iPhone 12 - The iPhone is New Again

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

9 days ago

iPhone 12 is finally here. Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are my thoughts on Apple's latest smartphones.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 9 days ago
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Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson 4 days ago
Does it bend?
nick00less 4 days ago
Lew I’m impressed, not with the new iPhone but with your level of professionalism by not bashing Apple. 👍🏻
Joey Miles
Joey Miles 5 days ago
I rather buy an nokia brick,mortola,monqi
DPRMNKY 5 days ago
Can apple prove that their Cobalt is ethically sourced and does not directly or indirectly finance the rape and murder of over 6million people in this day and age in the Congo?
DARK MAN 5 days ago
Give me iphone ❤️
MotoEnz Hour ago
Plot twist: Next era of phones will be button less.
ShawnManh Hour ago
A new era for iphone is 5G? What are you just coming out from? a cave?
Deviate Predent
Deviate Predent Hour ago
Tim Cook: _Today we're bringing 5G to iPhone_ Also Tim Cook: **disables 5G function in Germany**
Sheik92 2 hours ago
Is it just me or is the apple logo on the iPhone 12 Mini a bit off
Hurricaine 1070
Hurricaine 1070 2 hours ago
And they still haven't upgraded to a hole punch or high refresh rate.
WarriorXOfficial 2 hours ago
For the prices I would love to live in America :') in Belgium the price for the iPhone 12 Pro 128gb, is 1.159 EUR or 1369,81 USD
Technical Expert
Technical Expert 2 hours ago
Thanks for subscribing too ❤️
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 2 hours ago
The iPhone 12 is ugly as hell I keeping the iPhone 11
lam jamal
lam jamal 3 hours ago
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Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy 3 hours ago
one of the most annoying youtuber ever
Artur Salamonczyk
Artur Salamonczyk 3 hours ago
you Don't have that phone yet?
batuhanisa Yavuz
batuhanisa Yavuz 3 hours ago
iphone sucks
Tech Analysis 2020
Tech Analysis 2020 3 hours ago
Apple is a tech, style and great investor company.
MINI VLOG 3 hours ago
Hello I got mine iPhone 12 pro
Alexander Arias
Alexander Arias 4 hours ago
(Nothing said against apple) Someone’s getting pay.
Balachandar Shanmugam
Balachandar Shanmugam 4 hours ago
Who came here after ordering iPhone 12?
Francisco TorresTv
Francisco TorresTv 4 hours ago
So I just got an IPhone XR which surprisingly didn’t come with headphones or a charging brick, also included the same USB-c to lighting cable like the 12 box did.... just thought it was a little weird
Fab Sel
Fab Sel 4 hours ago
New iPhone Yes But where did all the materials come from?(Drcongo) 6 millions of people already died in East of Congo and nobody is talking about it _nobody deserves that (Their lives matter too) We can change this together
Marc Xu
Marc Xu 4 hours ago
Samsung revenue in 2018 was $221 billion US dollars, in 2019 was $206 billion US dollars, still making money but less than last year.
Travis Walls
Travis Walls 4 hours ago
Apple releases great products, and great products that last. I will be keeping my 11 Pro Max. Not much has changed except the flat I-phone 5 style design, which was amazing I loved my I-phone 5. But that is it. 5g is going to drain battery regardless, you will see a difference. My phone works well for what I use it to do. No sense in upgrading right now.
Marc Xu
Marc Xu 5 hours ago
If notch is removed, iPhone price be current price + $200 , see no notch iPhone in 2021.
Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade 5 hours ago
Im all for new technology but right now financially 5g does not make sense. Maybe demand will increase and competitors will jump in, we will see.
Jonathan Ampwera
Jonathan Ampwera 5 hours ago
Nah this is not what I expected!! Use the phone please
Arik Khan
Arik Khan 6 hours ago
Arik Khan
Arik Khan 6 hours ago
Can you send me iphone
S G-TX 6 hours ago
I have 11 pro Max and want the 12
Chester L
Chester L 6 hours ago
Oh gosh I can’t even imagine how minimal of a difference iPhone 13 would be
Chris NG
Chris NG 6 hours ago
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Price In Malaysia RM6,699 = 1,695 USD and I get it very simple natural box? WT× 1,695 USD enough in Malaysia stay in hotel 131days. Hostel 330days.
Larry Chappell
Larry Chappell 7 hours ago
Rotten to the Corp. 🍎
dopeybowl 7 hours ago
So you didnt get any REAL iphone 12 to unbox? I mean like the other youtubers?
kabir M.A.
kabir M.A. 8 hours ago
iphone 12 mini
Dimana Mana
Dimana Mana 8 hours ago
Komentar berbahasa indonesia yang kalian cari guys
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 8 hours ago
few years later: still watching with an expectation of something new
Pqrst Zxerty
Pqrst Zxerty 8 hours ago
Another overpriced out of date technology Apple junk. Apple also needs to start putting a replacement screen kit in the box.
Ultrasonic 10
Ultrasonic 10 8 hours ago
I’m keeping my Samsung Note 10+ with 5G ... iPhone 12.... lol Edit: I’m saying it to IPhone 12 ok?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 8 hours ago
"An apple a year makes your money disappear"
Bassquake 9 hours ago
How is this "new again"?? Its the iphone 4 with an all screen. And an out of date humungous notch. Nooo thank you.
WillyTeeFox 9 hours ago
Apple's moto: Same shit in a new body in a different year.....
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 10 hours ago
Mantra of Indians: Sell Kidney and buy i phone😂
zerokool 10 hours ago
Watching him speak about the iPhone 12 range.. Reminds me of some of those parents in PTA meetings tryna convince the teachers that their kid is special irrespective of mediocre progress cards.. 😅
Ross 10 hours ago
I got an iPhone 11 last year after skipping 3 iPhones. Every aspect of my life that deals with my phone got exponentially more difficult. Nothing but bugs, and issues. The only answer they’ve ever given is to factory reset my phone. Do that, then I’m told to do it again when it doesn’t fix it. Apple is trash.
H DHIL 10 hours ago
Feels new for 2018
Shebi Khan
Shebi Khan 10 hours ago
We can't buy such an expensive iPhone.
Madhuka Abhishek
Madhuka Abhishek 10 hours ago
iPhone 12 mini becz of its size😍
CRS WRO 10 hours ago
same old shit minus the charger. big pass once again.
GC Juicy
GC Juicy 11 hours ago
Are we all not gonna y’all about that they don’t sell the iPhone 11 Pro or pro max in the apple store
Felipe Morgado
Felipe Morgado 11 hours ago
Apple: We will quit the charge cube and headphones because 🍃 eco friendly 🍃. Everybody: Ok good... And you are going to sell it less expensive, Right? Apple: ✨🍃eco friendly 🍃✨
noa Tjernberg
noa Tjernberg 11 hours ago
Iphone 12 pro max 128gb, have been using big smartphones all my life so the biggest is the go for me
Empleo Joseph
Empleo Joseph 11 hours ago
Im thinking if Im going to buy that one but later on I thought that I dont have money HAHAHA LOL!
Jeiemar Roxas
Jeiemar Roxas 12 hours ago
Apple: Our iPhone 12 is the most durable sh*t in the world. **Jerryrigeverything enters the chat** Apple: Oh F**k
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 12 hours ago
"An apple a year makes your money disappear"
Khairul Azri_19
Khairul Azri_19 12 hours ago
Holy fuc Long wang
Holy fuc Long wang 13 hours ago
10:13 hey a dollar
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 12 hours ago
I think I’m going to keep my X until the phone is finally something I can stick up my ass.
Mabel 14 hours ago
*I heard that the iPhone 13 gonna have transparent screen*
RNJvisionfx 14 hours ago
Apple running out of ideas ever since Steve Jobs passed... sad.
Vivien Kay
Vivien Kay 14 hours ago
Rac_ghets_ on Instagram unblocked my iPhone 11 pro max totally and swiftly and didn't even charge much. What a comfort she's. I am so grateful to her.
Whelzki 14 hours ago
Not shipping and including charger "for the environment".... and yet, they did NOT stopped mass producing it, and then selling it separately with it's own separate box (and all plastics, papers, etc. included in the box) , PLUS... when shipped/sold, it will also have it's own bag, bubble wrap, etc. for packaging. So... where's the difference "for the environment" here??? The big difference I see here is just them earning extra bucks for selling the charger brick separately, and then having the nerve to use "the environment" as a cover for greed. It's like selling food for dine-in and expecting all people to bring their own utensils... if you didn't bring one, you can buy the utensils for 20 bucks.
John Miller
John Miller 14 hours ago
Sorry but the part about needing Apple to have 5G in order to have market demand for 5G in general is just dumb. They are following the demand that is already there, and honestly they don't have enough dominance for that to be true. You reviewers need to stop holding Apple on a pedestal so much.
MsKittyCruz 15 hours ago
I had the iPhone 5. I have the original SE. I'm going for the regular 12 iPhone. I'm addicted to this particular bezeled edge-style and I've always known it's a classic design. Not a power user, so the regular 12 will do. Otherwise I suspect my SE will be obsolete sometime next year.
Farhath Manas Chithik Raja
Farhath Manas Chithik Raja 16 hours ago
Samsung m31 is much better than iPhone 12 iPhone12: no charger Samsung m31: has charger iPhone 12: has 2 or 3 cameras Samsung m31: has 4 cameras iPhone 12: same model as iPhone 5 Samsung m31: new model not repeated Iphone12 : too costly Samsung m31: cheap and very good quality
Duckisthename 16 hours ago
They need to bring back the home button
Ara J
Ara J 16 hours ago
magsafe is stupid , it is basically wired charging
Jonas Christoudis
Jonas Christoudis 16 hours ago
Mini all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxKillerxX MAM
XxKillerxX MAM 17 hours ago
Imma be 100 percent honest this is ass they made a new phone because they saw that Samsung was taking there sales.
laqreine 17 hours ago
Wow, I love it 😻
leo H
leo H 17 hours ago
Apple pay more get less
Florence Carpten
Florence Carpten 17 hours ago
Well this covid is nothing to me I make a lot of profit from my home thanks to bitcoin and thanks to Florenceinvestment in telegrammme she is really a top notch !! I can get my iPhone 12 now 🤗
Bit Finesse
Bit Finesse 17 hours ago
I think I’m going to keep my X until the phone is finally something I can stick up my ass.
KiRuR 18 hours ago
you're a shill
Caleb Arrowsmith
Caleb Arrowsmith 18 hours ago
I’d go for the iPhone 12 mini as I am very interested in a smaller phone but with the price tag yeah I’d have to miss it but I do believe that the iPhone 12 mini would be popular but even more so if it was cheaper.
MrJamesLuz 18 hours ago
I bought an SE2, but if I was to get another phone it would be the 12 mini. My wife will probably upgrade her iPhone 7 to the 12 mini.
Kung Sverige
Kung Sverige 19 hours ago
Never i buy Iphone......."Crapphone"
Masood Saleem
Masood Saleem 19 hours ago
Johan johan
Johan johan 19 hours ago
same like iphone 4 .... just bigger .... and 40 dollar for charger
Warren Gyulay
Warren Gyulay 19 hours ago
Let's review/unbox the porsche design Acer RS.
Efuet Brandon
Efuet Brandon 19 hours ago
4 years watching unboxing of new phones on the same phone☹️
Gian 19 hours ago
The max always💯
Karim III
Karim III 20 hours ago
I heard the iPhone 13 will be screenless!
Nụ Tầm Xuân
Nụ Tầm Xuân 20 hours ago
don't waste money on apple products! they rip you off . it's just another phone . you make calls . you watch youtube. you check email . 10 years ago you could do the same . why buy phones that can do the same ? don't give a crap about new processor, speed... save your money these days . Beside all that this model is urgly. what's with that black area at the top of the screen ? front camera ? that's a bad design . I can design better .
That OneDude
That OneDude 20 hours ago
well i think the audience for the small phones are kids not adults let’s be honest we like the big screen for watching movies
Miuplayz 20 hours ago
U should not care about the new phone it’s sucks there just adding cameras bruh and 5g bruhhhhhhhh
Chick-O-Stiick 21 hour ago
I’m getting this. I go for looks mostly. All I do is look at memes and makes calls and texts anyway. I don’t need NASA’s technology on it
baltazar mj
baltazar mj 21 hour ago
give me iPhone plsss
Kisubi Star
Kisubi Star 21 hour ago
Before you go buy that iphone 12 read this👇 The people of Congo are being made to work as slaves in search of steel the mental which is used to make iphone and many more devices. 1000+ die everyday in the make of this new iPhone 12 in Congo and country in west Africa. Are you still going to buy the phone knowing you own peoples blood is have to be shed to satisfied your worldly position. Ain’t nothing in this world clean but always have some dirty behind it. John 2:15- 17 “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any men love the world, the love of the father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. If not of the father, but is of the world, and the world passeth away, and the lust thereof but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻
lauren schneider
lauren schneider 21 hour ago
Me watching this with my 6s 😳
Alyssa Alvarez
Alyssa Alvarez 21 hour ago
I think I’m going from the SE 2020 to the standard size 12 because I do want the larger screen and better battery life. I can’t see the 12 mini being too much of a drastic change in size or battery from the new SE.
Julian White
Julian White 22 hours ago
The one with the charging port is my favorite
Up To Bat Entertainment
Up To Bat Entertainment 22 hours ago
I have had frustrating experiences as an IPhone user. Started w/ the 6s & continues w/ my current Xs, all on Verizon ... Every time I go into Verizon they want me to factory reset which doesn’t work. They send me to Apple who wants me to reset phone, install clean iOS ( no backup, annoying af ) then eventually swaps current phone w/ replacement phone after multiple trips to the Apple store instead of actually troubleshooting and solving the issues I come in with. Apple needs to drop prices for these POS paperweights they phase out yearly...
Sleezy 23 hours ago
Shit look like a bigger iPhone 5 SE
Bắc Jerry
Bắc Jerry 23 hours ago
*ace Việt Nam* 👇❤️
Tim VeePee
Tim VeePee 23 hours ago
Not new!
Sebastiam Paredes
Sebastiam Paredes Day ago
Imma just stick with you iPhone 11 for a good while😂😂
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz Day ago
It has a old old design that’s simply stunning
August Virgo
August Virgo Day ago
Funny how the iPhone 11 and X looks newer than the 12
Robi Day ago
You got it wrong. People were after a cheaper iPhone not a smaller iPhone. A small flagship won't sell well.
zilljie sommer
zilljie sommer Day ago
Here i am with my iPhone 4 never had a problem best phone ever😂
Xyz 123
Xyz 123 Day ago
Nah I’ll keep my iPhone 8
Hashim Lala
Hashim Lala Day ago
Fun fact: Apple also view this 😂
AdrKOMG Kristiansen
AdrKOMG Kristiansen Day ago
Is so much want this damn phone just the problem is i dont have any money
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Day ago
Next year you get all the pieces to build your own phone in order to reduce the manual labor up to 85% by 2050.
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