The Los Angeles Clippers Might ACTUALLY Be Cursed ...

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Yung Mustard

6 days ago

#KawhiLeonard #PaulGeorge #Clippers
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Yung Mustard
Yung Mustard 5 days ago
Check out my latest article on the Lakers!!!
DUN Guttah city
DUN Guttah city 3 days ago
Welp!.......ahhhhhh I guess your last video won't age well.....ijs
Dj The Shooter
Dj The Shooter 4 days ago
@Jerry10 Boston Leonard was NOT doubled in games 1,2,3,4 & 5. He was actually bullying his way into the paint and shooting '8 jumpers! If you're Denver, you can't allow that.
Jerry10 Boston
Jerry10 Boston 4 days ago
I just want to say you actually know what you talking about. Like seriously. I’m tired of people saying Kawaii what you going to do. Like wtf it’s just him and Paul George vs the whole nuggets. Kawhi is being double team every time he touched a ball. 2 v 7 out there.
Dj The Shooter
Dj The Shooter 5 days ago
Leonard is the only Clippa to win anything or even get to a conference final. Double-team Leonard, don't rotate off George, play your game and Da Clippas are done!
yOGI jONEZ 5 days ago
I like how u put it.💯
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 14 hours ago
I'm not shocked 😐 nuggets are more well rounded.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 days ago
ninoo carag
ninoo carag 2 days ago
they lost on game 7 lol
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 14 hours ago
Move the Clippers to OKC.
Prince.Osiris111 2 days ago
Yup. Cursed until they move back to San Diego. Fucking Donald Sterling. Burn in hell Donald. SD never forgot.
Rip Stan Lee
Rip Stan Lee 2 days ago
Fax Mustard Trez Harrell is garbage
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 days ago
People put too much stock in PG13. Including Leonard. Paul has shown us over his career he does not step up in big games.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb 2 days ago
Ahh, you’ve figured it out !!!
winnerizzy football7
winnerizzy football7 2 days ago
The clippers are gonna try to trade Leonard and pg13
kostantinos adam
kostantinos adam 3 days ago
Best player in the league my ass
marvininer 3 days ago
A few days later... They lost the series. So, they probably are.
geo val
geo val 2 days ago
Hugo Martinez
Hugo Martinez 3 days ago
The curse is legit
DanaSSG 3 days ago
this guy jinxed it
PIGMENT RICH 3 days ago
This video sounds like it was made today 💀 😂
Bryan Rico
Bryan Rico 3 days ago
The Clipper Curse Is Alive And Well Alright...
noor mohamed
noor mohamed 3 days ago
Clippers blew a 3-1 lead. 104-89
Koja Vukovic
Koja Vukovic 3 days ago
This aged well in 2 days
ancientadrian 51
ancientadrian 51 3 days ago
You are right! The Clippers are cursed! 😈😂🤣
arrownoir 3 days ago
Whatever can go wrong with the Clippers will go wrong.
Supyloco 3 days ago
Move the Clippers to OKC.
Gio 3 days ago
“Best player in the world”. 0 points in the 4th quarter in a game 7. Image the media if that was Lebron. 👋🏻
No Name
No Name Day ago
No need to imagine. Just look at the 2011 Finals against the Mavs
Maurice Buckley
Maurice Buckley 3 days ago
People put too much stock in PG13. Including Leonard. Paul has shown us over his career he does not step up in big games.
James McCreery
James McCreery 3 days ago
Haha, just the clippers being the clippers.
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford 3 days ago
Well tonight Harrell had 20 points, 7/10 FG, and only 1 TO. Which lead the team. Kawhi, had 2nd high in points with 14 points, 6/22 FG. Amazing.
TheallmightyZ 3 days ago
Don't forget George shumpert with that amazing performance 10 points on 4/16 testing out the side of the backboard.
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 3 days ago
We might NOT actually not give AF... DENVER IN 7 WAIT WHAT... DENVER VS LAKERS WCF...
R.I.P Kobe
R.I.P Kobe 3 days ago
The nuggets upset the clippers lol
BookOfDizzy 3 days ago
Who here after the clippers blew a 3-1?
Bobby shmurdas Hat
Bobby shmurdas Hat 3 days ago
Last time I was this late I didn’t comment
Andyy DaBarber
Andyy DaBarber 3 days ago
our only hope is Joakim Noah
Buckets of Epicness
Buckets of Epicness 3 days ago
It’s hard to see Kawhi let himself lose in game 7 but you never know. It’s a matter of one game, Nuggets have a serious chance of winning.
TheallmightyZ 3 days ago
Dang 6/22 and 4/16 in game 7 from both stars. I honestly expected it from George shumpert seeing his game 7 history but the claw couldn't hit anything even when the nuggets weren't scoring in the 4th the clippers still couldn't score.
Joe L
Joe L 3 days ago
Kawhi looked passive out there in the third and fourth like he didn't even care
Jovica Stojkovic
Jovica Stojkovic 3 days ago
Without referees Clippers have no chance. Tonight its gonna be like in 2002 game 6 Kings vs Lakers.
Rockout Deezo
Rockout Deezo 4 days ago
“Energized Kevon Looney”😭😭
egghead37able 4 days ago
2020 XD ➊
2020 XD ➊ 4 days ago
DQuake 4 days ago
“But they’ll turn it on when it gets to the playoffs...”
Money Making Sace
Money Making Sace 4 days ago
Yung Mustard
Yung Mustard 3 days ago
Pi Jo
Pi Jo 4 days ago
Doc rivers is overrated🤷‍♂️
James Robert
James Robert 4 days ago
I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Leston Austin
Leston Austin 4 days ago
Beverly Morris an others need to stop with the antics
Tolentino Lapasaran
Tolentino Lapasaran 4 days ago
Not cursed,,,but bad coach,
Mrki Mrkic
Mrki Mrkic 4 days ago
i think those dirty moves break moral of Clippers when you need to play dirty and you are better it goes under skin.. otherwise can say Clippers are better and whell Claw is beast/...i blame Doc for those dirty moves and Zubac was not so bad vs Jokic so he is not like issue