Luke Combs - Forever After All (Audio)

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Listen to “Forever After All” out now from Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘What You See Ain’t Always What You Get’:

They say nothing lasts forever
But they ain’t seen us together
Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes
Just a t-shirt in the kitchen
With no make-up and a million
Other things that I could look at my whole life
A love like that makes a man have second thoughts
Maybe some things last forever after all

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Adrian Robinson
Adrian Robinson 35 minutes ago
the best song hands down❤️❤️❤️🥺🥰
Michael .Green
Michael .Green 5 hours ago
Do you use any electronic enhancement or voice changing devices? I know many artists do. Your voice is doesn't seem natural lol. Then again, we don't have country singers in the UK so I'm still getting used to it haha
M B 7 hours ago
Not many artists these days can drop song that will be forever timeless, but Luke can do it.
Nc Malik
Nc Malik 8 hours ago
Fuck I can’t Listen to this song no more because he doesn’t Support Trump
Karely Hernandez
Karely Hernandez 12 hours ago
Matthew Rigsby
Matthew Rigsby 13 hours ago
The vioce rejected him and look where he is now.
Alaina Galore
Alaina Galore 13 hours ago
My cosen and me love your music
Bailey C.
Bailey C. 13 hours ago
Here b4 10M views
William Graves
William Graves 14 hours ago
This is the first time I have listened to this sing, but I was blarin Hurricane long before it was popular. I am convinced that he can't write a bad song or even a mediocre song, every song that he is a part of is amazing. I have done lots of permanent hearing damage from his songs.
Leah Campbell
Leah Campbell 14 hours ago
♥️This guy CANT make a bad song. He hasn't and he never will♥️
Ellis H
Ellis H 15 hours ago
It's not forever after all with love. I'm forever alone with no one to truly love but myself.
BetzBros 19 hours ago
Favorite song ever! Luke Combs really changed my life, and I think it is usually petty when people say that.
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 20 hours ago
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Stephanie Bauer
Stephanie Bauer 20 hours ago
Sighs....maybe someday 🥺❤🤞
Justin Griner
Justin Griner 21 hour ago
Who else was here before 500k views but never commented Cause I was just vibin and never worried abt comments
XSaund3rsX 22 hours ago
I wish we were forever after all....
Kieren Lomas
Kieren Lomas Day ago
Can't believe the voice rejected Luke.
Maniac fan of NFL
Maniac fan of NFL Day ago
Lauren Alaina gets paid for posting hate comments on country singers' music videos, so watch out! Maddie Poppe was the the winner of American Idol in 2018, why we never hear from her again? She's been bullied by Lauren Alaina. Lauren Alaina should be jailed. She is an online bully and has a stalking issue! She stalked and bullied the previous American Idol winners for the last 7 years that's why we never heard from them again:( Laine Hardy, Maddie Poppe, Trent Harmon, Caleb Johnson, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller)? Lauren Alaina bullied them by posting hate comments on their music videos! My worst fear is that she's gonna do the same thing to this year's AI winner Sam and Arthur Gunn with her thousands of accounts! She needs to be jailed
jazz wynter
jazz wynter Day ago
Omg love him.....
Ciara Adams
Ciara Adams Day ago
I love this song
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie Day ago
If this song is not playing at me and my boyfriend‘s wedding I don’t want it
Filmore Browning
Filmore Browning Day ago
Real Country just about died till he came around along with a few others like Tyler Childers
Libby Forrester
Libby Forrester Day ago
Evelynn Flietner
Evelynn Flietner Day ago
Kay and shay’s Critter squad
Kay and shay’s Critter squad Day ago
Love this song
Jason Bilbro
Jason Bilbro Day ago
This is our song baby. I love you baby. I love you my sweetheart . Xoxo forever an ever. Love always your man Jason Bilbro. Tag topsweeps
The True Vine
The True Vine Day ago
True Love definition: love that is true always, at all times, all places, infinite, perpetual, Personal choice, will, self commandment, supreme, ideal, memories, The true vine and the way we choose to love.
Brandi Sutton
Brandi Sutton 2 days ago
Hey Luke...thanks for writing this. You may have intended it to be for you & your wife BUT...the hubs and I married @ 18 & 19. Almost everyone was convinced we’d never make it. Our 20th is in 4 months 👏
Alex Playz
Alex Playz 2 days ago
monica Curtis
monica Curtis 2 days ago
Love is song
Timiboooy 2 days ago
Here before 9 million viewssssss
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton 2 days ago
This song reminds me of an amazing boy that completely changed my life and I'll love him forever. Last year I never wouldve even given a thought about dating him, and now this year, I'm with him and he is amazing and I dont ever wanna lose him. please give a like or a comment if u can relate love u guys and hope you all stay safe.
Colton Bowman
Colton Bowman 2 days ago
Too bad he don't support Trump
Lil Girl
Lil Girl 2 days ago
hunter nevins
hunter nevins 2 days ago
Love you Luke you the best. God bless you😇
Michelle Grabill
Michelle Grabill 2 days ago
Pierce Haddad
Pierce Haddad 2 days ago
I’m only 19, but i think this is it. My first dance with my future wife
Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 2 days ago
Sounds good Luke 👍.
Scxrlet 2 days ago
Luke isn’t blue collar 💀 😂 if you were you would’ve have voted Biden
Zebs WRLD 2 days ago
He can never make a bad song love this dude
nicole elizabeth Brown
nicole elizabeth Brown 2 days ago
Best song of 2020
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks 2 days ago
I think this just took my favorite Luke combs song 😂
Gabriel Kinder
Gabriel Kinder 2 days ago
This man is so good but I think Jason Aldean is a bit better
Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson 3 days ago
Honestly surprised my mans didn’t wear his Colombia shirt at his wedding 😂
Taylor S
Taylor S 3 days ago
Give this if you kinda think he looks like a lepracon not to be rude
3 days ago
Ursula Chavez
Ursula Chavez 3 days ago
You’re sooooooo great
jervis judy
jervis judy 3 days ago
Sapa dtg sni sbb Isharefans🥰 skit😊
Matthew Chavira
Matthew Chavira 3 days ago
this is the song that reminds me of an angel that stepped into my life and turned hell into heaven she is the best thing ever
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton 23 hours ago
Hilda Langley
Hilda Langley 3 days ago
This song trash im gowing back to yungboy
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
Sorry that was rude, but still
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
Dude, if u think this song is trash then ur trash
HBEAU 3 days ago
I made a list of wedding songs!
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
I love ur profile picture. I love Mustangs, but I also love fresians, and palominos, and stallions.
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia 3 days ago
Best song ever
Adam Withey
Adam Withey 3 days ago
So talented
BB_Austyn22 YT
BB_Austyn22 YT 4 days ago
Love this song man
Kody Dybwad
Kody Dybwad 4 days ago
And the voice rejected him haha
not bahd
not bahd 4 days ago
King of country
Ribka Agi Sitepu
Ribka Agi Sitepu 4 days ago
I'm so glad i found this. This is so good 😭😭 i loved it from the first time i heard it
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan 4 days ago
The way he hits some of those notes holy fahk buddy 🐐
Sunny Gob
Sunny Gob 4 days ago
love of God/Jesus lasts forever
ddawg 123
ddawg 123 4 days ago
This song saved my life
jason newby
jason newby 4 days ago
Hey Luke combs I will make my day if u like my comment But it will make my year if u comment on my comment
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
Amen brother
Erica Niroula
Erica Niroula 4 days ago
Forever inlove with luke comb songs
Anna Rippy
Anna Rippy 4 days ago
Nicole’s dress is beautiful I love it , I love the song too ! ❤️
Jason Bilbro
Jason Bilbro 4 days ago
I love you like no other. Truly a first love. Xo yo.💞=❤
Marcus Hoover
Marcus Hoover 4 days ago
Keep the songs comming
Trent Hoots
Trent Hoots 4 days ago
Luke thank you for making us all of your songs and your new songs hope your staying safe
FotochesYT 4 days ago
A cold beer's got 12 ounces A good truck's got maybe three hundred thousand You only get so much until it's gone Duracells in a Maglite A needle drop on a 45 Are the kinda things that only last so long When the new wears off, and they get to getting old Sooner or later, time's gonna take its toll They say nothing lasts forever But they ain't seen us together Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes Just a t-shirt in the kitchen With no make-up and a million Other things that I could look at my whole life A love like that makes a man have second thoughts Maybe some things last forever after all FM station on the outskirts Blue jeans after years of shift work All fading out like I always knew they would The strings on this guitar The first love lost on a young heart Those things are gonna break after the getting's good 'Cause the new wears off, and they get to getting old Yeah, sooner or later, time's gonna take its toll They say nothing lasts forever But they ain't seen us together Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes Just a t-shirt in the kitchen With no make-up and a million Other things that I could look at my whole life A love like that makes a man have second thoughts Maybe some things last forever after all They say nothing lasts forever But they ain't seen us together Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes And I know there'll be that moment The good Lord calls one of us home and One won't have the other by their side But heaven knows that that won't last too long Maybe some things last forever after all After all
Sam Lowe Music
Sam Lowe Music 4 days ago
Awesome Song!
Kadence Beavers
Kadence Beavers 4 days ago
Kadence Beavers
Kadence Beavers 4 days ago
My friend told me too listen 😘😘😘
Elizabeth Holley
Elizabeth Holley 4 days ago
Why does this song remind me of my great-grandfather?
Chirping Chicks
Chirping Chicks 4 days ago
has he ever had a bad song??????
cassandra Hunt
cassandra Hunt 4 days ago
Y does Luke Combs sad music make you happy you know he a good country singer
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
Ikr. The question that society has asked for years
Sophie Gould
Sophie Gould 5 days ago
I love this song
Steven Hastings
Steven Hastings 5 days ago
Up there with CCR and the Eagles you can listen to the whole album carton or beer and bottle burbon Friday night after a 60 hours week relaxing in your man cave with the boys and the love of your life
Marshall Lester
Marshall Lester 5 days ago
My girlfriend loves this song. We have been together for a little over a year now and I plan on surprising her with this song at our wedding
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
That's so sweet. Have an amazing wedding, I wish the best to both of u
Constance Nunley
Constance Nunley 5 days ago
I love this song 💖
amateur gaming
amateur gaming 5 days ago
I wanna find love like how he love his wife hopefully it be special
Optic SMASH 5 days ago
Rn who is listening
Karen Dworschack
Karen Dworschack 5 days ago
Great song, Luke! Love all your songs! ❤💕
Zachary Headings
Zachary Headings 5 days ago
Luke Combs makes the best country music
Hi hi
Hi hi 5 days ago
I'm listening to it in class
Shyenne Eaton
Shyenne Eaton Day ago
Ya same, until they turned off my USshow
Alex jones
Alex jones 5 days ago
I listen to dis about 100 times a day
Love Peace
Love Peace 6 days ago
👍👍👍 Jealouly Guard (Our Love) 👍👍👍
turk 6 days ago
This guy sucks,he's a phony. Anybody who has to tell you how good he is in a song is nothing. Phony,take it to the bank,he is.
King Cormac
King Cormac 6 days ago
Luke is the only country artist I'll listen too not because I don't like country but I can relate with alot of his music and it slaps hard when your in your feelings
Frances Welch
Frances Welch 6 days ago
An the voice didn't he was good enough! He is good an to win enterainer of the year. In country shows you never give up on your dream. Good job luke
davis bond
davis bond 6 days ago
Me and my duck dog forever
Jaiden hymans
Jaiden hymans 6 days ago
This man has never made a bad song ever💕
MsQueen Shelle
MsQueen Shelle 6 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!
Christielynn Belvin
Christielynn Belvin 6 days ago
For anyone that is hurting right now just know that there are people that care about you even your worst enemy cares about you and if you are going through something just know everything is gonna be okay and I love you ❤️ I hope you have a great day :)
Peyton Parker
Peyton Parker 6 days ago
:) ;)
Peyton Parker
Peyton Parker 6 days ago
fr tho he hasn't
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers 6 days ago
This will be the song my husband and I dance to on our wedding ❤️ 10.3.21 ❤️
30 day meditation challenge
30 day meditation challenge 6 days ago
This song hurts so bad when your heart is broken
Fullmile -
Fullmile - 5 days ago
I promise, it will get better. Not much but you can push it out of your mind, but every time you think back on it, even years later it will be fresher than ever, and hurt even more because the time that has passed. Good luck to you
Jaden N
Jaden N 6 days ago
Him and Juice WRLD have never made a bad song!
Lois Woods
Lois Woods 6 days ago
I aboustley love this song forever after all that Luke Combs sings such a beautiful song ❤️
Amie Weaver
Amie Weaver 7 days ago
This song is the best
Andrew Anthony
Andrew Anthony 7 days ago
I really like this song Like I’m feeling something
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