Dead by Daylight | Greek Legends Collection Trailer

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

13 days ago

Inspired by the Olympic Pantheon of antiquity, Dead by Daylight's new Greek Legends Collection garnishes Survivors and Killers in outfits reminiscent of the ancient world but with a modern twist.
• The Clown - Lord of the Underworld Set - Very Rare
• Yui Kimura - Goddess of Victory Outfit - Very Rare
• The Oni - The Minotaur Set - Legendary
• David King - Champion of Olympus Outfit - Very Rare
• The Spirit - Furious Nyx Outfit - Very Rare
• Adam Francis - Herald of the Gods Outfit - Very Rare
• Feng Min - Goddess of Warfare Outfit - Very Rare
• Jane Romero - The Goddess Muse Set - Very Rare
Complete the collection with the stunning Goddess Queen Outfit for Zarina Kassir, available now in The Archives through the CONVICTION Rift. 
Watch the Rift Overview now:
Discover the power of the Gods in the Entity’s realm with the Greek Legends Collection in the in-game store.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.
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penguinzO 11 hours ago
I really think Jeff needs a Zeus skin.
투신 15 hours ago
데바데 화이팅!!!
earlysteven gamer number 2
earlysteven gamer number 2 15 hours ago
If only the game looked that well rendered
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 17 hours ago
Slenderman should be a killer in this
gombos laccko
gombos laccko 20 hours ago
I'm waiting for jack the ripper character
MrCheshireify Day ago
Suggestion: An idea for an upcoming skin for the clown, could you do a chef's skin or a cartoon skin (see: Bendy and the Ink Machine style, maybe a hyena? A skunk maybe?)
MrCheshireify Day ago
As a note: I did buy the Minataur skin and a clown head already. :P
七原ゆかり Day ago
Feng is very very KAWAII♥
Codaina 2 days ago
Waiting for feng min to be in the shop JHSGDBMvFNSGWA
Mirkusha 3 days ago
когда выйдут скины на рашке :С???
후추0316 3 days ago
몇시에 나오나요? Today what time update???
Iris Chu
Iris Chu 3 days ago
omg feng is too hot
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill 3 days ago
Imagine if we actually got a legit Minotaur killer that would have been awesome. The skins are still cool though
Dead By Daylight Mobil Türkiye
Dead By Daylight Mobil Türkiye 3 days ago
I dont like greeks but I like dbd :/
Curelia 4 days ago
kurenai sensei
kurenai sensei 5 days ago
where's the skin for my grandpa bill ??????????????????????????????
Mulberry 5 days ago
Spirit's hair in-game looks nothing like the trailer's hair, what gives?
Oh Zai
Oh Zai 5 days ago
Is this collection limited edition or here to stay?
Fragonus 6 days ago
The Minotaur looks mighty good. ~
Batteri Blitz
Batteri Blitz 6 days ago
I saw the notification for this and I thought it was a new chapter lmao
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 days ago
Why does this look like mortal kombat
Johnny Topside
Johnny Topside 6 days ago
I accidentally misread the title as “Geek Legends” at first.
johnsbanana 6 days ago
I’m so gay for that feng min
alida flus
alida flus 6 days ago
Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!
M644theawesome 6 days ago
I wonder if Springtrap/William Afton from Fnaf would be an interesting killer in the game
DerpyCake777 7 days ago
No matter what happens the spirt will always get a new fucking skin.
Jackie Santos
Jackie Santos 7 days ago
So we're going to all full Greek mythology now huh
Jake Wizard
Jake Wizard 7 days ago
that is the most badass oni skin
bilias hour
bilias hour 7 days ago
They did a very well job and detail to everything especially the oni
Barbecue & Chili
Barbecue & Chili 7 days ago
That feng skin daamn ...spirit outfit is awesome first time covering her body
Louie Velez
Louie Velez 7 days ago
They missed their chance with Kate being goddess of love :(
bilias hour
bilias hour 7 days ago
Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??
Noah 7 days ago
Artemis skin for huntress. That's it.
Kayaba Akihiko
Kayaba Akihiko 7 days ago
That fing min
Daniel Daman
Daniel Daman 7 days ago
Aaand I'm horny, goddamnit Minotaur
Yuna 7 days ago
Hag as Medusa would be neat
Jovana T
Jovana T 7 days ago
dayumm this looks good even tho i dont play the game
Shilcha May
Shilcha May 7 days ago
Feng is goddess... Her skin is no joke
Da_Boss_3807 7 days ago
Why does this look like mortal kombat
Dani Rivera
Dani Rivera 7 days ago
Yui one sucks, like make her have more of a greek aesthetic. I don’t like it, but everything else looks really cool.
_ •KRYPTON•_ 7 days ago
Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!
Gonçalo Cardoso
Gonçalo Cardoso 7 days ago
clown and mino are top , the rest is just meh.. david looks horrible
Brandon Browning
Brandon Browning 7 days ago
I think all the characters look good in the new greek skins but I have to say David king and the oni are coolest ones and the fact they are in the same pack makes it even better because you got david king a brawler vs an ancient Japanese demon of samurai descent which in my opinion is freaking awesome because these two characters have to be my favorite even though I never got to play the game.
Luanderson Vicent
Luanderson Vicent 7 days ago
Why the skins I want is always the last one to be release? T-T 1 week more do get my Goodness Jane
Elementroar 7 days ago
Clown should’ve been Dionysus imo, throwing intoxicating wine clouds and swirling an amphorae
Ellie X3
Ellie X3 7 days ago
Wish one for Kate too 😭 Even thu rin , Feng and yuis Are so lovely 😎
The dancing jelly dounut
The dancing jelly dounut 7 days ago
The oni skin looks pretty cool, props for such a great job for developers
Juice Fi
Juice Fi 7 days ago
Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??
master kang
master kang 7 days ago
David's new skin is so cool!!!
Golden_Hatty 7 days ago
Fix the game.
Dominic Garcia
Dominic Garcia 7 days ago
can we might get a left 4 dead legends skins like The clown have a boomer skin ,Plague have a spitter skin , and the legion have a hunter skin ?
Xighlont 7 days ago
The spirit looks like revenant lui kang
Cedie Abellana
Cedie Abellana 7 days ago
They should release house of wax. A community of wax figured people.
mixio hili
mixio hili 7 days ago
Please change oni’s scream to a more scary one, also the kanobo to an axe! Who agrees?
kokam2 8 days ago
Never anything for Jake and when he does get a new skin its dog crap
Futtapat 910
Futtapat 910 8 days ago
This is where Percy Jackson comes usefull...
Tadeo Coronel
Tadeo Coronel 8 days ago
4 new future killers:Slenderman, jason,djinn and art the clown
Alexi 8 days ago
Welp there goes all my money again
GRIM REAPER1616 8 days ago
For some dumb reason I thought they had a new killer. Damn I can't read
swaggy chips
swaggy chips 8 days ago
Oni skin looks hella fire tho
George Raptidis
George Raptidis 8 days ago
I'm Greek and I find most of these to be SO BAD. Like come on guys... is that the best you can do?
ismael marrero sosa
ismael marrero sosa 8 days ago
Lame of company
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 8 days ago
guys from this part of the world itself. Please understand.
Kyle 8 days ago
These developers are now more concerned with their next quick cash grab than the actual gameplay, none of the developers play the game properly any more and the ones that might do seem to have no say or cant be bothered as long as they can pay the bills. If more people stopped spending money on this game then the developers might actually get some incentive to make gameplay more smooth and this tick rate system in which hitboxes are tied to a more stable and playable stance. i do not play this game to be stressed as garlic breath cote says, i play this to have fun and if i am not having that i will not be handing any money over for expensive cosmetics that are now whole outfits that cannot be mixed or matched with other items of clothing.
Kvin7 Land
Kvin7 Land 8 days ago
Может что-то про коронавирус...
Kvin7 Land
Kvin7 Land 8 days ago
@cnmmd qiuoo таки да, но коронавирус было бы в тему
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 8 days ago
damn, that oni ? and feng min ? she look gorgeous
voldemort 8 days ago
I hoped for medusa
sss ,aaa
sss ,aaa 8 days ago
အစပြုသူတွေကိုရည်ရွယ်ထားတဲ့ဆွဲဆောင်မှုရှိတဲ့လူသတ်သမားတွေအများကြီးရှိတယ်။ လုံခြုံစိတ်ချမှုမရှိပါ၊ ဖျားနာမှုကြောင့်အသံများကိုမကြားနိုင်၊ မကြားနိုင်သူများအတွက်လည်းထည့်သွင်းစဉ်းစားခြင်းမရှိပါ။ ငါဟာဒီဂိမ်းအတွက်ပိုက်ဆံပေးရတဲ့လူထုံပေါ့။
Dying Waffle
Dying Waffle 8 days ago
Damnit ofc they put the feng skin last😭 take my money I want it now😤
ok boomer
ok boomer 8 days ago
FR 😭😭 like I can’t wait that long 😭✨
Reverse X
Reverse X 8 days ago
Please change oni’s scream to a more scary one, also the kanobo to an axe! Who agrees?
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 8 days ago
Oooh thiccy jane
lin 8 days ago
adam wears fendi?
: Chef :
: Chef : 8 days ago
I really don’t care about Greek mythology, Egyptian stuff is way cooler, but that’s none of my business
ً 8 days ago
Tythemagicguy06 8 days ago
Why do the guys look like they are wearing knock Off Versace 😂
darkblueCAROLS 8 days ago
Woahhhh Feng Min looks so gooooooood
Zach North
Zach North 8 days ago
Food for thought.. wendigo next killer?
Solely Manual
Solely Manual 8 days ago
Oni skin is the best one
Ting Tong Green
Ting Tong Green 8 days ago
now i have a good reason for crawling under oni.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 8 days ago
the only thing i care about is how Jane's ass looks in her new outfit.
Leila Miranda
Leila Miranda 8 days ago
Esse dai e o palhaco
HigH JeT
HigH JeT 8 days ago
could have been better
Jakub Hloušek
Jakub Hloušek 8 days ago
damn, that oni ? and feng min ? she look gorgeous
Paulo Gonzaga
Paulo Gonzaga 8 days ago
The fact that they are talking about Gods and Godesses, but never included The Plague?????????? Missed the chance of actual MEDUSA
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 7 days ago
Maybe they’ll make a part two of the Greek legends🤷🏻‍♂️
Mara Cimpean
Mara Cimpean 8 days ago
OMG!!!!! 😍😍😍
M Gfngndfsh
M Gfngndfsh 8 days ago
Damn looks exciting for when it comes out next year for mobile users
FloppyDeadTrout;-; 8 days ago
Omg feng min looks so adorable.. david looks like a lion 😂 and omfg i LOVE the oni skin
Bengel 8 days ago
Killer: God of the Wilds Clown Every Meg Main: "Oh god yes! Hook me daddy!"
Sad Cyclops
Sad Cyclops 8 days ago
Minotaur skin for Oni is amazing, sadly you didnt create an own killer as a Minotaur, just imagine the map
911 pls
911 pls 8 days ago
I usually don't play Oni but I guess that's gonna change now.
Jb Jb
Jb Jb 8 days ago
identity v
shr1mp 5
shr1mp 5 8 days ago
Wingmonster21 Gaming
Wingmonster21 Gaming 9 days ago
Me: I'm gonna save up my money DBD: New oni skin that looks hot and bad ass Also me: I WANT IT
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 8 days ago
fix bag
the real one
the real one 9 days ago
Why is spirit looking like zombie liu kang 💀
Gabr4ca 9 days ago
Damn Feng Min looks cute
cheeselovernation 9 days ago
the only thing i care about is how Jane's ass looks in her new outfit.
Jagolynn 9 days ago
Are these those non mix and match style dlc?
Darkstarfighter2 9 days ago
Kratos for smash confirmed
Evander Morito
Evander Morito 9 days ago
0:59 👀
Come__inside Me
Come__inside Me 9 days ago
Alien isolation next
Juliano Moraes
Juliano Moraes 9 days ago
Nossa já pensou se, (Dead By Daylaight) colocasse o (Alien) como um de seus maiores killers, e ainda no seu primeiro filme como num cenário dentro da nave, para causar aquele efeito de terror + nostalgia, da um joinha se concorda!
Hon Perry Hill
Hon Perry Hill 9 days ago
omg nea would’ve been perfect for this event
Dancing Cojo
Dancing Cojo 9 days ago
Os minotaur the first legendary skin?
Ford owner
Ford owner 9 days ago
Honestly . i dont like this very much 😬
Mad Mando
Mad Mando 9 days ago
Raid shadow legends
Bros Inc
Bros Inc 9 days ago
Something that is stupid is that the clown and jane's cosmetics are not mix matched. But then Yui and Feng's are. They worship Japan
Sir Dogmen
Sir Dogmen 9 days ago
The oni skin is definitely the best one
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