Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Playing Fortnite | Allure

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2 months ago

Allure's June/July cover star and USshowr Emma Chamberlain shares her entire daily routine-including how much coffee she brews in a day, what she does to take care of her skin, and recording her podcast in her closet. From waking up to cold brew to wrapping up USshow videos, Emma shows us how she is keeping busy and fit from home.

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Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Playing Fortnite | Allure

Trinity Schlosser
Trinity Schlosser 18 hours ago
Emma is the. Best she’s influenced me for as long as I can remember she’s true and is real luv u Emma ❤️😉
connie crick
connie crick Day ago
does she not eat till 4 ????? god i wouldnt servive
Sasha Tsuker
Sasha Tsuker 4 days ago
Me seeing ellie and hannah like 👁👄👁
nini 5 days ago
i love her sm
Jolene Fern
Jolene Fern 5 days ago
Emma: you have cold brew for three days! Also Emma: drinks the entire jar everyday That’s literally me 😂
Grace Bass
Grace Bass 6 days ago
Am i the only one who thought she used curology?
Diane Haye Cabanatan
Diane Haye Cabanatan 6 days ago
she’s almost 19 & i’m right hereeee asffghjlalssbbshshs
Megan Avery
Megan Avery 8 days ago
she's so funny, charismatic, yet mature and well spoken. so entertaining but seems like an amazing friend/person. love to see this. so gorgeous
Megan Avery
Megan Avery 8 days ago
Gacha Dash
Gacha Dash 8 days ago
James watching this like: 👁👄👁 girl I thought i showed u what makeup Is
Alex P.
Alex P. 10 days ago
I love her so much I can't explain it
Chlo With the flow
Chlo With the flow 13 days ago
Naron Bllaca
Naron Bllaca 18 days ago
The fact that they added the girdies in I- 😅😅
Naron Bllaca
Naron Bllaca 18 days ago
The fact that they added the girdies in I- 😅😅
Naron Bllaca
Naron Bllaca 18 days ago
The fact that they added the girdies in I- 😅😅
Naron Bllaca
Naron Bllaca 18 days ago
The fact that they added the girdies in I- 😅😅
Imogen gilbert Vlogs
Imogen gilbert Vlogs 19 days ago
Did anybody realise that in the thumbnail on the right it say 5:00am but it was day outside
Eya 21 day ago
"look at me. acting like i know wtf im talking about" 😂
Floortje Teuwen
Floortje Teuwen 22 days ago
All these haters are just Some jalous b!tches they just try to find bad stuff because they’re jalous of ur succes! Xx
Carmen Guevara
Carmen Guevara 22 days ago
Lots of love for Emma!!!!
Zenab Taher
Zenab Taher 23 days ago
Can I live with u for only ONE DAY!!!
Sophia Page
Sophia Page 28 days ago
bad video
Hope Bachman
Hope Bachman 23 days ago
bruh y does it matter
Sophia Page
Sophia Page 28 days ago
my teacher is called george chamberlin. are you married
Ellen H
Ellen H 29 days ago
I am definitely the same when it comes to makeup
Hamda AlAttar
Hamda AlAttar Month ago
Emma is being so mature on this video I’m not recognizing her wtf. Emma come baaaack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👅👅👅
Selery Month ago
why are all these songs giving me animal crossing vibes
Decent Parks
Decent Parks Month ago
Rhythm Baberwal
Rhythm Baberwal Month ago
i rly rly love emma. she deserves the best
yoonki_ min__
yoonki_ min__ Month ago
bruh I love her fr
TBMD Month ago
Emma playing Fortnite is a whole *vibe.*
Marcia Month ago
Emma: Saying she’s always lazy Me: Where does she have the time to feed her cats? She’s so productive
reilly ann
reilly ann Month ago
emma is just so genuine and unproblematic this is why i stan her she doesn’t make me feel bad abt myself when i watch these like other influencers do
Isabelle S
Isabelle S Month ago
Literally my dream is to be like emma i have an endless amount of respect for her
Alicia Roberts
Alicia Roberts Month ago
She’s so freaking cute
Gerella Matranga
Gerella Matranga Month ago
I love her sooo much! She is one of the best USshowrs out there!
Melissa Petzer
Melissa Petzer Month ago
Does she eat one meal? Like just the one singular meal?
Eloy kamstra
Eloy kamstra Month ago
Literally no kidding I just went she said it's time to eat I get a pizza JUST when she said
Bobby shetty
Bobby shetty Month ago
I love this series...please continue it
Catherine Antoinette B
Catherine Antoinette B Month ago
I stopped the video midway to go make an iced coffee
Maky Motz
Maky Motz Month ago
the first time I've ever seen a USshowr/celebrity admit that when you become famous you practically sign up for your life to be public
mohammad abdulla
mohammad abdulla Month ago
love you
N C Month ago
Antzi06 Antzelina
Antzi06 Antzelina Month ago
How does she act like a tomboy but dress up like a total girly girl. I COULD NEVER-
AK Maui
AK Maui Month ago
Hey Xoxo
Hey Xoxo Month ago
Love you Emma!!
Rinchen Aaya
Rinchen Aaya Month ago
I just want to know where she got her neon green tank top😩😩
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster Month ago
Emma- "That's about all I do." Me- "I got out of bed today. So there's that...."
chasity_23975 chasss
chasity_23975 chasss Month ago
the nipple cream makes your lips bigger
Gabriel San Miguel
Gabriel San Miguel Month ago
I really wish we could back 20 years ago and show this video to boomer CEOs
Anika Kishore
Anika Kishore Month ago
how does she not have lunch?! btw this is not a hate comment
Anika Kishore
Anika Kishore Month ago
nvm but still she eats at like 4 pm what the heck
Sandra Love
Sandra Love Month ago
Come on, how does a 19 year old have her own coffee business?
Laiba Moeen
Laiba Moeen Month ago
POV: USshowrs with closets as big as my kitchen
Isabelle Ratcliffe
Isabelle Ratcliffe Month ago
I love that Anderson is her editor. Everyone he edits for has the best videos and I love it xx
Nisha Arora
Nisha Arora Month ago
Love your personality but one thing. Plz don’t use makeup wipes. Cleansing oils r so much better for u and the environment.
Ashley Hong
Ashley Hong Month ago
i love how they added a girdies clip 🥺
caroline vanelle
caroline vanelle Month ago
I love how Allure didn’t mention Cosmo in the description box lol 😂
Use the garnier banana hair mask, it smells amazing and gives so much moisture to ur hair!!😁😜
L A Month ago
7:25 she looked just like timothée chalamet
Camila Rodriguez
Camila Rodriguez Month ago
I love her😂😂😂😂
lala 1212
lala 1212 Month ago
Pure Gemini ♊️