Trae Tha Truth - “It Ain’t Fair” (Rookie Season 1) (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

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3 months ago

Exclusive WSHH music video for “It Ain’t Fair” (Rookie Season 1) by Trae Tha Truth (ft. YB Puertorico , Fast Money , Big Tony , Lil Chad , SkeetTaste , Cal Wayne , Yung Al , Jackboy Dee , 30 Wayz , Bloodbath , Laray Da Savage , Obenoir).
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Prod. themekanix
Director deezymiaci5

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CRAZY HOR$E 16 hours ago
Lisa Crawford
Lisa Crawford Day ago
This a good song.. Great video.. You did ya thang trey:)
Tameisha Welch
Tameisha Welch 2 days ago
Trae The Truth Tameisha Trae The Truth
Cristian Llanas
Cristian Llanas 3 days ago
Trae abn keep it 💯 salute
Westpoint58 Trevajo
Westpoint58 Trevajo 3 days ago
Trae da troof! ..... good track . From tex to cali
Gary Webb
Gary Webb 4 days ago
So shit compared to London drill
Gary Webb
Gary Webb 4 days ago
@dlowPSRTV my man✌️
dlowPSRTV 4 days ago
Keep that ish on the other side of the Pond, lad! This TEXAS if you know you know! 🚀🔥🎤🔌💰
Joe Morelock
Joe Morelock 4 days ago
Damn! Texas sitting on some serious talent!
Oscar Longoria
Oscar Longoria 4 days ago
Pray for big tony he look unhealthy
Nathaniel Morales
Nathaniel Morales 4 days ago
🤘🤲😎🤪🤑🤯💯🤝📐🔒🤐😷💪🥶👣🙌👊🙏🙃😁🎲Nawfside Nat3DAwG713 yo
Christopher Stroman
Christopher Stroman 5 days ago
C Wayne 3rd Ward Tx!!!! Keep doing ya thang 4 da hood fam
Duncan Penderhughes
Duncan Penderhughes 6 days ago
Arcturus 7 days ago
The round trowels
Garrett Hatcher
Garrett Hatcher 7 days ago
We need ABN in 2020
ANDRE LEONARD 8 days ago
I'm 57 yrs old, I been living in Houston all my life..This is the best compilation of rappers with street game and knowledge that I ever heard...Thanks Trae.. you really are the truth bro...shout out to big Tony..Cal Wayne..n lil Skeet... Already!!
dlowPSRTV 3 days ago
Real Talk OG 💯
clint mink
clint mink 8 days ago
lol black captain spaulding
Whyshyne Miguel
Whyshyne Miguel 8 days ago
But y old girl sound like jinny b
matthew garcia
matthew garcia 9 days ago
great work for real this is ur boy Buddha out of waco tx. let me get in the booth with you all because i love the hunger no lie
bigfinney 9 days ago
I’ve been influenced by screw and all of these rappers of this generation
Real Deal
Real Deal 10 days ago
Big Tony ,Cal Wayne, Skeeter.......Man Hold Up!!!!! Dem boys aint neva going commercial. Too Real.
Zierich Snow
Zierich Snow 11 days ago
A public anthem !!!!! Rep the South !!!!!
Prince Vegeta-son
Prince Vegeta-son 11 days ago
Y'all need to link up with odd squad
Colby Jack
Colby Jack 12 days ago
Sin sin sin
Deborah Burford
Deborah Burford 14 days ago
Big Tony voice like a Black man..
Gio_del_ 300
Gio_del_ 300 14 days ago
Big tony gotta bounce he talking bad on SPM #FREEETHEMEX
Dopee ShxtOnly
Dopee ShxtOnly 14 days ago
max hamacha
max hamacha 16 days ago
Big Tony Killed it
KING YAMIR 16 days ago
he got the hardest essa BIG TONY!!!
IceTre Carter
IceTre Carter 16 days ago
Sirluvalot88 16 days ago
They all killed it name another state that can do that with rookies Tx 🤘🏿 Love my state
Courtney Shavers
Courtney Shavers 16 days ago
REAL Shit fr fr
Alis Deleon
Alis Deleon 17 days ago
Cant fuck with trae the same sense zro and trae separated
Who Is Mark Jones?
Who Is Mark Jones? 17 days ago
Trae the black Captain Spalding. Change my mind.
Richard Sandoval
Richard Sandoval 18 days ago
Marquez Stevens
Marquez Stevens 18 days ago
Put the whole team on 💪💪💪
Fareed Lewis
Fareed Lewis 18 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 everybody snap💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Jamal Kelly
Jamal Kelly 19 days ago
Antonio Kay Mcghee
Antonio Kay Mcghee 19 days ago
Love this..real talk. 334
Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin 20 days ago
Shout out to the Mekanix and Trae for linking the Bay Area and Houston.
Stiernacken Okan 67
Stiernacken Okan 67 20 days ago
Miss z ro in the hook Jeah jeah from Berlin 44 bleibt standhaft
Eric Bass El
Eric Bass El 20 days ago
A whole Movie in 6:19...#anotherclassic🤘
William Hooker
William Hooker 20 days ago
For all that dislike this you trippin hard
Rudeboy Perez
Rudeboy Perez 20 days ago
Big homie TRAE!!!!! I been on ABN since a youngin. He still keeping it true and still keeping it hood.
Jessica Jahn
Jessica Jahn 21 day ago
This is 🔥 song I love it
PinkTrillness 21 day ago
Big Tony’s time is coming 🍇🔥
kadro davis
kadro davis 21 day ago Trap n Happiness #FunkyTown Tx 817 81G
BigDawg Gaming
BigDawg Gaming 21 day ago
Omb TreyWard😎 Trae Did it bro 💯😎😎😎
BigDawg Gaming
BigDawg Gaming 21 day ago
Cal-Wayne Trey Ward 💯💯💯 Lil Skee taste straight from Forum Park niggas up😎
Sincere86 21 day ago
Cal Wayne gave a nigga chills frfr
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 22 days ago
Trey the mf truth!!!!!!! I’m from the Bronx!! I’m a Mc!! This the realest shit I seen all year!!!!!! Thank you 🙏
Courtney Hawkins
Courtney Hawkins 22 days ago
Every 1 of dese guys spit 🔥
Dominic Ene
Dominic Ene 22 days ago
Let me get something off my chest that has been bothering me for years. It's unjust and borderline criminal on how 1 media company can censor, black list and oppress 1 artist from making a living based on freedom of speech. This dumb major radio station has this self imposed death penalty ban since 2010. It angers me that the biggest urban radio station in our city doesn't play Trae music to this day. It goes to show you when you are black, you are unjustly punished to the furthest extent. Even though Trae is doing fine, this black cloud still hovers around him for no reason and has probably at some point limited his income potential. I just hope these young artists he's featuring is not affected by the dumb politics via guilty/blacklisted by association. Play homie on the radio. I'm done.
Dominic Ene
Dominic Ene 22 days ago
They definitely need to run this back!
Sincere 2033
Sincere 2033 22 days ago
Everybody liver look damaged in this video.
ShadyQueen Diva
ShadyQueen Diva 23 days ago
My new shit trae you did that RIP Floyd
J Roe
J Roe 23 days ago
Trae always doing real nigga shit for da this man god bless him
Carlos Booth
Carlos Booth 23 days ago
I love to see young artist and OGs mix. YB been str8 frfr
lima1774 24 days ago
Big Tony's Flow is sick. I need more music from this dude.
Jay Orange
Jay Orange 25 days ago
Og Trae always puttin on for his entire area. True definition of an OG
Jay Orange
Jay Orange 25 days ago
Crumcru11 25 days ago
Loving & Digging this movement 100% keep pushing ALL YOU DUDES THAT WAS ON THIS bay area 4rax track all FACTS NO CAP from the BAY to HOUSTON
KLartrandM 25 days ago
The biggest surprise was Big Tony. Didnt see that one coming 🔥🔥. I can't recall a time I seen a crew this thick without a week link 🤔🤔. Not ☝🏿
Robert Kearse
Robert Kearse 26 days ago
Shoutout to Trae showing luv to #LakeCharles #HurricaneLaura
Curtis w
Curtis w 26 days ago
Lil Chad is a snitch he said I run with real killers and pointed at one guy he was with hahaha
King Tremayne
King Tremayne 26 days ago
Gadgetron Repair
Gadgetron Repair 26 days ago
Chance Brock
Chance Brock 27 days ago
Where z-ro he woulda kilt this
Felicity Pelton
Felicity Pelton 27 days ago
This shit go too hard 🔥 🔥 🔥
Thirsty Jake
Thirsty Jake 27 days ago
Hell yeah🤘🏻
John Doe
John Doe 28 days ago
Cause I might need help getting it back bet it
Angela Hearn
Angela Hearn 28 days ago
Angela Hearn
Angela Hearn 28 days ago
Sounds wonderful...
Candy Red
Candy Red 28 days ago
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 29 days ago
Tight Work! Square Biz!
Almer West 3
Almer West 3 29 days ago
Imma say omb bloodbath and cal Wayne went the hardest
Colafide N.I.C. AGG
Colafide N.I.C. AGG 29 days ago
Daniel Atwood
Daniel Atwood 29 days ago
Hard as Fuck Hands Down !!!!
Bilal Int'l
Bilal Int'l Month ago
I'm from Uptown New Orleans, this go hard 🗣 ya hurd me ⚜
Woozy Da Twin
Woozy Da Twin Month ago
Yeah this my song now 🔥🔥
C E.
C E. Month ago
Meagan was the only Texas rapper that won’t in here
George Bailey
George Bailey Month ago
Lets ride too we die im riding for my black people as long as the dirt on the ground and god blessing me blm
I can’t stop listening to this song, amazing .. TKS
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes Month ago
Cali tappin in this a slap slap
JaQauntis Adams
JaQauntis Adams Month ago THE WORK OF A 12 YEAR OLD... MARI'S MEMORIES
DJ Hard Hitta
DJ Hard Hitta Month ago
My City , My City
chubbz da clown
chubbz da clown Month ago
This goes hard like a mug
Charles H
Charles H Month ago
Fire 💯💯💯
Gerald Branch
Gerald Branch Month ago
I love this song and video
DIGAVIEW Second Choice Cinema
DIGAVIEW Second Choice Cinema Month ago
This the business. Trea keep up the good work big homie.No weapon formed.I feel these Guys bro.GUNZ
pepperking209 Month ago
Larry White
Larry White Month ago
Been away from Tx 4 awhile now. Out in Cali and OG. Coming out the belly of the beast after 2 decades. Nephew put me up on Trae the Truth! MAN!!!! EVERYBODY GITTING IT!!! H.E.A.T. GOT FOLKS OUT THERE IN HTOWN!!! MUCH RESPECT TRAE THE TRUTH!!!!!! I PLAY IT OVER AND OVER!!!!!
Londell Dean
Londell Dean Month ago
Everybody 🔥🔥
Shaun Peezy
Shaun Peezy Month ago
My nigga cal-wayne went off !!!
ThaGamersDivision Month ago
Skeet taste killed this shit!!!
Victor C
Victor C Month ago
H town😈🥶
Hxmo Hxmo
Hxmo Hxmo Month ago
Been a hot minute since I heard skeet taste on a song 🔥
Anfernee Vasquez
Anfernee Vasquez Month ago
zakhele dunjwa
zakhele dunjwa Month ago
Bless you Trey big homies don't do such legendary collabs anymore. 🙏🏿💯
chris valdez
chris valdez Month ago
look trae been doing this since day wiz un and all you screw heads needa hear this
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