Warhorse Makes His AEW Debut & What is Matt Cardona Doing in AEW? | AEW Dynamite, 7/29/20

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All Elite Wrestling

Month ago

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Jerems Devitt
Jerems Devitt 5 days ago
Matt Cardona is a bit to buff 4 me but watever
phildog2502 7 days ago
Matt Cardona is All Elite.
Satvik Shukla
Satvik Shukla 8 days ago
Zack rider
keemo da therapist
keemo da therapist 9 days ago
Such a weird finisher for him though
Dark Magnus
Dark Magnus 11 days ago
Zack is in Great shape!
Jo Golphin
Jo Golphin 12 days ago
Check out Matt's left ankle when he did the clothesline. At 3.17. He almost broke his ankle
Chase Goins
Chase Goins 12 days ago
Downstairs: “ oh radio” Matt Cardona’s Finisher: Radio Silence
Slipknotpimp 666
Slipknotpimp 666 13 days ago
Robbie? 14 days ago
warhorse is just basically a direct copy of nightwolf (MK)
XxarmandyxX 15 days ago
✌️👆 what kind of hand logo is that
XxarmandyxX 15 days ago
Bro the punches and the kick they gave is so fake Come on play this video in slow motion
Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil
Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil 15 days ago
super7 toys up look nice
VideoGame FightClub
VideoGame FightClub 16 days ago
I was screaming when i realized who it was
Juki Hiw
Juki Hiw 17 days ago
As an outsider I would just like to say: What the heck is going on.
Eric 496
Eric 496 24 days ago
I wish AEW Would’ve allowed cardona to still use the rights of the Zack Ryder name
Maurice B.
Maurice B. 27 days ago
glad that I can finally turn off the Radio and start turning on my TV to see Matt in action
Jon Means
Jon Means 28 days ago
Is that Warhorse guy A mini estrella ?
Broly 29 days ago
Zack looks ripet I know it's mat but he is Zack
osriodore Month ago
This match was so technically sound. Nothing wasted. Everything had a purpose.
osriodore Month ago
Bring back Warhorse!
Gerardo Caceres
Gerardo Caceres Month ago
A great storyline for AEW would be having Cody and Cardona first winning the tag team titles, and then Cardona turns on Cody after loosing them. Then both have a rivarly, and Cardona defeats Cody to become TNT champion to put an end to that rivarly! Of course, after Cody loses the TNT championship to another wrestler first and then regains it.
MrOnionCock Month ago
Bargain Bucket Ultimate Warrior.
Earl Green
Earl Green Month ago
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FOX News is 100% fake news, lies, and bullshit
FOX News is 100% fake news, lies, and bullshit Month ago
The "Too Sweet" life of Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes.
Jason jason
Jason jason Month ago
Waiting for him to turn heel and take the TNT title from Cody
thec 2.0
thec 2.0 Month ago
I like how Cody does the Alabama slam like hardcore holly.
surya dev pandey
surya dev pandey Month ago
Bryan A.
Bryan A. Month ago
Matt Corona
Glamour On Hairs tutorial
Glamour On Hairs tutorial Month ago
ryder really deserved this one AEW is the land of oppurtunities
Ray Ali
Ray Ali Month ago
Yes finally he gets the chance to shine
Jarrod Month ago
He has packed on the muscle
Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi
Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi Month ago
War Horse sucks. Ryder looks very happy to not have a Wellness Program watching over him anymore.
Ashish Dwivedi
Ashish Dwivedi Month ago
Ryder is all Jacked up...
Triple mmm
Triple mmm Month ago
He could still keep his old nickname too except he can change it to “the Long Island iced c”.
Negative Ives
Negative Ives Month ago
Oh look, AEW somehow botching yet another debut. I want to love the company, but they really need to work on these debuts. The Kong and Jake ones are fairly well done, but Cardonas makes it look like he wandered into the shot and they just said F it, we're going with it.
John Danner
John Danner Month ago
why does he look so sunburned?
00 7
00 7 Month ago
That is one that of the best finisher's out there
JAD_87 Month ago
I met Zak Ryder 😎✊🏻
Bing Chen
Bing Chen Month ago
mich sles
mich sles Month ago
kind of bullshit that warhorse couldnt even enjoy his moment in the spotlight because zak ryder overshadowed him.