Logic - Aquarius III

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Listen to No Pressure: logic.lnk.to/NoPressure
Logic - Aquarius III (Official Music Video)
Director: Justin Fleischer/JT Clemente
DP: JT Clemente
Producer: Justin Fleischer
Produced by Logic, 6ix, Gravez, and 2forwOyNE
#NoPressure #Logic

tony lony
tony lony 4 hours ago
I was on vlad he said he was half black but look White
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 11 hours ago
Why is this so short.Dammit lyrical raps are goin to end and all those mumbles will ruin hip hop. But my dream is to become a lyrical rapper Ali-G
Mùgęń Úçhįhá
Mùgęń Úçhįhá 12 hours ago
This man can rap fast in slow-mo
Enyang Wang
Enyang Wang 13 hours ago
if the slow-mo is in 0,5, does it mean my boy logic rapped in 2,0?
Flaven80 16 hours ago
Now i know why I've never herd of him. fucking horrible, way to copy beastie boys videos.
Kn rz
Kn rz 23 hours ago
What does aqaruis 3 mean and where are the 2 last prequels
Dillon Rust
Dillon Rust Day ago
You guys really think Logic is done with rap forever? Give me a break you forgot how expensive kids are these days. I give it 4 years and he will be back, he’s our generation’s Eminem
Shirley Gumbs
Shirley Gumbs Day ago
I Love!!!
Vampiros Only
Vampiros Only Day ago
aye thats my lunch break weed spot. We get stoned there then paint houses.
jbelme1 2 days ago
I’m here because of MeatCanyon’s video “Just Beyond the Golden Arches”.
Rappi1990 2 days ago
He never will retire. He is a Rap genius. He say this now but I think it will only be a little break. Sooner or later he will grab the pen again.
Pedro Vasconcelos
Pedro Vasconcelos 2 days ago
King 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯 🥇🏆🏅🎖🎟🎫🧩🏎🚀💰🧪🔊💬
𝖬𝖺𝗋𝗓𝗓 lIl
𝖬𝖺𝗋𝗓𝗓 lIl 2 days ago
Been a hell of a ride✊🏾🖤
Marc Harripersad
Marc Harripersad 2 days ago
Was here when it was uploaded now here a month after
CaleFlix 2 days ago
usshow.info/watch/jOwJCJhinSo/video.html Aquarius III 1 HOUR VERSION!!!
Bdawg 2 days ago
logic bouta do the diamond casino heist
Djevair 2 days ago
this going to be in all the h&m all over the world
Meme Master 06
Meme Master 06 3 days ago
1800 fans be like: yo this joke died out 3 years ago I’m just as much of a fan as you are.
Kaven Gilbert
Kaven Gilbert 3 days ago
The dude is flexing about having a kid, a wife, a career... he made it , going out on top like a real champ, a lot of my shitty cold or wet electrical jobs have been so much better listening to him 🤙👍
DmnZ Juul
DmnZ Juul 3 days ago
You the man you never changed your state of mind you always kept it real you never tried to change anything anything about yourself thank you man your music truly inspired me to do great things in life peace love and positivity
SocioCatastropheTV 3 days ago
Love you bobby. Take care of the fam. We proud of you and will always be. Started listening to you when life was kicking me down. You taught me to punch it back. Fuck that. Bobby my hero for life.
NOTED FLOWS 3 days ago
if you like rap music feel this vibe usshow.info/watch/kBj4yiDtaO0/video.html
Rita Ponce
Rita Ponce 3 days ago
Grown up, and that's a good thang.
Justin Milkey
Justin Milkey 4 days ago
noah Rowland
noah Rowland 4 days ago
Synister 4 days ago
this guy's cool
Julia Rodrigues
Julia Rodrigues 4 days ago
Tillo Van Brabant
Tillo Van Brabant 4 days ago
Angel Aramburo
Angel Aramburo 4 days ago
ima miss logic but he left for a good reason
Siz Zle
Siz Zle 4 days ago
Siz Zle
Siz Zle 4 days ago
Peter Zwegat
Peter Zwegat 4 days ago
If u play this at 2x speed u can see how hard it was for him to do this shit still doing decent with the lipsink all in one take btw
Chu Chu
Chu Chu 4 days ago
Legend ✊🏼♒️
Mercedez 4 days ago
We need this real talk, real life things in this music career, thank you. 🔥🔥💚💙
maren vanwesenbeeck
maren vanwesenbeeck 4 days ago
Speed it up to 2x and you’ll see him walking normally so that means thats how fast he had to rap!! Go listen its inhumanly fast😂
Lawrence Gutierrez
Lawrence Gutierrez 4 days ago
Thank you men. You helped me get through some tough times and see things differently through your songs. God bless you men and your family
ChairEH 30
ChairEH 30 4 days ago
Off the internet that's when i'm at my happiest - Logic 2020
CaleFlix 4 days ago
usshow.info/watch/jOwJCJhinSo/video.html 1 HOUR VERSION OF THIS SONG!
Omegagaming 4 days ago
Its just break for him he just doesn’t want us to hope that he would comeback soon
ForcingWolf 4 days ago
What do you think guys
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