This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

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Kurtis Conner

4 days ago

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I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
thanks for watching!
comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


skeeterscum Hour ago
10:48 the fact that he didn’t even do a shitty photoshop of his hands being tied reminds me that Starkid musical (tgwdlm) where the musically possessed Sam starts trying to sing to Charlotte about letting him go but there’s not even any handcuffs or anything so he’s just holding his hands on the back of the chair and dancing.
squiggs um
squiggs um Hour ago
im a stef and imo farts are only funny if the person is in pain-
Kaitlyn White
Kaitlyn White Hour ago
y’all remember trading spaces boys vs girls? or did i make that up
Annie Smith
Annie Smith 2 hours ago
quit being such a steph
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin 2 hours ago
Justice for Jason
Independent Pictures
Independent Pictures 2 hours ago
That programme is cringe... if you want to see a match made in Heaven then check out our Medieval Jurassic Park trailer mash-up...You WON'T regret Don't forget to Subscribe!
Independent Pictures
Independent Pictures 2 hours ago
Wha,t is there an echo in here?
taylorkp 2 hours ago
my dad has a broken hall and chain tattoo with the date of his and my mom’s divorce LMAO
Fern Vale Volante
Fern Vale Volante 2 hours ago
i see you're pandering to your american audience now? it's a TOQUE AND YOU KNOW IT KURTIS
Jovana Avalos
Jovana Avalos 2 hours ago
I was on steph’s side until she sent Jack home for not being jacked I’m glad she was dumb and didn’t keep all the money and had a terrible three day relationship with Alan. Jack and Jason deserved better
Logan Guttschow
Logan Guttschow 2 hours ago
Can we revive this with lesbians? I just feel like it would just go well.
Andrew Ballantine
Andrew Ballantine 2 hours ago
Pour one out for Jason. Steph really messed that up
its time to stop
its time to stop 2 hours ago
As a member of the Steph community, we do not claim the Steph in this video.
Nicks Lockhart
Nicks Lockhart 2 hours ago
Pls send me free merch im poor
Stoned Twiggg
Stoned Twiggg 3 hours ago
i watched this video yesterday then last night i had a dream where i had to choose between 2 people to date and i chose some random guy named William. then i realized after i chose that William wasn't that hot and i regretted my decision.
Erika Meya
Erika Meya 3 hours ago
Its been 5 minutes and I can’t stop laughing at the lock smith reveal
katie jeanie
katie jeanie 3 hours ago
steph is a loser gn.
michelle l
michelle l 4 hours ago
Yeahh 94 babies uniteee
Agnes 4 hours ago
I love the locksmith with my life
Hanna 4 hours ago
off topic but what is the song in the beginning? I know I've heard it somewhere but can't quite figure it out lol
Rhea S
Rhea S 4 hours ago
kurtis, we're aware of your obsession over country tiktok
Mara Bee
Mara Bee 4 hours ago
is it just me or are kurtis' eyes getting bigger and bigger everytime he uploads a new video
Petronella Piper
Petronella Piper 4 hours ago
Obviously they took off the chains. Otherwise they can’t go to the bathroom or shower or put on a shirt. I love how much they lie lol
rsarin18 5 hours ago
If I was Steph I would have dumped the rest and picked the locksmith
hapyミ 5 hours ago
I am eventualy part of the (kurtistown)
terrr 5 hours ago
quit being such a steph
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 5 hours ago
The casual “The relationship lasted three days.” got me
Stormie Mills
Stormie Mills 5 hours ago
Okay BUT how about we all make it a point to correct and inform people instead of just getting offended (people as a whole im not criticizing anyone) because sometimes people were never educated in certain areas so if some of us are so "woke" we should do something about it instead of cancel culture and blah blah etc
C W 5 hours ago
Please review the fifth wheel !! Lol. 2000s television was wild.
SEDNA 5 hours ago
if ANYONE bullies the Kurtistown mayor into shaving the little guy on his lip AGAIN !!!! I 😡 WILL 😡 RAGE 🤬
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 5 hours ago
these girls that he really was Prince Harry. You've gotta watch it and it would be sick if you made a video about it
Rosegames 6 hours ago
Lol tbh love you but I came to tell you to shave your face, haven't even watched the vid
Lynn 6 hours ago
Jenauxn 7 hours ago
Yas Mean
Yas Mean 7 hours ago
i liked jason the most 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Isabelle Pohle
Isabelle Pohle 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks the locksmith job was just the BEST? XD You get paid to have a resting bitch face, bust in on other awful people's dates and kill the vibe, wearing black all day and given how he has to be in every single episode, and never had to say a single word- like whoop whoop, a shit ton of money for low effort! XD 😎 🆒️
Jackalope 8 hours ago
I remember this, but the one I remember most was one where the guy took all the money and said something I don't remember anymore and laughed about it. The girl cried in a limo while he walked down the sidewalk with the cash. It was hilarious and he was a.douche bag.
Mojo M
Mojo M 8 hours ago
Me an ice hockey player, thinking about how to ask my coach to play strip hockey in training
Luke Fostrr
Luke Fostrr 8 hours ago
Mike Rice
Mike Rice 8 hours ago
In the sketch the cameraman didn't even have ropes on his hands. He just wanted that guy dead
StainSquad 9 hours ago
I swear to God that Kurtis is the only USshowr to make me laugh out loud .
sneaky cheese burrito
sneaky cheese burrito 9 hours ago
bro i like Jason tho :(
Ariana V
Ariana V 9 hours ago
ok so now I know I've been watching too much tiktok. Tried to double tap the vid to like it 😭
talk shit get hit
talk shit get hit 9 hours ago
No one: L Lawliet: 2:46
Alysandra 9 hours ago
I know he always says that he gives an extra greetings, except for that time, but I swear he forgot it before that time
Millie Elissa
Millie Elissa 9 hours ago
You've probably never seen it but there was a dating show called I Wanna Marry Harry where they found a Prince Harry look alike, it was like the bachelor except they lied to all these girls that he really was Prince Harry. You've gotta watch it and it would be sick if you made a video about it
The sound a horse makes
The sound a horse makes 9 hours ago
That kurtistown sweater will definitely be useful in the Australian christmas, you know, because it’s so COLD in Australia at Christmas time right?
Cody Basore
Cody Basore 9 hours ago
I love how he kept the Rest in Pete joke going with the other guys lol
Starr Henry
Starr Henry 10 hours ago
Today I found out everyone cheated at heads up 7 up and I feel lied to
Olivia Nuske
Olivia Nuske 10 hours ago
what about the gays $10,000 to the gays
Personally, I heavily despise 'bathroom humour' and even though it's likely harmless Steph genuinely was in a very uncomfortable situation here. The way this whole scene was edited (zooming in and stuff) along with everyone looking at her as if she's an object. Inappropriate and quite disgusting.
littlekidlover if ykyk
littlekidlover if ykyk 10 hours ago
song at 1:26 ? please someone 🥺
K J 10 hours ago
4 out of 10 for looks? What the fuck
Danielle Dotson
Danielle Dotson 11 hours ago
One maneth must goeth
Sandra Castaneda
Sandra Castaneda 11 hours ago
Mahbanou Azmoudeh
Mahbanou Azmoudeh 11 hours ago
Peace Frog
Peace Frog 11 hours ago
That AC/DC shirt is killer!
Ash 11 hours ago
stephanie said "graphic design is my passion"
TheoryCow 12 hours ago
Did you seriously just advertise christmas merch BEFORE THANKSGIVING HAS EVEN BEGUN
AndrewCTV 12 hours ago
I think this episode is proof girl's don't go for nice guys.
Anushka Karmakar
Anushka Karmakar 12 hours ago
"You get an extra greeting at the beginning of every single one of my videos except for that one time" Jeez go easy on Kurtis, he's still traumatized from that incident ಥ_ಥ
Shelby Evans
Shelby Evans 12 hours ago
OMG I just noticed the Gooby painting in the background 🤣
Oh Jordyn
Oh Jordyn 12 hours ago
I used to get in so much trouble from my parents whenever they caught me watching “next” or “room raiders”. I used to have to be on high alert while watching it, like I was watching porn or some shit. 💀
Aissata Bangoura
Aissata Bangoura 12 hours ago
This made me glad I was born in that era😂
Caroline Rawlins
Caroline Rawlins 12 hours ago
Hearing GoodTimesWithScar's montage music at the beginning made my brain do a flip
Cyclops 12 hours ago
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 12 hours ago
Jason and Jonnaton the top two guys who deserved better 💔
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 12 hours ago
Jason was the cutest goddamn it and Alan was the most annoying dude.
WhatsPoppin 13 hours ago
Hey kurtis, this was probably your funniest video in a while. Maybe that’s because farts are funny but thanks
Ernie Z
Ernie Z 13 hours ago
This is why I watch the only good wholesome logical dating show called : Enamorandonos it’s very good especially if u know Spanish
SxmplyAngel 13 hours ago
The locksmith looks like grim reaper coming to kill someone XD
finalfantasygirl369 13 hours ago
Omfg PLEASE do a boy picker/girl players episode, I wonder what it'd be like 😆
SxmplyAngel 13 hours ago
Tehe you look like Justin Beiber with data benie on boi
Emma Brown
Emma Brown 13 hours ago
oh my god this one is the best shit show react yet
Lloyd Meadows
Lloyd Meadows 13 hours ago
Any good times with scar and Kurtis fans wondering why kurtis isn’t doing a landscaping time lapse?
Sean TheBean
Sean TheBean 13 hours ago
We GOTTA talk about "mighty cucks". Thats art.
Bryony 13 hours ago
I laughed a lot at “your butt makes a noise that stinks” as a description of a fart hahaha
Miracle Lynnette
Miracle Lynnette 13 hours ago
please look into the show Baggage omg if you don't, i gotta say Quit being such a steph
Ghadir Smallwood
Ghadir Smallwood 13 hours ago
I need you to continue this
Allie Hatch
Allie Hatch 14 hours ago
Even tho it’s not really 2000s but at the begging all I could think about was “ ThE BuLlY BuStErS”
sharksandsheep 14 hours ago
I can't stop staring into Gooby's demonic eyes.
Ash jordyn
Ash jordyn 14 hours ago
Where is the locksmith now?
Tiffany Stojkovski
Tiffany Stojkovski 14 hours ago
you should watch Dating in the Dark! Found it when I was in a youtube hole one day and its wild
Amanda Navarro
Amanda Navarro 14 hours ago
People like Steph are the reason why everyone thinks pretty girls are shallow af and only like douchebag men 🤧
Hannah Landkammer
Hannah Landkammer 14 hours ago
You said dating shows and I couldn't remember a single one. And then you listed them and I was like "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.." I watched ALL of them.
Windi 0-0
Windi 0-0 14 hours ago
Steph should've ended up with the Locksmith
Lucienne Zevvy
Lucienne Zevvy 14 hours ago
As an honorary Stephanie, we do not claim her, she’s an imposter
Adam Winchenbach
Adam Winchenbach 14 hours ago
bro missed “kurtismas”
Chai R.
Chai R. 15 hours ago
There's NO way you didn't mention Flavor of Luv 😭😭
Abigayle Morris
Abigayle Morris 15 hours ago
That Sims 1 music during the explanation 😍😍
A garbage boyo
A garbage boyo 15 hours ago
How in God’s name did I just realize that Kurtis has a nose ring
Hosanna Matienzo
Hosanna Matienzo 15 hours ago
the xmas sweaater looks dope. wish i had money
Bear 15 hours ago
the lockjsmith is amazing
Henry Meyer
Henry Meyer 16 hours ago
Anyone know the song from 0:43 - 1:00
16 hours ago
i thought the k was for kardashian
She Cherry !
She Cherry ! 16 hours ago
interesting that you say dating shows are weird considering that you were in one ._.
ashley uwu
ashley uwu 16 hours ago
justice for jason >:(
sydnee daily
sydnee daily 16 hours ago
jason was kinda cute 😔
MegaDotz 16 hours ago
Okay, since this video i have watched every episode of Chains of Love. There is an episode where the participants are brought to a GRAVEYARD and emotionally OBLITERATED BY A PSYCHIC. THEN OUT OF THE FUCKING MIST COMES THE LOCKSMITH. Please. PLEASE. review more episodes because dear lord I have never laughed so fucking hard.
Jewwy Fooguhsun
Jewwy Fooguhsun 16 hours ago
By goofball I mean borderline functioning alcoholic!!! Haha I’m stealing that!
dumb bitch
dumb bitch 16 hours ago
imagine them doing this with a group of lesbians and the lesbians walking away from that show in a polyamorous fiveway realaionship...
MG 16 hours ago
Just today i notice that kurtis's moustache is the that my dad didn't shave like 4 years ago.
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