Is it Zack Ryder/Matt Cardona's time to shine?: Wrestling Observer Radio

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2 months ago

The former Zack Ryder, now known as Matt Cardona, made the save for Cody on tonight's Dynamite. Dave and Bryan discuss the debut and if Cardona deserves a second chance following his WWE run. [July 30, 2020]
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Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 2 months ago
I for one like wrestlers who get over on their own steam. It demonstrates agency and initiative, imagination and intelligence.
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 2 months ago
WWE punishing people like him for getting over is the height of arrogance and stupidity. Trust the McMahons to cut off their nose to spite their face.
horny Lorney
horny Lorney 2 months ago
Why's he dressed like Steve Blackman
Eric Deitrich
Eric Deitrich 2 months ago
Matt got himself way over in WWE without the WWE’s help. If he can do that within the WWE machine working against him, he should be able to do great things with AEW behind him.
James R
James R 2 months ago
If Matt/Zack cared, he would have left the WWE years ago. It wasn't his fault that he was underpushed, but it is his fault that he accepted it for ten years.
Philip Jon
Philip Jon 2 months ago
He should just retire as a jobber
Sam 2 months ago
Average, at best.
K D 2 months ago
The issue for me isn't the guy himself, but his introduction. It felt like the old TNA reaction "wait that's (insert wrestler's new name)! What's HE doing here". The need to be a bit more creative in how they bring people in.
System Monitor
System Monitor 2 months ago
you say TNA, but that's how WWE introduced names like raven and booker t. that's just modern wrestling.
WrestlingRIP 2 months ago
Omg Dave takes forever to get to his point. I can't take it...
Shaggy Fox
Shaggy Fox 2 months ago
Hold on, Cody himself, for all we see from him now, could have been a WWE World Champion if given the right push, the somewhat freedom that the major pushed wrestlers in WWE receive instead of stifling him. Cardona is somewhat in the same ballpark with his WWE run. They never gave Zack Ryder a proper chance unless it was as a Tag Team and even then it wasn't lasting nor wanted. Juice Robinson went to NJPW after being stifled in NXT with no real plans for him in sight. Went on to become a IWGP US Champion and had incredible matches with Jon Moxley. Matt Cardona could become not only a AEW TNT Champion, possibly one of the standout ones, but in my mind, could make a excellent AEW World Champion.
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 2 months ago
Best match ever best segment ever best show ever says the cosplay fanboys.Uncle Dave's knees must be bone on bone from all the time he spends on them.
thorne asylum
thorne asylum 2 months ago
What if Cody was in a legit competitive match once in a while. I think maybe that way the person he'd struggle to beat would really get over. I appreciate how he's giving all these guys a spotlight but if they all go more than 10 minutes then it's hard to get one act over. Jus my humble opinion
thorne asylum
thorne asylum 2 months ago
Moxley isn't that great. To think that in a faction of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins there's people who think Mox is a better wrestler is just beyond me.
Dislocated Weasel
Dislocated Weasel 2 months ago
And turning on Cody is just another MJF.
Dislocated Weasel
Dislocated Weasel 2 months ago
How can dave say who the fans would cheer for or not. Its your view but doesn't mean shit.
Ritchie R
Ritchie R 2 months ago
Matt is really underrated and I hope he has a nice long run in AEW even if he won’t be a top guy.
TylerMorganShow 2 months ago
Hes extremely polished and appears to be motivated.
afunny username
afunny username 2 months ago
I respect that he got himself over back in the day, but I'm not sure I can respect him settling for a guarentee'd payday all these years without an urge to build a legacy, not gambling on himself to leave and try to elevate another company like so many others did. If he'd not been fired he'd have retired at wwe and be forgotten in a few years. that's his right, but it makes him far less compelling imo. Too much nepotism in AEW, there's more deserving people, but friends are getting priority. i'm not a wwe fan hating on aew, i'm just a frustrated aew fan. Only way I think him being there wont suck is if this is a swerve, and he's just another Dark Order member and not over pushed as an actual star.
peter lee
peter lee 2 months ago
Fans feeling sorry for him that vince wasted him all those years...... yet fail to blame Matt for signing again and again even though he’s only ever been a utter jobber Same as hawking slater and others!!! No ambition no drive nothing yet wwe lets them go and they crying about it
Shikhansh Thakur
Shikhansh Thakur 2 months ago
Ec3 returned to impact so it's a wrong decision, ec3 is lame , we all knew the suprise But if it's matt cardona, wooow whaat a great move, guy is a legend in making, what a shock I mean i don't hate aew but i certainly hate their toxic fans(not all)
toontown063 2 months ago
Wwe needs to let the baby faces get a little shine.
Joe Clay
Joe Clay 2 months ago
How many of Cody's mid card friends are they gonna hire, is Dolph Ziggler on the way?
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd 2 months ago
Ugh, love AEW but find Zack Ryder so annoying. Not looking forward to this.
John Caudill
John Caudill 2 months ago
Needs to b n top championship matches
Jim 83
Jim 83 2 months ago
Let’s hope they don’t ruin him like virtually every other signing they’ve made
The [soon to be] Non Productive Podcast
The [soon to be] Non Productive Podcast 2 months ago
Zack Ryder isn’t a star, but neither is Rusev, but Rusev does have the capability & potential to become a star, Zack Ryder doesn’t.
Paul Stottlemyer
Paul Stottlemyer 2 months ago
Im a fan but he was so stiff when he walk Down i thought it was vince when he blew his quads lol
ObsoleteWorlds 2 months ago
Priest: "Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? Meltzer: "You know...even though. I knew it was (cough) uh, I kind of...yeah...I, I mean...I think know it's weird but obviously I could say know, plans could change but, um, I could be the right guy but, you know, it is what it is. I know it could work, I wouldn't say I'm negative on it, but, it could friggin' work but it might not.
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd 2 months ago
Fabio Sequeira
Fabio Sequeira 2 months ago
Clean slate for me. Let's see what happens. Open to being surprised.
dbgrfdg 2 months ago
to be fair, WWE has nearly aquired every talent there is, so it's inevitable to hire a lot of ex WWE guys
Andre Ricardo Bryant
Andre Ricardo Bryant 2 months ago
Is it AWW all white guy wrestling. WWE has done better with diversity. They were even using Sonya before she got sick.
Metalhead Wrestling
Metalhead Wrestling 2 months ago
All Ex WWE 😂
DigestiveCeremony 2 months ago
19% of the roster has spent time in WWE, and I'm giving you Brandi even though she was just the ring announcer.
Regie Ferrer
Regie Ferrer 2 months ago
He needs to call himself just Zack Not Matt because there are now 3 matts in AEW
David Anthony
David Anthony 2 months ago
There's so many talented wrestlers who Vince never gives a chance
Andre Ricardo Bryant
Andre Ricardo Bryant 2 months ago
Because most of them suck
Upol Alam
Upol Alam 2 months ago
Another worthless mid carder. AEW needs superstars. They should either sign them or make them.
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker 2 months ago
He looked great but we have seen this story before: "Oh WWE booked him wrong, he is way better than what they shown us". And they don't. I'll say this, someone like Damian Sandow has been great on NWA Powerrr. I could see Matt beating Cody for the TNT title and that is the spark that turns Cody.
John Banks
John Banks 2 months ago
Hrs starting to get that HGH gut like Joe Rogan
Ozeki 2 months ago
It's unfair for me to have this "uh oh, another WWE guy, this is feeling like TNA," so I'm gonna table that thought. Zack got the wrong deal, and I'm going to give him the chance he deserves to re-establish himself. Hope the best for him.
Zachary Showalter
Zachary Showalter 2 months ago
Oow oow oow, It Knows You
Cyntax 2 months ago
I didn’t expect to be excited for some of the people who were released in April. A lot of them have gone on too be integral parts of other major promotions. Deanna Purrazzo, EY, EC3, Gallows and Anderson, and now Matt Cardona, just like heath slater, looks like he’s gonna get some time in the light to show what he can really do. I hope rusev and Curt Hawkins get back in form soon, they’re capable of so much more that WWE wrote for them. I wish they just went back to NXT instead
Zachary Showalter
Zachary Showalter 2 months ago
Cardona looks like a giant in AEW
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 2 months ago
Bryan : it shouldn't be like that you play a despicable characTer and You never get a role for playing a despicable character. Game of thrones actor who played joffrey baratheon intensifies.
aceldamas665 2 months ago
An angle where Cody's friend turns on him? Wow, Dave, that's pretty original. Never seen that before. In AEW. In the last six months.
fashionsxxtion 2 months ago
"WWE doesn't do anything with a shitload of people" I know what the reason is for them to pick up all these diffeent talents but goddamn have they ever thought that they don't need to? it saves money even if the stock is high
Brian 2 months ago
I agree with Alvarez. If AEW can use Cardona better than WWE, then they should do it.
Gaming 6FeetUnder
Gaming 6FeetUnder 2 months ago
I don't care about the booking. As long as this guy does something different. Don't do the Zack Ryder character and move set with your new character smh
Steve 307
Steve 307 2 months ago
Dave struggles so hard to be honestly critical of AEW. Don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so he just talks in circles. And I say that as a fan of AEW.
bud norcal
bud norcal 2 months ago
David accidently saying, "fuck Cesaro" makes me laugh and then sad for him all to quickly. Its like something Vince said when Cesaro lost his push or run with Sheamus.
Stevie Macc
Stevie Macc 2 months ago
Dave Meltzer just said HE could think of promos for Matt (Zack) & Cody... at this point is Dave just outright auditioning for an AEW job? I mean his bias already shows. I mean hell just wear a shirt already show up as a ref & do a dive.
Demoth 2 months ago
Silver and renald gonna whoop Cody and Matt ass! Calling it now!
Neronymous 2 months ago
When Matt came out, I said "oh, no. It's that jobber from WWE." Then I saw how unreal he looked physically compared to just about any other AEW stars (like a taller Brian Cage), and remembered how he got over on his own. He may get over his shitty WWE booking faster than we expect. It's not the same as Spears, despite appearances.
wrestlingp 2 months ago
You had Warhorse first who was the kind of guy fans should NOT be focusing on, looking like a bad parody of the Ultimate Warrior. Then Cardona, who I was nervous about seeing in AEW, but after having Warhorse on the TV, this guy looked a million bucks. I hope he will be able to express his character in a new and refreshing way instead of being another embittered AEW talent taking sly shots at his former employer. Please dude, don't become a 'serious' parody of what you did in WWE, don't bring back the internet championship, it isn't needed now.
Aaron Royal
Aaron Royal 2 months ago
Gee maybe he can turn on Sting, Hulk & Dusty while he's at it. Stop turning everybody on Cody !
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 2 months ago
Wtf is Dave Meltzer talking about? He says a lot about a whole bunch of nothing
Flannel Jar
Flannel Jar 2 months ago
I've been watching so much of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast USshow channel, I completely forgot Matt Cardona's also a wrestler. Can't wait to see what he does in AEW.
Alex France
Alex France 2 months ago
Let's go Ryder woo, woo, woo! and all But AEW needs to sign Eddie Kingston
John C
John C 2 months ago
AEW is bordering on the line of being TNA 2.0 with pushing all these former WWE midcard jobbers. They really need to lay off signing anymore WWE rejects for awhile.
TAFKASYFY 2 months ago
I wasn’t watching WWE when this guy first got signed/started gaining steam/got buried so to me with absolutely no knowledge of him or his past this guy looks like a legit wrestler, I could take him seriously or maybe even get behind a good face if they present and book him right
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior 2 months ago
Hopefully he drops the jersey shore stuff
Jason Station
Jason Station 2 months ago
I dont care how many WWE guys come in. Everyone who is a fan loved WWE once. Everyone Wants WWE to be better for years. AEW will become what we always wanted WWE to be. And WWE guys are now AEW guys who will make us love Wrestling again.
John Young
John Young 2 months ago
Bro is gacked to the gills. Hope he gets a fair shake now
Damien Thorne
Damien Thorne 2 months ago
Impossible to say with the way AEW does things. Everytime they bring some big name in they get a couple weeks of a push, 1 title match then you're either entered into a random faction or relegated to Dark. It's almost as sad as Meltzer the Mark who thinks AEW can book an angle that lasts 6 months lmao!
DigestiveCeremony 2 months ago
@peter lee Lance Archer tossing around young lions like bags of garbage is fucking wonderful.
peter lee
peter lee 2 months ago
Archer hyped and looked great lost a title match instantly relegated to dark and doing fuck all bar skits of him beating people up back stage Yet that’s called “good long term booking” Can’t imagine the shit storm wwe would get if they booked cage or archer like AEW have
farscape1 2 months ago
He get beat up by Marko Stunt in about 2-3 weeks.
Jord’n Smith
Jord’n Smith 2 months ago
His Gimmick can only get him so far...... his athleticism hasn’t gotten better since 2015
Wrestling Newscast 411
Wrestling Newscast 411 2 months ago
“Looking pretty jacked” in my booker t voice
CT Ray
CT Ray 2 months ago
BTE and stuff like it all started with this guy. If he is booked like a serious dude and not a smiling babyface sidekick to Cody, I could see him being a real star for the first time in his career. It’s too early to tell for sure.
Giggzi999 2 months ago
Another jobber😂
Djclyve 2 months ago
I wish they had built to this somehow- not to spoil the surprise of he showing up... but I wish they had at least mentioned his name in a Cody promo or something as a little foreshadowing. As it is, it just came outta nowhere and came off as real “insider-only”.
Christopher Clinton
Christopher Clinton 2 months ago
Really hope this is only for a few dates not sign long term. He should rebuild his character in another lower promotions. Then sign later dates.
Christopher Clinton
Christopher Clinton 2 months ago
@DigestiveCeremony GCW is running shows. NEW is most likely going to be running shows in the upcoming months. They need to continue to build up the young roster they have before Matt cordona.
DigestiveCeremony 2 months ago
Like where? Only WWE, AEW, and Impact are running shows right now. There is no indie scene.
Raymond Frand
Raymond Frand 2 months ago
Great to see Matt in AEW
Living Mythology
Living Mythology 2 months ago
If he is coming into AEW to play the same character he was in WWE for 10 years, he is DOA.
Nick Gonzales
Nick Gonzales 2 months ago
Guy has a great look, came with fire and intensity. Plus he's a good hand? This is a great signing.
supplement toys
supplement toys 2 months ago
I dont see what is so hard all he has to do is be booked to win he has everything else. WHY didn't they get Hawkins too!?
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 2 months ago
I would rather believe that Cody will turn on Matt. One screams heel, the other is the ultimate babyface comeback story.
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 2 months ago
The minute I heard he got released I knew he was going to AEW. He's the OG of going viral with youtube videos and this is the land of "Being The Elite".
Ben Hindmarsh
Ben Hindmarsh 2 months ago
I tell you what he was over, and was the most popular person in wwe 2011 and I’m big fan of his, I reckon it’s his time
Rubin Barber
Rubin Barber 2 months ago
I'm kinda of 50/50 on your comments... WWE only will build their main event guys instead of their mid-card people and keep them tied it up because if they go somewhere else they'll be bigger stars with other companies
bird gotti
bird gotti 2 months ago
He looks like a giant compared to the aew roster
Danilo Flores
Danilo Flores 2 months ago
Well if they are indeed improving this booking then they could do wonders for him but let's face it so far every guy that has debuted hasn't had a lot of momentum or right now are in a position that we can call them stars like Archer, Spears, and so on. I hope they can make him a draw
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger 2 months ago
Well no casual fan knows who the hell zack ryder is so there's that. I don't know how much he will be associated with WWE now. They are definitely going the TNA route unfortunately.
Alex Cage
Alex Cage 2 months ago
I doubt AEW will make him important. He'll just be another guy on the same level as everyone else. And if he does stand out he'll be kept off Dynamite for weeks at a time and relegated to Dark. And as far as Rusez going there... Y'all see what they so to big guys. He's gonna come in, take a jab at wwe for a pop, wrestle and sell for marko stunt and them lose his first feud... Ryder should have went to Impact or Japan even.
Dragonstar 2 months ago
I dunno man.. he's got what I call the "WWE stink" on him. Most people, myself included look at him like he is just a jobber.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior 2 months ago
Cody did too when he was stardust and that didn't hold him back
Kelso Hunt
Kelso Hunt 2 months ago
He was crushed in WWE for the fans liking him without the aid of the writers. I hope he is successful.
lwill81 2 months ago
They reeeallly F'd him up with that John Cena/Eve Torres Storyline...
MentalHealthMatters 2 months ago
Not when Cameron debuts in the same night...
bradasstv 2 months ago
He looked like a superstar, but I felt like he should've attacked Cody...
Maria Hanover
Maria Hanover 2 months ago
Why did the dark order even attack cody? The segment made zero sense.
Mark Jefferies
Mark Jefferies 2 months ago
This dudes gonna pull a full Drew McIntyre. Just watch.
YoungBloodGinger 2 months ago
He should name his finisher Cardona Virus
Jerry McCoy
Jerry McCoy 2 months ago
TNA all over again
TJ Crouch
TJ Crouch 2 months ago
I wonder if Cardona will be the 4th guy in the new Horsemen instead of Spears or Hangman like some people are predicting. I think Cardona will produce the best wrestling in-ring and promos of his career during his time in AEW.
João Vitor Cabral da Cunha
João Vitor Cabral da Cunha 2 months ago
If there is anybody who deserves a chance on a stage like this, it's Matt.
Woke Bogan
Woke Bogan 2 months ago
Dave is so out of touch on a lapsed fan/non-wwe fan perspective. I give no fucks about Cardona being buried in WWE and it's already really obvious that these guys arent gonna be instantly pushed to the world title like they would be in TNA. I dont ever hear people moaning that nxt is all ex-roh/njpw guys, so maybe let dudes work where they can and maybe get some opportunities that wouldnt be so forthcoming at Vinnie Macs large lad emporium.
naturalbornthriller 2 months ago
Acting like Zack Ryder is a main eventer... smh
DigestiveCeremony 2 months ago
He wasn't in the main event.
explodet 2 months ago
Regardless of my feelings on Zack Ryder, I'll just point out that treating ex-WWE geeks as bigger deals than the homegrown talent is exactly what killed off fan interest in TNA in the long run, because it positioned them as the clear "B" promotion.
DigestiveCeremony 2 months ago
What ex-WWE "geek" is getting treated as a bigger deal than the homegrown talent? Darby Allin was in the main event this week, and he's getting a title shot next week. MJF is next in line for the belt. Who, exactly, is being held back in favor of an ex-WWE "geek?" Lazy narrative.
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd 2 months ago
LetsGoFive5 2 months ago
Enough with Cody gets a best friend and then gets betrayed. This will be best buddy #3
Jon Power
Jon Power 2 months ago
If they can get behind Jake Hager, they'll get behind Cordona.
ikyda1 2 months ago
he will have xpac heat in 6 months
Lenox W
Lenox W 2 months ago
I'd rather see new people, honestly And lets not forget that he kept taking contract extensions to be a jobber Zack's career being bad was his own fault
Desean Hairston
Desean Hairston 2 months ago
Another WWE reject shows up in AEW. This time its a WWE jobber 🤣.
Red Eyed Villain
Red Eyed Villain 2 months ago
Dear God this company is a complete joke. Smh. AEW is literally WWE jobber central.
Maddog No Good
Maddog No Good 2 months ago
Omg it's, it''s Matt Cardona!! What's he doing here!!! This was bigger than Lex Luger showing up on Nitro!! Nevermind Scott Hall and Kevin Nash!! 🙄😂😂
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