago
I played Scotland Yard once, which was really fun, until at the end when they decided to reveal the fact that the criminal could CROSS THE RIVER. I did not know that until we had already lost. After that I lost the desire to play
Delta Squad4577
Delta Squad4577 9 months ago
Why didn't you just play Clue?
Shadow Kissed
Shadow Kissed 9 months ago
I normally piss GM's off because I can easily peg everything before it happens. I am the same way with movies and it pisses my husband off as well.
ElectromagNick 9 months ago
Dick Tracy understands rule 1: NEVER TRUST BEN'S NPCS.
The Alchemist
The Alchemist 9 months ago
You know, considering the DM was going with the tropes. The best thing to do there would be screaming that "THE BUTLER DID IT!"
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 9 months ago
The name Dick Tracy will now ALWAYS remind me of that scene in the Simpsons where Ned Flanders pops a gasket and goes doo-laly. In the sanitarium, his shrink shows him videos of a young Ned Flanders and what "H-E-Double-Sippy-Straws" raiser he used to be. In the video, we see young Ned Flanders running around, beating other kids up. During this, he's screaming: "I'm Dick Tracy, take that Prune Face!" "Now I'm Prune Face, take that Dick Tracy!!" "Now I'm Prune Tracy, take that Dick F-" and the recording cuts out before you hear young Ned call his fellow "Dick Face." Ahhh, The Simpsons... Where would we be without your constant jokes that- recently- seem to always involve heroin in some way or other. I'll tell you where: NOT in debt due to excessive purchasing and consuming of heroin, THAT'S where!!!
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter 10 months ago
Too bad Detective Clancy was not there. He can not solve the mystery, but he can accuse a random and convince everyone he did it, which is basically the same as solving it.
Brandon Haffeman
Brandon Haffeman 10 months ago
Man... NEVER trust Ben's NPCs.
Andre Michael Pietroschek
Andre Michael Pietroschek 10 months ago
The Scotland Yard #boardgame is a splendid example, of how the fantasy adaptation, D&D, and the #Cthulhu adaptation are still missing. Imagine the differences on Mister X (Missus X also welcome, but it was the criminal's name in the German version), when he, or she is: a drow assassin, one of those ever innocent Tiefling rogues, a Githyanki survivor of Mindflayer slavery ships??? ;-) Oh, and on the case: Who had motive & opportunity approach: Who of the NPC and PC was a very skilled climber, with not only knowledge_poison, but a foolproof feat allowing to apply the poison, while crawling rooftops alike a spider (wizard spell), cat-burglar (rogue, ranger), or ninja (rogue-ranger-sorcerer mix from the far East)! It comes down to: You, the moderator. Old man had that game company, was totally bad-ass with some deception fooling all, and you had to kill him in self-defense to inherit and prevent more brutal-evil-badguy-stuff..?
Elias Langerud Duffy
Elias Langerud Duffy 10 months ago
So, In my new campaign, one of the pc's heard of the snowstorms surrounding the town and immediately guessed they were dealing with a bheur Witch
Phylion 10 months ago
About to run a one shot where they investigate a 100-year old murder, but time travel is involved and actually one of the PCs are the murderer
Phylion 9 months ago
@Kingmaddox25 yeah....
Kingmaddox25 9 months ago
That sounds amazing till your players mess it up
tsg aerospace
tsg aerospace 10 months ago
my mum and i used to play scotland yard and that happened to us once as well...
the retard In The Attic
the retard In The Attic 10 months ago
I pissed off my GM during an arms smuggling through two different hutt lords so we could get out of debt. We managed to get the blasters but as we were leaving the Hutt lord sent men after us so we had fight them off. After the fight I decided to sneak back in to the Hutts palace and throw a thermal detonator right into the Hutts lap. tried to find a way to not have the Hutt lord die but he eventually just said he survived the blast. That’s when I shot the hutt and left. The GM was not happy because apparently he based the entire story around that Hutt lords betrayal and we just ruined it.
Daniel Hounshell
Daniel Hounshell 11 months ago
Dripping poison from overhead sounds like a very noticeable, very unreliable method for someone to get poisoned
Ceece 11 months ago
My first DnD session: we get attacked by a mimic bed. We immediately leave dungeon, run away from every encounter, flee from passing tradesmen, go on a several month long journey while avoiding towns and cities. Eventually the DM had to ambush us 5 times in a row in one night in order to convince us to actually go somewhere. We went to a cabin, and stayed there.
B P 11 months ago
did he commit suicide?
Mallorie Elaine
Mallorie Elaine 11 months ago
No murder mystery, but I did once get so fed up with my other two party members that I attempted murder both of them. We were supposed to be infiltrating a cult but they kept going back and forth trying to convince the cultists that they were a part of the cult by convincing them to change their password to “Jerome”. This went on for about 15 minutes and I reached my breaking point. Keep in mind by this point I had done two other quests in this session basically BY MY SELF while they keep bantering back and forth and not really helping at all. So by now I was just done. I went over to the DM (also my boyfriend), whispered “I slowly sneak out of the church”, and rolled an 18. He informed the party of this but they didn’t care. So I whispered “I bolt the door”, rolled a 17. Party hears the bolt shut, doesn’t care. Finally, I tell my boyfriend “I set the damn church on fire.” Crit success. He mentioned the smoke filling the room twice to my party before blatantly telling them that they are in a burning building and better try to get their dumb asses out. Unfortunately they succeeded in jumping out of the windows and so I only really accomplished killing the cult. My boyfriend was so disappointed because he had put a lot of work into the story and was very proud of it, but we’d missed it because the other two couldn’t cooperate and I committed arson. We mentioned this to his brother, also a DM, who asked me, “How could you do that? You’re a lawful good cleric.” To which I replied, “It was for the greater good. At this point my character sincerely believes that her party members serve the devil.”
Bilal Ozkul
Bilal Ozkul 11 months ago
"Someone poisoned the nobile" Very clear cut wound
Mel A
Mel A 11 months ago
i LOVE your storytelling xoxoxox
DrawciaGleam02 11 months ago
The first story reminds me of the mystery in Minecraft Story Mode!
Maroon136 11 months ago
Was listening to a book with my mother once. There was a murder and it described the victim and the detective assigned to the case. Imidiately, I say, "detective did it." The reasoning was slightly complicated for why his introduction made me so certain, but I ended up right. Stories and plots VERY rarely surprise me, I can almost always tell you the details of a movie just by watching the opening scene. I am very vocal and happy whenever i am wrong, and that is honestly enough for me to automatically consider a story good.
silvercandra Year ago
3:39 I have this one player who always somehow figures my plans out before I can get to the big reveal, and she just can keep herself from spoiling it fro everyone else... There was a time, she made me blow up... I was setting this up for ages! This one seemingly random NPC, they for some reason liked, would come with them to fight the BBEG and sacrifice himself to save them, so they could later come back and fight him again, but the twist was that the NPC wasn't actually dead... Well as soon as I said "You see his lifeless body hit the floor..." She immediatly went "HE'S NOT DEAD!!! HE'S NOT ACTUALLY DEAD!" and not in an I-don't-belive-he-died kind of way, nope, she was straight up calling me out. And she didn't read my notes either, because i feared someone would read them and didn't write that part of the story down... And it keeps happening! HOW?!
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz Year ago
Honestly... these two stories sound like the common problem of unimaginative DM's to me. Rippin off tropes is where the most used stories come from. Try reading the original Brothers Grimm... you want good story fodder? Read the weird stuff. :-P
Dohregard Year ago
I'm binging all your videos and holy shit it's amazing
Tristan thedragon
Tristan thedragon Year ago
Melvatt looks like couch!
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Year ago
Yep. All Tropes. 1:06 Ha
Half Decent
Half Decent Year ago
0:58 DM sounds like the Main villain from spy kids all the time in the world
Viken emma
Viken emma Year ago
My players learned the big cosmic mystery in the first session because they asked the right questions and a couple of d 20 later.
lu na
lu na Year ago
1:00 is why your videos are so popular outstanding pacing of the video with perfect animation
Dolly Mix 5
Dolly Mix 5 Year ago
scotland yard is such a terrible game tbf. How someone play it for over 15 years?
MrGemHunter Year ago
Dick Tracy was truly the worlds greatest detective
MrGemHunter Year ago
Dick Tracy was truly the worlds greatest detective
MrGemHunter Year ago
Dick Tracy was truly the worlds greatest detective
Alexander Shleymovich
Alexander Shleymovich Year ago
1:06 The faces of these 2 tho! I died myself from a busted lung! *crescendoof*
thunderdrae Year ago
0:46 Nope there are beautifully sunny skies and everything is great
EryxUK Year ago
I ran a Call of Cthulhu scenario several years ago. It was a published scenario that dealt with the mysterious death of some archaeologist guy had found an artifact on a dig, brought it home and something unnatural followed him back, killed him and stole the artifact. Not a bad little story. My players ended up deciding that the deceased's brother had killed him because he needed the money that selling the artifact would bring and that there was no Mythos activity at all. There entire idea was actually way better than what was in the scenario so I pretended that they had it spot on and just followed their lead. Sometimes it works well and creates a great game.
Raven Mickelson
Raven Mickelson Year ago
No!!! Anges is the world's greatest detective!!! (From the adventure zone if any of y'alls listen to it)
Fielding Jones
Fielding Jones Year ago
i once had a player tell me that he bets my bbeg is the merchant girl sending healing supplies to a town being ravaged by famine and disease. he got it right and i didnt kno what to do. i had a big plot set up for the ring of apollyon and cultist rituals horror campaign and just "theyre the bbeg, arent they?" like, yes but you shouldnt say it.
thunderdrae Year ago
0:46 I'd just make it a bright and beautiful day until the murder happens so they don't expect too much too soon
fitzgamer #999
fitzgamer #999 Year ago
Wait a second. Revival spells exist, why not just revive the lord and go on with the day?
Oven Water
Oven Water Year ago
This wouldn't have happened if dEtEcTiVe ClAnCy was there
Infantry Films
Infantry Films Year ago
I hate to break it to you but that dick Tracy guy most likely looked into your gm folder or binder somehow. Happened to my friend several times where his party would figure it out so quickly, turns out whenever he left the room they would look at all his notes.
Green Green Grass of Home
Green Green Grass of Home Year ago
It was obiusly the butler
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